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301. Sponsor-1957-02-4-OCR-Page-0015.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... Wllli's largest hdliujr local accounts m I!)33 . . . AREA PULSE renewed in 1936! Will? first all day. Will? first Sure. Will? dominates Kansas City on every national 2(5 ;! out of 28S ciuartcr-hours. 23 second place Fi's, none lower. survey. Sure, Storz Station protrraunuinfr quality at- Mon. Sat. (5 a.ui. uiiduiirld. tracts tremendous audiences which in turn attra t ad- vertisers. Hut it takes rrsnlls to make local advertisers Latest come back for more. And Will? is Kansas City's AREA NIELSEN siutinn. So much so. that Will? has a hiuher perceutafje ...
28 Jun 2016  -  72k
302. Sponsor-1958-03-5-OCR-Page-0030.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... The twins like radio with their fun . . . and fun with their radio TluitV why WDGV is first' in the Twin Cities . . . and why WDGV billings are at an all-time high. The giraffes are appropriate here because they symbolize WDGY WDGV's head-and-shouklers leadership in Minneapolis-St. Paul. It's Storz Station loeally-eentered programming that does it! Hub shoulders with Blair .rt0/)00 watt a in . . or tete-a-tete with General Manager Jack Thayer. MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL Pulsr- all dji JiNf-rasp WDGY Minneapolis St Paul REPRESENTED BV JOHN BLAIR & CO. WHB Kansas City REPRESENTED BV JOHN BLAIR & CO. rvi WTIX New Orleans REPRESENTED ...
29 Jun 2016  -  93k
303. Sponsor-1959-06-2-OCR-Page-0014.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... brought down from .Xew X ork for tin comention. . .." I rcalh (W not know what tin political and Intsiness situation he- twei ii the radio stations and the newspapers in Miami is like. 1 ^O / know that gins like >am Klher of W GliS. Jack Sandier of the Storz 2 DIG THIS! station. \\ (V )\ M . and otln rs are hard-working, hard-swinging gu}s . S'cmiv "/ NIELSEN SHOWS\ 1 hope that m tin months to i ome tliev find o])portniiities to hit I whSt's i' KWK audiemce hack at these newspajiKs with ...
30 Jun 2016  -  75k
304. 1959-06-08-BC-OCR-Page-0081 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... pool and terrace, of which tiny part is shown above. Carlton Records kept bar open at poolside. FUN IN THE MIAMI SUN D.j.s live it up but do some business too Some 3,000 disc jockeys, station ex- for the weekend by delegates, stations ecutives, record company salesmen and and record companies. The Storz Sta- talent sunned, swam, swizzle-sticked tions, once again the convention host, and business -sessioned their way expects a $55,000 bill. The record firms through the Second Annual Radio Pro- spent an estimated $200,000, covering gramming Seminar and Pop Music Disc in part such big events as the poolside Jockey ...
30 Apr 2014  -  231k
305. 1959-12-21-BC-OCR-Page-0085 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... operations wanted. Let's cations confidential. Baldwin Goodwin, Jr. hear about you. Box 617R, BROADCAST- General Manager, WKIZ, Box 1487, Key Station manager desires to relocate. ING. West, Florida. Secondary or major market only. Experi- first phone, college grad, 4 years experi- enced Storz -McClendon type operation. 32, Experienced engineer. First class ticket. Proven, programming and sales record. ence dj and pd. Want adult music station State experience, references, salary. Present owner my best reference. Salary or tv production. Available February first. WMEX, 70 Brookline Avenue, Boston, ...
30 Apr 2014  -  59k
306. Sponsor-1959-06-2-OCR-Page-0094.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . . . ; on reported the explosion in the home of a would-he Network IikK pendent Iwnlio" ' llie eonlroverSal *nicide. George Pratt. W ould \ on title of the program that opened llie Sjt'eond Vinuial [) i >k kindh let me know whether you re- Jockey Convention eondneted In- the Storz -lalion- in Miami ported the eanse of the explosion was lieaeh ( See also sponsor l{aek>lajnt I'M Jot' Cullijian. due to the gas m the home being ig- nited h\ a pilot light, or IN Mr. e,xeenli\e vice pre.^ident of NIK lladio Nilvork. ...
30 Jun 2016  -  66k
307. 1956-08-20-BC-OCR-Page-0097 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... ship a fortnight ago as Mid -Continent Commission has granted Peoria ch. 8 to WIRL Broadcasting Co. took over the former Mi- Peoria, but construction has been prohibited ami Herald station. Here James L. Knight until completion of the rule-making proceeding. (r ) , Herald general manager, transfers stock to Todd Storz, president of the Mid - WCJB -TV Minot Planning Continent stations. To Build 1,070 Ft. Tower KCJB -TV Minot, N. D. has completed plans Jack Sandler Appointed to construct a 1,070 ft. tower and to increase WQAM Miami Manager ERP to 65 kw, it has been announced by John W. Baler ...
30 Apr 2014  -  87k
308. Sponsor-1958-07-3-OCR-Page-0069.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... 12th ANNUAL EDITION 1958 FALL FACT S IKJML ^OADC \t cow 1 L .1 tf • riA2> ORK t Where there^s a Storz Statfon , . there's CREATIVITY 1 f The creativity ot self-disciplined MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL . . . WDCYis first morning . . first afternoon . . . first all- day with a 28.2<l . average Hooper. First on Pulse, too. 50,000 watts plus 50,000 watt personalities. nfessionals who consider the open Talk to Blair, or General Manager Jack Thayer. icrophone a constant challenge. . . KANSAS CITY . . . WHB is first all-day. Proof: Metro Pulse, Nielsen ...
29 Jun 2016  -  141k
309. 1967-09-25-BC-OCR-Page-0085 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . Arthur Stober, with noncommer- ter of University of Delaware, Newark, cial wHYY -TV Wilmington, Del. named Del. named instructional television tee (CLOSED CIRCUIT, Sept. 4) . director of program development. producer at noncommercial WETA-TV Also named to committee: George George Mather, Washington. W. Armstrong, Storz Stations, Omaha; N. L. Bentson, WLOL producer /di- Dr. Dale N. Anderson, director of Minneapolis; James M. Caldwell, rector, Filmex Inc. radio and television at Humboldt State WAVE Louisville, Ky.; Richard Hollywood, named VP College in Arcata, Calif. appointed W ...
30 Apr 2014  -  61k
... has been made yet, according to Mr. Gimbel. tivity of shows-Paramount Pictures pres. Barney Balaban Asking price for pioneer independent with its FM is said told stockholders this week at annual meeting in N. Y. to be $2,500,000 and among prospective purchasers is Todd TV's problems as "brash newcomer" in entertainment Storz group. Rumors of sale apparently began with industry have been "temporarily alleviated" by release of Gimbel's recent gall bladder operation, but he says he has 5000 -odd pre-1948 features to home screens, but they'll be no intention of relinquishing management. Station once played out in 2-3 years, said Balaban-and what then? ...
29 Jan 2016  -  69k
... plans" but year consulting contract at $25,000 a year. FCC also New York Times reported crux of issue was his disagree- approved Cook's $400,000 sale of its WHB (10 -kw day, ment with university officials on operation of station. 5 -kw night on 710 kc, MBS) to Robert H. Storz and his Foundation is licensee; university provides most of pro- son Todd Storz, who own radios KOWH, Omaha, and gramming. He left $2,000,000 in negotiable assets to WTIX, New Orleans. Foundation. Educational TV was also reported in finan- Cook's WHB Broadcasting Co. changes name to KMBC cial ...
29 Jan 2016  -  72k
312. BC-1985-07-01-OCR-Page-0090 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . of Ruidoso for expenses. Seller has khz -kilohertz. kw- kilowatts. m- meters. MEOC- WQAM(AM) Miami (1560 khz; 5 kw -D; I kw -N) - - no other broadcast interests. Buyer is principally owned by maximum expected operation value. mhz-megahertz. of license from Storz Broadcasting Co. to Seeks assignment Steve W. Hawkins. It owns KHLB(AM) -KMRB(FM) Bur- mod. modification. N-night. PSA- presunrise service Sunshine Wireless Co. for $2.850,000 cash. Seller is princi- net, Tex. Filed June 17. authority. RCL-remote control location. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  65k
313. 1957-11-25-BC-OCR-Page-0097 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Wyo.; Cecil mittee on Motion Pictures to cover radio Hoskins. WWNC Asheville, N. C.; Richard and television. It is charged with develop- H. Mason, WPTF Raleigh, N. C.; John F. ing ways to evaluate broadcasting, in line Patt, WiR Detroit; Todd Storz, Storz sta- with the Sept. 8 encyclical by Pope Pius XII. tions; W. H. Summerville, WWL New The announcement was made last week Orleans: Jerome Sill, WFPG Atlantic City, by Bishop William A. Scully of Albany, N. J.; C. L. Thomas ...
