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The Sams library of books on electronics was published Howard W. Sams, Inc. They were a complement to the Sams Photofact service publications and part of an electronics publishing enterprise that also included PF Index / PF Reporter magazine.
Sams Publishing was founded in 1946 by Howard W. Sams, originally producing radio schematics and repair manuals. It was acquired by ITT in 1967.
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Sams Books
ABC's of FET's ABC's of Integrated Circuits ABC's of Silicon Controlled Rectifiers ABC's of Transistors Amplifier Circuits
Detector and Rectifier Circuits FET Circuits Getting the Most Out of Vacuum Tubes Hi-Fi Stereo Servicing Guide Hi-Fi Stereo Handbook
How to Read Schematic Diagrams Know Your Oscilloscope Know Your Signal Generator Oscillator Circuits Practical Design with Transistors
Practical Power Supply Circuits Practical Transistor Servicing Practical Transistor Theory Radio and TV Alignment Handbook Radio Circuits
Radio Receiver Servicing Solid-State Power Supplies and Converters Solid-State Components Transistor AF and RF Circuits Transistor Circuit Manual
Transistor Circuits Transistor Radio Servicing Made Easy Using Scopes in Transistor Circuits Troubleshooting with the Oscilloscope 
Know Your Oscilloscope 
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