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1. BC-1999-11-08-OCR-Page-0072 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Estate David E. Kelley Akio Morita Dinah Shore Larry King Bruce Morrow Frank Smith Michael King Tom Murphy Bill Smullin Roger King Edward R. Murrow Aaron Spelling Robert Kintner Agnes Nixon Lesley Stahl John Kluge William S. Paley Susan Starnberg Kay Koplovitz Dennis Patrick Frank Stanton Ernie Kovacs Jane Pauley George Storer Charles Kuralt Edward Petry Todd Storz Brian Lamb Irna Phillips Howard Stringer Michael Landon Robert W. Pittman Ed Sullivan Geraldine Laybourne Frances W. Preston David Suskind Norman Lear Ward Quaal Sol Taishoff James Quello Terry Lee Brandon Tartikoff Gilda Radner Bill Leonard Danny Thomas Dan Rather Sheldon Leonard Lowell Thomas Ronald Reagan Gerald Levin Marlo Thomas Sumner Redstone Fulton Lewis Jr. Grant ...
02 Jan 1999  -  18k
2. BC-1999-12-20-OCR-Page-0048 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... ranging from Death of a from landline to satellite Salesman to the miniseries transmission and teaming Eleanor & Franklin. As a with HBO to change the face performer, he was host of of cable distribution and help his own talk show, Open pave the way for the satellite End, for three decades. revolution. Todd Storz is the Among radio's first rank father of Top 40 radio. In of newsmen, Lowell the 1940s, he got the idea Thomas made his first of programming a station radio news broadcast in 1925 with only the top songs, over the nation's first station, having heard the same KDKA(AM) Pittsburgh. ...
02 Jan 1999  -  125k
3. BC-1998-11-09-OCR-Page-0085 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Honor Roll of the Fifth Estate Gordor, McLendon Dinah Shore Akio Morita Frank Smith Bruce Morrow Bill Smullin Tom Murphy Aaron Spelling Edward R. Morrow Lesley Stahl Agnes Nixon Susan Starnberg William S. Paley Frank Stanton Dennis Patrick George Storer Jane Pauley Todd Storz Edward Petry Howard Stringer Irna Phillips Ed Sullivan Ward Quaal Sol Taishoff James Quello Brandon Tartikoff Gilda Radner Danny Thomas Dan Rather Lowell Thomas Ronald Reagan Marlo Thomas Sumner Redstone Grant Tinker J. Leonard Reinsch Ted Turner John Rigas Mike Wallace Brian Roberts John Walson Ralph Roberts Barbara Walters Gene Roddenberry Pat Weaver Robert Rosencrans Lawrence Welk Elton Rule Orson Welles Dick Salant Tom Werner Lucie Salhany Paul White David Sarnoff ...
30 Apr 2014  -  76k
4. BC-1997-11-10-OCR-Page-0092 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... John Blair Gary David Goldberg Gerald Levin Bill Smullin Martin Block Leonard Goldenson Fulton Lewis Jr. Aaron Spelling Steven Bochco Peter Goldmark Phillips H. Lord Lesley Stahl David Brinkley Mark Goodson Peter Lund Susan Starnberg Tom Brokaw Mery Griffin Robert Magness Frank Stanton Dean Burch Ralph Guild John Malone George Storer Dan Burke Jack Harris Guglielmo Marconi Todd Storz George Burns Mary Hart Garry Marshall Howard Stringer Raymond Burr Paul Harvey Al Masini Ed Sullivan Sid Caesar Carl Haverlin Lowry Mays Sol Taishoff Louis G. Caldwell John Hendricks Don McGannon Brandon Tartikoff Marcy Carsey Ragan Henry Gordon McLendon Danny Thomas Johnny Carson Jim Henson Akio Morita Lowell Thomas John Chancellor Don Hewitt Bruce Morrow Marlo Thomas Dick ...
30 Apr 2014  -  22k
5. BC-1997-11-17-OCR-Page-0045 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... King Edward R. Murrow Lesley Stahl Roue Arledge Dick Clark Leonard Goldenson Michael King William S. Paley Susan Starnb erg Earle C. Anthony Imogene Coca Peter Goldmark Roger King Dennis Patrick Frank Stanton Edwin Armstrong Fred Coe Mark Goodson Robert Edward Petry George Storer `Kintner Gene Autry Frank Conrad Mery Griffin John Kluge Ima Phillips Todd Storz ;Merlin Aylesworth William Conrad Ralph Guild Kay Koplowitz Ward Quaal I loward Stringer Lucille Ball Joan Ganz Cixrney Jack I larris Ernie Kovacs James Quello Ed Sullivan Red Barher Don Cornelius Mary Hart Brian Lamb Gilda Ratiner Sol Taisho{{ Julius Barnathan Howard Cosell Paul Harvey Michael Landon Dan Rather f Brandon Tartikoff Ralph Barich Walter Cronkite ...
