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1. CB-1975-08-16-OCR-Page-0018.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Music]
... current well-known women such as Billie Jean a long-range advertising-promotion- store materials. The artist has recently single, "High Flying Woman," by the King, Amelia Earhart and Grandman personal appearance campaign in sup- taped such TV shows as the Midnight Deadly Nightshade, Phantom Records Moses to relatively unknown women of port of ... Feliciano's new LP, "Just Special, David Steinberg Show, Bruce (dist. by RCA) has launched a contest accomplishment. A Deadly Nightshade Wanna Rock 'N' Roll." Morrow and the Tonight Show, and he with grand prizes of an expenses-paid Ip and t-shirt imprinted with the song title The tour-support has ...
04 Nov 2016  -  277k
2. Record-World-1972-11-04-OCR-Page-0018.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Music]
... " Bowie commercial pop items to change of produced, arranged, and plays some pace ballads. mean sax as well. LIVING IN THE PAST IN SEARCH OF AMELIA EARHART JETHRO TULL-Chrysalis 2TS PLAINSONG-Elektra 75044 (Warner Bros.) Two record set combining live perform- Ian Matthews, Dave Richards, Andy ances and some British ... finally Roberts and Bob Ronga have admira- makes it to this country, extravagantly bly revived in song the memory packaged. Ian Anderson & company of heroine of the air Amelia Earhart. There's also a terrific version of Paul have become a mighty big act over Siebel's "Louise." An excellent album. here, ...
08 Oct 2016  -  184k
3. BB-1996-01-06-OCR-Page-0071.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Music]
... four individual episodes for $19.95 half-hour episodes each, transferred But Shanachie generates its biggest Of Ireland, " Jackson continues. each; "Eisenhower "; and "Amelia from archival 35mm film, for $19.95 sales from catalogs and from direct "There's a huge Irish population in Earhart." Most of the single cassettes ... . Seeking more contemporary marketing via a toll -free number dis- America, yet TV hasn't broadcast a lot are $19.95 each. laughs, Shanachie will release its first played during broadcast of the PBS of historical information about the Shanachie's newest PBS offering is volume of "The Best Of The Uncle programs. Direct response ...
24 Feb 2015  -  171k
4. Gavin-1996-05-24-OCR-Page-0006.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Music]
... by be known as a forum for of Washington with a lie and his wife. Republican views. a rumor, wherever you go, it of I Was Amelia Earhart, a first novel by Jane The rumors, begun three In the April 11 program is the lie and the rumor that Mendelsohn. years ago by ... NEWS With Imus as Co -Pilot, Mayor Raps 'Hot Talk' Radio Earhart Book Takes Off Norm Rice, the regarded Mayor of Seattle, highly - Rice, a candidate Governor of Washington, for community and religious leaders, Rice held a press Don Imus, who's shown his week, the book was number has ...
03 Jan 2017  -  442k
5. BB-1994-07-30-OCR-Page-0078.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Music]
... : Alpine Adventures." For air- offers `Black Belt T'ai Chi Chuan" borne adventures, there are THE's September 4. And for something com- Amelia Earhart film starring Diane pletely different, check out roller- Keatcn and Parade's space -shuttle blading fitness with "The In -Line special, "Lift Off, ... with Patrick Workout" (ABA, August) and country Stewart (October) . line dancing (Quality) . A *V sion travelled too, for its Sept. 28 cheerleader tapes "Girls Of The ROCKIN' ON SEC /PAC 10 /Big 10 /Ivy League" Longforms look good this fall with ...
19 Feb 2015  -  241k
6. Cash Box [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Music]
... Today," Barry Galbraith, Bob Brookmeyer, Joe Benjamin "We're Depending on You General Custer," and Buzzy Drootin, Braff improvises on these "When Amelia Earhart Flies Home," "Congratu- tunes with intelligence and wit. His warm and lations Tom Dewey" and "Bon Voyage Titanic." tasteful ... is a delight and, furthermore, Though very little prospect of airplay exists, he maintains respect for the melodies. Jazz of album will appeal to the "sick humor" ilk. a highly palatable nature. "MONGO" — Mongo Santamaria — Fantasy 3291 (Monaural & Stereo) "THE EDDIE 'LOCKJAW' DAVIS ...
29 Sep 2016  -  388k
7. Cash-Box-1972-10-14-OCR-Page-0020.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Music]
... Their collective debut al- include tenor saxist Harold Land, gui- and vice president, Phil Gillin. the songs. bum is called "In Search Of Amelia tarist Arthur Adams, bass guitarist The group is a 7 piece soul/rock The Wackers will release their third Earhart." Chuck Rainey and Osca Brashear ... band based in Colorado, where they LP, "Shredder," produced by Mark "Sweet Salvation," the name of the trumpet. possess a good regional reputation, Abramson. The Wackers have added a album as well as the group, also rep- The Art Ensemble of Chicago has according to Gillin. ...
13 Jun 2016  -  156k
8. RR-1982-06-25-OCR-Page-0018.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Music]
... but he never had a piece of it. Karen Black and Genevieve Bujold are 40. Dancer/singer Leslie Caron is 51. FRIDAY, JULY 2 - Amelia Earhart Disappears At Sea While attempting an around-the -world flight, Amelia Earhart disappeared into the Pacific Ocean 45 years ago today. No wreckage or other traces were ... found. If she were still alive she'd be 85. President James Garfield, who had been in office only four months, was shot dead by an assassin in Washington 101 years ago (1881) . Ernest Hemingway shotgunned himself to death 21 years ago today. Standup comedian Dan Rowan is 60. Racer Richard Petty ...
25 Jul 2016  -  174k
9. BB-1995-07-15-OCR-Page-0015.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Music]
... pieces like "Scratch" and Spoonful. we went to local shows with a video Since the band established a summer," says Turkkan, pinpoint- "Amelia Earhart," the duo has "We startet jamming together [for the song "You Will Know"] that beachhead in Ontario through tire- ing ... inaugural Macintosh Mu- carved itself a timeless pop niche. and had every intention of finding they did on their own." less touring ( "It's pretty easy for sic Festival in New York as the kick- "We're concerned enough about more people," says drummer Dave Turkkan says the label will begin the ...
31 Mar 2015  -  146k
10. BB-1981-10-17-OCR-Page-0090.pdf [ALL BUSINES & MUSIC] [--All Music]
... -time "Kamikaze Kid Award" for his daring exploits many gigs as he showed up for. To MCA producer Ron Chancey and song- McDowell goes our "Amelia Earhart Pioneer Award" for being the first female to hold the po- FANTASY PACKAGE with glassware during the label's Palm Springs Creedence Country Issue writer Dallas Frazier ... a jointly shared "Let's sition of national country promotion director at corporate meetings. Check Out The Attic Again Award," for dusting any major label .. To RCA's new publicity coor- To PolyGram's longtime Nashville label chief off a 15- year-old sleeper called " Elvira" and dinator Kay Shaw, we present " ...
26 Mar 2015  -  138k
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