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11. SW-TV-1937-11-OCR-Page-0008.pdf [ALL SHORT WAVE & DX]
... point where.he pictures above show how pontoons its radio equipment would get wet! Even before the plane itself hit the TRANS- tilted to a plane like Amelia Earharl's MITTER would have kept the radio in operating surface of the sea its 500 -KC equipment -AND condition even though the plane had would be out of commission ... 342 SHORT WAVE & TELEVISION for NOVEMBER, 1937 How Short Waves TRANSMITTER AERIAL Could Have Saved Miss Earhart By Ted Rogers - BATTERY. Future flight adventurers may well follow the suggestions made PONTOONS (OR SEA -PLANE HULL) - by Mr. Rogers. Short -Wave Editor of The World- Telegram, and carry SHOULD ...
23 Dec 2013  -  133k
12. 1990-BC-YB-OCR-Page-0707 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
Broadcasting Yearbook
... 13, 112 kw vis, 11.2 kw aur, ant 3,6600 Utah, Vermont, Virginia TV 144.3g. Stereo. Oct 9, 1978. 5020 W. Amelia Earhart Hartford Dr. 84116. (801) 532 -1300. TWX: 910-925-5007. ADI No. 92; see Burlington, Vt. Plattsburgh, N.Y. ... Licensee: MWT Ltd. Ownership: Mountain West Tele- vision Corp. gen ptnr; Northstar Communications Inc. WNNE-TV- ch 31, 2240 kw vis, 2.24 kw aur, ant casting Inc. (acq 8- 16.89) . Ownership: F Lanham ltd ptnr. Fox. Rep: Telerep. Wash atty: Wiley Rein ...
09 May 2014  -  53k
... connected to a special antenna frequencies and possibly heard the voices of castaway had been discovered in a remote area that he had strung up in the backyard. That Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. of the island and in a place where it was unlikely afternoon, as Betty listened, she doodled and to have been seen ... "( n )o dwellings appeared on Gardner or any other signs of in- habitation." The inconsistencies between the Lambrecht and Friedell reports continue to baffle Earhart researchers to this day. On July 12 the Lexington and her destroy- Uninhabited Gardner Island (later renamed Nikuma- ers arrived and took over the search ...
09 Dec 2018  -  397k
14. 1996-BC-YB-OCR-Page-0926 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
Broadcasting Yearbook
... ; 777í/347g. TL: N41 1517 W112 14 13 (CP:1,550 kw vis, opn: 24. On airdate: Oct 9,1978.5020 W. Amelia Earhart news progmg 12 hrs wkly. Jeff Cook, gen mgr, Bob 155 kw aur, ant 3,903t, TL: N40 39 25 W112 12 07 ... ) On Dr. (84116) . (801) 532-1300. FAX: (801) 537-5335. Li- Good, stn mgr, Merideth Harmon, nati sis mgr, Mark air date: October 1985. 130916th St. (84404) . (801)621- censee: Fox Television Stations Inc. ...
09 May 2014  -  50k
15. Radio-1937-04-OCR-Page-0086.pdf [ALL EARLY RADIO]
... / p Amelia and Amateur Radio As we go to press, Amelia Earhart is repair- ing her plane preparatory to taking off for How- land Island, tiny speck of land 1600 miles South- west of Hawaii. Perhaps before the last leg of the globe -circling tour is completed amateur radio will have had ... chance to be of invaluable service. That is why she was anxious to secure the cooperation and good will of amateurs throughout the world. Already amateur radio has had a chance to prove its worth, for on the first leg of the flight the plane was out of con- tact with the world for approximately four ...
29 Jun 2014  -  91k
16. 1993-BC-YB-OCR-Page-0816 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
Broadcasting Yearbook
... g. TL: N40 39 12 W112 12 06. Stereo. On ADI No. 114; see McAllen-Brownsville market Provo air date: Feb 10,1989. 5181 Amelia Earhart Dr. (84116); ADI No. 41; see Salt Lake City market 935 W. Bullion St. Murray (84123) . (801 ... 537 -1414. KGBT -TV -See Harlingen. FAX: (801) 263-0796. Licensee: Skaggs Telecom- KRGV-TV-ch 5, 100 kw vis, 19.1 kw aur, ant 'KBYU -TV-ch 11, 162 kw vis, 35 kw aur, ant munications Service Inc. (acq 9- 27- 89;10- 16 ...
09 May 2014  -  42k
17. KGIL-Brochure-OCR-Page-0003.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC]
... shook up the GOP convention in Miami AND AFTER ALL, one morning Dick suddenly made radio with a rumor that Nixon, Rockefeller and Reagan would all contact with Amelia Earhart and discovered she's been step aside and give the nomination to Thomas Dewey. The circling Los Angeles International Airport for 30 years wait- Chicago Tribune may ... be the same. ing for landing clearance. By two-way radio, Dick nearly AFTER ALL, Whittington actually managed to quit smo- coaxed Amelia to land in the KGIL parking lot. The great king right there on the air. And he stayed off the habit for Earhart legend may never be the same. an ...
02 Sep 2018  -  58k
18. TV Factbook 2006-OCR-Page-0662.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... 1995 Ch. 14 Network Service: IND. Licensee: Larry H. Miller Communications Corp. 5650 S. State Dr. Murray, UT 84107. Studio: 5181 Amelia Earhart Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84116. Mailing Address: 5181 Amelia Earhart Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84116. Phone: 801 -537-1414. Fax ... 801 -238-6414. E-mail: Web Site: Technical Facilities: Channel No. 14 (470-476 MHz) . Authorized power: 58.9-kw max. visual. Antenna: 3874-ft above av. terrain, 253-ft. above ground, 9072-ft. above sea level. Latitude 40 39' ...
01 May 2014  -  51k
... INSIDE TO "THE INSIDE STORY" (Left) John McCormack. He wa of Mr. By OGDEN MAYER Hill's subjects for inierviewing. (Further left) Amelia Emhart. This story tells oboui the time she was interviewed on the air. (Top of page) Jimmy MacCallion, Ted di Conic, Audrey Egon ... , a veteran radio player. newscasting you've heard for months, and one of the to the ends of the earth. Pince-nez glasses on a Nark \media Earhart." he is saying. "Hare vmu heard the greatest woenmin m the world, Amelia Earhart THE for half of the studio is jammed with musicians ...
10 Sep 2014  -  113k
20. 1970-11-16-BC-OCR-Page-0036 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC]
Broadcasting Magazine
... meeting emphatically denied last week she was Nov. 5. industry." Among these, according to Mr. Shea, are the political-broadcasting the missing aviatrix, Amelia Earhart. The new committee, superseding the Mrs. Bolam, who assumed the presi- former group with the same name, will bill, vetoed by ... range of broadcast problems that in- Jack Harris, KPRC -TV Houston; Terry volve the federal government. Lee, Storer Broadcasting, Miami Beach, She's not Earhart, The announcement was made late last week in a report to members of the and Fred Weber, Rust Craft Broad- says Guy Bolam's widow NAB board ...
30 Apr 2014  -  51k
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