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1-16-20 Radio's Master Catalog Added volumes from 1942, 1943, 1945, 1935, 1950, 1951 and 1958. We will divide these by section per the index, but for the moment only the full volumes are available. They are between 50 and 120gb and between 570 and 1800 pages.
  Everyday Engineering
Everyday Mechanics
Added 15 issues from 1916 and 1917
  RCA Service News Added 6 more issues of Radio Service News: April 1942, November and December 1943, February and Nov/Dec of 1945
1-15-20 Television Factbook Added Volume 1 of the TV station directory covering Alabama to New Mexico. We continue to search for the missing editions of this publication. 
  Electronic Media
Television Week
Added September 2 2002
  RCA Service News Added 13 issues between the years 1952 and 1967. They have the red arrow highlight
  UK Collection Added the 4th edition of Radio Luxembourg's "Record Stars" from 1965, a promotional book by this high power station that targeted England before commercial radio began in the UK.
  Bookshelf: UK Added "The Sinclair Story" by Dales; the life of Clive Sinclair.
  International Broadcast Engineer Added December 1965 issue.
  Station Magazines Added an example of a 1947 WKBK, Keene, NH, "Listeners Guide" and a copy of the WBMD, Baltimore, MD, "Jamboree" country music event program.
  Cash Boix Added the supplement to the February 27, 1982 "Country Music"
  Radiotrtonics AU Added Radiotron Receiving Valves for AM FM and TV. Date unknown.
  CREI Course Added  missing lesson 303 from the course
  Early Radio Collection Added a 1923 Sears, Roebuck & Company catalog of its radio offerings, ranging from sets to kits including antenna, loudspeaker and the radio. With prices.
  Television /
Television & Short Wave
Added issues from November, December 1934 and January of 1935 of this early UK TV magazine.
  Melody Maker Added April 2, 1966
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added "How to Audition for Radio" by Cott from 1946
Added "Modern Radio Programming" by Gaines from 1973
  Bookshelf: Enjoyment of Radio Added Gerry Cagle's novel "Payola"  A fun read by a major market programmer!
  Bookshelf: Regulation Added Volumes 2 and 3 of TAB Books' "Interpreting FCC Rules and Regulatyions".
  Bookshelf: Broadcast Education Added "Radio, TV & Cable" by Smith, a college level textbook.
  Bookshelf: History of Broadcasting Added Herron's "Miracle of the Airwaves" from 1969
  Personal Computer World Added the 412 page October 1983 edition.
  Practical Computing UK Added August and September of 1979
  Western Electric
Oscillator / Pick-Ups
Added the May 1941 issue of Pick-Ups
  Everyday Engineering
Everyday Mechanics
Added Volume 1 Number 1 from December 1915. This is a beautiful copy of a 105 year old magazine.
  TV Technology Added 24 issues of the international edition dated from 1992 to 1996
  Billboard Added the September 15, 1979 supplement "International Talent Directory"
Added March 6 1920 issue
Added July 17, 1937
1-14-20 New Musical Express Added July 9, 16, 23 and 30 of 1940
Added October 14 1967
  RCA Service Tips Added a new group to the RCA Service News page for the RCA "Radio & Victrola" and TV" Service Tips publication. The radio collection includes 1965, 1967, 1970, 1971 and 1972 while TV has 1962, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1970 and 1971
  Short Wave Collection Added the 1978 Short Wave Listener's Guide from Radio Shack
  Lafayette Catalogs Added the 1930 Catalog #53, an undated 1920s catalog from Wholesale Radio Service and the 1966 catalog #661, the "holiday" issue. Also added Flyer C-26 from 1941
  Disc Added August 6 and September 17 1966
National Radio Institute Added the 1932 promotional booklet "Rich Rewards in Radio" showing the well-paid careers in the field.
  Record Mirror Added September 2 and October 28 1967
1-10-20 Record Mirror Added July 23, 1966
  Radiotronics Added the 1940 Index and the Radiotron Characteristics Chart.
  Radio Added October and November 1931, February and August of 1934
  Bernards Books Added #17 (of more than 500) "Manual of Rifles" (Produced in 1943 or 1942 during WW II
  Disc UK Added November 19 1966
  Audio Collection Added "Thrilling New Sounds: High Fidelity" to the Audio collection.,
  Practical Computing Added July 1979
1-09-20 Record World Added new, complete scans of January 8 and January 22, 1966
  Station Albums Added a 1920's booklet fro WOK, Homewood, IL (Chicago Suburb) with photos of early equipment.
