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The Rider library of books on electronics was published by John F. Rider who had previously been an editor of Hugo Gernsback's "Radio Craft" magazine. Rider created his "Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manual" series and published over 125 technical books on servicing and electronics theory. 
Rider Publications
Rider's Service Manuals Rider's Successful Servicing
Rider's Manuals Rider's Successful Servicing
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Rider Books
A C Circuit Analysis A M Detectors Advanced Magnetism Amplitude Modulation Antennas
Blocking Oscillators Crystal Oscillators D C Circuit Analysis Electrostatics FM Limiters and Detectors
Filters and Attenuators FM An Introduction FM Transmission and Reception Frequency Modulation Gas Tubes
High Fidelity Simplified How to Use Meters Impedance Matching Inside the Vacuum Tube Inverse Feedback
LC Oscillators Limiters and Clippers Low Frequency Amplifier Systems Low Frequency Amplifiers Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Multivibrators Phototubes Practical Radio Repairing Hints RC / LC Time Constant RF Amplifiers
RF Transmission Lines Resonant Circuits Semiconductors and Transistors Servicing Superheterodynes Superheterodyne Converters and IF Amplifiers
Television How it Works The Cathode Ray Tube at Work Transformers Vacuum Tube Voltmeters Vacuum Tube Characteristics
Vacuum Tube Rectifiers Video Amplifiers Wave Propagation Alternating Currents in Radio Receivers Automatic Volume Control
DC Voltage Distribution in Radio Receivers Guide to Audio Reproduction Resonance and Alignment Stereophonic Sound  
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