Gates & Harris Broadcast Equipment Catalogs & Manuals
Radio transmitting and studio equipment with many diagrams and photos.
Some catalogs do not have dates. I have estimated a year or decade. If you can give me a more exact time, please use the "contact" button on the menu.
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 Hallikainen & Friends
Gates Harris Newsletters:
A site with the manufacturer's own newsletter from 1935 on.

Harold hallikainen has an extensive collection of manuals and catalogs of all kinds of equipment

Orban Optimod
A collection of all the manuals for the Optimod
The Eclectic Engineer
Barry Mishkind's fantastic chronology of each brand and its models with pictures of most of them
Recent Harris manuals
AM Manuals
FM Manuals
General Product Lines
1940 Gates Catalog 1939 or 1940  
1947 Gates general catalog  
1950 Gates Small Format ring binder
  Speech Input Equipment catalog  
1952 Gates with Prices
1953 Gates Catalog with price list  
1959 Gate General Catalog 1959 93
1960 Gates Prices for Canada
1962 Gates General Catalog 94
1963 Gates General Catalog & Prices  
1965 Gates General Catalog 96 & Prices 96
1968 Gates General Catalog 98
1970 Gates General Catalog 99
1971 Gates price list 99
1973 Harris Gates Catalog 100
  Harris prices 100
1976 Harris Transmitters Catalog  
1977 Harris Prices
  Harris 1977 Catalog (fuzzy scan)  
1979 Harris Broadcast Accessories  
  Harris General Catalog  
1980 Harris Radio and TV
  Radio Broadcast Equipment  
1982 Harris Radio and TV AP2
  Harris Broadcast Accessories 82-V  
1985 Harris General Catalog  
1988 Harris General Catalog  
1991 Harris Allied  
1992 Harris AV catalog  
1994 Harris Catalog with prices  
1992 Harris AV catalog
1997 Harris Catalog  
Cart Machines &  Audio Tape
60's Gates Criterion 80 Cart Manual
1966 Gates Criterion Cart Manual
1964 Gates Cartritape II  
1970 CC II Cartridge Machines  
Specific  Product Lines / Manuals
1936 Gates Studio Review January  
1946 BC-1-E 1 kw AM Transmitter  
1948 Modulation Monitor  
  Gates Frequency Monitor  
1949 CB 11 Turntable  
1950 Gates Transmitter Catalog
1951 SA-39A Limiter  
1952 Gates SA 39B Limiter  
1953 CB 11 and CB 21 Turntable  
1955 Gates BC 1-J 1 kw AM transmitter  
  RDC-10 Remote Cotrol and Metering  
1956 Sta-Level AGC amplifier  
1958 BC-1T Transmitter  
  BC 1T Transmitter (another copy)  
  Gates Level Devil limiter  
1959 Gates 5693 Modulation Monitor  
1960 5534 FM Exciter  
  Suggested equipment list for a 250 watt AM station with prices  
1961 Gates FM 1-B and 1-C Xmtr  
  BC-1-G 1 kw AM transmitter  
1962 Studioette Console  
  President Console  
1963 Gates Executive Console manual  
  Gates 250 GY "Gates Year" AM tx  
  Gates 500 GY 500 watt transmitter  
  Gatesway Audio Console  
1964 300 FM Antenna  
  FM 3G Transmitter  
  Gates Amplifiers  
1966 Cycloid FM Antenna  
  CB Series Turntables  
Automation Catalog with prices
1967 FM 3H FM Transmitter
1968 Dualux Console  
  M 6543 Stereo Statesman Limiter  
70's Harris BC 1-H Transmitter  
1971 Gates Stereo Statesman Console  
1972 FM Class A Antenna  
1974 AM 80 Modulation Monitor  
BC-10-H 10 kw FM Transmitter
1975 Gatesway Stereo 80 Manual  
1976 TE-3 FM Exciter  
1977 Design of a Solid State 1 kw AM  
1978 Harris System 9000 Radio Automation  
  MW-1A Manual with schematics  
1981 Gatesway 80 Mono Console Manual  
1986 Harris MW-50-c 50 kw AM  
  FM 5 K Transmitter 5 kw FM