  Disc Added October 18 1958 issue
  Bell Laboratories Replaced the partial copy with a full copy of "Principles of Electricity Applied to Telephone & Telegraph Work" from 1952
  F.C.C. Publications Added "How to Identify Radio TV Interference Problems" with descriptions of different kinds of interference to radio and TV reception.
  Altec Catalog One-Sheets Added a collection of 1957 Altec brochures for consoles and related products.
  GO-SET Added the remaining March, 1966 issues.
  Billboard Added July 10, 1937 issue.
  Equipment Catalogs Added Broadcast Electronics Catalog 104 from 1980 with price list.
  RCA Service News Added February 1937 and January 1938
  Westinghouse Engineer Added April 19966 issue
1-8-20 Ham Radio Horizons Added all the issues from 1977 to 1979 of this amateur radio "beginner's" magazine from t he publisher of Ham Radio
  Wireless Magazine Added December 1933
  Melody Maker Added March 5 1966
  New Musical Express Added July 8, 1966, August 19 1967, April 20 and May 25 1968 and September 8, 1961
  Record Mirror Added November 26 1966 and January 21, February 11 1967
  Practical Wireless Added February 1942, February 1943, January and February 1944
  Practical Mechanics Added November 1943, January, February, March 1944
  Early Radio Collection Made entire collection searchable.
1-7-20 Radio Life Added 46 more issues of this Los Angeles radio (and later TV) program guide with many feature articles about local and network programming.
1-6-20 Radio Digest Added January and December of 1939.
  Experimental Electricity Course Added Hugo Gernsback and H.W. Secor's 20 lessons (in a small book) electrical course from 1916. It is a marvelous perspective on the state of technology 104 years ago.
  Billboard Added the August 15 1964 International Buyer's Guide supplement
  Australian Collection Added the Radiotron Serviceman's Guide. It has no discernable date, but the tube types appear to be late 50's and 60's. If anyone can pin down the date, please contact us.
  Practical Wireless Added January, 1942 and April 1944
  FM Magazine Added the August 1948 issue
  Lafayette Catalogs Added the Concord (Lafayette "partner/affiliate") catalog from 1948
Added Lafayette seasonal catalogs 651 (1965), 733 (1973) and 692 (1969)
1-5-20 Practical Television
Added 39 issues from 2001 to 2005. They are marked with a red arrow.
  Short Wave Collection Added an issue of the "Official" Short Wave Log & Call Magazine" from Winter, 1934. This was a Hugo Gernsback magazine affiliated with Short Wave Craft, but only containing station lists.
Added Fallon's 1972 "Short Wave Listener's Handbook".
  Early Radio Collection Added our fist issue of Northwest Radio Weekly, a program guide published in Seattle for the Northwest beginning in 1930. This copy is from April 1931 and is the first in Volume 2 of the magazine.
We'd very much like to get more copies, so if you know where to find them let us know by clicking the "Contact Link" above.
  Hitmakers Added April 6, August 10, December 7, 1990 and March 22 1991
  Electronics Today (ETI) Australian Edition Added 9 more issues, including the first two published when the magazine was founded in Australia in 1971.
  Record World Replaced incomplete issues for Jan 22, 1966 and Nov 4 aand Dec 23 of 1967
  Bookshelf: Sams Books Added DC-1, DC-3, DC-4 and DC-5 in the Sam's Radio Dialcord Stringing Guide series. We no have #1 to #6 all available.
Also added a complete version of "Troubleshooting with the Oscilloscope".
1-3-20 Musical Express Added the four issues from January 1952
  Bookshelf: Technology Added Throdarson Meissner's How to Build "Instruction Manual"
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added Jones Antenna Handbook from 1937,
Basic Radio by Hoad from 1942,
Fundamentals of Radio by Jordan from 1942,
Electronics and Electron Tubes by MacArthur from 1942,
GE Frequency Modulation Primer from 1941,
Radio A Study of First Principles by Burns, 1942
Modern Radio Essentials, MacArthur 1942
Modern Radio Servicing by Girhardi from 1935
The Superhet Manual by Camm from 1942
The Superheterodyne Receiver Witts 1936
The Outline of radio by Hogan from 1923 (1st Edition) [Third is also on site]
  Gernsback Library Replaced Gernsback Library #3 and #20 with better scans.
