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Date (m/d/y) Title Description
2-22-19 Music Week Added Sept 5, 1981 & May 31 1980 &
2-21-19 Radio & Electronics World Added November and December 1982
2-18-19 Radio Business Report Added the RBR Source Guide #5 from 1997. The Source Guide was RBR's "Yearbook" annual issue.
2-17-19 Electronics Today UK Replaced March 1982 issue with a PDF with all the pages complete.
  Electronic Service Dealer Added a new page for a significant collection of this title. Electronic Service Dealer was the magazine published by the California State Electronics Association for its members in the service trade. It began in May of 1961. We have 85 issues from 1961 to 1970.
  Everyday Electronics Added May and August 1980
  Popular Wireless Added all issues from February, 1937 in a single PDF
2-16-19 Wireless World Added April, May, June, July of 1993
  Electronics Australia September 1991 has been replaced with a full color higher resolution scan.
  Wireless Weekly UK Added all issues of July, 1923 in a single PDF
  Radio & Electronics World Added September and October 1982
  Investing In Radio Added a new section with samples of consolidation era copies of BIA "Investing in Radio", M Street's "Ownership Guide" and even Bank of America's "Broadcaster Maps"
2-13-19 Wireless World Added index listings for Nov 1939-Dec 1940, 1941 and 1942 as well as 1987, and  full issue from March, 1988.
  Radio Masters Added a new page for this 1940 magazine for radio servicemen in the New York City area. It was named after the WBNX radio show of the same name.
  Babani Books Added #278, Experimental Antenna Topics
  Wireless Weekly UK Added July 30 and December 17 1924
  Popular Communications Added December, 2013. This was the last issue, and was only published digitally.
  Electronics Australia Added better scan of August 1991
  Ham Radio Today Added July 1996.
  Radio & Electronics World Added July and August 1982
  Australasian Radio World Added October and November, 1949
2-11-19 Radio Business Report Added issues from June 1997 to Aug 1998. As this collection expands, it is becoming the best documentation of the era of ownership consolidation in the US. It has information that is frequently poorly understood by those who write about the causes and effects of consolidation and is important content for those studying this transformative era in American Broadcasting.
2-9-19 Wireless World Replaced April, 1940 with a more complete PDF.
  New Musical Express Added Oct 7, 1967
  Bookshelf UK Added "Those Radio Times" by Susan Briggs. This unfortunately out of print book shares stories and pictures about radio in England during its earliest decades. A delightful read, and the title is of course a play on the name of the BBC magazine, "Radio Times".
  Bookshelf UK Added Swallow's "Factual Television" from 1966. This is a discussion of the social impact of TV in Great Britain.
  Bookshelf: Education Added Fundamentals of Radio Broadcasting by Hasling from 1980. This is a basic introduction to the radio industry.
  Babani Books Added #411 A Practical Introduction to Surface Mount Devices
  Record Mirror Added May 12 and June 16 1973
  Melody Maker Added February 8 1969
  Radio & Electronics World Added June 1982 and September 1987
  Electronics Australia Added July 1991
  Disc Added August 2, 1969
2-7-19 Tape Recording Added July 1960 -
Popular Communications Added all issues from 2007 and added 32 issues from 2009 to 2012
  Radio Craft Library Added #26 Modern Battery Radio Sets
  RCA Review Added December 1965, June 1964, September and June 1969
  Radio News Added "Radio Data Book" editions for 1937 and 1938
  Billboard Added August 3, 1935
  Wireless Weekly UK Added July 16 and July 24, 1924
  Record Mirror Added June 9, 1973 and Mar 11, 1967
  Radio & Electronics World Added May 1982
  Electronic Industries Added July 1962
  Australasian Radio World Added Jun, Jul/Aug, Sept 1949
2-6-19 Wireless Engineer Added February and March, 1943
  Radio & Hobbies Added a much better scan of a cleaner copy of the first issue from April, 1939
  WEKZ Monroe, WI Added the 1954 Family Album from WEKZ in Monroe, WI.
  Radio & Electronics World Added March and April of 1982
  Electronics Australia Added a much improved copy of the issue from June 1991
  Everyday Electronics Added September, 1983
2-5-19 Postcard Gallery Added three more cards, including the Hollywood studios of NBC, WVJS in KY and the FCC Nebraska monitoring station.
  Bookshelf: Technical Added The Audio Cyclopedia, 2nd edition, from 1969 and the 6th edition of the GE Transistor Manual from 1962
  Bookshelf: Early Technology Added Hathaway's 1933 "Television".
