Parrot's U. S. Station DIrectory

 Directory of Television stations issued from 1983 into the 2000's

Parrot Communications began business on February 8, 1981 as a TV production company. During Parrot's first year of operation, it was forced into TV syndication as a sheer matter of survival. Robert Mertz, Parrot founder, quickly understood the need for a computerized TV station contact list, and set about assembling and databasing this information. Upon completion, he printed a "Dreambook" containing every TV station with their addresses, phone numbers and key personnel.

While using this "Dreambook" in house for the next 2 years, a number of TV station salespeople were shown this handy sales tool. Their every positive reaction to the book prompted the publication of Parrot's 1st U.S. TV STATION DIRECTORY (dubbed PARROT'S TV DREAMBOOK) in March, 1983. The book promptly sold out its initial press run. Parrot's U.S. TV STATION DIRECTORY has been published quarterly ever since.

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