Radio Stations in Nicaragua

Nicaragua 1963

In June of 1963 I was in Managua and the surrounding area and took these pictures of the stations there

Building housing Radio Mundial (930) and Radio Continente (590 AM),
owned by Manuel Arana Valle.  With repeaters in Leon and other parts of the country,
Mundial was the leading station in Nicaragua.
Group of local Soap Opera actors preparing to do a script for one of Mundial's
very popular Nicaraguan serial drama "novela" shows.
Studio-Transmitter Link and recording equipment in an era before political correctness entered radio stations.
Mundial and Continental towers near the shore of Lake Managua. 
Transmitter building for Mundial and Continental.
Building housing Radio Mil, 1000 AM. 
YNTS studio.
Radio Managua 965 AM.
Studio of Radio Managua.
Unión Radio, an important station for Sports in the 60's and 70's.
At the time, they were on 675 AM with
Live program studio for Unión Radio.
Another Managua station was housed here... Radio Continental 850
Novedades newspaper building, owned by the infamous Somoza family.
Colocated here was YNX, "Estación X" also owned by the Somozas.
YNX Collins 10 kw main transmitter on 750 AM
Locally built auxiliary transmitter for YNX, using 8 833 tubes.
Studio for Radio Nacional, 620 AM
Production facilities for Radio Nacional