Arbitron reports and data of interest

Individual Books & Reports

  Winter 2012 description of methodology
New from Nielsen
The Infinite Dial 2013.
Radio in the New Media world
The Arbitron Purple Book - 2012.
A description of methodology
A zoomable national map of population demos (not from Arbitron)
  PD Handbook for Diary Markets
Definition of terms, use of data, maket definition criteria from 2009
American Radio Today 2012
A 110 page bood detailing how radio is used;  listening patterns and trends and data.
Black Radio Today 2012
Analysis of African American targeted stations
Network Radio Today 2012
Analysis of radio network performance
Public Radio Today 2012
Analysis of public radio performance
The Infinite Dial 2012
Radio in the new media world
2012 Commute Times
Average commute times each way by market
  2013 PPM Delivery
When each report is released
PPM Meters per Market
Detail of Sample Targets for 2012
Market By Market PPM Sample October 2012
PPM Sample Report by Market for all PPM Markets
Time Shifted Listening
How podcasts are measured
  PPM and Diary Description of Methodology.
  Changes in Hispanic Population
2012 Update of Language Preference
  Language Usage Weighting
An explanation of Hispanic weighting
Hispanic Radio Under PPM
A 2009 report about the effects of the PPM on Spanish language radio
  The Radio Diary ratings
A description of the diary methodology
  Radio Today Delivers
Effctiveness of radio in 2011
Comments on the change to PPM from diary
  Guide to Using PPM Data and Reports
  Arbitron PPM Encoding
How signals are encoded and decoded.
  PPM Encoding White Paper
Full technical details on encoding
  What is a station:
AM, FM, HD, streams, LPFM, Translators.
  Minimum Reporting Standards
Listening levels required to appear in PPM or diary client data
  Terms of the Trade
Definitions of terms like rating, cume, share.
  Cell Phone Only Penetration
Map for 2011
  2010 Census and Arbitron
Arbitron Whitepapers on implementation of new Census data.
  PPM Top Performers
A 2010 profile of top performing PPM stations
  Ratings Distortion and Bias
Arbitron brochure on practices by stations
  Daily Cume and Daily TSL
The importance of each in the PPM
  What happens when the Spots Come On
How commercials effect listening. A coleman-MediaMonitors-Arbitron study

Market Survey Schedule & Population Rankings

Fall guide:"Red Book" Spring: "Blue Book."
  Fall 2006
  Spring 2007
  Spring 2008
  Fall 2008
  Spring 2009
  Fall 2009
  Spring 2010
  Fall 2010
  Spring 2011
  Fall 2011 & Winter 2012
  Spring 2012
Fall 2012
  Spring 2013
  Fall 2013
  Spring 2014
  Fall 2014
  Spring 2017
OMB Metro Areas
View the Federal Government definitions of Metropolitan Statistical Areas which often are different from Arbitron survey areas.
  OMB Metropolitan Statistical Area maps
  Radio Today / How America Listens
  How America Listens Q1 2015
  Radio Today 2012
  Radio Today 2013
Radio Today 2011
Radio Today 2010
Hispanic Radio Today
  Hispanic Radio Roday 2012
  Hispanic Radio Roday 2011
  Hispanic Radio Today 2010
  Hispanic Radio Today 2009
  Hispanic Radio Today 2008
  Hispanic Radio Today 2007
  Hispanic Radio Today 2006
  Hispanic Radio Today 2005
  Hispanic Radio Today 2004
  Hispanic Radio Today 2003
  Hispanic Radio Today 2001
  Hispanic Radio Today 1999
  Puerto Rico Radio Today
  Puerto Rico Radio Today 2003
  Puerto Rico Radio Today 2004
  Puerto Rico Radio Today 2005
  Puerto Rico Radio Today 2006
  Puerto Rico Radio Today 2009
  Puerto Rico Radio Today 2012