  Sylvania Technical Books Added five books by Sylvania, "Tube Substitution Manual", "Servicing Radio & Television with a VTM", "How to Service Radios with an Oscilloscope", "Crystal Diode Circuit Kinks", and "28 Uses for Junction Transistors"
Audio Collection Added Sam's' Hi-Fi Stereo Handbook and Hi-Fi Servicing Guide
Added High Fidelity Home Music Systems from 1955
Added the second edition of Tremaine's Audio Cyclopedia from 1969 (8th Printing)
  Sams Books Added 13 new titles. They are highlighted in red lettering.
1-1-20 Practical Mechanics Added June, July,, August and September of 1943
  Rider Books Added 37 books and courses. They hare highlighted with red lettering in the description.
  Audio Collection Added several books about Hi-Fi and audio: General Electric "Hi Fi Components", and Gernsback's "High Fidelity Techniques", High Fidelity Circuit Design", Understanding Hi Fi Circuits" and "Designing and Building Hi Fi Furniture" "
  Radio's Master Catalogs Added the first issue dated 1935-1936 of this listing of all electronics parts from every supplier.
  Practical Wireless Added the supplement chart to the December 1970 issue. The pages are located at the very tail end of the magazine.
  Handbooks Added the 1933 RCA Radiotron Manual, a handbook to RCA tubes.
  Practical Radio Course (AU) Added 9 lesions from the Practical Radio Course from the Australian Radio & Television Pty. Ltd. school.
12-31-19 Pop Weekly Added remaining issue from April and four issues from May of 1965
  DuMont Added an early 60's TV Station Planning Guide showing how to put together a complete TV station
  Collins Added a small brochure "How Much does it Cost to Build a Radio Station" detailing the expenditures for different services and power levels.
12-30-19 Gold Time Radio Added summaries of the events in US Broadcasting from the 1932-33 season to the 1947-1948 season. These are condensed versions of the content of the GoldTime Radio website which covers the "Golden Age" of radio from the early 30's to the early 50's.
  Record Mirror Added July 2, 9 and 16 and September 10 of 1966
  Disc Added October 1 1966, October 14 1967 and October 27 1962
  Musical Express Added January 7 1949, January 6 1950 and June 17 1966
  Melody Maker Added December 13 1969
  Practical Mechanics Added August and October 1941 and September/October and December of 1950 and January 1943 as well as the index to Volume 10, 1942/43
  Ampex Added several articles and publications: Snyder's "Early Days of Ampex", "The Ampex Story" and a Case Study of the Bradley's Barn Studio in Nashville.
  Audio Collection Added the undated "GE High Fidelity Components"
  Gates Radio Added the 1957 Catalog #81 "Audio Equipment"
  General Electric Added 1957 "Transcription Accessories" catalog.
  RCA Added the Audio Equipment Catalog 5 from 1962 (1964 revision).
  Collins Broadcast Added the 1959 "Speech Input Consoles" catalog.
  Western Electric Added a one-sheet for the 5A combined FM modulation and frequency monitor. Undated, likely early 40's prior to use of Postal Codes.
Added two versions of "The Story of Western Electric", one from 1938 and one undated version assumed to be from the 1950's.
  Billboard Added the issues from June 12 and June 19 1937
12-28-19 Popular Wireless Added All issues from July and August of 1922. They are in single PDF files with all of the issues from each month
  Wireless World
Electronics World
Added January, February and March of 2001
  Musical Express Added March 2 and March 30, 1951
  Modern Wireless Added January, February and March 1933
  More to Come
(We're Back!)
We have spent the last 10 days building a new main computer and reinstalling all the software that runs the site. Click link for full description of the new computer build.
12-21-19 Australian Collection Four more editions in the Lister In series were added, All Wave receivers, Battery Book, Super-Het Book and Radio Sets and Circuits
12-20-19 Gold Time Radio Added the synopsis articles for the 1938-1939 and 1939-1940 seasons, and added a synopsis for the article about James Petrillo of the AFM.
