Collins Broadcast Equipment Catalogs & Manuals
Radio transmitting and studio equipment with many diagrams and photos.
Some catalogs do not have dates. I have estimated a year or decade. If you can give me a more exact time, please use the "contact" button on the menu.
Manufacturers with their own pages for gear and manuals
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Old Microphones
 Hallikainen & Friends
Gates Harris Newsletters:
A site with the manufacturer's own newsletter from 1935 on.

Harold hallikainen has an extensive collection of manuals and catalogs of all kinds of equipment

Orban Optimod
A collection of all the manuals for the Optimod
The Eclectic Engineer
Barry Mishkind's fantastic chronology of each brand and its models with pictures of most of them
General Catalogs
1950 Collins - Collection of Brochures  
50's 50's era Collins catalog  
1954 Collins Broadcast Equipment  
1959 Collins Catalog 1959  
60's 60's era Collins catalog  
  Another late 50's early 60's catalog  
1961 Collins General Catalog  
1962 Collins General Catalog  
1963 Collins General Catalog  
1964 Collins General Catalog
1965 Collins General Catalog
1966 Collins General Catalog  
1967 Price List for Catalog 44 A 44
1968 Collins General Catalog 45
1969 Collins General Catalog 46
1970 Collins General Catalog  
1974 Collins General Catalog 47
1976 Collins General Catalog 48
1983 Collins: The First 50 Years 1933-83
1937 Collins low rez  
1937 Collins hi rez
Product Lines / Manuals
1937 Broadcast Transmitters
1937 Collins 1 kw AM
40's Collins High Fidelity booklet
1946 20T 1 kw AM Transmitter
1946 732 1 kw FM Transmitter
1947 Collins FM Booklet
1947 300-G Brochure
1947 300-G Manual
1948 737A 5 kw FM Transmitter
1952 212-E-1 Console Manual
1953 Collins-20V-500w-1kw-AM Manual
1954 27 M Ring Antenna
1954 20V 1 kw AM Transmitter
1962 FM Stereo Generator
  830E FM 5 kw transmitter
1967 830E-1A 5 kw AM
1967 820 E/F 5/10 kw AM Transmitter
  820 Transmitter brochure
1967 830 F-1A 10 kw FM
1975 831-G 20kw FM Manual
  310-Z FM Exciter Manual
1978 Power Rock 1 kw Brochure
1978 Power Rock 5 kw Brocuure
1980 Power Rock 5 sales Brochure