30 Apr 2014  -  99k
314. BC-1985-04-08-OCR-Page-0152 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . oSold by Fay- rain. Broker: Dex Card Associates. consolidation and, "can, at least in the short etteville Television Inc. to Central Caro- run, result in higher prices." lina Television Inc. for $5,175,000, com- KXOK(AM) St. Louis o Sold by Storz Broad- As a result, McGrath believes the decision prising $3 ,675 ,000 cash and $1.5 million casting Co. to Chester Broadcasting Co. on whether to permit consolidation is best note. Seller is owned by Derwood H. for $2 million cash. Seller is owned by left to the local government ...
30 Apr 2014  -  51k
315. 1957-05-27-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... "After a morning of being immersed in a lot of conflicting ratings, this feels good." "I know 5 markets where the figures don't leave your head swimming." In any of these 5 important markets .. you get the big audience with the Storz Station. first per AREA Nielsen and Pulse. 87% , renewal MINNEAPOLIS -ST. PAUL March, 1957 Nielsen shows .. with WDGY. WDGY first (NSI rate among Kansas City's biggest advertisers proves dynamic sales power. See John Blair or Area, 9 a.m. 6 p.m. Mon. Sat.) Latest Trendex WHB GM George W. Armstrong. ranks WDGY first ...
30 Apr 2014  -  79k
316. BC-1985-03-11-OCR-Page-0051 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... ) and Charles E. Johnson (24.5 %) . Ander- WHB(AM) Kansas City (710 khz; 10 kw -D; 5 kw -N) - Radio Corp. to Universal Broadcasting Inc. for $750,000, son is employed at WCSY-AM -FM South Haven, Mich. Granted assignment of license from Storz Broadcasting to comprising $250,000 cash, $200,000 note and $300,000 Filed Feb. 28. Shamrock Broadcasting Co. for $3.5 million. Seller is noncompete agreement. Seller is subsidiary of George Ma- Hertford, N.C. Judith A. King seeks 104.9 mhz; 3 kw; owned by Robert H. Storz ...
30 Apr 2014  -  55k
317. Television-1957-Dec-OCR-Page-0022 [Television Magazine]
Television Magazine
... the Burtons. The Kate Smith Show r e t u r n s to Mutual J a n u a r y 6 on weekday mornings (10:05-10:30 a.m.) . Half of the DISC J O C K E Y CONVENTION program will be available f o r national sponsorship, the The Storz chain (WDGY, Minneapolis; W H B , Kansas City; other half given over to the stations f o r local advertisers. W T I X , New Orleans; and W Q A M , Miami) has enlisted the Format will include interviews and reviews. . . . General participation of 30 ...
03 May 2014  -  160k
318. Sponsor-1958-05-3-OCR-Page-0068.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... i /— Country Style, is celebrating its N . John Williams, news direc- 25th year of consecutive broadcasting. tor. KETV. Omaha. . . . E. James On public service: CBC radio net- McEnaney, sales manager, WHIM, works, Trans-Canada, Dominion and Kud os; Todd Storz, president, Storz Providence. . . . Helen Bensche, co- French, awarded the 1957 Alfred P. Stations, honored by New Orleans for ordinator of women's activities, WTIC, Sloan plaque for public service in the his contribution of a 1450 frequency Hartford. . . . Steve French, general highway ...
29 Jun 2016  -  101k
319. Sponsor-1957-11-2-OCR-Page-0028.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... Vou'd think by now that all radio stations in Miami would have accepted the fact that XCS =2 can have Xo Current Sicrnificauce. 'Out- Xot because the figures weren't valid — but because things have changed since the spring of 195G. It wasn't 'til October 1956 that VTOAM became a Storz sttation and made a quick runaway with- dated out a irive-away. Current Hooper: WQAM first with 42.1%* all- day average. 5Ietro Pulse gives AVQAM decisive first position. So does a brand new Southern Florida Area Pulse which aceounts for data!" the listenint: i)reference of."H.oO of the State's population ...
28 Jun 2016  -  78k
320. Sponsor-1957-10-2-OCR-Page-0032.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... ') '? averac-e.** Peaks Newest Pulse yives \V 1)(J V first place, with more quarter hour wins than anyhody — and no quarter hour below second.*** No wonder this month is sceiuy . . . in the 2. WDGY'S biggest billing in 34 years The Storz Station programming- which chanfred Twin Cities Twin listenin<i - habits — has automatically created a new time- huyinjj- habit. It's the new data that counts. (let all of it from Hlair . . . or AVDCV (leneral Manager Cities • Tack Thaver. *7 a.m. G )) . ...
28 Jun 2016  -  99k
321. 1956-11-19-BC-OCR-Page-0129 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... - Technical (Cont'd) We're expanding . . top pay for hot shot per- Chief engineer to supervise construction and op- Experienced announcer -disc jockey needed at sonality DJ's preferably with show biz or musical eration of low power station in west. Box 465C, once. Prefer man with on- camera commercial background. Storz Stations top rated in Omaha, B.T. television experience. Personal interview neces- Kansas City, Miami, New Orleans and Minnea sary. Send tape, photo, and resume including polis. Air tape and resume to Todd Storz -Kil- First phone -immediate opening Chicago metro- salary qualifications to: Charles Renwick, ...
30 Apr 2014  -  56k
322. 1967-06-12-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... A radio lover. An influencible loves all kinds of radios. Car radios. Home radios. Away -from -home transistor radios. Most of all an influencible loves Storz radio. This young adult audience. many o= them young marrieds with children. is influenced your message on Storz radio it out yourself. Whe ?u'L'e got the sa e n J P' cë AM- /" ttf`GY7/BS e,:astin C STÖR WOGY Minnéapiïlis=Sti: 62r KXOK St. Loi. tqn. ;+ c; :> ... 'WTIX New HB Kansäs`Cr9r .ui2. vr; ,ar< "KOMA`" ...
30 Apr 2014  -  127k
323. 1958-10-13-BC-OCR-Page-0121 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... , Stubblefield, Twin- ing & Assoc. handled the sale. KEBE is on 1400 kc with 250 w. The following transfers of APPROVED station interests were ap- proved by the FCC last week. For other broadcast actions, see FOR THE RECORD, page 137. KOMA OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLA. Sold to Storz Broadcasting Co. by Burton Levine and others for $600,000. Other Storz stations: WT1X New Orleans, La. WHB Kansas City, Mo. WDGY Minneapolis, CONSTRUCTION begins this month on the WKRC -AM-TV Cincinnati building. The Minn. and WQAM Miami, Fla. Comr. Rob- two -story structure, located on Mt ...
30 Apr 2014  -  55k
324. 1958-02-10-BC-OCR-Page-0078 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... , by Loew's Inc. for $130, WNBF -TV Increases Schedule 000 (see story, this page) . KMGM -TV is To 24 -Hour, 7 -Day Service WWEZ NEW ORLEANS, LA. Sold to on ch. 9. Mid-Continent Broadcasting Co. (Todd Tv service, 24 hours a day. seven days Storz, president) by WWEZ Radio Inc. for KXLK GREAT FALLS, MONT. Sold to a week, was begun by ch. 12 WNBF -TV $490,000. This sale is part of the deal Pat M. Goodover, president and general Binghamton, N. Y. this morning (Monday) . whereby Mid ...
30 Apr 2014  -  39k
325. 1966-03-28-BC-OCR-Page-0165 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... of license from Mullis and Hearne Broad- casting Co. to Howard L. Tullis and John Review board by memorandum opinion and order denied petition by Broadcast A PUZZLE? P. Hearne db/as Tullis and Hearne Broad- Bureau to reopen record in proceeding on casting. Transfer is for legal convenience AM application of Storz Broadcasting Co. only. No financial consideration. Ann. (WTIX) , New Orleans; and ordered that March 21. Storz notify board within 10 days if it is dissatisfied with procedure set forth in WSIM Prichard, Ala -Seeks assignment of memorandum opinion. Action March 18. license from Broadcast Service of Mobile ...
