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of the many missing issues of these!
Television Age / TV Radio Age Gavin Report SRDS "Spot Radio"
Media Decisions Radio Daily Television Factbook
Date (m/d/y) Title Description    (  indicates newest additions on each site page)
8-18-19 Australasian Radio World Added November 1926, January 1939 and November, December of 1941
  Musical Express Added December 12 and 19, 1947
  Wireless Magazine Added January 1932
  TAB Electronics Books Added "Digital Interfacing with an Analog World", "Electronic Components", "Electronic Databook 3rd Edition", Giant Handbook of Electronic Circuits", "Master Handbook of Electronic Tables and Formulas".
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added February and March of 1990
  Amateur Wireless Added November 9 1926, Jan 20, June 3 1933, December 5 1931
  Modern Wireless Replaced incomplete March, April, May, June 1923 issues for ones with covers, ads and original format.
8-17-19 R&R - Radio and Records Added missing issues from 1981 (1) and 1982 (2), completing those years.
  Maplin Electronics Added March 1992 and July 1993
  Record World Replaced October 11, 1980 with complete edition.
  Popular Wireless Replaced October 21 1933 issue with more complete edition.
  Everyday Electronics Added January 1997 and April 1988
  Modern Wireless Replaced incomplete issues from June and November 1923 with complete-with-ads and covers versions. Please not that when we do not have a full issue, or one is missing pages we post what we have until a better edition comes along. "Something is better than..."
  Melody Maker Added August 15, 1969.
  PF Reporter / Electronic Servicing Added 14 issues between 1977 and 1981
8-16-19 Maplin Electronics Added Jun-July 1991 and July 1993
8-14-19 Wireless Constructor Added June 1928 and October 1929
Made John Scott-Taggart's three Radio Press, Ltd. publications individually searchable. That adds searches to this title, Modern Wireless and Wireless Weekly
  Maplin Electronics Added the Maplin Electronics Digest Part 5.
8-13-19 UK Collection Added Mullard's "Transistor Radios: Circuitry and Servicing" from 1962
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added February 1959, which had actually been missing despite being listed on the page. .
  Television Digest Added one issue from November, 1968
  Musical Express Added November 28 and December 5, 1947
  R&R - Radio and Records Added all but two of the missing issue from 1982; those two will be added tomorrow.
8-12-19 Disc (UK) Added August 12, 19 and 26 of 1961
  Siemens Brochures Added a collection of 1970's Siemens AM and Shortwave transmitter brochures for 5 kw, 20 kw, 50 kw and 100 kw.
  Nielsen Ratings Added the Spring 2019 Blue Book with market ranks, survey frequency and other data.
Added the Summer 2019 Description of Methodology, detailing the process of the radio ratings.
  Babani Books Added #210 The Complete Car Radio Manual
  TAB Books Added "How to Design & Build Your Own TV Games" and "Radio Communications Receivers"
  Electronic Servicing & Technology Added an article index for the 1982 to 1992 issues. It is found in the left hand sidebar column.
  Radio Retailing & ET/D Added index of the contents from 1977 to 1982
  Broadcast Dialogue (CA) Added a number of examples of the Broadcast Dialogue fax newsletter from Canada. They include 1995 and 1998 issues.
  Audio & HiFi Collection Added a 1948 Operadio sound equipment catalog
Added "How to Build Your Own Radio and HiFi Sets" by Wellman from 1954
Added the Electronic Technician special editions "Stereo 1959" and "Stereo 1961"
  Early Radio Collection Added the Pooley Radio set catalog; undated.
UK Collection Added the 1960 Mullard Reference Manual of Transistor Circuits
Added The History of Roberts Radio from 2001, a profile of the wireless set manufacturer.
  Television & Short Wave World Added a full copy of the July 1939 issue (and one with better quality)
Added the March 1931 edition.
  Bookshelf: Biography Added "Pennsylvania Radio" a radio biography of broadcaster Charles Archibald Moore. It includes many anecdotes about stations in PA as well as the author's experiences in the industry.
  New Musical Express Added Dec 17, 1954 and Nov 21 1947
  Maplin Electronics Added June 2000 and April-May 1991
  Practical Mechanics UK Added July to December of 1953
  Wireless Constructor Added August 1925
Added May 1927
  CB Horizons Added a section on the Citizens Band magazine page for CB Horizons, begun in 1961. Scroll down the page a bit and you will find 10 issues from '62 and '63.
  Practical Wireless Added August 1943
  International Short Wave Club Added club magazines from April 1937 and October 1938
  Rider Basic Electronics Added the 5 volume Rider Basic Electronics course from 1955. This complements the Rider Basic Electricity course that is already on the site, and is the companion set to that one.
