WGAR License Renewal 1948-1950

   A 1000 Page presentation for the FCC for WGAR in Cleveland, OH.

For the 1948 to 1950 processes of license transfer and renewal of WGAR, an extensive support document was prepared documenting the station's programming, community service, news and listener contact. It was presented as part of the filings, and alone took up two volumes each with 500 pages of text, exhibits and photos.
At that time, Cleveland was a Top 10 metro area and WGAR was the leading station. So a freat deal of work was done to show that the owners had been solid curators of the public airwaves by providing quality and divers programming for Cleveland and Cuyahoga County

We are interested in presenting representative license renewal and transfer applications from various eras of FCC regulation. If you can provide such material please contact the webmaster.
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