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51. PE-1995-10-OCR-Page-0042.pdf [ALL CONSUMER]
... diately learns that the VENDOR INFORMATION previous warden was killed by poachers who have also dangerously depleted the Access Sof-ware 4910 W. Amelia Earhart Drive animal population. With Salt Lake City, UT 84116 limited financial resources, CIRCLE 60 ON FREE the warden must hire park INFORMATION CARD personnel; make improve- Edmark Corporation ments ... and purchase food, 6727 185th Ave. NE, weapons, and other neces- PO Box 3218 sities. Changing seasons Redmond, WA 98073 CIRCLE 61 ON FREE bring poachers, govern- INFORMATION CARD ment interference, and unpredictable weather. Address Hearst Business Publishing Stow Gir le 645 Stewart Avenue Those factors make it diffi ...
04 Jul 2015  -  72k
52. PE-1995-07-OCR-Page-0028.pdf [ALL CONSUMER]
... included to connect the should seriously consider Access Software discs this month from Sony speaker in any location, The these. The 10A/SW300 com- 4910 West Amelia Earhart Drive Imagesoff, and one of Salt Lake City, UT 84116 system can also be con- bo lists for $299, but one them features ... two most CIRCLE 50 ON FREE nected to a regular stereo national chain, Egghead INFORMATION CARD famous personalities ever amplifier. Software, sells it for $199. from M1/ , Beavis and Butt - Audiophile To get the best perfor- Speakers and subwoofers 7416 Washington Avenue South Head, in MTV's Beavis and mance out ...
04 Jul 2015  -  74k
53. RA-1937-Feb-OCR-Page-0108 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC]
Radio Daily
... a supple- Helps Small Newspaper mentary service rendered by the T AWRENCE WITTE, newspaper to its subscribers. N. W. Ayer & LANNY ROSS will have Amelia OUR station, KRNR (K - Roseburg LA Son, radio publicity man in the Earhart on his Show Boat pro- Does the radio station do the ... - Philadelphia office, will air a sus- News-Review) has been operating Review any good -that is, do you use taining show every Saturday over gram March 4, 9 -10 p. m. NBC -Red 2 months. Although we elected to get net. it to promote the newspaper? That station WPG. Witte ...
02 May 2014  -  61k
54. CB-1975-08-16-OCR-Page-0018.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Music]
... current well-known women such as Billie Jean a long-range advertising-promotion- store materials. The artist has recently single, "High Flying Woman," by the King, Amelia Earhart and Grandman personal appearance campaign in sup- taped such TV shows as the Midnight Deadly Nightshade, Phantom Records Moses to relatively unknown women of port of ... Feliciano's new LP, "Just Special, David Steinberg Show, Bruce (dist. by RCA) has launched a contest accomplishment. A Deadly Nightshade Wanna Rock 'N' Roll." Morrow and the Tonight Show, and he with grand prizes of an expenses-paid Ip and t-shirt imprinted with the song title The tour-support has ...
04 Nov 2016  -  277k
55. International-Television-Almanac-1993-OCR-Page-0142.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... . (Win Phelps) , Scott Paulin, Wendy Phillips, Ernest wood, Alfre Woodard (2 hrs.) . Borgnine (2 hrs.) . Amelia Earhart April Morning NBC. 10/25/76. (George Schaefer) , Susan Clark, John Forsythe, CBS. 4/24/88 ... (Delbert Mann) , Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Urich, Stephen Macht (3 hrs.) . Chad Lowe (2 hrs.) . American Christmas Carol, An Aquarians, The ABC. 12/16/79. (Eric Till) , Henry Winkler, David Wayne, Chris NBC. 10/ ...
02 Mar 2018  -  53k
... Executive Chairman of the Bd. The company is now part of Regal Lies, Chicanery. Entertainment Group, which includes Regal Cinemas, United TELEVISION: Movies: Amelia Earhart, Lady of the House, Artists Theatres and Edwards Theatres. Campbell was named Addicted to His Love, Backfield in Motion, For Their Own Good ... Coopers & Lybrand regional entrepreneur of the year, 1993. The Right to Remain Silent, How to Make a Monster (also prod.) , Michael L. Campbell resigned from his position as Executive The Day the World Ended (prod. only) , She Creature (prod. Chairman of Regal Entertainment Group, ...
02 Mar 2018  -  37k
57. International-Television-Almanac-1995-Whos-Who-OCR-Page-0381.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... Wym-Yor Island, Love Boat. Movies: Katherine, Tom Sawyer, Father Y Knows Best Reunion, A Love Affair, Amelia Earhart, Super- dome, The Nativity, The Millionaire, Missing Children-A YABLANS, FRANK: Executive. B. Brooklyn, NY, Aug. 27, 1935. Mother's Story, ... : The Evil Escapes, Neighbors, Ent. m.p. ind. as Warner Bros. booker, 1957. Warner Bros. Ladies of the Corridor. salesman in N.Y. Boston, Milwaukee, Chicago, 1957-59. Milwaukee br. mgr. Buena Vista, 1959-66. Midwest sales WYMAN, JANE: Actress. r.n. ...
02 Mar 2018  -  45k
58. International-Television-Almanac-1995-Whos-Who-OCR-Page-0152.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... from Sobibor, Inside The THEATRE: NY: Casanova (Off-Bdwy debut, 1991) , A Joke, Third Reich, Deadlock, Blind Side, Voyage, Amelia Earhart: The Seagull (Bdwy debut, 1992) , Sophistry. The Final Flight. Series: Floris (Netherlands TV) . Mini -Series: Maketub ... The Law of the Desert (Italy) . HAWN, GOLDIE: Actress. b. Washington, DC, November 21, 1945. Was a professional dancer (performed in Can -Can at HAUSER, WINGS: Actor. b. Hollywood, CA, 1947. Nickname the N.Y. World's Fair, 1964) , ...
02 Mar 2018  -  49k
... 136 CLARA, LU AND EM began May 19, 1933, with the appearance of Amelia Earhart on the anniversary of her flight across the Atlantic. On December 8, 1933, Colonel Louis McHenry Howe, President Roosevelt's secretary, came to the microphones to discuss the government's plans for Depression America. Announcer Ford Bond ... his baseball commentaries during the summer of 1933, and they were so well -received that Grantland Rice was brought in that fall for football talk. Bond and Rice returned to sports year after year, adding an unusual twist to a concert program. The show ran for thirteen years without changing its 60 -minute format or its ...
01 Sep 2018  -  26k
60. International-Television-Almanac-1995-Whos-Who-OCR-Page-0094.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... , Into the Badlands, Carolina Skeletons, It's Nothing DEUTCHMAN, LAWRENCE SCOT: Executive. b. Bronx, NY, Dec. Personal, Deadman's Revenge, Amelia Earhart: The Final 10, 1960. e. Rutgers U. Wrote, prod. & dir. Mythbusters Flight. Guest. Naked City, Ben ... , The Virginian, Twelve campaign. 1986-92, various positions: Entertainment Indus- O'Clock High, The Big Valley, Gunsmoke, The FBI, Land of tries Council, Inc.; wrote, prod. co -dir. That's a Wrap the Giants, Saturday Night Live, Fallen Angels (Murder campaign. 1986-88, board ...
02 Mar 2018  -  48k
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