Added Yates' A B C of Television from 1933
Bookshelf: Enjoyment of Radio & TV Added Jim Hall's 1984 Mighty Minutes, covering important TV campaigns on television.
Added World at their Fingertips by Clarricoats from 1967: a profile of ham radio operations.
  Bookshelf: Business Added "Selling Direct Radio" by Michael Keith  in its 1992 edition
  Bookshelf: Education Added the college textbook "Broadcasting: Radio and Television" by Ewbank & Lawton from 1952.
Added the textbook Audience Ratings by Ross Belville from 1988
  Radio Business Report Added September to December 1998 and January to March 1999.
2-4-19 Australasian Radio World Added April and May 1949
  Wireless Engineer Added January, 1943 which was a relatively rare wartime issue.
  Everyday Electronics Added June, July, August 1979
  Short Wave Magazine Added May 1987
  Electronics Australia Added May 1991 in high-resolution, color scan.
2-3-19 Melody Maker Added Feb 1, 1969
  Radio at War Added another of the syndicated "Radio At War" albums from the WW II era. This is for WSFA in Montgomery, Alabama.
  Station Albums Added the 1947 KTSA San Antonio, TX, program schedule and station album.
  Radio Annual 1964 Replaced the old scan with a new one with better resolution for all pages and sections of this annual directory.
  Wireless Engineer Added the annual index sets for 1942 and 1943 for this sister publication to Wireless World.
  Postcard Gallery Added another 48 cards to Postcard Set II. Each can be clicked on for a larger view.
  Radio Business Report Added March to August of 1999.
2-2-19 Billboard Added separate file for the September 23, 1939, supplement "Talent and Tunes on Music Machines"
  Radio & Electronics World Added a new page for Radio & Electronics World, the successor to Radio Constructor. It began in 1981 and closed in 1989. We have five issues, including the inaugural one, courtesy of Peter Merriman
2-1-19 Wireless World This evening we shall lift a pint and drink to David Andrews, the UK Content Director of this site in honor of having obtained the last three issues of Wireless World needed to complete the collection from 1913 to 1984, the longest print run of any journal here!
  Radio Business Report Added January 2000 issues and Sept to Dec 1999
  Popular Communications Added 45 issues from the period 1996 to 2008, thanks to a contribution from David C. Stearns. They are marked with
  Billboard Added May 1 and November 20, 1937, Feb 15 1936, Jan 25 1930, Jan 9 1932, Dec 30 1933
  Melody Maker Added Jan 25, 1969
  Electronics Today Canada Added December 1987 thanks to a kind contribution from a site user.
  RCA Book Series Added the 1956 "Transistors I" A selection of papers describing research and development work of the Radio Corporation of America as it applies to the theory, fabrication, and application of transistors
  RCA Victor Service Notes Added Volume VIII from 1952.
  Electronics Australia Replaced March and April of 1991 with full color, high resolution scans. When possible, we are replacing the b&w Electronics Australia scans with these much better ones.
  Australasian Radio World Added July 1948 and Jan, Feb, Mar 1949
1-31-19 Radio Business Report Added most of 2000 and nearly all the missing issues from 2001
1-30-19 Musical Express / NME Added the four issues from April 1947
1-28-19 Radio Business Report Added many issues from 2001 and 2002.
1-25-19 Everyday Electronics Added Dec 1983, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, No, Dec 1984 and Jan 1985
  IBA TV & Radio Annual Added the 1976 Annual with a summary of independent radio and TV in the UK
  Radio & Records Added R&R Issues from August 11 and 18th to the collection, completing that year.
  Electronics Australia Added Jan, Feb 1991
  Bell System Technical Journal Added all missing 1960's issues, completing the entire decade.
  Televiser Added May/Jun, Nov/Dec 1947 and Jan 1949
  Proceedings of the IRE Added June, December, November and October of 1930
  Radio Craft Library Added #27 Modern Radio Servicing Techniques, #1 Radio Set Analyzers and #8 Radio Questions & Answers.
1-23-19 Wireless World In a rare find, we obtained the entire set of the first quarter of 1923 original newsstand editions, complete with cover and all the advertising. If you enjoy this magazine, you know that the bulk of the early editions we have are scans of the annual compilations of content only that the publisher produced in bound volumes and the issues with covers and ads are rare indeed. We have more of these nice condition issues, and will gradually try to replace many of the "condensed" issues.
  Proceedings of the IRE Added September 1930 and 11 issues from 1938
  Radio Craft Library Added #2 Modern Vacuum Tubes, #19 Practical Radio Kinks & Short Cuts, #36 Radio Test Instruments, #37 Elementary Radio Servicing, #28 All About Frequency Modulation. Consolidated many booklets from the "Radio Craft" page to this Hugo Gernsback page.
