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201. BC-1992-07-06-OCR-Page-0067 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... cutting-edge Corp. York, Pa.; b. Nov. 4, 1929, St. an aggressive, enter- Paul, Minn.; BBA, University of Top 40 format. Top 40 station prising sales staff Minnesota, 1950; salesman, WMIN(AM) , Like many other broadcasters of his owned by Storz Minneapolis -St. Paul, 1950; drives a station. generation, Carlson's love affair with Broadcasting, that salesman, KSTP(AM) , St. Paul, 1953; "We honor great radio began at a young age. As a boy Carlson established salesman, KEYa -TV St. Paul, 1954; ...
30 Apr 2014  -  42k
202. 1958-06-30-BC-OCR-Page-0005 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... al- million tv spot advertiser (including barter) . luded in part to Leo Burnett Co. in letter to affiliates of triple-spotting practices. WIP Philadelphia may be sold but not WAY IT BOUNCES U. S. Rubber Co. [LEAD STORY, June 23] . He had cited "re- to Todd Storz, who had offered $2.5 mil- seems slated to be next corporate adver- cent major dramatic program" as victim lion cash for Gimbel Bros. owned station tiser to drop network tv, but several of of practice, without identifying agency, [CLOSED CIRCUIT, June 9] . Mr. Storz has ...
30 Apr 2014  -  48k
203. Sponsor-1958-06-4-OCR-Page-0068.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... Dayton, it was announced by John Pattison Williams, executive vice president vacation area! of the Air Trails Network. A veteran in You'll reach radio for 12 years, Moudy started his career in the industry as an engineer at MORE CAR RADIOS KOWH Radio, Omaha, in 1946. Three MORE PORTABLES years later Todd Storz bought the Omaha MORE VACATIONERS station and Moudy stayed on. His responsibilities increased with MORE LISTENERS the Storz group from studio supervisor, chief engineer, and director MORE ADULT BUYERS of engineering to v.p. of the Storz stations. In 1957 he joined ABN as director of special stations services and last February became fall tuned ...
29 Jun 2016  -  81k
204. 1967-08-28-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... fit variety of formats. p25 Study shows 8 out of 10 prefer hour -long local TV newscasts. p55 CBS unveils recording -playback system with home -TV potential. p67 TV revenues top $2 billion, pretax profits hit $492 million. p70 COMPLETE INDEX PAGE 7 HAT IS AN nfluenclble 2 listener. Specifically, a Storz adio listener. Influencibles re the "in- touch" young oderns with ideas.. buying eas. It stands to reason that hen you talk to the greatest umber of people in a given arket, your product or ervice gets known, and ought, faster. Got something sell? Influence the fluencibles. On ...
30 Apr 2014  -  108k
205. 1959-02-23-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... brake on 'Operation Daybreak' Page 38 Harris calls for more Oversight, reforms, spectrum study Page 62 FCC's changes in program form meet bitter opposition Page 72 MORNINGS1DE LIBRARY 1 national brand C>Vet 23A^ ,t4bArv-% Qik 41/4 . oa %INS c> la, Wire% Where there's a Storz Station .. STORZ 1110411MPICIPPASIIK there's Audience! Stations Todd Storz, President Home Office: Omaha WDGY Minneapolis-St. Paul WHB Kansas City KOMA Oklahoma City WTIX New Orleans WQAM Miami WDGY, WHO, KOMA, WQAM represented by John Blair & Co. WTIX represented by Adam Young Inc. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  210k
206. 1956-12-31-BC-OCR-Page-0037 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Wayne. place Dec. 21, with ceremonies involv- WHBQ -AM -TV Memphis, WEAT -AM-TV Newcomer Transcontinent Tv Corp. com- ing Donald H. McGannon (r ) , WBC West Palm Beach, and KFRC San Francisco. prising upstate New York financial interests president, and Ralph L. Atlass, former- Todd Storz' $850,000 purchase of who have major interests in WGR -AM-TV ly president of WIND Inc. which sold WQAM Miami, Fla. almost became a Buffalo, N. Y. among others, plunged into the station. Mr. Atlass continues as cause celebre. The Commission after a broadcasting with the $5 million purchase of ...
30 Apr 2014  -  49k
207. Sponsor-1958-05-1-OCR-Page-0033.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... national vs. local rates in spot radio lished rate. Howeier, in certain in- only one source w ithin the ^cope of the has jn-d been run through by a bull- stam cs there are products and/or serv- trade area involved; (cl the loc al prod- dozer named Todd Storz. W hether ii^Jjthal do not easily conform to either uct account, in general, does not em- the briars uill jungle up again remains of theae two basic classifications. ploy an advcitising agency or is repre- to lie seen. But at the moment things • In no event will any account ...
29 Jun 2016  -  179k
208. 1965-06-21-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... in prime time. p27 r Pter Special report: FM's face fall program -split deadline. p40 N 442 A new proposal advanced for the regulation of CATV. p56 )C ` . n Action on multiple- ownership rules runs snagged. p66 .r, i COMPLETE INDEX PAGE 7 orn o tener. Specifically, a Storz io listener. Influencibles the "in-touch" young erns with ideas. .buying s. It stands to reason that n you talk to the greatest ber of people in a given ket, your product or vice gets known, and ght, faster. Got something sell? Influence the encibles.` On a Storz ion ...
30 Apr 2014  -  123k
209. 1965-08-30-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... per -family TV spending up 13.5% in `64. p28 Church claims right to be heard in WLBT(TV) case. p54 Network news chiefs a change verbal blows on space coverage. p51 COMPLETE INDEX PAGE 7 ti o o, What is an Part of the go-go crowd. The part that listens to Storz radio, then goes out and buys your product or service. The young moderns. The young marrieds. The crowd with shopping lists umpteen feet long, just wait- ing to be told their business is appreciated. So why not tell 'em? Influence the influenci- bles.` On a Storz station you ...