30 Apr 2014  -  60k
... to 9 since first of year-including addition of full-time house counsel Robert L'Heureux and public relations director Leonard Lieberman. Next annual convention is in Washington's Shoreham Hotel June 17-22. S T O RZ SOCKED 'I IN FORFEITURE CASE: "Apparent liability" of $10,000 forfeiture under penalty provisions of Harris -Pastore Act has been incurred by Storz Bcstg. Co. s radio KOMA Oklahoma City for rules violations, FCC ruled last week in 2nd case of kind. Storz station was cited in particular by Commission for daytime transmitter operation prior to 4 a.m. and for maintaining field strength which "far exceeded the licensed maximum values." Accused of "willfully or ...
29 Jan 2016  -  74k
327. 1967-04-03-BC-OCR-Page-0039 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . breakfast and programing 8 a.m. -Society of Television Pioneers annual break- seminar. Waldorf Room. fast. Lower Tower. General Assembly (Management and Engineering Con- Radio Assembly 10 a.m. noon, Grand Ballroom. ferences) 10:30 a.m. noon. Grand Ballroom. Presiding, G. W. Armstrong, Storz Broadcasting Co. Presiding, John T. Murphy, Avco Broadcasting Corp. Omaha, convention co- chairman, vice chairman of NAB Cincinnati, convention co- chairman. Music, WON Or- radio board. chestra under Robert Trendier. Invocation, The Rever- The Many Worlds of Inner Space: Introduction, John end ...
30 Apr 2014  -  29k
328. 1965-01-04-BC-OCR-Page-0021 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... M -E 2.3 1.6 Tender Leaf tea Bates JWT 2.5 1.75 Miles Labs J. P. Stevens M -E Fletcher 1.7 0.57 Alka -Seltzer Jack Tinker Wade 12.0 10.0 Nestle Co. Richards Quik, chocolate prods, Stokely -Van Camp Every -ready cocoa, frozen foods Tatham -Laird Bozell- Jacobs 1.0 0.3 bars, morsels, cookie Storz Brewing Co. BBDO L &N 0.8 0.3 mix, Nestle's choco- Transogram F &S &R Helitzer, 1.4 0.94 bake Burnett M -E 8.0 6.0 Waring & Nestea Warwick & M -E 2.5 2.45 Wayne Legler Van Camp Sea Food Co. GB &B Wasey 3.5 2.2 Hot cocoa mix Van Sant. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  79k
329. 1957-03-11-BC-OCR-Page-0086 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... categories (large, medium, small and fm stations) . (has served before) . Elected for one -year terms were: Large John M. Outler, WSB Atlanta (board chair- - filled by Mr. Lovell," said Mr. Sugg. For the man, re- elected) . Medium-Todd Storz, Results were tabulated by an elections past 25 years Mr. Lovell has been chief engineer of WKY -AM -TV Oklahoma City, committee comprising George Roeder, KOWH Omaha, Neb. Small -l. R. Livesay, Okla. and has been with station for a total WCBM Baltimore, chairman Everett L. WLBH Mattoon ...
30 Apr 2014  -  54k
330. 1958-02-03-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... (Latest all -day aver- time .. because they prefer WQAM's unique age: 37.0% .) showmanship- and -precision blend And WQAM is first on the latest Southern Florida area Pulse which accounts for the 410 of 432 Pulse quarter hours belong to this listening habits of 31.5% of the state's popu- dominant Storz Station. (Monday- Saturday, lation. 6 a.m. -midnight.) Not only is WQAM a domi- Spend some time with Blair or WQAM gen- nant first per Pulse, but it continues to lead eral manager Jack Sandler. WQAMcovering all of Southern Florida with 5,000 watts on 550 kc. . ...
30 Apr 2014  -  86k
331. 1957-10-14-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... WTIX first place Hooper now up to 24.3% (August- September) . WTIX first place Hooper quarter hours : 200 out of 220 (June -September) . WTIX first place Pulse: 21.1% (July- August, Monday through Saturday) . But enough of our figures. Let's talk about you and how Storz Station programming excitement can help you in New Orleans. Ask Adam Young .. or WTIX General Manager Fred Berthelson. WTIX first and getting firster in 11 station NEW ORLEANS WDGY Minneapolis St. Paul REPRESENTED BY JOHN BLAIR & CO. STÁ TODAY'S RADIO FOR TODAY'S SELLING TODD STORZ. PRESIDENT HOME. OFFICE. OMAHA ...
30 Apr 2014  -  81k
332. 1966-05-23-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... v What is an 1nf1UepCjble, A radio lover. An influencible loves all kinds of radios. Car radios. Home radios. Away- from -home transistor radios. Most of all an influencible loves Storz radio. This young adult audience, many of them young marrieds with children, is influenced by your message on Storz radio. Figure it out yourself. When you've got the buying audience, you've got the sale. Influence the in- fluencibles. 1965 Story Broadcasting Co. loc. WOGY Minneapolis-St dui WHB ;Cansas tàn. KOMA Oklahomd C (Blair B: . KXOK St. Lows WTIX New Orleans WQAM Miam Seles; Eastr- ...
30 Apr 2014  -  125k
333. Sponsor-1958-12-4-OCR-Page-0005.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... The JSJew K- MA Oklahoma City's only 50,000 fvatt i, {UP national representatives tr ; eff ve January 1,1959 9 i I *1 ' One of the STORZ WATTS c/e . channel Stations Oklahoma City Todd Storz, President Home Otfice; Omaha Jack Sampsoh, General Manager WDGY Minneapoiis-St. Paul WHB Kansas City KOMA Oklahoma .City WTIX Mew Orleans WQAM Miami WD6Y WHB, KOMA, WQAM represented by John Blair S Co. WTIX represented by Adam Young Inc. SPONSOR • 27 DECEMBER 1958 3 ...
29 Jun 2016  -  84k
334. 1959-08-03-BC-OCR-Page-0105 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... the welter of stations tion groups -the Bartells and McLen- to raise ratings and revenue, after drop- across Denver's dial, Mr. Burden be- dons, the Ploughs and Storzes-may ping its network affiliation. Competing came convinced his formula possessed cavil at the Burden approach, but with KOWH (later sold by the Storz "great staying power," noting KMYR's acknowledge it's difficult to argue with Stations) , KOIL cut into the former's improved rating position within a mere success. They can understand, too, be- astronomical audience share under Mr. 60 days. A few months ago he kicked cause as protagonists of modern radio ...
30 Apr 2014  -  60k
335. 1959-06-08-BC-OCR-Page-0114 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... great an we commented two weeks ago [ "Repeal Sec. 315 Now Or influence they now exert over a considerable part of all Repent Later," EDITORIAL, May 25] there has never been a U.S. radio programming. better chance for broadcasters to obtain relief from a law Through no fault of the sponsoring Storz Stations, the that prevents intelligent dissemination of campaign news. If record companies took over the Second Annual Radio Pro- they muff this one, they'll have to live with Sec. 315 a gramming Seminar and Disc Jockey Convention. Their long time. hospitality, abetted by sun, beach and pool, overwhelmed the ...
30 Apr 2014  -  59k
336. Sponsor-1957-02-1-OCR-Page-0024.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... , which also has 40 second-place quarters, 10 thirds . . . Station "A " 12.27c and not a single one lower! Station "U' ]0.67o Station "O " 10.37o And wait, just wait until you see the latest Pulse — and you'll see Station "D " 9.6% the tremendous elfect of Storz Station programming quality on Station "E " 9.47 Xew Orleans radio listening. Get the detailed'"fieures that leave Station "F " 9.2% no doubt' from Adam Young, or WT1X General Yammer Station "G " 6.170 FRED BEKTIIELSOX. Station "H " 5.6% Station "1 " 4.8% * ...
28 Jun 2016  -  77k
337. Sponsor-1957-01-4-OCR-Page-0015.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... MoniiiiL: f'JT.o'f) nftrnioon (27.7'i) . . . ami all-day ( '27.(i'* ! Hooper. I'nlse. Nielsen . . . and a host of Twin Cities advertisers airree that WIMIY has the hijr andienee for those hiy results. WDGY There's a new listen in the Twin Cities — and Storz Station iiroyraimnini. is i ( sponsihh. Make sure yon hny M inneapoIis-St. 1'anl w ith the in ic 5^ ,000 uatts o't'l a nearly data . . . whieh yonr nearest Ulair mail, or (Jeneral Manat'er Steve perfect circle davtin e stpna! I.ahnnski will (dieerfnlly siijiply. MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL VrvmU ...
