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41. 1980-BC-YB-OCR-Page-0222 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
Broadcasting Yearbook
... Texas, Utah, Vermont TV Weslaco 3,690t/142.3g. Oct. 9, 1978. 5020 W. Amelia Earhart Dr. 84116. (801) 539 -1220. TWX 910 -925 -5178. ADI No. 141; see McAllen- Brownsville markst Licensee: Springfield TV of Utah. Ownership: Springfield TV Corp. ... : H -R. Wash atty: Martin KGBT -TV- Licensed to Harlingen. See Harlingen. Firestone, Stein, Halpert & Miller. Kathryn Broman, 227 -4141. Telex 767 -4300. Licensee: Spanish Intl Ares; William M. Pepia, gen mgr; Jens Lund, loc sis Bcstg Corp. Ownership: ...
09 May 2014  -  44k
42. BC-1986-06-09-OCR-Page-0050 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC]
Broadcasting Magazine
... at 8 p.m. from the Grand Ballroom of New York's Waldorf- Astoria hotel. Among the 1,000 guests on hand were (far left) Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart. ixty years ago, NBC transformed managing director of the National Electric Cross, who later became the announcer for broadcasting from a local form of elec ... Light Association and NBC's first president, NBC television's weekly Metropolitan Op- tronic communications to one that kicked off just over four hours of live enter- era broadcasts. would serve the masses on a national scale. tainment before some 1,000 invited guests. Some radio historians say RCA's launch On Sept. 13, 1926, ...
30 Apr 2014  -  116k
... .... , _ yr>CIr F r r cI** ~ UFOs and Ers, and the Amelia Earhart disappear- ance, which I knew pe rson- ally about. Could the Apollo Moon visits ha ve all been faked? NEUER SHV DIE We're being bought off with entertainment to keep us too ... to figure things ou t. Wayne Green W2NSOl1 How much of your life is W2NSD spe nt working, sleeping and bei ng entertained? The aver- age family, according to the latest research, watches TV seven hours a day ! How Come'! me. Pioneering blood, maybe. attacks conventional ...
13 Sep 2018  -  350k
44. 1988-TV-Factbook-OCR-Page-1590.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... . 1087 Elm St. Dallas, TX 75211 Suite 403 STUDIO LIVE LTD. SKAGGS TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICE Phone: 214-331-8347 Manchester, NH 03101 1408 N. Kingshighway 5181 Amelia Earhart Dr. Jack A. Hopper, pres. Phone: 603 -625 -1680 Suite 103 Box 27477 David Spohn, dir. mktg. Bob McElroy St. ... , MO 63113 Salt Lake City, UT 84116 Videotape to film transfer service; laboratory Susan Greene Phone: 314 -367-8090 Roger Olson, v.p. /gen. mgr. production facilities & services; music library; recording Susan McElroy William Dorsey, pres. services facilities; film editing; sound recording & mix- Jim Murphy ...
07 Apr 2014  -  35k
... . In 1962 Katherine, Tom Sawyer; Father Knows Best Reunion, A Love joined Paramount as L.A. mgr.; in 1964 made western sales Affair, Amelia Earhart, Superdome, Fantasy Island, Love mgr. In 1972 entered production as assoc. prod. on Howard Boat, The Nativity, The Millionaire, ... Children-A W. Koch's Badge 373. First prod. on own: The Education of Mother's Story. Sonny Carson (1974) . Pres. of Compass Intl. Pictures. Exec. WYMAN, JANE: Actress. r.n. Sarah Jane Fulks. b. St. Joseph, v.p. low budget films, Lorimar Productions ...
02 Mar 2018  -  36k
46. International-Television-Almanac-2003-Whos-Who-OCR-Page-0355.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... Party. ABC Where It Hurts, The Defection of Simus Kudirka, Three for the of Britain revue, Not So Much a Programme-More a Way of Road, Amelia Earhart, Something for Joey, Raid on Entebbe, The Life. Appearances inc.: Your Witness, Quiz of The Week, Terra Storyteller, Promise ... Mayflower Madam, Echoes in the Darkness, Firma, Who Said That, The Rather Reassuring Programme, Jesse, God Bless the Child, Common Ground, The Clinic, Song by Song, Loose Ends Radio 4. Convicted, The Women of Brewster Place, I Know My First Name is Steven, The Kennedys of ...
02 Mar 2018  -  41k
47. International-Television-Almanac-2007-Whos-Who-OCR-Page-0461.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... How They Run, Weekend of Terror, acting with Uta Hagen; 1976, joined Rip Torn's Sanctuary You'll Never See Me Again, Tom Sawyer, Katherine, Amelia Theatre. B'way in Fifth of July, Noises Off, Mrs. Klein. Earhart, Father Knows Best: Home for Christmas, Superdome, A PICTURES ... Not a Pretty Picture, Girlfriends, The Deer Hunter, Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story, The Nativity, The Breaking Away, The Amityville Horror, Heartland, Wise Blood, Millionaire, Missing Children-A Mother's Story, Amityville: The Stardust Memories, Inside Moves, Off Beat, The Telephone, Evil ...
02 Mar 2018  -  37k
... Cal -Can Survival, Last of the Great Survivors. Mini -Series: Blind TELEVISION: Movies: Amelia Earhart, Lady of the House, Ambition, Scruples. Sisterhood, Addicted to His Love, Backfield in Motion. Mini - Series: Rich Man Poor Man Book II. Series: Dallas. Guest CALLOW, ... : Actor, Writer, Director. b. London, June 15, Happy Days, Dukes of Hazzard, WKRP in Cincinnati, Mag- 1949. e. Queens, U. of Belfast, The Drama Centre. Originated num PI, Murder She Wrote, Tales from the Crypt. Specials: role of Mozart ...
02 Mar 2018  -  51k
... Continued from page 199) month, and heard in part over long distances. SLASH COSTS had much to do with the confusion attending the search for the lost Amelia Earhart, and caused reports to be sent in by listeners on short waves EARN MORE that they had heard signals of distress from the missing flyers. It ... is difficult to imagine any precaution which could goon] against such a misunderstanding, unless such interpretative SAVE TIME programs are to be delayed until the excitement of the search has died down. R4V'O See your parts distributor or w rite ANNING PRALL, HEAD OF F.C.C. DEAD S. TRA/N /JVG! us about ...
23 Dec 2013  -  104k
50. International-Television-Almanac-2004-Whos-Who-OCR-Page-0061.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... Ghost, L.A. Twister, Who's Your Daddy, . Fitzgerald. Guest: The Kids in the Hall, Are You Afraid of the TELEVISION: Movies: Amelia Earhart, Lady of the House, Dark?Series: Catwalk, Party of Five. Addicted to His Love, Backfield in Motion, For Their Own ... , The Right to Remain Silent, How to Make a Monster (also prod.) , The CAMPBELL, WILLIAM Day the World Ended (prod. only) , She Creature (prod. only) , Actor. b. Newark, NJ, Oct. 30, 1926. e. Feagin Sch. of ...
02 Mar 2018  -  40k
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