30 Apr 2014  -  103k
210. Sponsor-1957-08-1-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... 4'"W MARKETING H\ pre- elliiig ron^iim- er^ and pn-Iiinp new pri)diicts into rapid na- I have it tional di>lriltiili()ii. tele- much easier vision ha- re\oliilion- \ ized marketing laelie- r when I Pagc 27 / buy V Storz Station A cities How to make V each radio dollar 1 work like ten Page 30 The "Freud" of Madison Avenue: Dr. Dichter In oarh of those MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL . . . WDGY =1 Hoop) r, TrtmUj, I'lilst oil (lop. Sii l!lo r Page 33 major ...
28 Jun 2016  -  78k
211. BC-1960-09-26-OCR-Page-0102 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . Gillespie, 331'3% tor $1i0,u00. ACTIONS BY FCC Purchasers own KXGI Ft. Madison, Iowa. Ann. Sept. 16. WMMW Meriden, Conn. Granted assign- KXOK St. Louis, Mo. -Seeks assignment ment of license to Meriden Radio Inc. of license from KXOK Bcstg. Inc. to Storz (Ralph N. Weil, president, has interest in Bcstg. Co. for $1.5 million. Purchasers are KATZ St. Louis, Mo.); consideration $110, Robert H. Storz, 60 % , and Todd Storz, 000. Comrs. Bartley and Lee dissented. Ann. 40 % ...
30 Apr 2014  -  98k
212. 1956-09-03-BC-OCR-Page-0071 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... - executive. Lloyd Lee Graff, news director, troit, appointed sales development manager. KHAS Hastings, Neb. to KHOL-TV as an- Mike Woloson, WNOR Norfolk, Va. personal- nouncer- production assistant. ity, to New York. Bill Stewart, former program director of WNOE New Orleans and since March with Storz sta- Lew Morse, formerly in sales department of Mike Levine, Pittsburgh newspaperman, to tion KOWH Omaha, named KOWH program Smith-Gandy Ford Agency, Seattle, to KTVW news staff of KDKA Pittsburgh. Jane Schnitz, director. Eddie Clarke, morning personality, (TV) Seattle- Tacoma as account executive. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  71k
213. 1956-10-01-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... leadership, mind you -but way -out-front, dominating leadership throughout the radio day. Hooper (July -August) gives KOWH 47.7% daytime! Latest Trendex gives KOWH top spot in every time period! Latest Pulse gives KOWH top spot in 204 out of 240 daytime quarter hours. This is the kind of market -dominance which Storz Station ideas, programming and excitement and broad (660 kc.) coverage make possible for national and local advertisers. Results prove it, too. Ask the Adam Young man, or General Manager Virgil Sharpe for details. KOWH OMAHA'The STORZ Stations" Todd Storz, President PROGRAMMED FOR TODAY'S LISTENING AND TODAY'S ...
30 Apr 2014  -  39k
214. 1957-02-11-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . added to previous data, of KOWH's decisive dominance of Omaha radio. Hooper has KOWH far, far out in front, too. Latest all -day average: 39.05é. and first in every time period. Trendex gives KOWH top spot in every time period, too. This is the kind of market -dominance which Storz Station ideas, program- ming and broad (660 kc.) coverage make possible for national and local ad- vertisers. Results prove it, too. Get Adam Young's point of view Virgil Sharpe. .. or talk it over with General Manager The Storz Stations TODD STORZ, President WDGY WHB WQAM KOWH ...
30 Apr 2014  -  55k
215. 1957-07-22-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Page 52 a2allo3 aF;cEG;aao^ Sates Radio Co.: 35 years in the business Page 76 Nestinghouse puts fm stations on their own Page 94 MORNINGSIUE ere COLLEGE LIBRARY re's a ;3lOUX i.[TY IOWA )rz e ye's dience In each of these major markets more radios are tuned to the Storz Station than to any other. MINNEAPOLIS -ST. PAUL . . . WDGY #1 Hooper, Trendex, NSI Area -all day. Pulse in the afternoon. KANSAS CITY .. WHB #1 Metro Pulse, Nielsen, Trendex, Hooper, Area Nielsen, Pulse NEW ORLEANS . . . WTIX #1 Hooper ...
30 Apr 2014  -  116k
216. 1957-08-05-BC-OCR-Page-0041 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Log. Howe. wid1 1' Car Ir, W. Yam. In. tOxxrnnnl WIWw^ .xM WOY o. W fra 4>n .GinM. b rW ru v?V.1Me Sa.1.F-rm. cismns adz sold on. KIEbN-r r.ln. xn,. ina 1. . m.m W.r. Gr, tiO.1u leev OU Jak srx, The Storz Stations 11,1 fIdNYKY.N[" ,.ut.funtII.I1,r1f1 n. OOMIG "BT gives us most effective coverage "Yes! 'San Franciscans Are Sold on KRON- among agencies and advertisers. We know by TV' We can also say that KRON-TV is sold experience that our ads are well -received by on B.T. We've been a regular BT advertiser ...
30 Apr 2014  -  92k
217. Sponsor-1956-09-1-OCR-Page-0024.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... VI)(iY.** (XSI & total area, too) PULSE reflects the upsurge with a hig increase for the 2nd straight report, with WIHJV tied for second all day.*** It's happened fast in Minneapolis-St. Ihud. and tlan-r^s more yet to happen, hiight months of Storz nmsic, news and ideas have given AVlXiV the sound and the surge of success. Listeners can hear it. Advertisers can feel it. In yonr planning for fall, remember — the exciting buy is \VI)(!V — with bO.OOO watts — and nearly perfect- circle daytime coverage. Talk to ...