  Everyday Electronics Added October 1994
12-18-19 Disc UK Added November 7, 1959 and October 11 1958
  Practical Computing UK Added April, May, June 1979
  Record Mirror Added June June 4 and June 11 1966 and October 14 and October 21 1967
  Amateur Wireless Added full month of July 1922 issues in a single PDF
  Radio Digest Added June and October 1939 and April 1940
  New Musical Express Added March 2 and February 3 1968, May 20 1966 and August 29, 1981
  GOld Time Radio Added the "quick summary" notes for the 1936-1937 and 1937-1938 seasons of The Golden Age of Radio.
12-16-19 GOld Time Radio Added a synopsis for the 1932-33, 1933-34, 1934-35 and 1935-36 US Network Radio seasons with links to the full articles.
  Australian Collection Added three more "The Listener In" handbooks: "The All Electric Receiver, "The Beginners Book of Radio " and "The Radio Set Builder"
12-15-19 GOld Time Radio This site is now featuring full descriptive links to the content on Jim Ramsburg's GOld Time Radio web page.
The site has an extensive article on each radio season in the Golden Age of radio (1932-1953) as well as articles ranging from the ratings to Petrillo.
The first of the listings are now ready, and more will be added constantly over the next few weeks.
12-14-19 Australian Collection Added The Listener In handbook #7, "Battery Sets"
Added The Listener In #8 All Radio Receivers
  Melody Maker Added July 25 1970
  Bookshelf: Biography Added a young reader's biography, "Reginald Fressenden: Radio's Forgotten Voice" by Webb" Fressenden stated that he made the first voice broadcast in 1906.
For a more extensive adult biography, look at "Fressenden; Builder of Tomorrow" on the same page and also the 11 part series in Radio News beginning in February, 1925
  Amateur Wireless Added full month of June 1922 issues in a single PDF
  Australian Collection Added a much improved copy of the Crown Manufacturing catalog from 1937
  Practical Computing UK Added March 1979
  Wireless Constructor Added a complete-with-covers copy of the April 1936 issue
  Billboard Added January 9 and January 16 1926
  Modern Era Collection Added many issues of The Brain in a single PDF. This was a sales-oriented mimeographed newsletter for smaller market radio stations with news items, sales tips and even sample campaigns and copy.
  Record Mirror Replaced the October 19 1963 issue with a complete copy
Added 3 issues from May 1966
  RCA Service News Added June-July 1947, July 1949, and September 1940 and March 1945
Added March-April, August-September and October-November of 1947
  Radio's Master (Catalog) Added a new section for the 1935 to the 1960's "Radio's Master" catalog listing of all radio and electronics parts. The first issue added is 1949, and there are 9 of them waiting to be scanned and processed. There is much usable data, such as pins on tubes, socket details, resistor charts, etc.
12-13-19 European Collection Added a new page for one of a kind, single issues and other items about radio and related fields in the nations of Europe. Added 6 publications by ORF (Osterreicher Rundfunk), the Austrian state radio organisation.
  Early Radio Collection Added the 1946 booklet, "How Far Should Government Control Radio?" which is a discussion of the public benefit of control vs. the free market.
  Record World Added April 4 1981
  Bookshelf: Broadcast Education Added Mass Communications Research resources, an Annotated Guide, by Sterling  Bracken and Hill. This is an extensive bibliography for any study of contemporary mass media.
  Bookshelf: Broadcasting Business Added Hettinger's "A Decade of Radio Advertising" from 1932. Using plentiful statistics and an historical perspective, the author analyzes the "current" state of radio advertising and related practices. 
  Bookshelf: Commentary Added "Gateway to Radio" by Erskine and Firth from 1934. While this is overtly instructional, it is today more of a commentary on the state of radio, its commercialization and the skills and attitudes needed to become a radio professional.
12-12-19 New Musical Express Added issues from March and June 1948
  Wireless Engineer (Experimental Wireless) Added the October, November and December of 1944
12-10-19 Lafayette Catalogs Added 1960 Semiconductor Catalog
Added #723 from 1972
Added #56B Supplement Bargain Sales
Added catalogs 632 and 632 from 1963.
  Disc & Music Echo Added 50 issues from 1967
  Radio Life Added 30 issues between 1943 and 1947. They are marked in red.
  Listener In (AU) Added Handbook 14 Radio Constructer's Gide
Added Handbook #16 Modern Radio and Home Recording
Radio Sales and Service Added the December 15, 1930 issue of this very hard to find magazine.