  RCA Review Added December 1967, March 1967, January 1960, December 1966, March 1955, December, 1966.
  Electronic Technician Added the 1952 Volume 105 edition of the magazine's compilation of the latest useful diagrams and service schematics. We now have all but #102 of this 14-edition collection published between 1957 and 1978
  Amateur Wireless UK Added December 8 1928
  How We Scan Updated the page that details how we scan and prepare publications for this website, including the scanners and the software employed.
  Record Mail UK Added Oct, Dec of 1960 and Aug of 1961 and Feb of 1962
  Pop Weekly Added all issues from February 1965 and three of the ones from March.
  Radio Magazine Added issues of Radio from July, September, October, November and December of 1928
  Wireless World Added the complete, cover to cover issues from July and August of 1918, complete with ads and much better resolution.
1-22-19 Australasian Radio World Added Oct, Nov, Dec 1948
  UK Collection Added the 1990 NICAM analogue Stereo TV specification in effect until the 2010 digital transition. BBC Engineering paper.
1-21-19 Disc Added July 1 and July 8 1961 and Sept 1 and Sept 8 1962
  Bell System Technical Journal Added 22 issues from 1960 to 1965. The remaining 60's issues will be added as soon as my PDF software gets it's next quota of pages.
  Radio & Hobbies AU Added the 1950 "Australian Shortwave Handbook"
  Bookshelf: Inside Boss Radio The late Ron Jacobs' fascinating and true story of the creation of LA's Boss Radio, KHJ and how it knocked off both KRLA and KFWB to become #1 in Boss Angeles, baby.
  Proceedings of the IRE Added Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers issues from Aug, Oct, Dec 1925
  Wireless World Added new and higher resolution scans of May and June 1918 and the issues have all the original advertising, too.
1-20-19 Billboard Added Jan 31 1920, Nov 30 1935, Apr 17 and Nov 27 1937.
  Record Mail UK Added a new page for Record Mail, EMI Records' monthly beginning in 1948 with artist and new release news.
1-19-19 Pop Weekly Added the 7 issues of Pop Ten which preceded the September, 1962 beginning of Pop Weekly.
  Directory Collection Created a new section for radio and TV directories from the 30's forward. In it are single-issue volumes, directories for which we have only a few editions and others that do not warrant a full page for themselves. The contents include titles that were previously on their own page like Parrot's, RBR, Inside Radio. Also added was a new acquisition "American Television Directory" from 1946.
  Monitoring Times Added July 2007. The issue previously posted was for a different date.
  Melody Maker Added January 18, 1969. Look for an additional issue every week, courtesy of Barry Monks.
  Practical Wireless Added November 1944 and February 1936 issues. All the individual weekly issues for each of these months is bundled into a single PDF file.
  Australasian Radio World Added August and September issues from 1948
1-18-19 Proceedings of the IRE Added the Feb Mar and June issues of Proceedings.
  Radio Business Report Added a new page for Radio Business Report and its sister publications Radio Manager's Report, Radio AdBiz and Smart Media. All of these titles cover the business and finance of radio.
1-17-19 Disc Added all August 1962 issues.
  Proceedings of the IRE Added all Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers issues from 1926.
  Station Albums: WWVA Added the 20th Anniversary 1953 "Souvenir Album"  Also added a secondi edition of the 1950 "Family Album" from WWVA.
  Rave UK Added Mar Apr May 1965
  Early Radio Collection Added the (c) 1940 National Union Radio Photo-Log from the tube manufacturer. Many features and pictures about radio stars and a station list, including TV and shortwave.
  Selector Manual Added the Version 12 1999 Selector instruction manual. Selector has been one of the major computer radio music  scheduling programs since the 1980's.
  UK Collection Added a 1985 issue of CB Magazine, a journal for Citizens' Band radio users
  Bookshelf: Technical Added the 1953 Federal Telephone Selenium Rectifier Handbook
  Australian Collection Added two issues of "Broadcast Bulletin" from 1927 and 1928 to this "catch-all" page for one of a kind publications, catalogs and issues of periodicals where we do not have enough issues to warrant a separate page. There are similar collections for Canada, the United Kingdom, Early Radio (generally pre-1945) The Modern Era (Post-WW II).
  Australian Collection Added the Australian Broadcasting Company Year Book 2nd Edition from 1930
  Bookshelf: Biography Added Wing's "Take it Away, Sam", the story of Sam Hubbard and Radio. 1940.
