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... to make a general survey of important monthly de- velopments. RADIO -CRAFT analyzes these developments and presents a review of those items which interest all. RADIO AIDED AMELIA EARHART ON PACIFIC FLIGHT SOME of the most dra- matic stories of radio are unpublished ones. When Amelia Earhart Putnam took off from Honolulu, last month ... for the faraway landing field at Oakland, Calif. she carried with her a tiny, but efficient 50 -watt transmitter and a re- ceiver. During her gruelling 17 -hour flight she was heard repeatedly calling "Hello -K F I- hello -K F I, Okay! and then she would shut her transmit- - ...
08 Dec 2013  -  84k
2. Radio-1937-04-OCR-Page-0086.pdf [ALL EARLY RADIO]
... / p Amelia and Amateur Radio As we go to press, Amelia Earhart is repair- ing her plane preparatory to taking off for How- land Island, tiny speck of land 1600 miles South- west of Hawaii. Perhaps before the last leg of the globe -circling tour is completed amateur radio will have had ... chance to be of invaluable service. That is why she was anxious to secure the cooperation and good will of amateurs throughout the world. Already amateur radio has had a chance to prove its worth, for on the first leg of the flight the plane was out of con- tact with the world for approximately four ...
29 Jun 2014  -  91k
... INSIDE TO "THE INSIDE STORY" (Left) John McCormack. He wa of Mr. By OGDEN MAYER Hill's subjects for inierviewing. (Further left) Amelia Emhart. This story tells oboui the time she was interviewed on the air. (Top of page) Jimmy MacCallion, Ted di Conic, Audrey Egon ... , a veteran radio player. newscasting you've heard for months, and one of the to the ends of the earth. Pince-nez glasses on a Nark \media Earhart." he is saying. "Hare vmu heard the greatest woenmin m the world, Amelia Earhart THE for half of the studio is jammed with musicians ...
10 Sep 2014  -  113k
... Continued from page 199) month, and heard in part over long distances. SLASH COSTS had much to do with the confusion attending the search for the lost Amelia Earhart, and caused reports to be sent in by listeners on short waves EARN MORE that they had heard signals of distress from the missing flyers. It ... is difficult to imagine any precaution which could goon] against such a misunderstanding, unless such interpretative SAVE TIME programs are to be delayed until the excitement of the search has died down. R4V'O See your parts distributor or w rite ANNING PRALL, HEAD OF F.C.C. DEAD S. TRA/N /JVG! us about ...
23 Dec 2013  -  104k
5. SI-1929-06-OCR-Page-0006.pdf [ALL EARLY RADIO]
... loo Science and Invention June, 1929 Miss Amelia Earhart, Trans -Atlantic Flier, Takes to Gliding Miss Earhart is here seen at the controls of a glider, in achich engincless craft she experienced some of the greatest thrills in her career as an air -woman. This excellent picture of Miss Earhart seated on the glider ... prior to "taking off," was photographed at Bloomfield hills, Michigan, while on a visit to that minter resort. Gliders lend themselves equally well to winter and summer sport requirements. ...
04 Dec 2016  -  113k
... me! It's pictured, is a good example of this make. wave length ranges and uses no plug -in e This particular model is forty inches coils. Amelia Earhart chuckles delightedly high, twenty -five inches it width and in her corner. George Enlosen Putnam thirteen inches in depth. t It sells for I HAVE ... RADIO STARS through thunder, Mrs. Nichols thunder that sounds so much like a real airplane in full flight that Miss Earhart has risen from her chair, trying to get a look at the machine that produces it. Hill blazes a trail of narrative. "Near midnight, the moon disappears. A severe storm ...
10 Sep 2014  -  58k
... thirteen outdoor -sport shorts. If she doesn't arrive there before you read this item, you might like to One of the best things ever said on know that Amelia Earhart will broad- the radio was that suggestion of Edwin cast from Honolulu over NBC stations. C. Hill during the big fight's broadcast Also upon her ... in San Francisco, that listeners in the East (where it was 11 p.m. EDT) would do well to cut she will be heard again over National Broadcasting Company outlets . down their speaker volume in order "One Man's Family" will move to Hol- not to awaken sleeping neighbors. lywood for an indefinite ...
21 Jun 2015  -  138k
8. Radio-1937-04-OCR-Page-0087.pdf [ALL EARLY RADIO]
... 1 ií020. supplies should the plane land in some out -of- When the plane hits Australia, George Put- the -way place. nam, husband of Amelia Earhart, will go to As an example of typical amateur cooperation New York to be in closer contact with the K6AYD, K6CRW and K6NTV at Maui plane ... the balance of the trip. He will work labored three days straight to put on a 500 watt with amateurs through stations W2APV and 75 meter phone station at K6NTV so that they W2FPT. would be able to assist should the occasion The amateur key station, W6NNR, uses a arise. At is happened everything clicked ...
29 Jun 2014  -  64k
... TUESDAY, FEB. 11 Sir Wm. Bragg; Professor Ein- stein; Signor Marconi, and HERBERT HOOVER The popular songstress Mar - CBS-WABC network at 10 Amelia Earhart. Former President Herbert :ha Mears replaces City a.m. EST (9 CST) will have THE CRIMINAL MIND Hoover, speaking at the Mult- ... , and will be heard at as its speaker John W. Stock- Doctor John E. Lind, of St. COLONEL THAD H. BROWN nomah Hotel, Portland, Ore- 7:30 p.m. EST (6 :30 CST) well, Church of the New Elizabeth's Hospital, Wash- The Greenville ...
29 Nov 2018  -  114k
10. Mirror-50-Sep-OCR-Page-0084.pdf [ALL EARLY RADIO]
... Franco was attacking Madrid. to invent the bazooka. This inspired Japan was bombing China in still - arrangement of two lead pipes and a tin undeclared war. Amelia Earhart took funnel got him a carnival job at three out over the Pacific and disappeared, dollars a week. From then on he was though for weeks ... radio bulletins dedicated to show business, though carried a note of hope. Marconi died of Hollywood regarded him with a lack- a heart attack at the age of sixty- three, lustre eye and so did radio when he having lived to see his "ether tele- knocked hopefully at the door. Not graph ...
12 Feb 2018  -  126k
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