28 Jun 2016  -  54k
338. 1966-01-03-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... What is an 1nflUenC1b1 Mr University :r ; .e ee,OC 4 Ma. Maxwel9 PROPERTY , S.. Al- E Part of the go -go crowd. The part that listens to Storz radio, then goes out and buys your product or service. The young moderns. The young marrieds. The crowd with shopping lists umpteen feet long, just waiting to be told their business is appreciated. So why not tell 'em? Influence the influencibles.© On a Storz station you talk to the most influenceable people so the word gets around faster because the go -go crowd responds. STOR WDGY Minneapolis -St. Paul (Blair) ...
30 Apr 2014  -  58k
339. 1956-10-29-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... grows upward and onward. Of 220 weekly quarter hours, 170 (new high) belong to WTIX, which also has 40 2nd place quarters, 10 thirds .. and not a single one lower !* Another look at new data shows WTIX with double the audience of the nearest network competitor 'Nuff said. It's Storz Stations news, ! music, ideas at work. Put Adam Young to work, or look up WTIX General Manager, Fred Berthelson. Hooper continuing measurement of broadcast audience, April -June, 1958 New Orleans 16, La. President: TODD STORZ ay's Radio for Today' elli WDGY WHB WQAM KOWH WTIX Minneapolis ...
30 Apr 2014  -  70k
340. Sponsor-1957-03-2-OCR-Page-0052.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... Pulse with 19.50 average share of daytime audience.* And here's something else Pulse reveals: WTIX has more Pulse points than any other XTew Orleans radio station from fi a.m. to 12 midnight, Sunday through Saturday. Hooper, too. shows WTIX to be first all day in this ll-station market. This is what Storz Station programming, ideas and excitement have done to Xew Orleans radio listening, and continue to do month after month. This audience pulling power has been bringing satisfying results to more and more national and local Advertisers. How about you? Get the details from Adam Young or WTIX General Manager h'liED BEKTHELSOX. y ( ...
28 Jun 2016  -  56k
341. 1957-01-28-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... -shows WDGY first in audience: Morning (27.5 %) afternoon (27.7 %) and all-day (27.6 %) .. ! Hooper, Pulse, Nielsen .. and a host of Twin Cities advertisers agree that WDGY has the big audience for those big results. There's a new listen in the Twin Cities -and Storz Station program- ming is responsible. Make sure you buy Minneapolis -St. Paul with WDGY the new data .. which your nearest Blair man, or General Manager 50,000 watts and a Steve Labunski will cheerfully supply. nearly perfect -circle daytime signal Trendey. T a.m. -O p.m. Monday- Saturday. January. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  76k
342. 1965-07-05-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... What is an b'tItt uÓ tit 4Y.`y " ': :' . Library- University gase, Mo. Force lluxwell Air AIR FORG. PROPERTY Part of the go /go crowd. The part that listens to Storz radio, then goes out and buys your product or service. The young moderns. The young marrieds. The crowd with shopping lists umpteen feet long, just waiting to be told their business is appreciated. So why not tell 'em? Influence the influencibles.© On a Storz station you talk to the most influenceable people so the word gets around faster because the go -go crowd responds. 8 STÖR ...
30 Apr 2014  -  61k
343. Sponsor-1957-03-2-OCR-Page-0023.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... - abilities in many first plaee segments on WI)(k \ Make sure you buy Miuueapolis-St. Paul ivith new audicnee data. Don't pursue old, out-dated information, whieh won't tell you, for example, that Trendex now has WDGY in first place in audience morning, after- noon, and all day. Storz Station programming has brought drastic change to the Twin Cities audience picture, so much so that whatever survey you prefer, you're in for a good time when you buy WDCY. Consult I'dair, or talk new figures with WDGY General Manager Steve Labnnski..)0,<)00 icatts and a WDGY nearly ...
28 Jun 2016  -  61k
344. 1959-11-16-BC-OCR-Page-0046 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... first advocated by ex -Sen. John too much authority in the area of Bricker (R - Ohio) , has gained con- programming," Rep. Bennett said, siderable support since the tv quiz CROSBY and emphasized the agency certain- hearings began last month. HOPE regret that the FCC had not used the Storz case as a vehicle to determine once At one point the Commission con- sidered a staff suggestion that a city- wide hearing be held to determine what and for all just what powers it had over KAYE programming. The net effect of the ap- proval, Mr. Doerfer stated, was to con- ...
30 Apr 2014  -  74k
345. 1956-06-18-BC-OCR-Page-0106 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . Houwink (r ) , gen- Edward Petry & Co. phone calls by repeating key phrases heard on eral manager of the Evening Star Broad- is being announced the air. This contest closed Saturday. casting Co. and Connie B. Gay (1 ) , chair- today (Monday) . Todd Storz, president of Mid- Continent, told man of the board of the Town and Country Mr. Maillefert has BST its contest had drawn searching parties Network. The contract calls for the exclu- been with the Petry from as far away as Bellingham, Wash. Por- sive services in the Washington, D ...
30 Apr 2014  -  66k
346. 1957-06-17-BC-OCR-Page-0079 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... was reported to have resigned. programming and in selling, American TV comedy is not a funny business. Broadcasting will adapt itself to the im- Mr. Labunski has been vice president and portant work being done by our affiliates. What seemed hilarious at a story general manager of WDGY Minneapolis, one of the Todd Storz group. Mr. Eastman "Our selling will be done on a creative conference can fall flat at airtime. basis, recognizing the feeling and needs of said, "His principal efforts at the outset, as Film can help here -in many ways! the local station. American Broadcasting is the case with all ...
30 Apr 2014  -  100k
347. Sponsor-1957-08-1-OCR-Page-0030.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... to first • June Tremlex says it: WIXJY has 29.9% average share of place ir/)c ;r audience, 7 ji.ui. Monday through Saturday. Z. Buying 14 DCIY — Latest Pulse says it: AVIXiY has 189 first place quarter hours, advertised products against 128 for next station. Storz Station progrannning excitement has overturned radio- WDGY listening- -and time-buying habits — of a generation. See your 50,000 watts Plair man .. or talk to WDGY General Manager Jack Thayer, MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL \v If*** y * \ r / \ * r n c % *1 * r ...
28 Jun 2016  -  130k
348. BC-1985-04-08-OCR-Page-0162 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... owns WINH(AM) - WGMB(FM) Georgetown, KXOK(AM) St. Louis (630 khz; 5 kw -U) -Seeks as- one year. Seller is owned by William Ledford and R.D. S.C. and WJYW(FM) Southport, N.C. Buyer is owned by signment of license from Storz Broadcasting Co. to Chester Hanna. Ledford has interest in KRMH -AM -FM Leadville, Don McCoy, president, and Doug Grim, general manager. Broadcasting Co. for $2 million cash. Seller is owned by Colo. Hanna owns KROX(AM) Crookston, Minn.; KCID- McCoy owns WDLP ...
30 Apr 2014  -  62k
349. 1957-07-01-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... p.m. Monday through Saturday. June Trendex says it. WDGY has 29.9% average share of audience, 7 a.m. -6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Latest Nielsen says it. WDGY first NSI area 9 a.m. 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Latest Pulse (back in March -April) said WDGY is first every afternoon. Storz Station programming excitement has over- turned radio listening -and time - buying -habits of a generation. Get details from your Blair man ..or talk to WDGY General Manager Steve Labunski. WDGY 50,000 watts Minneapolis -St. Paul..>e . WDGY Minneapolis St. Paul STATI®NS - , W H B Kansas ...
30 Apr 2014  -  41k
350. 1957-10-21-BC-OCR-Page-0095 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... president and general tional Bank, Dallas, will address the Wednes- manager, KICD Spencer, Iowa, and NARTB host director (Dist. 10); E. K. Harten- day luncheon on the subject, "A Look at bower, general manager of KCMO-AM -TV (Meredith station) , and Todd Storz, What's Ahead for Business." Storz Stations, Omaha. Rep. Oren Harris (D - Ark.) , chairman of the House Interstate and Foreign Commerce Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona broadcasters have to offer in the way of Committee, will speak at the Friday lunch- and had a registration ...