  Maplin Electronics Added Maplin Electronics Digest Part 4 (listed on lower left with Part 3)
  Radio & Television News
HiFi Annual
Added the 1956 special edition "Hi-Fi Annual" from the publisher of Radio & Television News. Reminder: There are many special editions, annuals and the like from Radio News listed at the very bottom of the Radio News page.
  Amateur Wireless Added March 13, 1926
  Melody Maker Added August 2 1969
  Disc UK Added August 5 1961
  Everyday Electronics Added October 1981 and January 1988
8-11-19 Australasian Radio World Added May to October issues of 1941
ITC Cart Machines
SMC Autiomation
IGM Automation
Added collections of sales brochures, one sheets, price lists and small catalogs from these manufacturers. They are "Bundled" in PDF's with multiple individual items in each.
The ITC bundle also includes Scotchcart tape cartridge literature.
All are listed under "80's" but may include some 70's and early 90's items.
  Science and Invention Added the January 1927 issue of this Gernsback magazine that covered technology and a good bit of futuristic predictions.
  NAB Proceedings Added the compilation volumes from 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996
  Communications World Added Fall-Winter 1973, including White's Radio Log.
  Record World Added a full issue (no missing pages) of Feb 9 1980 and Sept 13 1980
  Practical Mechanics UK Added the issues from January to June of 1953.
  Australian Collection Added "Radio Sir!" from 1930, a Philips magazine with construction articles
Added the Mullard Valve guide, with prices, from 1930
8-10-19 Radio & Records (R&R) Added remainder of 1981 issues, with just one edition missing to complete the year.
8-8-19 73 Magazine Added the remaining replacement issues for 1976, 1980, 1981, 1982. These are better and clearer scans than the ones originally on this site.
8-7-19 New Musical Express Added Sep 2 1955, March 13 1959, Nov 24 1961, Nov 23 1962, Jan 28 Apr 1 1966, July 8 1967, Dec 6 1969
  Disc UK Added Disc-Echo from December 31, 1966
Practical Mechanics UK Added November 1937
  Maplin Electronics Added Maplin Projects #2 and Maplin Digest Vol 1 #3 from 1991
  Everyday Electronics Added June, 1988... the first issue to join the site from that year.
  Billboard Added Jan 17 1931
  Radio & Records (R&R) Added 19 issues between January and mid-July of 1981
  Record Mirror Added Jan 8 and Dec 24 1966
  Practical Wireless Added April 24 1937
  Proceedings of the IRE Added January 1941
8-5-19 Record Mirror Added three issues from the end of 1966. They are marked with
8-4-19 Proceedings of the IRE Added May, June, July, August 1947. That leaves just 4 issues from 1941 missing for the period of 1913 to 1949.
  Maplin Electronics Added February-March 1991 issue
8-3-19 Popular Electronics Replaced the September 1968 issue with a copy that was not missing important pages.
  Television Quarterly Added issue IV from 1988, which I believe would be the equvalent of "Fall" in the TVQ original numbering system.
  New Musical Express Added October 27 and November 3, 1961
  Disc UK Added September 17 1960 and October 17 1959
  Practical Mechanics UK Added December 1937
  Billboard Added 1979 International Recording Studio Directory.
Added issues from Feb 28 1920, Jan 13 1923, Feb 1 1930, Jan 10 1931, Jan 5 1935 June 5, Aug 28 1937
  Australasian Radio World Added January, February and March of 1941
  NAB Proceedings Added a new section containing the papers from the annual NAB Engineering Conference.
11 editions from 1977 to 1999 are available
  Proceedings of the IRE Added February, March, April 1947
8-2-19 DX News
National Radio Club
Added the first 25 volumes of DX News from 1933 to  1957, the publication of the National Radio Club, a US AM (Medium Wave) DX club. Contains much information available nowhere else about AM radio stations.
  Proceedings of the IRE Added January 1947, December 1943 and July 1941
  Maplin Electronics Added August-September 1989, September-November 1987 and December (1985) to February 1986
  Practical Mechanics UK Added July 1934, April and May of 1935, February 1936, January 1937 and March 1939
  Studio Sound Added August 1992.
8-1-19 Proceedings of the IRE Added July to December of 1943
7-31-19 Maplin Electronics Added April-May 1990
  73 Ham Radio Magazine Replaced most of the scans from the 1977 to 1983 period with new scans that are much better quality and have greater search accuracy.
  Musical Express Added November 7 and 14 of 1947
  Disc UK Added September 13 1958
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added December 1988
  Gates / Harris Equipment Brochures Added several sets of collected brochures for equipment lines and categories.
These include Remote Control, K-Series, DX series and H series FM transmitters, AM transmitters, FM antennas, System 90 Automation, Audio Processing, Consoles /Carts/Turntables. These are mainly from the 70's and 80's. They are highlighted in blue text.