30 Jun 2016  -  58k
218. 1957-10-28-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... set for ANA airing at Atlantic City sessions ^ASTI N G Ito S T J P,ate, `IN " ,r;4o j.rc AND 2S THIRTY -FIVE CENTS RADIO Page 31 Page 34 FTC initial decision hits chain store merchandising plans Page 64 RCA takes wraps off prototype color video tape recorder Page 88 where there's a Storz Station .. there's . . . precisely why there's never a dull moment . . . .. precisely why in each of these major markets more radios are tuned to the Storz Station than to any other MINNEAPOLIS -ST. PAUL Proof: Hooper (31.9; , ) ..Trendex .. WDGY is first .. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  100k
219. 1955-11-07-BC-OCR-Page-0005 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Brown and gadding. nounced plans to newsmen. Frank Lynch, his partner in KBYE (see BT B IT story page 7) . MOVEMENT is underway for commem- CHAIRMAN McConnaughey's crackdown orative postage stamp to be issued in BT on junkets will probably cause him to cut 1956 marking 50th anniversary of what WDGY TO TODD STORZ? Aggressive, short trip he had scheduled to New York is widely accepted as first transmission of young Todd Storz, who has made big Nov. 28 to address meeting of minor base- speech by "wireless." On Christmas Eve, strides in independent radio operations ball leagues. With keep-close -to-office 1906, ...
30 Apr 2014  -  93k
220. 1957-05-20-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... COPY Commercials in a jam Tv commercials called on the c RETMA hears optimism for electronics Page 48 on way up í13d vasmaAN FCC reins in on subscription tv moves Page 62 Goldenson sees network balance in fall Page 116 EOI 9 F; .iO xr.otS .IQ a2 1100 apre;u 7 ú.Jo n "Heard a coup Storz Stations this trip. Never a dull moment." "Understand there's never a dull moment for advertisers, either." In any of these 5 important markets every time is KANSAS CITY ..with WHB. First per METRO Pulse, Niel- . . . a sen, Trendex and Hooper-first per AREA Nielsen ...
30 Apr 2014  -  118k
221. 1958-01-20-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... - , ^t , o, o v,6 Pay tv called up for accounting by Congressio. .r, Page 31 Rundown on '55- 56 radio spot spending in 169 r, .s Page 46 CBS -TV affiliates close ranks against pay tv, Barrow Page 62 Harris puts hobble on Moulder, changes probe course Page 86 Where there's a Storz Station . . there's immediacy .. immediacy which in each of these major markets attracts more listeners to the Storz Stations than to any other MINNEAPOLIS -ST PAUL .WDGY is first . . NEW ORLEANS . WTIX is first All-day. . All -day average. Proof Pulse. See Blair or General Man- : Proof: ...
30 Apr 2014  -  111k
222. 1967-10-16-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... A bright future for radio as sales continue upward curve. p27 3 m z - m G) Cracks appear in congressional opposition to pay television. p44 Copyright main topic at first NCTA regional meeting. p50 Six radio stations file antitrust suit against SESAC. p64 COMPLETE INDEX PAGE 7 W i tener. Specifically, a Storz o listener. Influencibles the "in- touch" young erns with ideas.. buying s. It stands to reason that n you talk to the greatest ber of people in a given ket, your product or ice gets known, and ht, faster. Got something ell? Influence the encibles.c On a Storz ...
30 Apr 2014  -  107k
223. Sponsor-1959-01-1-OCR-Page-0063.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... senior v.p.; and Dale Mehrhoff, Appleton, Wi® . . . Charles Ander- latest activities: to v.p. son, Jr. named writer-producer in • John Hardesty, v.p. and gen- At a kick-olT luncheon celebrating the affiliation of the new Anolher luncheon, another place: At the ifcrond annual joint Storz station KOMA, Oklahoma City with NBC are speaker Totltl pre Christinas party sponsored by the Broadcast kdvertising Clnh of Slorz, president of the Storz stations^^fatthew J. Culligan, execu- Chicago and Chicago L'nlimited: fl to r) Paul McClcnr, Ceoflrey tive v.p. of NBC and Mrs. Todd Storz. ...
30 Jun 2016  -  106k
224. 1961-06-26-BC-OCR-Page-0058 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... headed by Laird & Co. T h e organiza- broadcast bureau, discussed his personal Reeves owns WUSN -TV Charleston, Mr. Pullen tional change was experiences since assumption of the S. C. WHTN-TV Huntington, W. Va. announced by Roy E. Larsen, chairman office early in the year. /PLgTnifiEgus ULLMAN Storz suit denied Suit by Storz Broadcasting Co. Take Bernius Edelman's toga. Used to (WDGY Minneapolis) to prevent Bill have call letters of new FORMATIC Bennett, announcer -d. j. from working RADIO clients on it. No more. Ran out at WLOL Minneapolis was denied June - of toga space FORMATIC's selling so ...
30 Apr 2014  -  45k
225. 1957-04-15-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . Pulse gives WDGY an average rating of 6.0 (7 a.m. 7 p.m. Mon. Fri.) . Whatever report you like best, you can WDGY 50,000 watts use it to buy prime availabilities in WDGY's many first -place segments through the day. MINNEAPOLIS -ST. PAUL Let Blair bring you up to date on what Storz Station pro- gramming has done to Twin Cities' radio listening. Or, talk over the new figures (and what they mean) with WDGY General Manager Steve Labunski. The Storz Stations TODD STORZ, President WDGY WHB WQAM KOWH WTIX Minneapolis -St. Paul Kansas City Miami Omaha New Orleans Represented by John Blair ...
30 Apr 2014  -  96k
226. 1963-06-17-BC-OCR-Page-0113 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Port Allen, across the Missis- kets in the nation. cational institutions-Tulane and Loyola sippi from downtown Baton Rouge. More Transit Facilities Tied closely Radio registers best of all media at New Orleans check -out counters. . and what radio does best in New Orleans .. WTIX does better Why? Because WTIX is a STORZ station, with pudding? Pulse* shows WTIX first in the morning; Storz Station ideas, news concepts, features, en- tied for first in the afternoon. Hooper ** shows tertainment and community service, all custom - WTIX first morning and afternoon. Let your tailored to the special needs of the ...