30 Apr 2014  -  54k
351. 1957-10-28-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Next station's share? 24.9% . Latest Trendex gives WDGY 29.9% average." Newest Pulse gives WDGY first place, with more quarter hour wins Peaks than anybody-and no quarter hour below second.*** No wonder this month is seeing. . in the 2. WDGY's biggest billing in 34 years Twin The Storz Station programming which changed Twin Cities listening habits-has automatically created a new time - buying habit. It's the new data that counts. Cities Get all of it from Blair .. or WDGY General Manager .Jack Thayer. *7 a.m. -S p.m. Mon. -Sat. Aug. Sept. 1957 ** 7 a.m. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  84k
352. TV-Digest-1949-07-OCR-Page-0016.pdf [[ Miscellaneous ]]
... Hollywood program operations; Martin Jewish and Negro audiences) ; KOWH, Omaha (with Leeds, associate director . . . Fred Freeland, new TV di- FM) , by Omaha World Herald, for $100,000, to local rector of Ruthrauff & Ryan, Chicago, succeeding Fran group headed by Robert H. Storz for his son Todd Storz; Harris, who goes to Hollywood office . . . Larry Walker, KGA, Spokane, by Louis H. Wasmer, for $425,000, to asst. mgr. of WBT, Charlotte, named mgr. of its new Gonzaga U (veteran radioman Wasmer sold KHQ there WBTV ...
29 Jan 2016  -  234k
353. Sponsor-1957-07-3-OCR-Page-0030.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... ji/< average share of audi- ence, 7 a.m.di ]) .in. Monday through Saturday. Latest Nielsen says it. \VI)(IA first XSI area f) a.m. 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Latest Pulse (back in March-April) said \YD(!Y is first every afternoon. Storz Stalion programming excitement has over- turned radio listening — and time-huymg — hahils of a generation, (let details from your tMair man . . . or talk to W DGY General Manager Jack '1 haver. fes ^ vv, Jk- a \ ^ / 1 \ WDGY 7)0,000 watts Minneapolis-St. Paul ...
28 Jun 2016  -  67k
354. 1957-07-15-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... WQAM with Station "A " 10.1% 37.9% -enjoys 334 times the second station's audience. That's what Station "B " 9.8% the newest Hooper says, continuing a dramatic, fantastic change in Station "C " 7.3% Southern Florida radio listening-and time -buying -since the start Station "D " 6.8% of Storz Station programming at WQAM, less than a year ago. Station "E " 6.3% Station "F " 5.6% The latest Pulse and Trendex have WQAM in first place. So it's unani- Station "G " 5.4% mous. So don't let 1956 data throw sand in your eyes. Send for ...
30 Apr 2014  -  80k
355. 1958-03-17-BC-OCR-Page-0127 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... The twins like radio with their fun . . . and fun with their radio That's why WDGY is firsts in the Twin Cities .. and why WDGY billings are at an all-time high. The giraffes are appropriate here WDGY because they symbolize WDGY's head- and -shoulders leadership in 50,000 watts in Minneapolis-St. Paul. It's Storz Station locally- centered program- ming that does it! Rub shoulders with Blair .. or tete -a -tete with Minneapolis -St. Paul General Manager Jack Thayer. Ls l.a r. b..ILJ. ...p. WDGY Minneapolis St. Paul REPRESENTED BY JOHN BLAIR & CO. W H B Kansas City REPRESENTED BY JOHN BLAIR ...
30 Apr 2014  -  99k
356. BC-1953-04-27-OCR-Page-0122 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... J. Sinnett, Robert J. WHBF Rock Island, Ill. ham, Mich. Tisdale, James M._WVCH Chester, Pa. Slavick, H. W. WMC Memphis, Tenn. Storer, George B. Jr. KEYL San Antonio. Toedtemeier, Harold, KIDO Boise, Idaho. Slusser, J. A. KOA Denver. Storz, Todd, KOWH Omaha. Tolboe, Clifton A. KOVO Provo, Utah. Smiley, David E. WDAE, Tampa, Fla. Storz, Todd (Mrs.) , KOWH Omaha. Tompkins, M. E. Broadcast Music Inc. N. Y. Smith, Earl H. WLCS Baton Rouge, La. Stowman ...
30 Apr 2014  -  49k
357. 1957-11-25-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... of audience (Trendex) ** . More t/q hour wins than anybody-and no 14 hour below second (Pulse) . * ** Highest billings in WDGY's history .. It isn't just quantity of audience that has created this new Twin Cities time- buying habit. It's something else -the particular ability of Storz Station programming to provide a climate in which your message has maximum penetration -potential. Talk to Blair .. or WDGY General Manager Jack Thayer. WDGY 50,000 watts Minneapolis -St. Paul '7 a.m. -S p.m. Mon. -Sat. " ** I a.m. -S p.m. Mon. -Sat. A `J 6 ...
30 Apr 2014  -  81k
358. 1957-02-18-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... hours. In at WHB .. 87% renewal 87% of WHB's largest billing local accounts and out of home, Mon: Fri. 6 a.m. midnight. in 1955 .. renewed in 1956! Latest AREA PULSE Sure, WHB dominates Kansas City on every WHB first all day. WHB national survey. Sure, Storz Station program- first 263 out of 288 quar- ming quality attracts tremendous audiences ter- hours. 25 second place -which in turn attract advertisers. But 14's, none lower. Mon: Sat. 6 a.m. midnight. it takes results to make local advertisers come back for more. And WHB is Kan- Latest ...
30 Apr 2014  -  87k
359. 1956-12-31-BC-OCR-Page-0062 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Vice President Robert E. East- money rather than entertainment will suffer. man wrote the WOR vice president and gen- CHARLES QUENTIN, chief engineer of eral manager as follows: He specifically excluded both the McLendon KRNT -AM -TV Des Moines, Iowa, has been " .. There is one point which you stressed and Storz stations from that category, as- promoted to director of engineering of the ,rather strongly that we would like to correct. serting that "they have been wise enough Cowles Broadcasting Co. according to You stated that an advertiser buys inflated to build their programming at the same time Luther L. Hill, figures with no ...
30 Apr 2014  -  68k
360. Sponsor-1957-06-4-OCR-Page-0030.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... 7"^ . ^ I r** ** n 1 ^ ^ "r , S 4 . 'v yfe - > r- V ^1."* i- ..*.;*& *• * At * Halt of xcs #J Just this: August, 1956 WQAM becan.e a Storz Station. October, 1956 AVQAM went independent. November, 1956 AVQAAI leaped to first place all day (2S.4r( . Hooper) without a give-away. February, 1957 WQAM rocketed to first place all day on Trendex (M-l.Tr) . Feb. Mar. 1957 WQAM jnniped to first place all day on Pulse. Mar. ...
28 Jun 2016  -  70k
361. 1958-07-21-BC-OCR-Page-0013 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... by network affiliate have the best damned book in the business. stations or by PrehiSTORZic independent stations -than they did in "modern" radio. Harry K. Renfro Within hours, typewriters in Dallas, Mem- Director of Radio-Tv phis, Omaha, Miami and New York were D'Arcy Adv. St. Louis smoking as Todd Storz, Gordon McLendon 161,769 TV HOMES* EDITOR: and Gerry Bartell among others, rushed into The MONDAY MEMO by Harry K. Renfro battle. on the country and western consumer mar- The keys that those typewriters hit were RODE -TV in the Joplin market covers the same ones that have been clacking for a 4 ...
30 Apr 2014  -  64k
362. 1956-11-05-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . -Sat. a.m. midnight. 6 at WHB.. 87% renewal 87% of WHB's 40 largest billing local accounts Latest in 1955 .. have renewed in 1956 ..with several contracts yet to come up for renewal! AREA NIELSEN Sure, WHB dominates Kansas City WHB first all day and on every national survey. Sure, Storz night, with 42.7% Station music, news and ideas attract tremen- share of audience. dous audiences -which in turn attract adver- WHB first every time tisers. But it takes results to make local period. Mon. -Sat. 6 advertisers come back for more. And WHB a.m. -6 p.m. is ...
30 Apr 2014  -  89k
363. BC-1960-11-14-OCR-Page-0105 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Mr. and Mrs. Munn Sr. 2.4% (jointly cost $4,000, revenue $4,000. Principal is E. J. KXOK St. Louis, Mo. Granted assign- owned) , E. Harold Munn Jr. 17.05 % , C. Ella McKellar, president of KVOX Bcstg. Co. ment of license to Storz Bcstg. Co.; con- Mina, 4.27% (wife of E. Harold Munn, Jr.) , 62 % . Ann. Nov. 2. sideration $1,500,000; without prejudice to Lewis E. Munn, .18% (brother of E. Harold whatever action commission may deem ap- ...