  TV Forecast Added issue #77 from June of 1952
  Electronics Today AU Added 16 more issues of the Electronics Today (ETI) Australian edition between 1971 and 1976. With the batch added on 11/27, there are 32 new issues available and there are about 18 more waiting to be scanned.
  Electronic Industries  Added the December 1953 issue.
12-9-19 Tele-Views Added a new section for one of the early TV Program guide magazines which published for areas of the Midwest between 1951 and 1952. Also added an issue of a Los Angeles magazine of the same name from the same era.
  Melody Maker Added December 6 1969
  Bookshelf: Amateur Radio (QST Publications) Added Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur. Caveat: like most technical books on this site, this one is outdated and is presented for historical perspective only.
  Bookshelf UK Added Bradley's 1953 "Radio Servicing Instruments"
  Australian Collection Added "On Air" by Sanderson, a history of the NBS in Queensland.
  Pop Weekly Added April 3, April 10, April 17 and May 1 1965
  Practical Wireless Added the "blueprint" and shortwave guide with international Callsign assignments from the November, 1973 issue
  Wireless Engineer (Experimental Wireless) Added July, August and September of 1944
12-8-19 Wireless Engineer (Experimental Wireless) Added February, March, April, May and June 1944 and the index for all 1944 issues
  Bookshelf UK Added Ian Sinclair's "Introducing Digital Audio" and "Electronic Power Supply Handbook"
  RCA Ham Radio Tips Added Winter 1965-1966
  Skillfact Books Added a new page for Sillfact books, publications about basic household skills
Added Do Your Own Electric Wiring
Added Know About Citizens Band Radio
  UK Collection Added the Summer 1965 edition of Sound and Vision Broadcasting.
  Bell System Journal Added an AT&T book "Principles of Electricity applied to Telephone & Telegraph Work" from 1953
  CB Radio Collection Added the book "Know About Citizens Band Radio" from the Skillfact Library.
  Billboard Added a new copy of the September 7 1991 issue which was damaged.
  Sams Books Added Troubleshooting with the Oscilloscope (incomplete)
Added Know Your Oscilloscope
  Sylvania Added "Germanium Crystal Diodes" technical data sheet to the page of the "Sylvania News"
  Babani Books UK Added #319 Making MS DOS Work for You
Added #328 Sage Explained
Added #756 A Beginner's Guide to Coding
  Australian Collection Added the EMMCO Radio Accessories Catalog from 1932
Added The Listen In "Set Constructor" Number 4
  Melody Maker Added November 29, 1969 issue
  Annual of Advertising Art Added the 52nd edition from 1973. 8 more editions are coming soon. We have included these print advertising books because they reflect the general state and mood of advertising for each year.
  Disc Added October 20, 1962, October 4 1958 and September 9, 1961 and
  Philips Technical Communications Added Volume 1 of this valve (tube) and circuit guide.
  Australian Collection Added a one-sheet Radiotron Australian valve price list from 1940
  Bell System Added S. Darlington's monograph "Synthesis of Reactance 4-Poles" from the Technical Publications series.
  Sylvania News Added missing issues to the 1946 and 1952 files
12-7-19 Practical Mechanics Added October and November 1938 and May and June of 1941
  Small Market Radio Newsletter Added a batch of issues from September of 2002 to August of 2003. This newsletter is more than just sales tips: it has industry trends, legal and FCC information and a lot more. Well worth reading to get a picture of radio in the smaller markets.
  Consumer Catalogs Added Olson 1971, McGee 1972, Burstein-Appleby 1973 and Heathkit 1974
  Radiotronics AU Added issues 103 and 105 from 1940
  Broadcast Equipment Catalogs Added manuals for the Ampex 351 from 1958 and the MR 70 from 1966
  Everyday Electronics Added March 1996
12-4-19 Record Mirror Added all five April 1966 issues
  New Musical Express Added January 15, 22 and 29 of 1954 and the first four February issues from 1952
  Practical Mechanics Added November, December 19412 and June, July, September and December 1942 and replaced December 1953 with a better copy.
12-1-19 Practical Mechanics Added January, March, July 1935 January, December 1936 and February, March, May, July, August 1937
  New Musical Express Added January 1 and January 8 1954
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