30 Apr 2014  -  35k
227. BC-1952-08-25-OCR-Page-0026 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... for enforcement. The television of retailers and radio. He added Island, Mich. Mr. Fellows later told BROAD- code adopted last March 1, on the that department store purchases Referring to the suggestion of CASTING TELECASTING he thought other hand, includes a seal of good for the first quarter of 1952 are Todd Storz, KOWH Omaha, that the standards committee would pro- practice and it is backed by a Code down about 9% from 1951. an NARTB rate card seal plan be , vide a proper place for a complete Review Board that discusses viola- Both groups should meet in local adopted by the association [BT ...
30 Apr 2014  -  69k
228. Sponsor-1958-12-4-OCR-Page-0014.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... THE NEW Timebuyers at work KOM. Vs now a Storz Station m and an \ I1C Station! Dick Elfcnbcin, Lastern manager, Advertising Agencies, Inc. Los Vngeles, believes that there are certain unhealthy buying and selling practices that must be corrected for the good of the advertiser, So it'i thp big, bright, agency, representative and station. "In November we bought a spe- powerful neu buy in cial newscast for election night from a network-owned station," Dick America's IHth market! says. "At the last possible moment on election eve, the station called and left word that the time had been preempted by ...
29 Jun 2016  -  68k
229. 1966-02-14-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... cooperation. p32 Three TV stations change hands for $6.5 million. p52 UHF allocations table modified slightly by FCC. p68 COMPLETE INDEX PAGE 7 V-t F" * > , " L _ 3."v."4 VS* What is an 1lUC'nCibleO Part of the go-go crowd. The part that listens to Storz radio, then goes out and buys your product or service. The young moderns. The young marrieds. The crowd with shopping lists umpteen feet long, just wait- ing to be told their business is appreciated. So why not tell 'em? Influence the influenci- bies. On a Storz station you talk ...
30 Apr 2014  -  109k
230. Sponsor-1959-02-2-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... - I national brand dustr\ may well hit ^TIQms 3120 million in 1959. A SPONSOi: report Page 29 5 different flavors (each preferred in its market) How to give radio spot a brand new prestige image Page 34 Vj a ' Eggheads and ostriches on Madison Ave. Page 40 Where there's a V Storz Station.. thb Radio licks the ^Hdiere's Audience! STORZ 2c stamp, beats Stations Todd Storz, President Home Office Omaha direct mail costs WDGY Pau WHB Kansas City Page 42 KOMA Oklahoma City'% WTIX New Orleans WQAM Miam" WDGY, WHB, KOMA, WQAM flnroeonTo/4 ho John Rlalr H C.n ...
30 Jun 2016  -  63k
231. Sponsor-1959-12-1-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... influence in connnunity Page 27 *" j v / WH B KANSAS CiTV u \ 6- tff il Musical sell 1 w s. heads for WT x EW LEA high 'C Page 30 v WDGY Minneapolis BT. PAUL Must tv be spanked and • KOMA spanked and..? iLAHOMA CITY Page 32 The How to get STORZ 'big ideas' Vhere there's i Zip, Stations today's Radio in radio/tv r Storz Stat: anx^? lor today's selling Page 38 Todd Storz, Preside-I.there's ^ jo" Home 0"ice Omaha WDGY, WHB, KOMA, WQAM udience.. represented by John Blair & Co. ...
30 Jun 2016  -  79k
232. Sponsor-1962-05-4-OCR-Page-0054.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... ! linues lo be the foundation stone of the highest rated radio program in the Slorz operation. Kansas City (with audience shares in FOUR Looking back, George "Bud" Arm- the 50 and 60% brackets) , and strong, executive vice president of WQAM's Alan Courtney Show, top- MARKETS! the Storz stations, says, "Whether rated in Miami and "SRO on the • ALBANY you call it eonleinporan radio, mod- business side." The formal of both walb-tv • DOTHAN ern radio or whatever, the Storz shows, says Armstrong, permits a • TALLAHASSEE topic range from baseball lo com- ICH.10-AIBANY,GA ...
13 Jul 2016  -  71k
233. 1966-04-25-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Part of the go -go crowd. The part that listens to Storz radio, then goes out and buys your product or service. The young moderns. The young marrieds. The crowd with shopping lists umpteen feet long, just waiting to be told their business is appreciated. So why not tell 'em? Influence the influencibles.© On a Storz station you talk to the most influenceable people so the word gets around faster because the go -go crowd responds. 8 STO R WDGY Minneapolis -St. Paul (Blair) KXOK St. Louis (AM Sales) WHB Kansas City (Blair) WTIX New Orleans (Eastman) KOMA ...
30 Apr 2014  -  62k
234. 1956-12-10-BC-OCR-Page-0110 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... or about Dec. 15, it was an- PrompTer engineering vice president. E. NEWTON WRAY, nounced last week by CBS Newsfilm Man- Sheraton Corp. entered the closed-circuit ager Howard L. Kany. President & Gen. Mgr. field two and a half years ago. PROGRAM SERVICES PEOPLE NBC and ABC Storz Stations Engage Krick Jerome Medford, project director, W. R. THE FIVE Storz Broadcasting Co. radio Simmons, to Advertest Research Inc. N. Y. Represented by stations have engaged Dr. Irving P. Krick in similar capacity. Michael Sandler and Assoc. Denver, as weather consultants. Virginia Davis have also joined ...
30 Apr 2014  -  64k
235. 1954-02-01-BC-OCR-Page-0040 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... media in contributing to world peace by hard and combat rescession talk. Nearly All Space Set keeping people informed. "Remove censorship Morgan Beatty, NBC news analyst, urged from the totalitarian and his regime will broadcasters not to be "rip and read newsmen." For NARTB Exhibit crumble," he said. Todd Storz KOWH Omaha, said his station re- NARTB announced Friday it had allocated cently had cut its news staff, using the money to nearly all the space for heavy equipment ex- Scoffs at 'Traffic Cop' buy remote equipment and three wire services hibits during the annual convention to be held He scoffed at the " ...