30 Apr 2014  -  64k
364. 1956-10-22-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... sign the first time - but it takes results to make them renew . 87% renewal 87% of WHB's 40 largest billing local accounts in 1955 . . . have renewed in 1956 .. with several contracts yet to come up for renewal! Sure, WHB dominates Kansas City on every national survey. Sure, Storz Station music, news and ideas attract tremendous audiences -which in turn attract advertisers. But it takes results to make local advertisers come back for more. And WHB is Kansas City's results station. So much so that WHB has a higher percentage of renewals for both local and national WHB 10,000 watts-710 kc advertisers than any ...
30 Apr 2014  -  74k
365. Sponsor-1957-08-4-OCR-Page-0015.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... ( i,,! ,.,.7 ii.m.(! p.m. .Miimlny tliinn 'li Sntiirilny. |jiti,>t I'lil-r ,'1^ , it : \\ |) (| \ | ,) | , [vi |ir,t |i |jii'c i|iiiirti i' Inmrs ii^ini, t Twin for next Million, Storz Stiiiion prou'rimimiii^ ' cxritc Cities meiit lin.. oirrtiirnnl riidin |j,truing nml tiim' linyin^ linliit^ ot' n orticni- WDGY tion. See your lUnir mini . . . or t; ,lk to \\ |) (! ,i (Icm'i'iil Mnmi^cr .lin-k 50,000 Watts rimvi-r. Minncapolis-St ...
28 Jun 2016  -  58k
366. Sponsor-1957-09-2-OCR-Page-0019.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... to WTI X s enni ninin,' quarter hours and uideinne |eaderslii|i ainnnv. Xe\\ <) rleriiis' I I radio sial mns. don't Tile most reeenl (dnK Aiimis) llooper shows WTIX in lirsi place with "J.! , o\ -er twice ilie ninner-ii|) sialion's 111'. Storz Station rnnnd-tlieodoek exeiteinent and ideas have created a new New belong Orleans listeninir hahit. with new tiiiiedai\inu hahits to mat di Spare the Adam Vonny man a little time out ol' yonr da_\ to tell yon win \nn tret nothintr hut to trnod limes out nf WTIX'sda\ . tlr, lall ...
28 Jun 2016  -  61k
367. 1957-08-12-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... of dominance is added to WTIX's continuing-and widening leadership among New Orleans' don't 11 radio stations. The most recent (June -July) Hooper shows WTIX with a decisive lead -claiming slightly over twice the audience belong to WTIX. of the runner-up station. WTIX's share: 23.2% ; next station's share: 11.5% . Storz Station round -the-clock excitement and ideas have created a new New Orleans listening habit, with new time - The buying habits to match. Spare the Adam Young man a little time out of your day to tell you why you get nothing other 266 do! but good times out of WTIX's day. Or, talk ...
30 Apr 2014  -  83k
368. 1957-08-19-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... L5Z00 ellaçts3 56L6 'S.;apeilas 3 peau00 Ideal makes the most of Temple tv series Page 33 v£ aTl ül?511C: Tv milestone: AT&T's Florida -Cuba relay Page 52 signal jumps the sea Profile on Mutual as new hands take over Page 72 "I have it much easier when I buy Storz Station cities." In each of these major markets, it isn't even close: More radios are tuned to the Storz Sta- tion than to any other. MINNEAPOLIS -ST. PAUL WDGY #1 Hooper, Trendex, Pulse all day. See Blair or GM Jack - Thayer. KANSAS CITY WHB #1 ...
30 Apr 2014  -  85k
369. 1958-04-28-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... audience! And the latest Southern Florida Area Pulse WQAM is way out front on Pulse, as well. which measures the listening habits of 432 out of 432 first place quarter hours ! 31.5% of the state's population. The reason? (Monday- Saturday, 6 a.m. midnight.) So Locally-centered, idea -packed Storz Station it's impossible for a time-buyer to get any- programming. thing but a good time on WQAM. Get the details from the Blair man, or And that's not all. Trendex repeats the WQAM General Manager Jack Sandler. WQAM covering all of Southern Florida with 5,000 watts on 560 kc .. and radio ...
30 Apr 2014  -  81k
370. 1958-02-03-BC-OCR-Page-0066 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Sanders, KICD Spencer, Iowa; William Frank Jarman, WDNC Durham, N. C. Radio Board vice chair- Holm, WLPO LaSalle, Ill.; Donald W. Thornburgh, WCAP Phil- man; C. Wrede Petersmeyer, Corinthian Stations; Simon Gold- adelphia; Alex Keese, WFAA Dallas; Todd Storz, Storz Stations; man, WJTN Jamestown, N. Y. Ben Strouse, WWDC -FM Washington; George C. Hatch, KALL Middle row: Everett E. Revercomb, NAB secretary -treasurer; Salt Lake City; Payson Hall, Meredith Publishing Co.; Edward Thad H. Brown Jr. NAB tv vice ...
30 Apr 2014  -  99k
371. 1958-04-28-BC-OCR-Page-0132 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... jockey, by Payment for advertising rendered to ac- Joseph A. Clark for $157,500. Transaction counts in this category shall be made by was handled by Allen Kander & Co. WFOX check drawn solely on banks located within is on 860 kc with 250 w, day. the local market involved. Attending the Storz meeting besides WMGE Madison, Ga. Sold to Madison Messrs. Storz, Young and Barborka were Broadcasting Co. by Howard Gilreath and Jack Thayer, general manager of WDGY F. K. Graham for $36,650. Madison Broad- Minneapolis; Fred Berthelson, vice presi- dent- general manager, WTIX New ...
30 Apr 2014  -  107k
372. 1964-06-15-BC-OCR-Page-0092 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... elect- minimum space (modular con- succeeding Jack Sampson, who has struction permits table -top ed board chairman in 1948. Cros- been elected VP and general manager mounting as well) ; $40.00 per ley Stations are WLw and WLWT of KXOK St. Louis. Stations are owned rack. SPOTMASTER Lazy by Storz Broadcasting Co. Mr. Tram- (TV) Cincinnati; WLWD(TV) Day- Susan revolving cartridge wire ton; WLwc(TV) Columbus, all rack holds 200 cartridges. Price mell joined Storz in 1961. Ohio, and WLwt(TV) Indianapolis. $145.50. Extra rack sections available ...
30 Apr 2014  -  65k
373. 1965-07-19-BC-OCR-Page-0088 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Commissioner Wadsworth dissented. Broadcast Bureau's comment on petition for Beacon Broadcasting Concern. Martinsburg, reconsideration in proceeding on applica' Pa. Action July 8. Routine roundup tions for new FM's in Springfield and Ware, Mass. respectively. Action July 8. By Hearing Examiner Arthur A. Gladstone ACTIONS BY REVIEW BOARD Granted motion by Storz Broadcasting Formalized rulings made at July 12 In proceeding on AM applications of Co. (WTIX) , New Orleans, to extend time further prehearing conference in proceed- Charlottesville Broadcasting Corp. (WINA) , to July 29 to file responsive pleadings to ing on applications of Associated Television Charlottesville, and WBXM Broadcasting motion ...
30 Apr 2014  -  46k
374. BC-1960-02-15-OCR-Page-0054 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... 600.39 Reception May 30 Carlton Records 414.63 Dot Records 19,485.92 Liberty Records 6,576.64 Total 1,169.80 London Records 42.69 Mercury Records 8,843.52 Lunch May 30 Columbia Records 3,325.00 MGM Records 484.65 Buffet May 29 Columbia Records 2,812.85 RCA Victor 8,569.81 Dinner -Banquet May 30 Dot Records 14,950.00 Roulette Records 19,158.60 Cocktail Party May 28 Mercury Records, Inc. 6,625.53 The Storz Stations* 3,013.45 and Buffet United Artists, Inc. 3,389.61 Lunch May 29 Radio Corp. of America, RCA Victor Vee Jay Records, Inc. 1,481.31 Records Div. 3,540.00 Warner Bros. Records 819.83 Barbeque and May 30- Roulette Records (Bar) 8,850.00 Dance 31 (BarBQ) 4,205.00 TOTAL $108,164.95 ( ...
30 Apr 2014  -  35k
375. BC-1991-Anniversary-60th-OCR-Page-0029 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... doom was foretold from all corners of the radio industry. Radio would fold its tent and disappear, according to prevailing wisdom. Arguably the first television performer, Felix the Cat takes a spin on a turntable in this 1930 NBC TV test. It would be a decade-plus before he would have much company. Enter Todd Storz. Television's rising tide did not dis- courage the KOWH(AM) Omaha general By Steve McClellan find its own voice and picture. manager, who recognized the same con- and John Eggerton That time was not accorded The Du- cept that Your Hit Parade producers un Mont Television Network, however, derstood ...