  Modern Era Collection Added two recordings of CONELRAD emergency broadcast system tests. One is an original 1950's studio recording, the other is an off-air recording of the 1961 national test.
  Bookshelf: Business Added "But That's Not What I Called About" by Hilly Rose from 1978 focusing on talk radio personalities
Added "The Techniques of Television Production!" by Bretz from 1953; early look at TV.
  Bookshelf Education Added the first edition of Modern Radio Production by O'Donnell, 1986. Although dated by today's standards, this textbook gives historical perspective to radio production in the pre-computer era.
  Bookshelf: Enjoyment of Radio and TV Added Television Behind the Scenes by Newnham from 1948, a viewer's "tour" of how TV broadcasting works
Added Television by Winship, a 1988 companion book to the PBS series on the history, influence and trends of the TV industry.
  Broadcast Supplier Catalogs Added the 1996 Allied Broadcast general catalog
  Record Mirror Added March 28 1970
  Short Wave Collection Added the January to August 1970 issues of the American Short Wave Listeners Club bulleting, SWL
Added a single issue of RSA Calling from the Voice of South Africa from 1971
  Modern Era Collection Added a "survey report" on the construction and operation of Radio Free Europe from Portugal in a facility that was new in 1952. Includes coverage maps and thorough description of the RFE facility. 
Added a 1969 special section of the St Louis Post Dispatch entitled "The Wonderful World of FM Radio" with items about all the local FMs.
Added "Empire State Broadcasting" a presentation of the Empire State Realty Trust about transmission facilities on the Empire State Building.
S9 CB Radio Added May 1971
  Radio Lirfe Added November 2, 1947 and March 14, 1948
  Babani Book Collection Added #50 Long Distance Television Reception (TV -DX) for the Enthusiast
Added #100 An Introduction to Video
  Australia & NZ Collection Added New Zealand's Lamphouse Annual from 1944-1945
7-30-19 Radio Science AU Added 8 issues from 1949 of this short-lived Australian radio magazine which ended publication with it's September-October 1949 issues which is among the new adds.
  Broadcast Supplier Catalogs Added Allied Broadcast catalogs from 1983 and 1985
  August in the Golden Age A new edition of Jim Ramsburg's monthly day-by-day journey through radio's glory years is posted now. Did you know that on August 1, 1932 the Olympic Games began with no radio coverage because no network would pay the asked $100 thousand in rights fees?
  Gates Studio Review Added 47 issues of this 1935-1956 magazine from Gates Radio Company for station engineers and management.
  Melody Maker Added July 5 and July 26, 1969
Added December 4 1965
  Cash Box Added the July 5 issue. We had the second part of this issue, the World Directory, but were missing the actual "regular" issue. It is now here.
7-29-19 Radio Engineering Added September 1935 and August 1928
  New Musical Express Added July 12, 1957, Dec 8 and 22 1961, Jan 5 and 12 1962 and Aug 5 1967
  Proceedings of the IRE Added January to June of 1943.
  Maplin Electronics Added December 1988-January 1989 issue
7-27-19 Proceedings of the IRE Added January to June of 1944
Added March 1933
Added December 1924
  Radio Retailing / ETD Added 33 issues of ET/D from 1976 to 1981 (when it merged with Electronic Servicing).
7-26-19 Amateur Wireless Added Jan 15, Feb 12 and Oct 22 of 1927
  Moseley Catalogs and Brochures Added a collection of brochures and catalogs for Moseley microwaves, remote controls and related gear.
  Radio & Hobbies AU Added May, September and December of 1946
7/25/19 Radiotron Handbook Added the RCA 3rd edition of the Radiotron Designer's Handbook from 1941.We also have the 4th edition from 1952 on the same page.
  Electronic Servicing & Technology Added most issues from 1991 to early 1993 of this service professional's magazine. These issues,  courtesy of Ray Koweck, have the fold-out diagrams intect.
7/24/19 Elektor Replaced incomplete September, November and December 1999 issues
7/23/19 Television UK Replaced the December 1938 edition with a better scan with all the missing pages.
  Station Albums and
Added "Who's Who in Radio" a 1925 booklet from WCAS & WCEE in Chicago featuring their on-air personalities.
  Maplin Electronics Added the June-August 1985 issue.
  Elektor Added the four missing issues from the 90s, and they are marked with a
  Amateur Wireless Added Jan 30, Feb 27 (with diagrams and booklet supplement) and Sept 11 1926
  Short Wave Magazine UK Added February through August of 1988
Added October and November of 1988
7/20/19 Television UK Replaced the November 1937 issue which was missing pages with a complete edition
  Early Radio Collection Added "The People's Television Survey", a 1946 look at TV present and future as well as FM radio
Added Popular Science's Everybody's Radio Manual from 1942
7/20/19 Radio & Records (R&R) Added January to December of 1980
  Equipment Catalogs Added a number of sets or collections of small catalogs and brochures / spec sheets from equipment manufacturers bundled by brand in single PDFs containing many different items.
