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1937  (From Variety Radio Annual)
1938 (From Broadcasting Yearbook)
1940 (From Broadcasting Yearbook)
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1946 (from Broadcasting Yearbook)
1950 (from Broadcasting Yearbook)
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1980  (from Broadcasting Yearbook)
Rules Extracts
FCC Documents & Related Materials
1912 Radio Act of 1912 Earliest radio regulations
1915-32 Radio Service Bulletins Licencing and regulator actions pre-FCC
1933 Code of Fair Competition Legislation signed by Franklin D Roosevelt
1927 Federal Radio Act Complete Text
1933 Radio Law Extract from Keyes Annual
1934 Communications Act Creation of the FCC
1938 FCC Rules Complete set of radio rules
  FCC Standards of Good Engineering Practice Complete including charts and graphs.
  Ground Conductivity Chart US map with ground conductivity regions.
1939 FCC List of Broadcast Stations Listing by state and city of all radio stations.
  FCC Standards of Good Engineering Practice Best practices including ground conductivity and filed strength charts by frequency.
1940 Rules Governing Radio Broadcast Broadcast Station rules
1941 What the New Rules Mean A CBS publication about new FCC rules.
1946 FCC Blue Book FCC policy on service to the community
1951 FCC Field Strength Measurements Standards for making measurements
1955 FCC Rules Complete set of radio rules
1956 UHF VHF Allocations Problems Federal government hearing and inquiry
1961 CONELRAD California Script for a 28 minute CONELRAD drill / alert
1963 FCC Rules Parts 0. 1, 13 & 17
1964 FCC Rules Parts 73, 74
  EBS Manual 1964 EBS operatings instructions for station
1970's FCC Station Checklist FCC self-inspection checklist
1971 Texas EBS Operational Plan Detailed description of Texas' Emergency Broadcast System.
1974 Commercial License Study Guide Guide to taking FCC elements 1,2 and 9
Various FCC Rules - Condensed FCC rules sections from a number of Broadcasting Yearbook issues
1972 Interpreting FCC Rules Part III of a "How to" guide
1976 FCC Broadcast Operator Handbook Manual and test questions for the operator's license from the FCC itself
1980 Law of Political Broadcasting Rules for political advertising and campaigning
1982 FCC Statistical Determinants of Station Revenues and Trading Prices Just what the title says"
1986 FCC Rules Parts 70 to 79
1989 FCC Rules Rules And Regulation
  FCC Standards Standards for AM, FM and TV
  FCC Internal Procedures Internal FCC operating regulations
1998 FCC Rules Parts 70 to 79
2007 FCC Rules Part s70 to 79
2009 FCC Rules Parts 70 to 79
2010 FCC Rules Parts 70 to 79
Current FCC Rule lookup From Hallikain and & Friends
Current FCC Website Current Rules in subsets
Current ECFR Complete 2013 Rules Federal Electronic Regulation site
Current EAS Operating Handbook 2016 Revision
Current EAS Operating Handbook 2017 Revision