30 Apr 2014  -  66k
236. Sponsor-1962-03-4-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... " 52% of KXOK's morning audience are age 18-39. In the afternoon it's 47.4% . Most of the other leading stations are heavy with 40-plusses. AND MORE LISTENERS EVERY DAY, drawn by KXOK energy, Cosmetic, drug enthusiasm, news, public spirit and sound. Audience up 50% since the start of Storz programming on a clear trend up! Isn't Doom spring that right, John Blair? "Right, Chet Thomas!" BLAIR new radio $s One GROUP of the PLAN STORZ KXOK (o MEMBER Page 77 STAT0NS 630 kc, the Storz Station in St. Louis DIQE AFFILIATED WITH WriB WDGY KPMfl WTiX WqA-M ...
13 Jul 2016  -  76k
237. 1957-07-01-BC-OCR-Page-0071 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... 4,000,000,000 buying power awaits advertisers who like to Thayer WDGY General Manager ride with the winner. The gang- JACK THAYER, WDGY Minneapolis -St. way is down at any Katz office. Paul disc jockey and production and pro- motion director, will assume duties as the station's general manager July 3, according to Todd Storz, president of the Storz Stations, of which WDGY is one. Mr. Thayer, who T-- succeeds new ABC Vice President Ste- phen Labunski, is HarUNTINGTON-aCHARLESTON, dnW.® . Á'Vl ib W. qVgA. C": a veteran of 15 'When I get my guitar, pardner years ...
30 Apr 2014  -  63k
238. 1966-08-15-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Part of the go -go crowd. The part that listens to Storz radio, then goes out and buys your product or service. The young moderns. The young marrieds. The crowd with shopping lists umpteen feet long, just waiting to be told their business is appreciated. So why not tell 'em? Influence the influencibles.© On a Storz station you talk to the most influenceable people so the word gets around faster because the go -go crowd responds. B STOR WDGY Minneapolis-St. Paul (Blair) KXOK St. Louis (AM Sales) WHB Kansas City (Blair) WTIX New Orleans (Eastman) KOMA Oklahoma City ...
30 Apr 2014  -  62k
239. Sponsor-1961-12-1-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... - LISTENER COMMERC\IK\ . . SALE.S . casting and advertis- IMPACT (s ^NTEGRW^y \ ^ j ina industry growth Page 37 Bad weather is • ow to automate good business your sales in these U markets for radio spot Page 42 Creative tips on 'good' copy from Hoiiywood pros Page 44 Storz Storz Station Rating points Storz Station Kansas City Station are human after New Orleans ail, says Nielsen : Page 48 worn, whb, I h; HOM* . K*0 * , WOAH {spresmtre Ay Has. WTtX reparatn by Eajtmn. ...
11 Jul 2016  -  59k
240. 1956-07-02-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... the tune of 204 out of 240 first place quarter hours for K- O -W-H. Trendex chimes in with firsts for K-O -W-H in every time period. For some good TIME in the right spots, call KOWH General Manager Virgil Sharpe, or the H -R man. .. in a fulsome article featuring the Storz broadcasting formula -for building and keeping audiences. CONTINENT BROADCASTING COMPANY The Storz Stations' -Todd Storz, President WDGT, MinneapolisSt. Paul KOWH, Omaha WHB, Kansas City WTIX, New Orlean, WQAM, Miami " Represented by Represented by Represented by Represente( by Represented .by Avery Knodel, Inc. H -R Reps ...
30 Apr 2014  -  87k
241. 1956-10-15-BC-OCR-Page-0001 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... '" "" RE: -; :M1 : I T' I X NEW ORLEANS Still rocketing, still leading, with increasing margins all the time, per latest Hooper. And wait 'til you see that newest Pulse. Ask ADAM YOUNG INC. or WTIX GM Fred Berthelson. WQ, M Now bringing Storz music, news, ideas, excitement to all of Southern Florida, with 5,000 watts on 560 kc. WQAM is already a fine Miami buy, as JOHN BLAIR or GM Jack Sandler will demonstrate. So today, in all of these important markets, you choose well when you choose The Storz stations Today's Radio ...
30 Apr 2014  -  94k
242. 1965-05-24-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... WHAT IS AN INFLUENCIBLE? She's the gal..or the guy..on the move. The young woman or man who listens to radio- Storz radio. They like the sound of music.. the tempo and timeliness of the news ..the frequent weather reports ..the audience participation shows. These young people, many of them young marrieds with children, are influenced by radio. They are open- minded in their buying habits.. are still establishing their favorite brands and favorite stores. Influence the influencb/es. They'll listen to your sales story on a Storz station. 8 STO R WDGY Minneapolis -St. Paul (Blair) KXOK St. Louis ( ...
30 Apr 2014  -  110k
243. Sponsor-1959-08-5-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... THE stor:l STATIONS film syndication — another sponsor first Fi-laHT li-EBTiKATlO-M Page 31 AUnnSapolfjS WPSY Paul was Kansas Cily Gillette deep in i 5 radio with opera- KOMA cm tion earlybird ^eojfldcd&s Page 35 3^E_ Who's who in tv nets-special list for agencymen llin by ai Page 38 U gain more altitude Storz Stations The Fall lineup shows preferred m its market) STORZ rise in costs and Stations hours — Tv basics ere there's a today's Radio Station for today's selling Page 43 ^e's audience Todd Storz, Presideot Home Office Omaha WDGY, WHB, KOMA, WQAM represented by John Blair & Co. WTIX represented by Adam ...
30 Jun 2016  -  81k
244. 1959-10-26-BC-OCR-Page-0084 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... broadcasters Future Broad- tion Officers for Civil Defense, Mr. casters of America, Valley City, N.D. Bell cited a long list of broadcaster complaints about lack of cooperation Media notes met concurrently with the state broad- casters' association Sept. 25 -26. The or- by civil defense people- mostly on the Storz scholarships Five Storz stations ganization, helped by KOVC Valley local level-in carrying out emergency have announced the establishment of a City staffers, runs a radio station (cov- operations during Conelrad exercises, scholarship fund in each of their cities ering the block from which it operates) and before and after the elerts. to ...