-Shafer / Cetec 70's and 80's automation catalogs, booklets and brochures.
-Sparta / Cetec 60's to 80's studio, antenna and transmission equipment
-Continental AM Transmitter brochures from the 80's and 90s
-Continental FM Transmitter brochures from the 80's and 90's
-Continental Antennas and Audio from the same era
-Broadcast Electronics transmitters from the 80s and 90's
-Broadcast Electronics Spotmaster Catalogs from the 70's to the 90's
-Broadcast Electronics stereo generators from the 80's and 90's
-Broadcast Electronics consoles and audio from the 89's and 90's
-Broadcast Electronics cart machines from the 80's and 90's
-Broadcast Electronics price lists from the 80's and 90's
  Equipment Catalogs Added single catalogs or small sets from:
Continental Electronics Full Line catalog 1995
Marti Electronics single catalog 1971
Gray Research several one sheets (tone arm, preamp) from 1975
Tapecaster TCM Series 700 Cart Machine manual from 1970
Distibutor Catalogs from Allied Broadcast Sales for 1986 and 1987
  Record Mirror Added April 7, April 14 and May 5 of 1973
  Melody Maker Added July 12 and July 19, 1969 as well as Jan 2 1965
  Practical Mechanics Added first issue of this new collection of the UK hobbyist magazine which began in 1933. The issue we are starting with is August, 1934
  Modern Wireless Added April 1929
  Maplin Electronics Added June-August and March-May of 1987
  Everyday Electronics Added May 1998
  Practical Wireless Replaced August 1967 issue which had mistaken content.
Added May 13 and December 4 of 1937
7-18-19 Radio & Records (R&R) Added issues from Jan, Feb and March of 1979
7-16-19 Monitoring Times Thanks to a contribution from Ary Boender this collection is complete.
  Melody Maker Added Aug 21 1965
  Record Mirror Added Aug 25, Jun 2, Sept 1 1973, Nov 2, Jan 12 1963
  Maplin Electronics Added Sept to November, 1985 and Dec 1984 to February 1985
  Australian Radio TV News Added 8 issues from 1949 and 1950 of this amateur and hobbyist publication begun in Sydney in 1949
7-14-19 Electronics Today Added September and May of 1993
  Gavin Report Added November 1 1996 issue
  Record Mirror Added March 24, 1973
  Hobbyist Specials Added C&E Electronics Hobbyist from Fall 1985
Added Elementary Electronics Radio TV Repair from Fall-Winter 1967 and 1969
Added Popular Mechanics Radio TV and Electronics Handbook 1950
  Maplin Electronics Added 1985 March-May issue
  Modern Wireless Added February 1929
  Radio & Records (R&R) Added issues from April to June of 1979; the new additions appear with blue lettering.
7-13-19 Australian Collection Added an undated set of 9 lessons from the Practical Radio Course.
  73 Magazine Began replacing poorer scans of 73, the ham radio magazine, with new and more legible ones. Issues from 1977 to 1982 that are underlined are the new copies.
7-12-19 Modern Wireless Added March 1928, March 1923, February 1930 and October 1931
  KMA Guide Added 105 issues of the "KMA Guide" from famous farm station KMA in Shenandoah, Iowa. These issues are a contribution of LaVern Velau who also provided many, many issues of Antique Radio Classified.
  UK Collection Added the 1923 short book "Home Built Wireless Components"
Proceedings of the IRE Added "Radio Makers after the War" from 1944.
  Television (UK) Added Vol. 1 No 2 from April, 1928. This is the US edition but the only apparent difference is in the advertisements.
  Electronic Technician
(Radio Retailing)
Added issues from October and December of 1962
  Billboard Added the 1992 International Buyers Guide edition
Added Aug 21 1937
  Maplin Electronics Added March-May 1984 and February 1995
  Wireless World Replaced November and December 1980 issues with better and complete scans
  Record World Added complete copies with charts of the April 13 and April 20 1968 issues.
  Practical Wireless Added a better complete scan of the December 1941 edition.
  Early Radio Collection Added an early television magazine: a 1928 issue of the US publication "Television" Col 1 #2. Interesting articles about TV technology and even how to build an early TV set.
7-11-19 Radio & Records| Added August 11 and August 18 and December 22 1978
Added all issues from July to December of 1979
7-10-19 Proceedings of the IRE Added entire year, 12 total issues and 2,400 pages, from 1948
7-7-19 CB Radio Renamed the "S9" page as the "CB Radio" page with issues of S9, CB (UK), CB Radio, CB World and several CB antenna catalogs.
  Popular Wireless Added November 7 1936 issue
  Disc (UK) Added August 6 and 13, 1960
  Australian Collection Added the Emmco Radio Handbook for "users of Emmco Products" from 1927. Parts and radio set catalog and station list.
