Various Publications from the UK  

  Brochures and publications related to radio and television broadcasting in the UK
A collection of radio related short publications that cover everything from engineering to programming.
Also of interest
BBC Year Books
From 1928 by the British Broadcasting Corporation
Various Periodicals - Consumer
  Radio Times
Coronation Issue 1953 
Directories and Annuals
  Television Annual
  Radio Year Book 1935     
Engineering that Enhanced Programming
  BBC Monograph on a mobile laboratory for UHF and VHF television surveys         
BBC Related Publications
  London Calling
February, 1988 
  London Calling
October, 1990 
"Your Radio and Television:
How to make the most of them" 1950
Technical Aspects of Broadcasting
  The Story of Pye Wireless  1979 The Manual of Modern Radio
Scott-Taggart, 1933