30 Apr 2014  -  47k
245. 1957-12-30-BC-OCR-Page-0005 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... - uable property. Maj. McLean and Dr. arranged last August but has not yet been pleted its briefing on ponderous network Frank Stanton, CBS Inc. president, called announced, will overlap first annual disc study report, final sessions being due Jan. on practically all members of FCC on jockey conference arranged by Storz Sta- 6-7 [CLOSED CIRCUIT, Dec. 231 Friday, Dec. 20, to explain transactions, tions for Kansas City, March 7-8-9, and which is subject to FCC approval. Reason which was formally announced two months DYNAFLOW PITCH Of all agencies assigned was desire of 66-year-old presi- ago. Conflict may ...
30 Apr 2014  -  91k
246. 1961-11-27-BC-OCR-Page-0060 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... the Paramount case forbade package deals between movie companies and theaters that were entirely dependent FCC MAY FINE KOMA $10,000 on motion pictures to operate; tv sta- Action against Storz station for violations tions are free to select other program fare if the terms offered by film dis- of power, antenna rules is second under new law tributors do not suit them. National Telefilm Assoc. is the other KOMA Oklahoma City received a uary inspection. The agency is author- distributor cited by Judge Dawson. notice of "apparent liability" for a ized to fine a licensee $1,000 for each $10,000 fine from the FCC last week ...
30 Apr 2014  -  46k
247. Sponsor-1956-10-3-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... Or ( 'a us nine-month Mill roeki ting, till in first jilaee, with inereasin^ margins all the time, per latent IIooi>er. Ami wait 'til yon see comeback plan that newest J'uls,. A-k ADAM VOI'M; IN* ' , or WTIX CM FrerJ DertheKon. Page 32 WQAM, Mutmi Now hringing Storz irniMe, new> , i<ie; ( -xeiteineiit to all of Southern Florida, with .I.mmm watt^ on ke. WQAM D aln-ady a fine Mian i huy, a JOHN' lil.AIK or CM Jaek V; ndler will demonsti ite. Tory's rMlio fw today i t ii ug TH 10 The ...
30 Jun 2016  -  88k
248. Sponsor-1956-10-1-OCR-Page-0026.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... leadership, mind yon- but, way-ont-front, dominating leadership- -throughout the radio day. Hooper (July-August) gives KOWII 47.7% daytime! Latest Trcndcx gives KOWII top spot in every time period! Latest Pulse gives KOWII top spot in 204 out of 240 daytime quarter hours. This is the kind of market-dominanec which Storz station ideas, programming and excitement and broad (660 ke.) coverage make possible for national and local advertisers. Results prove it, too. Ask the Adam Young man, or CJeneral Manager \ irgil Sharpe for details. KOWH OMAHA "THE STORZ Stations" Todd Storz, President PROGRAMMED FOR TODAY'S LISTENING AND ...
30 Jun 2016  -  73k
249. 1962-02-26-BC-OCR-Page-0098 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... commentary. Nearly Television Journalism. This material would not be broadcast Mr. Yauch said the committee also 100 Detroit citizens interested in Listen- unless specifically approved by ABA er's Lobby signed the advertisement. met last week with representatives of and local bar associations and would the bench and bar from Texas and Honored Arthur C. Storz Sr. board be turned over to the ABA. Colorado and will discuss with other chairman of Storz Brewing Co. Omaha, During the hearing Feb. 18, the ABA representatives their experiences in Neb. has been named recipient of committee heard arguments for repeal court coverage. He said a transcript of KMTV (TV's) award ...
30 Apr 2014  -  31k
250. BC-1952-09-01-OCR-Page-0020 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Open Mike Storz proposes an "NARTB Guar- Program Director Bill Robb, de- anteed Rate Card Seal." cided that showing the newscaster (Continued from page 14) WWJ will happily go along with helped to bridge the gap between, the idea. Especially so since the motionless still shots and newsreel figures, but 406,000 plus 856,000 Price No Object last time I was in Washington I clips. for the City of St. Louis, for a had suggested a "Registered Rate Marvin Alisky total of 1,262,000. EDITOR: Card" to the editor of your excel- Ph D. Candidate lent magazine. U. of ...
30 Apr 2014  -  93k
251. BC-1960-08-29-OCR-Page-0074 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... The following sales of WASHINGTON Needs "grass roots" owner-management station interests were announced last plus technical rehabilitation . . Low . week, subject to FCC approval: $400,000 down payment. Good terms. Unusual op- portunity. KXOX St. Louis: Sold by Elzey Roberts Jr. and C.L. Thomas to Todd Storz for $1.5 million cash. handled direct. KXOX Broadcasting Inc. will be IÉla.ckbwrin & Cormp.any Inc. liquidated and Storz purchases all assets, including real estate. KXOX operates RADIO -TV- NEWSPAPER BROKERS on 630 kc with 5 kw. Other Storz sta- NEGOTIATIONS-FINANCING -APPRAISALS tions are WHB Kansas City; WTIX WASHINGTON ...
30 Apr 2014  -  35k
252. Sponsor-1960-02-3-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... graming, syndication Page 29 (each preferred VYHB slSA in its market) Will the new fiiter-tip pact Y EW OR LEAfs| ST set a trend? nN^A pot-® Page 33 7 ok It ain't worth a C| r a shrug if it ain't got that plug Page 38 V The Brewing: the STORZ Where there's a battle of the Stations Storz Station. . today's Radio ratings there's lor today's selling Page 41 Todd Storz, President audience Home Office: Omaha WDGY, WHB, KOMA, WQAM 4 represented by John Blair & Co. WTIX represented by Adam Young Inc. ...