  Modern Wireless Added December 1932
  Maplin Electronics Added July 1999
  Practical Wireless Added Nov 13 and April 3 (missing 2 pages) 1937 and Aug 27 1938
  Everyday Electronics Added April and September of 1976 and August 1995
  Wireless World Replaced the issues from February to October of 1980 with better scans that have full page (not double page) spreads.
Added Electronics World from October 1997
7-6-19 Modern Electrics Added 10 issues from 1908 to 1913 of this very early electrical technology magazine from Hugo Gernsback
  Antique Radio Classified Added almost all the remaining issues from 2010 to 2013, leaving just the 1984 issues (all of them), March 2011 and August 1985 to complete the printed issues.
7-5-19 Shaking We have not added anything more in the last 36 hours due to the California earthquake. While it was over 100 miles from us, a lot of stacks of books and magazines fell in our "office" and we are taking a few days to reorganize to prevent further scrambling and to put earthquake closures on cabinets and drawers.
  Radio & Records Added issues from October, November and Decembe4r 1978
7-3-19 Audio Collection Added the "Practical Audio Handbook" by King from 1959
  Modern Era Collection Added two issues of The Pulse of Broadcasting, a late 80's radio management newsletter / magazine. This magazine later became Radio Ink.
Added the program from the 15th Country Radio Seminar in 1984
7-2-19 Early Radio Collection Added a single issue of the WCFL "The Voice of Farmer-Labor" Spring 1929 magazine.
  Radio & Records Added August 25 to October 13, 1978
  Antique Radio Classified Added 53 more issues, filling in the missing positions from 1993 to 2009 and most of the 2010-2014 issues.
  Wireless World /
Electronics World
Added December 2005 issue of this successor to Wireless World.
  Billboard Added the 1963 Coin Machine Directory
Added Record Programming supplements from September 26, 1960, April 7 1962, September 18 1961 and September 22 1962.
Added many of the missing pages from May 31, 1969.
  Radio Craft Library Added #29 "Handy Kinks and Short Cuts"
  Radio Retailing Added May issue from 1951.
  Proceedings of the IRE Added issues from July to December of 1946
6-30-19 Australian Collection Added 10 issues from 1945 to 1948 of the electronics news and views newsletter "Service".
Added A. K. Boxx's Audio Amplifier Handbook, year unknown.
  Bookshelf: Babani Technical Editions Added #108 International Diode Equivalents Guide
Added #293 An Introduction to Radio Wave Propagation
Added #175 Transistorized Test Equipment and Servicing Manual
Added #150 Practical Radio Inside Out
  Radio Station Pictorial Albums Added booklet style station "albums" for WOW, Omaha NE (1930's) commemorating 5 kw power increase, WCED Dubois, PA from 1947 and a WSAZ West Virginia Network (WSAZ, WCHS, WPAR, WBLK) booklet. Also added KSL, Salt Lake City's "It's the bounce that counts" booklet describing it's new studio with flexible acoustics.
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added Arnold's Broadcast Advertising from 1933
  Record Mirror Added December 29 1973
  Wireless Constructor Added October 1927 issue.
  Modern Wireless Added January and April 1931 and February 1928
Added a complete copy of the March 1925 issue with covers and blueprints.
  Everyday Electronics Added April 1998
  Melody Maker Added June 28, 1969 issue.
  Practical Electronics Added September and October 1992 and completed the collection. In November, 1992 this title merged with parent Everyday Electronics Many thanks to Stephen Burn for scanning the issues needed to make this set complete.
  Practical Wireless Added an incomplete October 9, 1937 issue
6-29-19 July in the Golden Age Added link for Jim Ramsburg's "July in the Golden Age". This is a day-by day log of significant, interesting and entertaining events occurring in the radio industry during the month throughout the "Golden Age" of radio... from the dawn of network broadcasting to the beginning of the TV era.
  Radio & Records Added issues from April 21 through August 4the 1978
6-28-19 Practical Wireless Added May 1 1937 edition
6-27-19 Studio Sound Added the August 1979 issue and the Autumn (October) 1979 issue which brings down by two the missing issue count for this magazine.
  Bookshelf: Biography Added Bill Mack's "Spins and Needles". This is the radio life of the famous WBAP trucker show DJ with his experiences in radio and country music. A fun read!
  Bookshelf: History Added "Apuntes para la Historia" by Betancourt, a history of pre-Castro radio in Cuba. It details the owners, the entertainers and the programs of Cuban radio's Golden Years.
  Radio & Records Added 7 issues from January, February and March of 1978. The volumes for 1978, 1979, 1980 and 1981 have arrived and we will be adding nearly 200 issues to the site in the next few weeks.
