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... BY RICHARD "RD- BAKER <CommConf@L> Communications onfidentia YOUR GUIDE TO SHORTWAVE -UTILITY" STATIONS Amelia Earhart to Linda Finch First, I'd ask readers with e-mail 0703 UTC Weather (old time was 0603) access to note my new e-mail 1403 UTC Weather/Notices to Fisher- address above. ... old 'snail men (old time was 1203) mail' works too, you can send direct to 1903 UTC Weather. (old time was 1803) P.O. Box 4222, Youngstown, Ohio 44515- 4222 or in care of Pop'Comm. The last Traffic list and notices to shipping way is via Pop'Conon's FAX number ...
26 Feb 2019  -  75k
... At the time of her world flight in 1937, Amelia Earhart was one of the best-known women in America. She is still considered by many to be the most famous woman pilot of all time. THE ENDURING AMELIA EARHART MYSTERY: Could Unidentified Radio Signals Provide New Clues? By Eric Beheim O n the morning ... July 2, 1937 the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Itasca was stationed off Howland Island, a tiny speck in the Pacific, midway between Lae, New Guinea and Hawaii. Beginning at about 2:45 a.m. that day, had arranged for a small airfield to be hastily built on Howland, one of the ...
09 Dec 2018  -  193k
... kHz, one of her two available chan- nels, by voice to report cloudy and overcast conditions, but static covered the remainder In this 1935 photo, Amelia Earhart demonstrates some of the survival gear she normal- of the transmission. Later she again called to ly carried during trans-oceanic flights. say that the aircraft ... Island. This was the longest and most dangerous seg- ment of the trip. Anchored off Howland Island, where a landing strip had been specially constructed for Earhart and Noonan, was the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Itasca. The Cutter crew was manning a radio direction finder on the island so that the approaching Earhart ...
26 Feb 2019  -  91k
... Aircraft illustration from the book Eyewitness: The Amelia Earhart Incident. Radio's Role In. The Mystery Of Amelia Earhart It's Been Exactly 50 Years Since This Famous Aviator Vanished. A Cryptic Radio Communication Was Her Final Message To The World! BY TOM KNEITEL, K2AES, EDITOR Was Amelia Earhart on a secret espion- ... attention amidst all of the digging has age mission for the American government been Earhart's use of radio communications when her aircraft vanished over the Pacific during "Lady Lindy's" attempt to fly around on July 3, 1937? Perhaps it was nothing of the world at the equator. This 27,000 mile the kind. Perhaps this ...
26 Feb 2019  -  112k
... 9:30 p.m. the voice signals listening around 16,000 kc, he heard a woman was still not generally known that Earhart's stopped. say, "This is Amelia Earhart. Ship on a reef south plane could not transmit if it was in the water. of the equator. Station KH9QQ [sic] ." ... 157 337." Based on her last radio transmission, it is possible that, failing to While the Itasca searched to the north of find Howland Island, Earhart turned southeast and flew on a course of 157 degrees towards the Howland, the ship's radio room continued to Phoenix Island group, located some two hours flying ...
09 Dec 2018  -  158k
... United States. own government knows far more than it is USS Lexington, and the battleship USS Another researcher, Joe Klass, in his willing to say about Amelia Earhart's mis- Colorado, and an armada of smaller ships. book Amelia Earhart Returns from Saipan, sion as well as her ultimate fate. It's apparent ... quarter of a million square miles were claimed that Earhart sat out WWII in the Im- that until and unless our government opens combed (with the help of the Lexington's perial Palace (Tokyo) and left Japan in se- its files on this curious incident, the search sixty aircraft) without sighting Earhart's cret after ...
26 Feb 2019  -  92k
... for personal items that can published 2004 by Altamira Press. from the Itasca, Earhart and Noonan had turned be linked to Earhart and Noonan. Additional articles about Amelia Earhart southeast, flying on a course of 157 degrees These expeditions conducted archaeologi- can be found on-line at TIGHAR's Earhart towards the Phoenix Island Group, hence ... , relevant Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR) opened in an attempt to locate the partial skeleton and pages from Betty's notebook, etc. its own investigation into the Earhart mystery. other artifacts recovered on Gardner Island, but, Those interested in learning more about the TIGHAR's hypothesis was that stronger than as of this writing, ...
09 Dec 2018  -  942k
8. SWM-1997-05-OCR-Page-0008.pdf [ALL SHORT WAVE & DX]
... 97 With the growing popularity in the ch.E6. The many ex -Brits. use of hand-held GPS in cars, the along the On March 17, 1937, Amelia provision of a suitable antenna at a reasonable Marbella/Algeciras coastal Earhart took to the skies in her cost has, up to now, been a bit ... a problem. Lowe Electronics region have lost GBC-TV. In Lockheed Electra 10E. Although have come up with an alternative to the manufacturer's antenna effect GBC now transmits on ch.E6 no one, male or female, had ever that works well with the popular Garmin GP45 and other models. from Signal Hill (1 kW) ...
15 Jun 2018  -  90k
9. SW-TV-1937-11-OCR-Page-0008.pdf [ALL SHORT WAVE & DX]
... point where.he pictures above show how pontoons its radio equipment would get wet! Even before the plane itself hit the TRANS- tilted to a plane like Amelia Earharl's MITTER would have kept the radio in operating surface of the sea its 500 -KC equipment -AND condition even though the plane had would be out of commission ... 342 SHORT WAVE & TELEVISION for NOVEMBER, 1937 How Short Waves TRANSMITTER AERIAL Could Have Saved Miss Earhart By Ted Rogers - BATTERY. Future flight adventurers may well follow the suggestions made PONTOONS (OR SEA -PLANE HULL) - by Mr. Rogers. Short -Wave Editor of The World- Telegram, and carry SHOULD ...
23 Dec 2013  -  133k
... connected to a special antenna frequencies and possibly heard the voices of castaway had been discovered in a remote area that he had strung up in the backyard. That Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. of the island and in a place where it was unlikely afternoon, as Betty listened, she doodled and to have been seen ... "( n )o dwellings appeared on Gardner or any other signs of in- habitation." The inconsistencies between the Lambrecht and Friedell reports continue to baffle Earhart researchers to this day. On July 12 the Lexington and her destroy- Uninhabited Gardner Island (later renamed Nikuma- ers arrived and took over the search ...
09 Dec 2018  -  397k
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