  Bookshelf: History Added Quinlan's "Inside ABC"
  Network Publications Added one issue of the CBS Listener's Guide from Winter 1947
  RCA Catalogs Added RCA Sound Products Catalog from 1948 and RCA Broadcast Antenna Equipment for TV from 1975
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting Added the 2nd Edition of Roger Wimmer's book Mass Media Research
  Melody Maker Added Jan 11, 1969
  Maplin Electronics Today Added April 1992 and December 1983
  Wireless Weekly UK Added all June 1926 issues in on combined PDF
  Everyday Electronics Added June 1976
  Medios Publicitarios Mexicanos Added March 2004 and June 2007
  Science and Invention Added June, August and September of 1922 and replaced July 1922 with a better scan.
  Cash Box Added a full copy of July 18, 1981. Includes the chart.
  Electronics Tomorrow Added a special edition from Electronics Today called "Electronics Tomorrow" and dated Fall, 1977, with perspectives on future trends in technology.
  Musical Express / NME Added all issues of Musical Express from March, 1947. Added NME from Aug 21 and Dec 11 1959 and Jun 9 Jul 14 1961 and Jan 17 1954. All are marked with
  Beitman TV Schematics Added the 1970 edition of the Beitman TV Diagrams series.
  Wireless World Added a new scan of March and April 1918 issues, with all pages complete, including advertisements, and higher resolution.
  Australasian Radio World Added May Jun 1948
  Early Radio Collection Added the 1943 Popular Science Radio Annual and, from the same yeaer, the second edition with 100 more projects.
  Modern Era Collection Added the 1950 Popular Science Radio & TV Annual
  Station Albums: WJAS Added a radio station promotional album from WJAS in Pittsburgh. It has many pictures of the station, all the large staff and several pages of photos of the personalities WJAS carried from the CBS radio network
  Record Mirror Added Jul 19 1958, Sep 12 1959 and Mar 16 Apr 13 & 20 May 18 Jun 8 & 22 1963 and Apr 19 1971. All are marked by
  Pop Weekly Fixed problem with some browsers that did not allow issues or search results to appear.
Added the 1963 "Pop Weekly Annual"
1-15-19 Pop Weekly Added the first two years and a half of British Pop magazine "Pop Weekly" published between 1962 and 1966 and included an "artist popularity" chart.
1-13-19 Broadcast Dialogue CA Added 24 of the monthly issues from 2007 to 2012- Also added the fax/online newsletter from 1998 to 2016. The newsletters are bundled in monthly "packages" with the available issues from all through that month. All courtesy of Bill Dulmage and the Canadian Communications Foundation.
  Broadcaster Canada Added 30 issues from 1997 to 2016 of this Canadian broadcast industry magazine.
1-11-19 Electronics Australia Added 37 issues from the years 1965 to 1972, filling many of the "empty slots" in our list. Many thanks to Stephen Rapley in Australia for contributing these issues, packing them and sending them across the Pacific Ocean!
1-10-19 Television Added Feb, Mar, Apr, May, July, Aug, Oct, Nov of 1948, Oct, Nov Dec 1945, Sept 1950 and replaced almost all other 1946-1951 editions with better scans. A total of 66 issues added or replaced.
1-9-19 Australasian Radio World Added Jan Feb Mar  May, of 1948,
  Radio News Added the 1939 edition of the Radio News Radio TV Data Book. Like others, it is listed at the very bottom of the Radio News page.
  Electronic Technician's TekFax Added editions 101, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112 and 113 of this series of large-format blueprints of common radio and TV sets. They span the years from 1957 and 1978 and are larger versions of the schematics included in the monthly magazine. (Issue 105 is on its way, and we still need #102)
  Bookshelf: How Broadcasting Works Added Lichty's "American Broadcasting: A Sourcebook" with 93 historical articles ranging from early technical development to advertising and legal subjects. There are 8 sections, Technical, Stations, Networks, Economics, Employment, Programming, Audiences and Regulation.
  Radio Service Dealer Added May, 1943
  Early Radio Collection Added two issues, from Dec 1933 and Jan 1934, of this journal of "The Certified Radio Technicians' Association"
  Electronic Servicing Added Feb 1974 of this magazine, successor to the Sams PF Reporter.
  Musical Express Added three issues from 1947. They are highlighted with arrows
  RCA Victor Service Notes Added the 1947-1948 edition of the RCA Victor Service Data collection. This is a 500+ page collection of schematics and service notes.