Added 4 more March 1978 issues and two from April.
  Proceedings of the IRE Added January to June issues from 1946
Added the remaining missing issues from 1945.
6-26-19 Record World Added complete May 12, 1973, Jan 3 1976 and July 28, 1973
  NASWA Added a new page with nearly 60 issues of the North American Shortwave Association's "Frendx" and "Journal" publications.
  S9 CB Radio Magazine Added 12 issues from 1976 and 1977 and a 1977 Buyers Guide edition. All are searchable
  Australian Collection Added 5 issues of "Modern Sets" from 1932 and 1933. This publication contained construction articles as well as features on servicing, proper usage and components..
Added the December 1931 issue of Radio Monthly
  Everyday Electronics Added March, 1998
  Bookshelf: Biography Added Ben Gross' "I looked and I listened", a biographical look at the experiences of a newspaper radio and TV editor with stories and anecdotes of his experience
  Record Mirror Added February 9 1963
6-25-19 Proceedings of the IRE Added September to December of 1947
  New Musical Express Added Oct 17 1952, Jan 6 and Jan 20 1968 and Sept 6 1963
  Practical Wireless Added missing pages to the July 9, 1938 issue contained in the "July" PDF. Pages 402-403
Added July 1 1937 issue and October 1, 1938
6-24-19 Wireless Engineer Added September, October, November, December 1945
  RPM Canadian Music Magazine Added several years with issues from 1954, 1965 and 1966.
  Melody Maker Added June 21 1969
6-23-19 Electronics Australia Added December 1992 as we continue to replace the low resolution b&w scans with much nicer grayscale / color scans at higher resolution.
  Television Age Added May 24, 1965
  Scott News Added a collection of issues of Scott News from the E. H. Scott company, an early manufacturer of luxury radio sets.
  TV Radio Life Added November 17 1956
  Television and Short Wave World UK Added a better copy of the September, 1939 issue
  Wireless Engineer Added July 1945
6-22-19 Billboard Added missing pages to June 21, 1969 issue.
Added Feb 22 1936, Feb 21 1920, March 1 and March 8, 1930
  Bernards Radio Manuals Added Transistorised Test Equipment and Servicing Manual #175 and a better scan of #15o, Practical radio Inside Out
  Proceedings of the IRE Added June through December of 1942 as well as the 1942 Yearbook issue
  Nielsen Added "Audio Today" 2019 edition. This report shows the usage of radio and other audio sources.
  Antique Radio Classified Added many issues, including all the missing ones from 1985 to 1989 and most of the missing 90's as well as 2000 and 2001. All the new additions are underlined.
6-21-19 Music Week Added October 24, 1998 and September 19 and 26 1992
  Gernsback Technical Library Added edition #92 Fundamentals of Semiconductors.
  Bookshelf Technical Added Television Simplified by Kiver5th edition 1955. We now have 5 revised editions of this very popular book
Added FM Simplified by Kiver, 1st edition from 1947 and 2nd edition from 1951. There are now three editions of this book allowing comparison of developments in the technology and practices.
  db The Sound Engineering Magazine Added Jan-Feb, Sept-Oct 1994 and Nov-Dec 1992, May-Jun, July-Aug, Sept-Oct 1993 and Nov-Dec 1991
  Elektor Added a much better scan of the October 1999 issue
  Radio At War Added the Radio at War (Worlld War II) album from WKMO in Kokomo, Indiana
  Wireless Engineer Added issues from January, February, May and June 1945. This was the more deeply technical sister publication to Wireless World.
  Practical Electronics Added July and August 1992
  Proceedings of the IRE Added Mar & June 1941 and Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 1944
Added Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec 1941 and Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May 1942
6-18-19 Bookshelf: Technical Practical Television: Added the 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th editions of Kiver's well regarded series on TV technology.
Added Kiver's "FM Simplified" 3rd Edition from 1960
  Radio Life Added December 27 1942 issue. Also added the August 24th 1956 issue
  Bookshelf: History Added Radio Radio; Radio in Ireland by Mulryan from 1988
  Electronics Australia Added November 1992
  Music Week Added October 17 1998 issue
  RCA Catalogs Added the Supplement 464 to the 1943 Transmitting Tube guide.
  Bookshelf: Servicing Added Basic Television Principles and Servicing by Grob from 1954
  Practical Electronics Added May and June 1992
Added blueprints to the December 1964 issue
Added May 1966 Transistor Guide
Added April 1958 Transistor Circuits
  Wireless Magazine Added January 1933 issues with covers, replacing incomplete issues.
  Billboard Added replacement copies of January 11 and January 18, 1964 with all pages.
