Early Radio Catalogs, Brochures and Miscellanea

  All kinds of catalogs, one-time publications and single issues from radio's earlier years.
Short run journals, one-of-a-kind catalogs, local program schedules and single issues of magazines can be found on this page. All are from the early days of radio from the 20's to the end of the Golden Age.
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Chase & Sanborn Radio News
Publication of the popular NBC Red Network show from the Golden Age.
Chicago Tribune Radio Book
1926/1927 edition.
Chicago Tribune Picture Book of Radio
1928 edition
NBC Digest
Vol. 1 #4
Listener current affairs magazine
Best Broadcasts of 1939-40
Details on best radio shows
Best Broadcasts
of 1938-39
Details on best radio shows
German Radio Illustrated
A 1934 issue of this monthly program guide.
AFRA Antics 1940.
Chicago chapter of American Federation of Radio  Announcers.
AFRA Antics 1941
Chicago chapter of American Federation of Radio  Announcers.
AFRA Antics 1950
Chicago chapter of American Federation of Radio  Announcers.
CBS: Close Up

The story of how a TV show is created.
KNX Los Angeles
1944 Program log from the studio.
Chicago Evening Post Radio Magazine
November 1923 to February 1924
Radio Announcers
1933 Annual
Profiles of network radio talent
Radio Stars of Today or Behind the Scenes in Broadcasting
Personalities in Radioland
Chicago Radio Program
1927 Chicago radio schedules and information
Radio World
October, 1944 (Not the "old" 1922 to 1939 magazine with same name)
Radio Issue
November 1926 
Stars of Radio
Undated booklet from Golden Age of Radio.
Broadcast World
Labor's perspective on radio. 1940 issue.
The New World of Radio Entertainment. 1934 shortwave promotion from a set maker.
Radio Weekly
Canadian listener magazine form 1935
Radio News of Canada.
A single 1927 issue
Westinghouse "Radio Salutes Cotton"
RCA Shortwave Journey of Discovery
"Airy Tales"
Catalog of Temple Radio Corp. 1929
Blue Book of Radio Entertainers
from General Electric - 1935
Radio Row
October,1947, issue of this fan and listener magazine
  TeleVision Guide
Example of an early program listing; NY June 1948 
Annie Laurie's Philco Story
for March of Dimes 
Alice in Philcoland
Coloring Book for March of Dimes
Eveready Book of Radio Stars
Pictures and bios of radio stars.
Eveready Book of Radio Stars
Pictures and bios of radio stars.
Radio Row
Fall 1945 issue
of this "fanzine" with pictures of the stars.
On the Air

CBS Radio Network Show.
Technology: Circuits, devices and construction
        The P.W.
Crystal Experimenter's Hanbook
Radio AC Hookups
Blueprint Library
Wireless Really Explained
20's short book
Simplicity of Radio by Powel Crosley
Radio Amateur Magazine
Do it yourself projects. December 1953
Popular Science Third Radio Annual 1934  The ABCs of Radio from General Electric
Radio for the Millions
Popular Science
Radiokes Super-heterodyne 6
Assemble-it-Yourself radio instructions.
RCA Victor 1935 radio set dealer campaign booklet.
General Electric's
"ABCs of Radio"
Simple explanation of technology
A magazine of Shortwave, Citizen and Experimental Radio. 1935
Everybody's Radio
November, 1924 issue of the Chicago-based  magazine
100 Radio Hook-ups
News and Digest
Magazine from 1934.
Wireless and Television Review
April 1935
Popular Science Radio Guide
Westinghouse Engineer
November, 1946
Westinghouse Engineer
50th anniversary
Everyday Engineering
September, 1919
IEEE Standards on Radio & TV Receivers
AM, FM and TV
40's and 50's
Watt News
1937 issue of a ham radio magazine
Radio Amateur's Handbook
for amateur high frequency radio.
Wireless Review
January 5, 1924 issue of this UK constructor and hobbyist journal
Pacific Radio Exposition
Catalogs, Manufacturers & Newsletters
RCA Globertotter radio models for 1939 Radio Herald
Buyers Guide for Dealers and Set Builders
Trego Radio catalog from 1924.
Fada Sales
The retailer's magazine from this set maker.
April 1929 issue
Montgomery Ward radio catalog 1923 Stewart- Warner
1946 Catalog.
Philco News
An issue from August 1945
General Electric
1924 Publicity and Promotion plan.
Philco: Autobiography of Progress
Philco News
Two issues from 1931
Majestic Voice of the Air
Several undated issues from the early 30's
Voice of Majestic
Several early 30's issues
RCA Receiver pamphlet from 1923 1924 Montgomery Ward Radio Catalog Radio Sale
Flyer with parts and components
Wireless & Electrical Cyclopedia
Crusader Radio Parts Brochure
Arvin Radios
1952 catalog sheets.
Wireless & Electrical Cyclopedia
Radiolek Broadcaster
1934 small catalog
Federal Orthosonic Radio
A magazine from Howe & Company, an Atwater Kent reseller.
Motorola TV
Reference Catalog 1952
Motorola TV
1952 Brochure
Guide for salesmen for 1938 radios.
Radio Supply Corp.
Winter 1932 catalog.
Radio Trading Company
1935 "bargain catalog"
Randolph Radio Corporation
1927 Catalog
Sparton Equasonne
Radio sales guide 1930
Airline Radio from Montgomery Ward. 1938
Truetone Radio from Western Auto. 1939 Westinghouse
1931 Catalog
(Alert: contains unfortunate stereotypes typical of the era)
Management - Legislation - Labor - Sales -Associations
Broadcast World
Labor's perspective on radio.
1940 issue.
Walter Burns Co.
Coverage map preparation service.
Management in the Public Interest
1945 picture story of radio from the NAB
Radio Club of America
Golden Jubilee Book
Radio Club of America
100th Anniversary
Book 2009
Station listings
Radex Radio Map 1931
US map with 816 US radio stations located.
Radio Map of the United States
1927 edition from Morton Salt
RCA Radio Station Map of the World
Society of Wireless Pioneers via California Radio Historical Society
Hallicrafters Presents
Communications Receivers.
Radio Dealer's Guide
1931 sales brochure.
1906 Marconi Company stock offering. Full prospectus.
SC-II 5-Tube receiver building instructions from
Universal Microphone catalog 1933 Airex Catalog
Tubes and parts
RCA Radio "Apparatus"
Pamphlet 1923
Data Sheet
Tom Thumb Screen Grid Portable Radio
(Date Unknown)
Cuban fan magazine from the 50's
Cuban fan magazine from the 50's