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... Country, The Other Sister, Hanging Up. Rainbow, The Wild Bunch, The Great Bank Robbery, I Love You TELEVISION: Movies: Running Mates, Amelia Earhart: The Alice B. Toklas, Christine, The Arrangement, The Girl From Final Flight, Northern Lights. Guest Love American Style, The Petrovka ... The Front Page, The Hindenberg, Family Plot. FBI, Mannix. Director. The Girl With the Crazy Brother, Twin Producer. Rollercoaster (assoc. prod.) More American Graffiti, Peaks, Wildflower (movie) . Raiders of the Lost Ark, Return of the Jedi, The Rookie, Demolition Man ...
02 Mar 2018  -  37k
132. International-Television-Almanac-2012-Whos-Who-OCR-Page-0064.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... and Edwards Theatres. In 2005, Campbell Homecoming, Balls to the Wall. became co-chairman, co -CEO of Regal Entertainment Group. In TELEVISION: Movies: Amelia Earhart, Lady of the House, 2007, Regal operated 6,386 screens in 539 locations in 40 states Addicted to His Love, Backfield in Motion, For ... Own Good, and the District of Columbia. Regal operates approximately 18% The Right to Remain Silent, How to Make a Monster (also of all indoor screens in the U.S. including theatres in 43 of the prod.) , The Day the World Ended (prod. only) , She Creature top 50 ...
02 Mar 2018  -  45k
133. 1949-02-14-BC-OCR-Page-0089 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC]
Broadcasting Magazine
... by the Radio Manufac- prejudice any action FCC may take are Ivel Furs, Paris Decorators, turers Assn. and the Munitions on WPTR's application for license. Amelia Earhart Luggage and Board. Sitting in as observers at It was pointed out that FCC fol- Gotham Hosiery. the meeting will be the Inter -Serv- ... this course in an old case ice Electronics - Communications involving WGKV Charleston, The masked models not only at- Col. Candler Cobb (I ) of USO Citi- tracted attention to themselves but Committee, headed by Col. Fred W. Va. Even though WGKV's re- zens Committee and Euclid Mc- Kunesh ...
30 Apr 2014  -  51k
134. RA-1937-Dec-OCR-Page-0164 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC]
Radio Daily
... W. Griffin is account executive. milestone.. Then there's the contributions made by radio in airing the The various new services instituted attempt to vindicate Justice Hugo Black, Amelia Earhart disappearance, by the station, accounts signed and MORRIS & DAVIDSON, Chicago, has been named to look after the Ohio Valley Floods, Coronation, ... disaster, President Roosevelt's success stories that have resulted advertising of Hydro - Tex Corp. inauguration in February, American Legion Convention, World Series, since A. S. Foster became manager (waterproof fabrics) and Electro- Braddock -Louis fight and the world's greatest air show in so far as talent also are flashed. ...
02 May 2014  -  86k
135. Radio-1937-04-OCR-Page-0087.pdf [ALL EARLY RADIO]
... 1 ií020. supplies should the plane land in some out -of- When the plane hits Australia, George Put- the -way place. nam, husband of Amelia Earhart, will go to As an example of typical amateur cooperation New York to be in closer contact with the K6AYD, K6CRW and K6NTV at Maui plane ... the balance of the trip. He will work labored three days straight to put on a 500 watt with amateurs through stations W2APV and 75 meter phone station at K6NTV so that they W2FPT. would be able to assist should the occasion The amateur key station, W6NNR, uses a arise. At is happened everything clicked ...
29 Jun 2014  -  64k
136. 1957-09-09-BC-OCR-Page-0040 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Philadelphia only last June 27. But the airline has been linked with ex- pansion ever since its founding 24 years ago by a group of aviation enthusiasts including Amelia Earhart and backed by New England railroads at the outset. In 1945 the railroads divested all interests in the airline after Northeast extended its operations into New York ... During World War II Northeast operated flights only between Boston and Presque Isle, via Portland, Augusta, Ban- gor and Houlton, and also between Boston and Moncton, N. B. With return of flight equipment from the government for use during the war, North- east in 1944 resumed service to Montreal, ...
30 Apr 2014  -  50k
137. Radio-Guide-43-04-OCR-Page-0051.pdf [ALL EARLY RADIO]
... Only two other wo- audience. She's as individual as the men have been so honored. They were manner in which she carne to be on the late Amelia Earhart and Pearl Buck the air. Trying to recover from the depression's grasp, Mary Margaret ac- cepted an offer to be auditioned along with forty other ... for a sus- these were sold. Her latest book, tained program. Her unusual voice and "America For Me." contains much manner of speech attracted the studio about her methods and experiences as executives and they decided to try a an interviewer. -new type of program. She was en- near and ...
23 Feb 2014  -  110k
138. Advertising-by-Radio-Dunlap-1929-OCR-Page-0128.pdf [--All Business Magazines] [ALL BOOKSHELF]
... which lubricated the five huge motors in a grueling test that ran for 111 hours and 38 minutes. Commander Rosendahl was introduced at the middle of the program. Amelia Earhart, aviatrix, and Harry Lyon, navigator of the plane "Southern Cross," the first to fly from California to Australia, spoke briefly at ... opening of the broadcast following several musical selections. The trade -name Veedol was mentioned once by Commander Rosendahl who told how in loading the Zeppelin, "several tons of gasoline, many gallons of water, and an ample supply of Veedol to lubricate the five motors" were taken aboard at the home port in Germany. ...
01 Sep 2018  -  25k
139. International-Television-Almanac-2005-Whos-Who-OCR-Page-0134.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... Healers, Terror on the 40th Floor, The Deadly Tower, (Acad. Award nom.) , One From the Heart, Hammett, Valley Girl, Amelia Earhart, Tail Gunner Joe, Never Con a Killer, Cruise Into The Stone Boy, Return, Where Are the Children? , Stacking, Terror, ... This Ring, The Users, A Time for Miracles, Sizzle, Tucker: The Man and His Dream, Valentino Returns, Music Box, The Mysterious Two, On Fire, Opposites Attract, Dynasty: The The Two Jakes, Cat Chaser, Rain Without Thunder, Falling Down, Reunion. Series: Bachelor Father ...
02 Mar 2018  -  37k
... conductor on "The Inside Story" with Edwin C. Hill, these mad comedians are on NBC-WSM at NBC-WTAM at 8 p. m. World premiere featuring Amelia Earhart, guest celebrity. 6:30 p. m. of Henry Hadley's tone poem, "The Ocean," Brought to you on CBS-WGN at ... :30 p. m. and his opera "A Night in Old Paris," will SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25-"The Magic Voice' TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 21-Ed Wynn, The Fire also be played. on CBS-WGN at 7:15 p. m. Chief, again giggles his comedy repartee with THURSDAY, ...
04 Dec 2015  -  306k
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