  Practical Wireless Added March 1940 and August 1937 issues "bundled" in monthly sets
  Record World Added June 8, 1968 December 31, 1966
  Australian Collection Added an old magazine and a relatively new document;
1933 single copy of Amateur Radio and Broadcast Monthly
1992 AGB Radio Listening Diary, the radio ratings survey form.
6-17-19 Record World Added a complete copy of November 22, 1969 including international section.
Added Jan 16 1982 February 7, July 18, September 191981
  Radio Service Dealer Added all missing issues from April 1940 to December 1941 and replaced most of the rest with better copies. Included is Vol 1 No 1 from April, 1940
  Melody Maker Added June 14, 1969
  Cash Box Added a complete copy of April 5, 1969
  Ham Radio Today Added February 1993
  Everyday Electronics Added September 1998
  Billboard Added the annual supplements with a directory of international recording studios from 1973, 1978 and 1975
  Musical Express Added January 23 and January 30 1948
  Radio News Added two "special publications" from Radio News magazine.
1935 Radio Man's Guide and 1934 Radio Data Book
  Radio Television Journal Added the August 1945 issue of this magazine for the owners of radio retail shops and radio service establishments.
6-16-19 Proceedings of the IRE Added July 1944, January 1946 and July through December 1949
  Wireless Magazine Added October and December 1932 and January 1933
6-14-19 Radio Logbooks & Lists Added the 1988 Edition of "Highway Radio" by Stank, a listing of US radio stations by state and area intended for use by travelers.
  Australian Collection Added three interesting radio or radio related single issues of magazines.
Modern Sets October 1933. Radio sets and components
Homecraft Magazine August 1928 including articles and ads about radio
Motor-Cycle Bicycle Radio Magazine from February 1925. Radio and vehicles in an odd multi-topic magazine.
  BBC Year Book and Annual Report Added issues for 2000 to 2004
  Wireless Magazine Added  August and September of 1932
6-13-19 Proceedings of the IRE Added March through July of 1949
  Ham Radio Today Added July 1995 issue
  Wireless Magazine Added February, April and July of 1932. These are from an annual compilation volume, so missing covers
  Australian Collection Added our first issue of Radio Realm, an Australian radio and shortwave listener and hobbyist magazine. The issue form August 1934 is Vol 1 No 3
  Everyday Electronics Added March 1983 and April 1993 and July 1998 and October 1999
6-12-19 Bookshelf: Rider Editions Added Alternating Currents in Radio Receivers
Added Automatic Volume Control
Added DC Voltage Distribution in Radio Receivers
Added Guide to Audio Reproduction
Added Resonance and Alignment
Added Stereophonic Sound
  Bookshelf: Sams Books Added 28 volumes from the 50's, 60's and early 70's of the Sams series. Note: Like all technical books on the site, components may be obsolete, newer designs may be available, etc. These books are presented for their historical value
6-11-19 Bookshelf: Rider Editions Added a collection of books published by John F. Rider. Over 125 titles were published in this series, and we have 43 of them ready for reading.  They are searchable.
  Gernsback Library Added #83 Fun with Electricity
  Antique Radio Classified Added 17 issues. They are highlighted with ◄  The collection is now searchable, too.
  Maplin Electronics Added  the September-November issue from 1982
  Gernsback Library Made the entire Gernsback collection searchable.
6-10-19 Bookshelf: Bernards Added #170 Transistor Circuits for Radio Controlled Models
  Gernsback Library Added #78 Rapid Radio Repari
Added #79 Designing and Building HiFi Furniture
Added #82 Tubes And Circuits by Christ (no series number)
Added #71 Audio Design Handbook
Added #44 Basic Radio Course
  Electronics Australia Added October 1992
  Record Mirror Added Sept 22, 1973
  Melody Maker Added June 7 1969
6-09-19 Proceedings of the IRE Added November and December of 1945 and January and February of 1949
  Practical Electronics Added November 1990
  Home Study Courses Added an NRI "Advanced" servicing course which, despite the year, covered Television. All lessons complete in on file with answer sheets.
  RCA Victor Service Data Added editions from 1949, 1950 and 1951. These volumes had schematics and information on all RCA products for the year., including radios, TVs and phonographs. In addition to schematics, there are pictures of products and subassemblies.
  Gernsback Library Added #64 Understanding HiFI Circuits
Added #68 TV and Radio Tube Problems
Added #76 Servicing Transistor Radios
  Early Radio Collection Added A.C. Gilbert's "Radio Telephone and Broadcasting", a pamphlet by Tuska from 1922 when Gilbert was manufacturing radios. Gilbert also created the Erector Set mechanical toys and the American Flyer model train line.
Added The Romance and Reality of Television, a 1930 booklet from the Short Wave and Television Laboratory, makers of Baird TV and radio sets and operator of W1XAV television station. Many pictures of early TV broadcast gear and non-technical explanations.
  Bookshelf: Educationa Added the third edition of Basic Television by Bernard Grob. We already have edition 4, and hope to have #1 and #2 for comparative studies of the state of TV as taught in this widely used college text.
