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... . 27 termination Club Dec. 2, he speaks of "promise" of inter-American of its longtime affiliation with NBC Radio, whereupon and transatlantic live transmissions by 1962, says foreign Todd Storz's recently acquired KOMA there immediately TV growth "will provide the U. S. with a chance to tell assumed the affiliation. Storz stations (others are WHB, something about America and Americans to upwards of Kansas City; WDGY, Minneapolis; WTIX, New Orleans; 200,000,000 persons." WQAM, Miami) have been prime examples of highly suc- "This is not hard sell," Wheeler asserts. "We only cessful independent local ...
17 Dec 2018  -  117k
... . Trendle. Kalamazoo — J. E. Fetzer. Producers-Directors category, 105 names, in which we find — MISSOURI: St. Louis Elzey Roberts. the names of Louis G. Cowan, now pres, of CBS-TV; J. D. — NEBRASKA: Lincoln J. W. Seacrest. Omaha Todd Storz. — Wrather Jr. Desi Arnaz, John Guedel, Mark Goodson, NEW JERSEY Princeton H. M. Bitner. : — NEW YORK: Buffalo — G. F. Goodyear. John H. Norton Jr. New Larry Spivak & W. S. Todman, all of whom won their — York City ...
17 Dec 2018  -  133k
... will con- reliability, our information varies from USIA's in some tinue as mgr. His family's dept, store gets around — cases but there's fairly close correlation on basic figures. $2,500,000 in deal, which sets at rest reports station was — We go into considerable more detail covering location of being sold to Todd Storz, ct al (V'^ol. 11:23) . each station, name of licensee, technical standards, chan- TV' radio techniques are taught in 85 colleges and uni- nel, power, date station started, commercial or non-com- versities according to new Directory of College Courses in mercial ...
17 Dec 2018  -  131k
... , named adv. & sales promotion ROBERT CADEL, Bus. Mgr. mgr. WBZ-TV, Boston S. Livingston promoted . . . Norman ALBERT WARREN. Senior Ed. to program sales director, NBC Radio George W. Arm- . . . WILLIAM WIGHT, ManagingEd. strong promoted to exec. v.p. of Storz Bcstg. continues as gen. mgr. of radio WHB, Kansas City Sid White, ex- . . . Associate Editors: WILBUR H. BALDINGER Warner Bros. ex-Radio-TV Daily columnist, joins ABC Weekly Newsletters Published Saturdays March & September PAUL STONE press information dept. Joseph Kotler promoted to Ziv . . . Television Factbooks ...
17 Dec 2018  -  117k
... & gen. mgr. of Gene Autry- controlled KOOL-TV & KOOL, Phoenix, was married to the former Mrs. Dorothy Wrigley Rich in Albuquerque Attention, NAB Conventioneers Feb. 27 Jack Sandler, . . (Miami) gen. mgr. ap- . WQAM If you want your Television Digest to follow pointed v.p. Storz Stations John P. Byrne, gen. . . . you to your hotel in Chicago during the NAB Con- sales mgr. MGM, and Raymond Klune, gen. mgr. MGM vention (March 15-18) , we'll be glad to air-mail the Studios, elected Loew's v.p.’ s Herbert L. Berger, ex ...
17 Dec 2018  -  116k
... : ary basis for its WAFB-TV Baton Rouge (Ch. 28) , but was "From the facts available to me I am confident that Mr. blocked by Court of Appeals order (Vol. 15:33, 35) . Culpepper has not violated any law and will be exonerated." Robert H. Storz, chmn. Storz Bcstg. Corp. multiple- There was no official Dominican statement on the case | radio-station operators, headquartering inOmaha, has pur- J from Ciudad Trujillo, but in Washington an embassy chased Wacob-Bender Corp. Omaha-Lincoln investment & I spokesman confirmed that a contract with the former MBS stock brokerage firm. He'll ...
17 Dec 2018  -  119k
... years ago. This was the "International Radio had time to hear from only one delegate to the convention Programming Seminar & Disc Jockey Convention" last — Stan Richards, ex-jockey at radio WILD Boston. He May 29-31 at Miami Beach's Americana Hotel, sponsored . testified his hotel expenses — including $117.42 for some by Storz Stations. The agenda & proceedingsj were head- new sports clothing — was paid for by United Artists, and lined by one Miami newspaper as "Babes, Boozfe & Bribes." that he saw "nothing wrong" with that. Richards also . The Subcommittee recessed for a long Lincoln Day • said he ...