30 Apr 2014  -  93k
376. Sponsor-1956-10-2-OCR-Page-0022.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... at\W H B \ . 87% renewal A s7C of Wllirs 40 hirejwt billing local accounts in 1955 . . . Ikivc r< ncu-cd in 1956 . . . with several cemtracls yd If) come np for re ue wed! Sure. Will! dumiuates Kansas City on every national Sirvey. Sure, Storz Station mnsie, news and ideas attraet tremendons audieuees -whieli in turn attraet advertisers. But it takes results to make loeal advertisers eome haek for more. And W1IB is Kansas City's results station. So nineli so that W11 B lias a hiylier WHB ]) ereentaye of renewals for both loeal and national 10.000 watts — ...
30 Jun 2016  -  73k
377. 1957-02-04-BC-OCR-Page-0011 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... WHB .. 87% renewal WHB first 360 out of 360 quarter-hours. In and out of 87 % of WHB's largest billing local accounts in 1955. home, Mon. -Fri. 6 a.m. -mid- night. renewed in 1956. Latest Sure, WHB dominates Kansas City on every national AREA PULSE survey. Sure, Storz Station programming quality WHB first all day, WHB first attracts tremendous audiences -which in turn at- 263 out of 288 quarter- hours. 25 second place 1/4's, none tract advertisers. But it takes results to make lower. Mon. Sat. 6 a.m. mid- local advertisers come back for more. And ...
30 Apr 2014  -  75k
378. 1957-09-30-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... share of Twin Cities audience, 7 a.m. 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. WDGY controls the #1 spot. Latest Pulse continues the unanimity WDGY has 189 first : Advertisers control place quarter hours against 128 for the next station. consumer purchases with buys on: And its not just a listening habit of a generation which Storz Station programming has overturned. Time -buying habits have undergone a tremendous switch to WDGY. If you want to have WDGY everything under control in the Twin Cities, talk to Blair .. or 50,000 Watts WDGY General Manager Jack Thayer. Minneapolis -St. Paul WDGY Minneapolis St. Paul REPRESENTED BY JOHN BLAIR & CO ...
30 Apr 2014  -  100k
379. Sponsor-1959-10-2-OCR-Page-0080.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... act as con- sultant in the formation of an export association. Preparedness: Against the release of Elvis Presley from the Armed Forces. Trade barriers, particularly in Japan, England, the Philip- Grahame Richards, programing di- pines and Canada, restrict the number of U.S. shows that can rector for The Storz Stations, has put be purchased for domestic use, or set up limitations on dollar in a bid for Elvis to rotate as a sort exchanges which make the expansion of U.S. producers into of roving disk jockey between all the Storz chain. Well, Elvis always could foreign markets very difficult. rotate. Tv ...
30 Jun 2016  -  69k
380. BC-1985-05-06-OCR-Page-0092 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . Wxvt is on 1600 khz 1 ard L. Schrott (10%) , Robert E. Beacham (10%) , Richmond G. Bernhardt (10%) , Roger L. MacBride (12%) and 32 others. It also owns WISP(AM) -WQDW(FM) Kinston, Storz Broadcasting Co. N.C. and WAIZ(AM) -WQFX(FM) Gulfport, Miss. WIOU is on 1350 khz with 5 kw day and 1 kw night. Wzwz is on 93.5 khz with 3 (Robert H. Storz, President) kw and antenna 340 feet above average ter- rain. has sold ...
30 Apr 2014  -  45k
381. BC-1985-06-24-OCR-Page-0069 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... , Williamston, Mich. -based 100 kw and antenna 330 feet above average a "large portion" of Embassy's receivables to group of five FM's owned by Robert G. Lig- terrain. cash. (Receivables are future payments due gett Jr. It also owns Concord Cablevision WQAM(AM) Miami o Sold by Storz Broad- by stations to Embassy for the rights to Co. operator of cable system serving Jack- casting to Sunshine Wireless Co. for broadcast Embassy's television programs.) son county, Mich. Buyer is equally owned by $2,850,000 cash. Seller is owned principally Coke said receivables will be converted to Harvey Deutch and ...
30 Apr 2014  -  45k
382. BC-1987-03-02-OCR-Page-0068 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... -only when it switched to full time shortly after the survey period began. Additionally, Arbitron said Bonneville In- uri. I A First ternational Corp. has signed a new, five - year agreement with the ratings service for For The all 12 of its radio properties in eight markets. Industry Trout, McLendon, Storz to Hall of Fame Long -time broadcast journalist Robert 70,000 watts FM Trout, who is a special correspondent for ABC News, and the late Gordon McLendon and Robert Todd Storz, radio program ex- ecutives who are credited with the develop- ment of the top 40 format, have been named Continental's new 817R -5 ...
30 Apr 2014  -  77k
383. 1958-07-21-BC-OCR-Page-0014 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... radio that can challenge WJR's booming Great Lakes voice or WXYZ's strangle -hold of Autoland. Pittsburgh? KDKA, WCAE and WWSW have the Tri-State area wrapped up in their little fingers. Sure, all three are independents but Lenny Kapner, Pete Schloss and Westinghouse had the Golden Triangle in the palm of their hands before Todd Storz or Gerry Bartell knew what a timebuyer was. Boston? It's WBZ, WEEI and WHDH all the way. Keep looking. Los Angeles. KNX and KMPC by a landslide and if you call KMPC "modern" radio - you'll have to trade blows with an all - American football player by the name of ...
30 Apr 2014  -  94k
384. 1958-02-10-BC-OCR-Page-0005 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... at conven- Advance registration for first Pop Music nism of perhaps majority of members of tions and this right can only be removed Disc Jockey Convention and Programming seven -man Moulder Committee toward by referendum vote of membership. Seminar in Kansas City, March 7-8-9, be- Chief Counsel Bernard Schwartz has ing conducted under auspices of Storz Su. reached point where one or two things lions, has surpassed ail expectations, ac- might happen: (1 ) dismissal of New York While NAB would miss dues of film members if they pulled out of association, cording to President Todd Storz. Last week U. law professor or (2 ) ...
30 Apr 2014  -  89k
385. 1957-05-20-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... even bigger lead over the next sta- tion in 11- station New Orleans -first in the morning (19.0 %) , first in the afternoon (19.0 %) and first all day. Hooper continues to give WTIX top audience share in every time period, with a first place 20.3% all -day average. Storz Station programming ideas and excitement have created a new New Orleans listening habit, which in turn is producing a new New Orleans time -buying habit. Next time the Young man calls, make him tell you the WTIX story. Better still, give him a call-or talk to WTIX General Manager Fred Berthelson. 7 a.m. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  83k
386. 1958-02-10-BC-OCR-Page-0072 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... planned 18. Meetings will start with the keynote having served origi- since being released from active duty as a luncheon, to be held at the Shoreham Hotel. MR. MOUDY lieutenant commander in the U. S. Navy In the afternoon NAB staff executives will nally with KOWH Omaha, moving up in the Todd Storz sta- in 1948. The series went on the air in the conduct a discussion titled "Outlook: 1958," tion family after Mr. Storz purchased fall of 1952 and its ensuing success brought with Thad H. Brown Jr. tv vice president, KOWH in 1949. Mr. Salomon the U. S ...
30 Apr 2014  -  43k
387. BC-1991-03-18-OCR-Page-0016 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... radio in the 1950's. Most R people were saying eulogies for the medium that had been left for dead by television. But Dick saw radio coming back, and sooner than most people imagined. He ambled on. Awhile as part -owner of a small station group in the midwest and southwest. A few years with Storz Broadcasting and the legendary Todd Storz. It was during this time that radio was reinventing itself, becoming a wholly new, distinctly local medium. Dick lived the rebirth and transformation. And helped make it so. More Harris children were arriving (there'd even- tually be Randy and Cindy, Brian, Kenny and ...
30 Apr 2014  -  57k
388. Sponsor-1955-02-1-OCR-Page-0024.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... asst sis mgr Muzak, Recorded Tape Div, NY, dir of sis Rics (3 ) Joseph M. Si trick Internatl Press Service, US Information Agcy, asst chf NARTB, Wash, pub & informational sves mgr Chailie Stone WMBR, Jacksonville, vp in chg sis WMBR-TV, Jacksonville, vp Robert H. Storz Mid-Continent Bdcastg. pres Same, bd chmn Todd Storz Mid-Continent Bdcastg, vp & gen mgr Same, prcs H. L. Sturtz Omaha World Herald, adv dept WOW-TV. Omaha, local sis stf Bill Swanson KTVX (r &TV) , Tulsa, sis mgr Same, only TV sis R. L ...