09 Jul 2016  -  69k
253. 1957-06-17-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... * Date of NCS #2 Just this: August, 1956 WQAM became a Storz Station. October, 1956 WQAM went independent. November, 1956 WQAM leaped to first place all day (28.4% , Hooper) without a give -away. February, 1957 WQAM rocketed to first place all day on Trendex (34.1%) . Feb. -Mar. 1957 WQAM jumped to first place all day on Pulse. Mar. -Apr. 1957 WQAM now has more than twice the audience of the runner -up station. Apr. -May, 1957 WQAM now has more than 21/2 times the audience of the runner -up station. Next time ...
30 Apr 2014  -  74k
254. 1957-05-20-BC-OCR-Page-0066 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... (D -N. Y.) . The bills would require every govern - committee currently is preparing a report on the competitive practices in the music field the result of extensive hearings held last - National Weekly Inc. has bought KOWH ment agency to file for publication in the September into the ASCAP -BMI feud. from Storz Broadcasting Co. [BT, March Federal Register and the Code of Federal [BT, April 22] . 25 -April 1] for $822,500. William F. Regulations the following: Buckley, author of the controversial God Agency's central and field organizations FCC Asked to Approve Sale andMan at Yale and co- ...
30 Apr 2014  -  38k
255. 1959-07-27-BC-OCR-Page-0076 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... of record manufacturers and one -hour episodes on last season's West- election which gave the Musicians station management. inghouse Desilu Playhouse on CBS -TV, Guild of America the right to bargain The 1960 convention of DJA is to be for the musicians at the major studios will be shown in theatres abroad under held concurrently with the Storz Sta- (BROADCASTING, July 14, 1958) . In its an agreement now being negotiated, Mr. tions' disc jockey convention, or inde- petition, AFM claims that the MGA Arnaz said, adding that theatre showing pendently if the third annual Storz Sta- contract with the studios cannot bar in ...
30 Apr 2014  -  41k
256. Sponsor-1959-07-1-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... k wHl xS in its market) AN s r Where there s smoke, there is WTIX 1 ^lea NS -5T PA-" ' sure to be radio nnca pO* - ' N" Page 30 A. K ok Why tv's NIA 'quiz-panel' shows go on and on Page 36 A The fall shows STORZ Where there's a Stations reflect public Storz Station . . . today's Radio taste?— Tv Basics there's lor today's selling Page 39 lodd Storz. President audience Home Office Omaha WDGY, WHB, KOMA, WQAM represented by John Blair & Co. WTIX represented by Adam Young Inc. ...
30 Jun 2016  -  74k
257. BC-1953-03-30-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... neAto TODD STORZ MEMO FROM tell tory if We could ,d be iponsor says "Vol" It of 11 key the sponsor was one it but radio KOWÉ ne Incorporated radi1 up for You see, stations selected a test es cam of .aig CEN- by n If aga kept :ld on each their sal were Careful rec records stay ere of pil ñed per efficiency the effici and the and the area, results he results market that as dollar. Mention rated advertising up first place served to n filling to occupy) . 'o t nothing " station 1:g : there's pia the (the on only in- ts- ...
30 Apr 2014  -  104k
258. 1967-03-27-BC-OCR-Page-0127 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Presiding, G. W. Armstrong, Storz Broadcasting Co. Omaha, convention co- chairman. Invocation, Reverend Omaha, convention co-chairman, vice chairman of NAB Kenneth Hildebrand, pastor of the Central Church radio board. of Chicago. The Many Worlds of Inner Space: Introduction, John Introduction of the Speaker, John F. Dille Jr. Com- Couric, NAB vice president for public relations. Pres- municana Group of Indiana, chairman of NAB board entation, Frank Gaither, wsB Atlanta. of directors. Address, Sargent Shriver, director of Office New Developments in Local Radio Audience Research: of Economic Opportunity. Moderator, ...
30 Apr 2014  -  83k
259. 1958-12-15-BC-OCR-Page-0074 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... TRADE ASSNS. NAB MEET ASSESSES RADIO TODAY Vernon Nolte, WJBC Bloomington, hid.; Jerome Sill, WFPG Atlantic City, N. J.; Am broadcasters are enjoying rising relations manager, described the proposed Todd Storz, Storz stations; W. H. Summer- audiences and income in many areas but license form changes. ville, WWL New Orleans; C. L. Thomas, they're coping with recession leftovers, oc- An account of ASCAP and BMI radio KXOK St. Louis; Edward DeGray, ABC; casional spot declines, network problems, copyright negotiations was phoned to the Arthur Hull Hayes, CBS; ...
30 Apr 2014  -  50k
260. 1956-07-23-BC-OCR-Page-0138 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... editorials Another FCC Toys With Programs THE presently constituted FCC may be treading dangerously WEATHER REPORT close to the pitfalls that have engulfed practically all of its predecessors-control of programming. A transfer of control case, involving the sale of WQAM Miami to Todd Storz' Mid- Continent group, triggered heated debate in the Commission's closing session prior to its summer recess last Thurs- day. Mr. Storz, who has amassed both ratings and controversy by treasure hunts and other contests, had been cited for possible hearing on the giveaway issue as one designed to "purchase" audi- ence. The FCC, after full discussion, decided to grant ...
30 Apr 2014  -  57k
261. 1968-03-23-BC-OCR-Page-0170 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... New AM stations ACTIONS ON MOTIONS use frequency of 1030 kc. Action March 13. Hearing Examiner Millard F. French on Review board granted Storz Broadcast- FINAL ACTIONS March 14 In Donelson. Tenn. (Great South- ing Co. CP to increase daytime power of Auburn, Me. Andy Valley Broadcasting ern Broadcasting Co.) . AM proceeding, on WTIX New Orleans from 5 kw to 10 kw, System Inc. FCC granted 1530 kc, 1 kw -D. request by Broadcast Bureau and with con- change trans. and change daytime direc- P. O. address: c/ o James Aikman, 141 Col- ...