1-8-19 Marconi School Brochure with course of study and conditions of the Marconi School of Instruction in 1916
  High Fidelity Collection Added the December 1956 issue of Hi Fi World, Harvey's Stereo FM Radio Handbook, and Allied's All About High Fidelity and Stereo
  Record Mirror Added September 25, 1971
  Mass Media Research Added Roger Wimmer's authoritative textbook, Mass Media Research, widely used in universities today. Mr Wimmer is somewhat of a legend among us research types due to the depth of his understanding of both the media and research techniques.
1-7-19 Early Radio Collection Added 8 Thordarson, Miller and Meissner catalog and data sheets.
Added Cornell Dublier catalogs from 1935, 1941 and price list from 1941
  Maplin Electronics Added Sept and Oct 1994
  Everyday Electronics (UK) Added Dec 1978 & Jan Feb Apr May of 1979
1-6-19 Wireless Weekly AU Added the remaining missing issues from April, May and June of 1929
  Billboard Added June 26, 1920 & June 26 1926 & April 10 Aug 7 1937
  Radio News Added the 1929 and the 1930 editions of "1001 Radio Questions and Answers". Look for them at the very bottom of the page. A reminder: all 477 issues of Radio News are also on the same page!
  Amateur Wireless UK Added two of the Amateur Wireless Handbooks: Simple Valve Receiving Sets and Wireless Crystal Receiving Sets
  Melody Maker Added Jan 4, 1969
  Disc Added issues from July 1958 and August 15 1958
  Wireless Weekly UK Added missing issues from March and May 1925 and combined issues for each month in a single file.
1-5-19 Early Radio Collection Added 3 Dublier / Cornell-Dublier catalogs from the 30's, a booklet from around 1910 from the Continental Wireless Telephone & Telegraph Co and a Times Appliance catalog from 1925 from the William Dublier Collection courtesy of Stanley Adams.
  Modern Era Collection Added a Blair Radio (a radio sales rep firm) analysis of station by station programming in 1983 from Buffalo, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Seattle.
1-4-19 Wireless Weekly AU Added issues from 1929 from Jan to April and from July to December. There are now available and will be searchable very soon!
1-3-19 Radios by Hallicrafters Added the book Radios By Hallicrafters by Chuck Dachis detailing the history of Hallicrafters radios through the years.
  Disc Added the issues from July 1959.
  Melody Maker Added December 21 and 28, 1968
  Amateur Wireless (UK) Added June 23 1923, Jan 31 1925, July 2 and July 16 1932
  Radio Life Added August 8 1943, Jan 15, Jan 21 1955
  20 Years of Television Added a special Chicago Tribune supplement on TV from 1948 to 1968
  Kahn Laboratories Added a collection of technical papers and brochures. PowerSide, AM stereo, The Flatterer, etc. They are under "80's" on the catalog page.
  Cablewave Added the 1976 "Broadcasters' Guide to Transmission Line"
  TFT Added the 1986 Television Guide to Audio Proof of Performance guide with forms
  Ham Radio Today (UK) Added June 1997
  RCA Added the 1975 "AM FM Radio Station Application Guide" with FCC forms, charts and, of course, the RCA equipment suited for each part of a station.  Includes the forms used to apply for an AM or FM station in that era.
  R&R Added March 15, 1991
  Television (UK) Added the October 1929 issue of this very rare early TV magazine begun in 1928
  Maplin Electronics Added April 1995
  Record World Added March 6, 1982. It's been many months since we added another issue of this hard to find magazine. We are still looking for those missing issues and request help from any site visitor who may have access to those elusive issues.
  Audio Magazine Added the 1987 reprint of the 1949 "Audio Anthology"
  Disc Added June 23 & June 30 1962
  Australasian Radio World Added November and December of 1947
  Westinghouse Engineer Added September, 1957
  Everyday Electronics Added August, 1993
1-2-19 Australasian Radio World Added September and October of 1947
  Maplin Electronics Added April 1994
  Musical Express Added all five issues from January 1947
  Electronics Australia Added a complete copy of April 1980
  Radio Retailing Added issue 103 of the Electronic Technician technical diagram series, dated 1959
  Record Mirror Added issues from 1973, 1970 and 1964. They are marked with a
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Added the1935 "Book of Practical Television"
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Added the 1924 edition of Verrill's "The Home Radio: How to Make it and How to Use It"
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Added "Radio Miracle of the 20th Century"  which self-describes as "A Vivid, Authentic and Intensely Interesting Story of Radio Communication and, the Remarkable Accomplishments of Men Who Have Made It Possible to Talk Through Space To People Miles Away"
  Early Radio Collection Added the Philco Political Radio Atlas which was a guide to following the upcoming elections on the radio. There are electoral college maps and other aids, as well as radio listings worldwide.
  Amateur Wireless (UK) Added 5 issues from 1923, 1925 and 1932
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