01 Jul 2016  -  64k
389. Sponsor-1955-02-2-OCR-Page-0119.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... for Reps: Radio reps' solutions to the What a show! What a star! What a two rates." sure-fire selling vehicle! Better problem usually fall into one of two reserve your market . . . now! Brandborg's sentiments are mirrored basic categories: (ll drop the local in a statement from Todd Storz, vet- rate entirely and sell ev er) thing at CESAR ROMERO , starring in . . eran broadcaster and president of the what is now the "national" rate, or Mid-Continent Broadcasting Companv (2 ) stations should get much tougher IKOWH. Omaha, WHB. Ka nsas City; in resisting dealer-placed ...
01 Jul 2016  -  104k
390. Sponsor-1956-09-2-OCR-Page-0022.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... t ;v aju: >• - , i.*^ . • - i ^ raw 71^1 . ir- fw o if$ .. 1 i j ~ .m* Coming to Miami? (via plaae, train, and'or limo-lmy ?) don't miss the new WQ AM newest of the Storz Stations Tlui stale's oldest station, scrvinir all of Southern Florida -with a,000 watts on SO kcs. For a guided tour, talk to the man from Flair or AVQAM (leneral I\fanas:er, Jack Sandier. THE STORZ STATIONS — J'rcsi<l <nl: Tixld Slat z PROGRAMMED FOR TODAY'S LISTENING ...
30 Jun 2016  -  72k
391. Sponsor-1956-11-1-OCR-Page-0015.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... renewal Latest S7cc of WIIB's 40 largest billing local aeeounts in AREA NIELSEN 1955 . . . have renewed in 1956 . . . with several contracts yet to come up for renewal! WHB first all day and night, Sure, WHB dominates Kansas City on every national with 42.7'r share of audi- survey. Sure, Storz Station music, news and ideas ence. Will? first every time attract tremendous audiences — which in turn attract period. Won.Sat. G a.m. advertisers. But it takes results to make local G p.m. advertisers come hack for more. And WHB is Kansas City's results station. So much so, that WHB has ...
30 Jun 2016  -  67k
392. Sponsor-1956-11-3-OCR-Page-0015.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... 87cc of WIlB's 40 largest hilling local accounts in AREA NIELSEN 197)5 . . . have renewed in 195G . . . with several contracts yet to come up for renewal! WIIB first all day and night, with 42.7% share of audi Sure, WIIB doniinates Kansas City on every national survey. Sure, Storz Station music, news and ideas ence. WIIB first every time attract tremendous audiences — which in turn attract period. Mon. Sat. G a.m. advertisers. But it takes results to make local G p.m. advertisers come hack for more. And WIIB is Kansas City's results station. So much so. that WIIB Latest ...
30 Jun 2016  -  70k
393. Sponsor-1956-11-4-OCR-Page-0024.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... rt % 1 & r, h ry.i fr-A jpiri(s.. I riuot Coming to Miami? (via plauv, ti'ain. and /or limc-huy.) don't miss the new WQAAA . . . newest o/ the Storz Stations 'Idic state's oldest station, serving all of Sonthern Klorida with d.OOO watts on dliO kes. Koi- a guided tonr, talk to tlie man I'roni Blair or \\ '( L )AM (ieneial Manager, Jack Sandier. President; TODD STORZ Today s Radio for Today's Selling WDCY WHB WQAM KOWH WTIX Kansas City Miami Omaha New Orleans R orcscntcd by John Blair Cr Co. Represented ...
30 Jun 2016  -  73k
394. 1958-08-25-BC-OCR-Page-0096 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... In 1930, where she inter- STATIONS )m >aya rmve . resigned and has purchased WMMA Miami. GEORGE W. (BUD) ARMSTRONG, WHB Kansas City, Mo. gen- RAY OWEN, formerly manager MR. WATTS eral manager, appointed ex- of KVOA Tucson, has been ecutive v.p. of Storz Broad- appointed general manager of KCEE Tucson. KCEE is scheduled to start QUAD - CITIES casting Co. (stations WDGY Minneapolis -St. Paul, WHB, WTIX New Orleans and WQAM Miami) . Mr. Arm- strong joined Storz in 1949 as broadcasting in mid- September, operating with 1 kw 790 ...
30 Apr 2014  -  67k
395. Sponsor-1956-12-1-OCR-Page-0015.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... accounts in lii.") . . have re- none lower. Mon. Sat. (i newed in 1 !.">() . . . with several contracts yet to come np for renewal' a.m. midnight. Latest Sure, Will? dominates Kansas City on every national survey. Sure. AREA NIELSEN Storz Station programming quality attracts tremendous audiences Will! first all day and night, which in turn attract advertisers. l?nt it takes iymi/I.v to make local with 42.7% share of andi advertisers come hack for more. And Will? is Kansas City's results cnce. Will? first every time period. ...
30 Jun 2016  -  70k
396. Sponsor-1956-12-3-OCR-Page-0015.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... 210 weekly quarters -more evidence, added to previous ^ OMAHA -Hv OMSwerf iz KOWH figures, of KOWII's decisive dominance of Omaha Kadio. Hooper shows KOAV11 far. far out in front, too. ^o does Trendex. which gives KOWH top spot in every time period! w This is the kind of market-dominance which Storz Station ideas, programming and broad <rje (GfiO ke.) coverage make possible for national and local advertisers. Results prove it, too. Ask the Adam Young man, or General Manager Virgil Sharpe for details..> I I O^ \ KOWH • h / iA i OMAHA *Puhr. ...
30 Jun 2016  -  76k
397. 1958-03-10-BC-OCR-Page-0092 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... will close at noon April certified as a candidate for the at -large cussion will be held the morning of April 29, I with a luncheon at which Admiral Charles group. Robert O. Reynolds, KMPC Los An- with both engineering and management dele- Home, vice president and division manager geles, and Todd Storz of the Storz station gates taking part. of Convair, Pomona, Calif. will speak on group were not nominated in the District 16 Engineering sessions open April 28. Topics guided missile equipment. and medium -station classifications. include remote control of directional anten- Dr. Lee de Forest, inventor of the three- ...
30 Apr 2014  -  44k
398. 1957-07-29-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Listening to first audience, 7 a.m. -6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. place WDGY Latest Nielsen says it: WDGY first NSI area 9 a.m. -6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. 2. Buying WDGY- advertised products Latest Pulse says it: WDGY has 189 first place quarter-hours, against 128 for next station. WDGY Storz Station programming excitement has overturned radio- listening-and time -buying habits -of a generation. 50,000 watts MINNEAPOLIS -ST. PAUL See your Blair man .. or talk to WDGY General Manager Jack Thayer. WDGY Minneapolis St. Paul W H B Kansas City WQAM Miami REPRESENTED BY JOHN BLAIR & CO. TODAY'S RADIO FOR TODAY'S ...
30 Apr 2014  -  100k
399. Sponsor-1956-12-5-OCR-Page-0051.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . renewed in hours. 25 sec-ond place II's, Ih.Ki! WIIB has a higher percentage of renewals for both local and none lower. Mon. Sat. (i a.m. midnight. national advertisers than anv other Kansas Citv radio station. Latest Sure, WIIB dominates Kansas City on every national survey. Sure, AREA NIELSEN • Storz Station programming quality attracts tremendous audiences — WHB first all day and night, which in turn attract advertisers. But it takes results to make local with -12.7% share of audi dice. WIIB first every time advertisers come back for more. And WIIB is Kansas City's results period. Mon. Sat. G a.m. ...
30 Jun 2016  -  69k
400. Sponsor-1956-12-5-OCR-Page-0053.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... - more evidence, added to previous ^ OA1AHA Hvs (iMSiM&f iz KOWH figures, of KOWH's decisive doniinance of Omaha Kadio. lloopei- shows KOWil far. far out in front, too. So does Trendex. which gives KOWIl top spot in every time jieriod! This is the kind of market-dominance which Storz Station ideas, programming and broad v- * 'S (fiGO kc.) covei-age nmke possible for national and local advertisers. Results prove it, too. Ask the Adam Young man, or General Manager Virgil Sharpe for details. . > I x KOWH # v ¥ • ' OMAHA 'Pulse, Soplrmber ...
30 Jun 2016  -  70k
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