30 Apr 2014  -  91k
6. BC-1996-11-18-OCR-Page-0032 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Jones Eric Sevareid Marcy Carsey H. V. Kaltenborn Dinah Shore Johnny Carson Mel Karmazin Frank Smith Dick Clark Gene Katz Bill Smullin Imogene Coca Larry King Aaron Spelling Fred Coe Michael King Lesley Stahl Frank Conrad Roger King Susan Stamberg loan Ganz Cooney Robert Kintner Frank Stanton Don Cornelius John Kluge George Storer Howard Cosell Kay Koplovitz Todd Storz Walter Cronkite Ernie Kovacs Howard Stringer Bing Crosby Brian Lamb Ed Sullivan Bill Daniels Michael Landon Sol Taishoff Lee De Forest Geraldine Laybourne Lowell Thomas John DeWitt Norman Lear Grant Tinker Barry Diller Bill Leonard Ted Turner Charles Dolan Gerald Levin John Walson BOB WRIGHT, NBC president, said, "I don't know whether this Phil Donahue ...
30 Apr 2014  -  74k
7. BC-1996-11-11-OCR-Page-0101 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Burch Chet Huntley Lucie Salhany George Burns Robert Hyland David Sarnoff Marcy Carsey H.V. Kaltenborn Rod Setting Johnny Carson Mel Karmazin Eric Sevareid Dick Clark Gene Katz Frank Smith Frank Conrad Larry King Aaron Spelling Joan Ganz Cooney Roger King Lesley Stahl Howard Cosell Robert Kintner Frank Stanton Walter Cronkite John Kluge George Storer Bing Crosby Kay Koplovitz Todd Storz Bill Daniels Ernie Kovacs Howard Stringer Lee De Forest Brian Lamb Ed Sullivan Barry Diller Norman Lear Sol Taishoff Charles Dolan Bill Leonard Lowell Thomas Phil Donahue Gerald Levin Grant Tinker Jim Dowdle Fulton Lewis Jr. Ted Turner Hugh Downs Phillips H. Lord John Walson Allen Du Mont Robert Magness Barbara Walters John Fetzer John Malone Pat ...
30 Apr 2014  -  18k
8. BC-1995-11-06-OCR-Page-0054 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Caldwell Robert Hyland Diane Sawyer Johnny Carson Glenn Jones Rod Sealing Dick Clark H.V. Kaltenborn Eric Sevareid Fred Coe Gene Katz Frank Smith Frank Conrad Larry King Aaron Spelling Joan Ganz Cooney Michael King Lesley Stahl Walter Cronkite Roger King Susan Starnberg Bing Crosby John Kluge Frank Stanton Bill Daniels Kay Koplovitz George Storer Barry Diller Ernie Kovacs Todd Storz Charles Dolan Brian Lamb Ed Sullivan Phil Donahue Michael Landon Sol Taishoff Jim Dowdle Norman Lear Lowell Thomas Allen Du Mont Gerald Levin Grant Tinker Jimmy Durante Fulton Lewis Jr. Ted Turner John Fetzer Robert Magness John Walson Joe Flaherty John Malone Barbara Walters Lee De Forest Guglielmo Marconi Pat Weaver Michael Fuchs Garry Marshall Orson Welles John ...
30 Apr 2014  -  38k
9. BC-1993-10-18-Page-0029 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... Bell Atlantic, Aaron Spelling Howard Stringer of CBS and Robert Wright of NBC. They'll be on from 2:30 to 4:45. Lesley Stahl V The last word will come from Larry Irving, administrator of the Frank Stanton National Telecommunications & Information Administration, from 4:45 to 5. George Storer Todd Storz f v rf jgj Interface 7/Hall of Fame Registration Form Ed Sullivan Sol Taishoff T a b l e rates for the Hall of F a m e d i n n e r are three-tiered: $7,000, $ 5 , 5 0 0 a n d $4,000. Individual tickets are $425 ...
30 Apr 2014  -  133k
10. BC-1992-07-06-OCR-Page-0067 [Broadcasting Magazine]
... cutting-edge Corp. York, Pa.; b. Nov. 4, 1929, St. an aggressive, enter- Paul, Minn.; BBA, University of Top 40 format. Top 40 station prising sales staff Minnesota, 1950; salesman, WMIN(AM) , Like many other broadcasters of his owned by Storz Minneapolis -St. Paul, 1950; drives a station. generation, Carlson's love affair with Broadcasting, that salesman, KSTP(AM) , St. Paul, 1953; "We honor great radio began at a young age. As a boy Carlson established salesman, KEYa -TV St. Paul, 1954; ...
30 Apr 2014  -  42k
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