18 Dec 2018  -  127k
... — agenda a fun-& -frolic convention there The House Commerce last May, when record manufacturers picked up more than DISC JOCKEYS ARE 'SQUIRCHING': $100,000 worth of tabs (Vol. 16:7 p6) . Legislative Oversight Subcommittee, which helped put Jack L. Sandler, gen. mgr. of Storz Stations' WQAM "payola" into common American usage and has learned Miami and vp of the radio chain which was official host at what "freebies," "hype" and "break-out" "lay-on," the convention, was served with a Subcommittee subpoena mean to disc jockeys,added "squirching" to its ...
18 Dec 2018  -  106k
... ligations)from the San Francisco Chronicle, which also Objecting to secret February testimony by Prescott operates KRON-TV San Francisco (Ch. 4) . Broker was which was later released by the Subcommittee, O'Friel Hamilton-Landis & Associates. protested that Prescott "tried to leave the impression that Sale of radio KXOK St. Louis to Storz Bcstg. Co. for I was aware payola existed at WBZ and did nothing to an amount in excess of $1.5 million was reported by Elzey stop it." O'Friel said "this is absolutely untrue." M. Roberts Jr. co-owner of KXOK with C. L. Thomas. In his rebuttal turn ...
18 Dec 2018  -  114k
... Cooper. Supreme & NBC-TV competitor Radio American West Indies Inc. have agreed to merge, latter to get 40% after dismissing its application. Inauguration Day package, Jan. 20, 11 a.m. noon, aft. parade, 11:30 p.m. midnight, full spon. Purchase of radio KXOK St. Louis by Storz Bcstg. Co. Purex (Edward H. Weiss) for $1.5 million has been approved by FCC, Comrs. Hyde & 25 Years of "Life," Thu. Mar. 2, 9:30-11 p.m. full spon. Bartley dissenting. Life Magazine (Young & Rubicam) ...
18 Dec 2018  -  115k
... " Dalton reported that membership is now nearly 500, plus 20 associate members (manufacturers, brokers,etc.) . Headquarters staff has increased from 4 to 9 since first of year — including addition of full-time house counsel Robert L'Heureux and public relations director Leonard Lieberman. Next annual convention is in Washington's Shoreham Hotel June 17-22. STORZ SOCKED IN FORFEITURE CASE: "Apparent liability" of $10,000 forfeiture under penalty provisions of Harris-Pastore Act has been incurred by Storz Bcstg. Co. s radio KOMA Oklahoma City for rules violations, FCC ruled last week in 2nd case of kind. Storz station was cited in particular by Commission for daytime transmitter operation prior ...
18 Dec 2018  -  89k
... , NCTA Pres. Dalton FM-STEREO SHOWCASE, Friendly Frost's 24-hour WTFM in N.Y. reports, summing up developments since he has headed cable area, begins programming with all-outcampaign for broadcaster- operators' organization (p . 2) . trade cooperation. Station starts with 12 set makers as sponsors (p . 8) . STORZ SOCKED IN FORFEITURE CASE, FCC serving notice of UHF MARKET SLOW & steady, no seen in near future from by radio KOMA Oklahoma City for "willfully lift $10,000 liability or N.Y. market. All-channel set sales for 1961 lower than 1960, but repeatedly" violating rules (p . 3) . channel ...
18 Dec 2018  -  96k
1513. RBR-Source-1994-2-OCR-Page-0463.pdf [[ Miscellaneous ]]
... a new stability -and a new advertisers and too little capital. were rampant that many of its inner - pecking order. American Research city interviewers were making up lis- Bureau, soon to become Arbitron, Along came Birch tening information rather than risk was the new leader, replacing the About 1978, the PD of Storz' trying to conduct the survey. fading Pulse as the audience meas- KOMA Oklahoma City (later, PD of urement service relied upon by ma- that chain's WQAM Miami) -a guy Enter ARB, across the jor agencies, and therefore, by radio. named Tom Birch -started using a Canadian border However ...
18 Jan 2019  -  40k
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