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121. BC-2000-03-13-OCR-Page-0118 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . Executes the KSTU Fox 13 Human Resources, 5020 West content and strategy. Major market producing philosophical mission and strategic vision as experience is required. Prior management Amelia Earhart Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84116, determined and directed by News Fax: (801)536 -1315. Equal Opportunity experience and knowledge of ... Bay Area Management. Must have medium to major preferred. Please send Cover Letter and Resume Employer. market producing experience. Supervisory to: KGO -TV/ABC 7, 900 Front Street, San experience and knowledge of the Bay Area Francisco, CA 94111, Attn: Human Resources Traffic Manager: KREN -TV is seeking ...
30 Apr 2014  -  63k
122. 2005-BC-YB-OCR-Page-0159 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
Broadcasting Yearbook
... date: Feb 14, 1989. 5181 Tami Kadlacek progmg dir & progmg mgr Vernal Broadcasting Inc. Group owner: Equity Broadcasting Corp. Dennis Kinney news dir Amelia Earhart Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84116. Box 22630, Salt Lake (acq 5- 11 -01) . Kris Swearingen chief of engrg City, ... 84116. Phone: (801) 537 -1414. Fax: (801) 238 -6414. Web Site: Licensee: Larry H. Miller Communications Corp. KBEO- Analog channel: 11. On air date: 2002. KM Communications Ownership: Larry H. Miller, 100% . (acq 2 ...
08 May 2014  -  59k
123. International-Television-Almanac-2013-Whos-Who-OCR-Page-0176.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... Sunrise, Award 1988) , Inside The Third Reich, Deadlock, Blind Side, Search and Destroy, Gattaca, Snow Falling on Cedars, The Voyage, Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight, Fatherland (Golden Newton Boys, Great Expectations, Hamlet, Joe the King, Waking Globe nom. 1995) , Hostile ... , Merlin, 'Salem's Lot, The Life, Training Day (Academy Award nom. 2002) , Tape, The Poseidon Adventure, Wild at Heart, Starting Over, The Prince of Jimmy Show, Corso: The Last Beat, Before Sunset (Academy Motor City. Mini-series: Maketub: The Law of the Desert ...
02 Mar 2018  -  40k
124. International-Television-Almanac-2003-Whos-Who-OCR-Page-0131.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... , Cry Panic, Healers, Terror on the 40th Tucker: The Man and His Dream, Valentino Returns, Music Box, Floor, The Deadly Tower, Amelia Earhart, Tail Gunner Joe, The Two Jakes, Cat Chaser, Rain Without Thunder, Falling Never Con a Killer, Cruise Into Terror, With This ... , The Down, Trauma, Chasers, One Night Stand, The Brave, The End Users, A Time for Miracles, Sizzle, The Mysterious Two, On Fire, of Violence, The Boogie Boy, Point Blank, Black Thunder, Opposites Attract, Dynasty: The Reunion. Guest: Studio One, Whatever ...
02 Mar 2018  -  47k
125. 1933-06-15-BC-OCR-Page-0027 [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC]
Broadcasting Magazine
... would be Most of this increase was made to recognized. Lindbergh, Leopold Stokowski and prevented from accepting the ac- (2 ) The inclusion of cosmetics. Amelia Earhart Putnam. Martini regular KOIL broadcasters who know count. Serious injuries have occurred through in less than a year after his first Broadening of the terms of ... the sale and use of cosmeic products that this station gets results. act to include cosmetics as well of a character harmful to the user. appearance on the radio became as foods and drugs is most signifi- The practice of deceptive labeling and one of its outstanding voices. If you want to reach Omaha and its ...
30 Apr 2014  -  161k
126. International-Television-Almanac-2003-Whos-Who-OCR-Page-0208.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Annuals]
... Park, Holy Smoke, U- B. 571, Little Nicky, Taking Sides, La Soutane Tourquoise, Nailed, TELEVISION: Movies: Running Mates, Amelia Earhart: The Je Viens Apres La Pluie, Jack Shepard and Jonathan Wild, Final Flight, Northern Lights, Sister Mary Explains It All, Crossed Taking ... , The Grey Zone, Viper, Je viens apres la pluie, Over. Guest. Love American Style, The FBI, Mannix. Director. Dreaming of Julia, Beeper, Nowhere, Red Dragon, Crime The Girl With the Crazy Brother, Twin Peaks, Wildflower Spree. (movie) . TELEVISION: Movie ...
02 Mar 2018  -  56k
127. BME-1985-08-OCR-Page-0150.pdf [ALL TECHNICAL]
... ELECTRONICS tional couplers, AM/FM isocouplers, 1184 Enterprise Rd. E. Petersburg, PA TELECOMMUNICATIONS pressurization units, RF patch panels. 17520 SERVICE 717 569-2681 5181 Amelia Earhart Dr. Box 27477, Salt Titlers, character generator/graphics sys- Lake City, UT 84127 tems, digital art/paint systems, draw -on ... 801 539-1427 SHOOK ELECTRONIC screen systems. Sync, black burst & color Video production & post -production facili- ENTERPRISES bar generators. Proc amps, audio & video ties; mobile production facilities rental. 6630 Topper Pky. San Antonio, TX 78233 DAs, pulse amps, subcarrier amps. Video 512 653-6761 cable, cable connectors ...
10 May 2018  -  102k
128. BME-1984-08-OCR-Page-0141.pdf [ALL TECHNICAL]
... /OPTICAL CABLE TELECOMMUNICATIONS downstream keyers. Parallel & serial inter- 610 Siecor Pk. Hickory, NC 28603 SERVICE face video routing switchers, audio routing 704 324-3801 5181 Amelia Earhart Dr. Box 27477, Salt switchers. SMPTE time code synchronizers, Fiberoptic transmission systems. Lake City, UT 84127 SMPTE generator/readers, VITC reader ... 801 539-1427 generators. Frame synchronizers. NTSC Video production & post -production facili- encoders, decoders, video/cable equali- SIEGEL ELECTRONICS Box 33421, San Diego, CA 92103 ties; mob.le production facilities rental. zers. Audio & video DAs, pulse amps, 619 234-6789 subcarrier amps. Video post -production fa ...
10 May 2018  -  105k
129. SI-1930-06-OCR-Page-0070.pdf [ALL EARLY RADIO]
... , "Speed" Holman, Lieu- ones and put over the glider program ill "Up to the time I enrolled for a course with tenant Boyden, Amelia Earhart, Reed excess of the bicycle craze of the nineties. the International Correspondence Schools, I Landis and I, contested in the licensed I hope to ... the 10,000 or more licensed had only a grade -school education. Since en- motor pilot's- gliding race. I won. We pilots in the United States take a fatherly rolling, I have advanced to a much better posi- tion, where my salary is nearly four times as were towed by a 500 -foot ...
04 Dec 2016  -  119k
... the White Dog. Special: Largo Desolato. Pilot A Movies: Katherine, Tom Sawyer, Father Knows Best Reunion, A Fine Romance. Love Affair, Amelia Earhart, Superdome, The Nativity, The Millionaire, Missing Children-A Mother's Story, Legacy of the WRIGHT, ROBERT C. Hollywood Blacklist, Amityville: The ... Escapes, Neighbors, Executive. b. Hempstead, NY, April 23, 1943. e. Coll. Holy Ladies of the Corridor, Star Trek, Frank Capra's American Cross, B.A.history, 1965; U. of Virginia, LLB 1968. Mem. NY, Dream. VA, MA, NJ Bar. ...
02 Mar 2018  -  34k
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