6-08-19 Proceedings of the IRE Added June to October of 1945
  Electronics Today (ETI) Added July 1996
  Wireless Constructor Added a new and much clearer scan of the June 1933 issue
  New Musical Express Added October 26, 1962
  Practical Electronics Added October 1990
  Maplin Electronics Added January 1999
  Modern Wireless Added Jan 1928 and May 1932
  Everyday Electronics Added June 1981
6-07-19 TV & Communications Added 10 more issues from 1971, 1972 and 1973. They are marked with the red arrow symbol.
  THANKS! My thanks to the group of site users who on a daily basis verify and check my work. There is a lengthy set of steps between receiving a publication to scanning it, converting to a PDF, making it searchable and creating its place on a page on the site. These contributors find mistakes, discover missing pages, correct my terrible spelling and often offer marvelous suggestions. Without these fine folks, the site would be nowhere as usable or reliable. Let's hear a round of applause for all of them!
6-06-19 Radio & Records Added issues from September to November 11, 1977.
Added rest of November, completed December, added the Spring and Fall ratings special and completed the year 1977 with all issues.
  Popular Communications Added October and November, 1994 and December 2008 and July 2000. This completes the collection.
  Gernsback Collection Added #89 Transistor Projects 1960
Added #57 The VTVM 1956
Added #76 Servicing Transistor Radios 1958
  Bookshelf: Broadcast Education Added the 1975 4th edition of "Basic Television Principles and Servicing 4th Edition" by Grub. It is our intent to obtain and post the earlier 3 editions for comparison. As always, with multiple edition textbooks, our caveat is to consider these to be historical references for comparison purposes and not to take them as current or contemporary edition substitutes.
Added: Television and Radio Announcing by Gilbert & Middleton 1946
  Record World Added a complete copy of the April 23, 1966 issue.
  Philco TechRep Bulletin Added 11 issues between 1951 and 1953. They are underlined.
6-05-19 Radio & Records Added issues for April and May 1977 and missing issues from June and July of that year as well as replacing a bad scan of September 9.
  The Quake Added four issues of this station magazine form KQAK San Francisco
  Australia Collection Added "A Review of Radio: Where Australia Stands"  from 1927
  Canada Miscellaneous Added "The Canadian Radio Situation", a 1930 paper on the state of Canadian Radio.
Added "Privately Owned AM & TV Stations in Canada" a list from 1922 to 1960
Added "British Columbia Media Guide" 1995
Added "Canadian National Railroads Canada Program Guide" from 1929
  Record Mirror Added October 6, 1973
  Maplin Electronics Added February 1999 and August 1994
6-04-19 Radio & Records Added issues from February 11 to April 22 of |977
  Australia Collection Added a single issue of the N.S.W. Wireless News  from August of 1925.
  Babani Books Added #88 How to Use Op Amps
6-03-19 TV & Communications Added more issues from 1969, 1970 and 1971 as well as a directory and a source issue from 1967
  Gernsback Collection Added Sidney Gernsback's 1920 book "A Thousand and One Formulas".
  Popular Wireless Added Dec 25 1926 and July 23 1927
  Disc UK Further added Oct 2 and Oct 10 1959 and Sept 3 and Sept 10 of 1960
  Disc UK Added September 6, 1958 with Peggy Lee's "Fever" on the cover.
6-02-19 TV & Communications Added many issues from late 1966 to 1968 this CATV (Community Antenna Television) which served its industry long before original cable programming came from HBO, WTBS, CNN and the likes. Issues donated in memory of Marshall F. Tackett by his family.
  Wireless Weekly AU Added January 1, 1932 issue
  Gernsback / Radio Craft Library Added #93, Radio Control Handbook
  Everyday Electronics   Added the July 1983 issue
  Practical Electronics Added August and September 1990
  Electronic Technician Added December 1961, June 1960 and December 1954 from this magazine, formerly Radio Retailing and going back to 1925
  World Radio UK Added December 31 1937 and Jan 14 and September 2 of 1938
  Broadcast Engineering Added December 1970 issue including "Optimizing Stereo Phono Pickups" and and article on the dangers of antenna icing with several solutions.
  Wireless Weekly Added November 19 and 26th of 1924
  Melody Maker Added May 24, 1969
  Maplin Electronics Added February 1992
  Radio & Records Added issues from January and February of 1977
Added ARB Spring and Fall 1976 Ratings Reports special editions, and 1976 1/2 mid-year review.
  Radio Log & Lore Added Winter 1933 edition. It contains national and regional network schedules, a list of the network primary and supplementary stations, a pictorial section and a log section with US, Mexican and Canadian stations listed by "channel" and world radio lists, too.
6-01-19 Radio & Records Added issues between April and December of 1976
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