30 Apr 2014  -  55k
262. 1962-10-01-BC-OCR-Page-0096 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Situations Wanted- (Coned) Situations Wanted- (Coned) Situations Wanted-(Cont'd) Announcers Announcers Production- Programming, Others Format top 40 personality jock. Six years Play by play baseball. Former professional Solid newsman seeks major market chal- experience with Plough, Bartell, Storz. pitcher, college graduate, 32, author of book lenge. Over two years McLendon college Past year morning man Storz. Number one and articles, experienced in all sports pro- degree. Box 707P, BROADCASTING. hooper and pulse. Also automation pro- duction, interviews on 3 stations, can do gramming expert. Strong on ideas ...
30 Apr 2014  -  51k
263. 1968-03-25-BC-OCR-Page-0170 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... New AM stations ACTIONS ON MOTIONS use frequency of 1030 kc. Action March 13. Hearing Examiner Millard F. French on Review board granted Storz Broadcast- FINAL ACTIONS March 14 In Donelson. Tenn. (Great South- ing Co. CP to increase daytime power of Auburn, Me. Andy Valley Broadcasting ern Broadcasting Co.) . AM proceeding, on WTIX New Orleans from 5 kw to 10 kw, System Inc. FCC granted 1530 kc, 1 kw -D. request by Broadcast Bureau and with con- change trans. and change daytime direc- P. O. address: c/ o James Aikman, 141 Col- ...
30 Apr 2014  -  55k
264. Sponsor-1958-04-2-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... nPvJ LL THE WEEKLY MAGAZINE TV/RADIO ADVERTISERS wSE Where there's TV'S MAN OF -0 a Storz Station . , . THE HOUR: * there s THE CONSULTANT REATfVITV The trend to air media consultants is growing. They're advising spon- C sors, agencies, and the networks. Here's why industry needs experts to advise the experts w* Page 29 How the webs licked Daylight Saving Time problems Page 32 Fail tv: the PHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN BURWELL lineups are MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL . . . WDCY is first . . . all-day aver- I creativity of self-disci- age. Proof: Pulse. To talk to the twins . . ...
29 Jun 2016  -  109k
265. Sponsor-1958-11-5-OCR-Page-0021.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... ^ SPONSOR-SCOPE continued . An event this week that network railio hails as a major turning point in its fortune imolves Toikl Storz' Oklahoma City 50,000-wattcr, KOMA, and NBC Radio. After WKY, NBC's long-time Oklahoma City affiliate, had notified the trade that it was going independent, NBC let it be known that Storz, dynamic torch-bearer of independent op- eration, had moved his latest acquisition, KOMA, into the breach. NBC also disclosed that KOMA would carry at least 90% of NBC Radio's sponsored schedule. (WKY, according to the network, had been clearing appreciably less.) Repercussions from CBS Radio's programing euthaek ...
29 Jun 2016  -  56k
266. Sponsor-1957-08-3-OCR-Page-0030.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... That s what the newest Hooper savs, eoiitiiiuin^ a dramatie runaway A Time-Buyer for WQAM since the start of Storz Station tiroprannning less than a year atro. Xow W'QA.M has 4 times the andienee of the next station. ^oesn't have to dig 1 he latest I'nlse and Trendex also show WQAM in first place by eon- very far to vineing margins, flakes time-buying- in Miami rather simple, doesn't it. Don't complicate yonr life by leaning- on Ifiofi data for support, learn what's what (iet the new figures from .John in Miami. 1'dair . . . or talk to W'QAM WQAM Heneral .Manager .Jack Sandier. ...
28 Jun 2016  -  85k
267. Sponsor-1960-04-3-OCR-Page-0068.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... WRAP-UP station, WTIX, to Robert E. East- Pete Watkins, to the New York (Continued from page 6.5) man. This mote eliminates Adam sales staff of PG^ . . Peter Prir Young from the Storz lineup com- to the New York sales staff of Bro i ner of the "Public Interest Award" pletely. cast Time Sales . . . Joseph Paynl of the Safety Council . . 2) But Young did pick up, to the tv department in the New Yo] fo WINS, New York, a certificate in WXIX-TV, Milwaukee, w hich was office of the George P. ...
09 Jul 2016  -  70k
268. Sponsor-1958-01-2-OCR-Page-0044.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... SPONSOR ASKS What was your best audience promotion Todd Storz, The Storz Stations, Omaha months when the telephone volume of Specially prepared slides featuring \\ e have found that our most success- requests for long-range week-end re- landmarks or a "community shot" ful audience promotion devices have ports for picnickers prompted us to carry a video legend "Janesville been promotions that offer something make it a regular weekly feature of the watches WREX-TV, Rockford" in su- of a service to listeners. The "Presi- forecasts. pered position run as station I.D. s dential Preference Poll." which was The most durable of our promotions ...
29 Jun 2016  -  81k
269. 1958-09-15-BC-OCR-Page-0098 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . Co. Kansas City, Mo. New Orleans, La. Scheduled hearing for Sept. 10 on fm applica- By Hearing Examiner Forest L. McCleaning Miami, Fla. and Mirmeapolis, Minn. Granted tion of Bcstrs. Inc. Stockton, Catit Ac- on September 3 mod. of licenses to change name to Storz Bcstg. pValley Co.: and mod. of cis to change nom. to Storz oral argument for Sept. 12 on U Scheduled oral Scheduled prehearing conference for Sept. 10 Bests. Co. for WTDC, WQAM and WDGY. petition by James H. Duncan (KSIL) , Silver City, in re ...
30 Apr 2014  -  72k
US Radio Magazine
... hometown USA Local Promotion Commercial Clinic Station Log Radio Registers Disc Jockey's Changing Role Is Viewed Storz conference studies d.j. s changing role in mapping programming trends The disc jockey, long re- garded as 'strictly a talent, is adding other dimensions to his character, according to a recent industry gathering. State- ments made at this conclave would indicate that as more advertising dol- lars go to independent programming, the d.j. is beginning to take on both the rote and responsibilities of the big businessman. This new position was much in evidence at the first annual Pop Music Disc Jockey Convention, held in Kansas City, Mo. last month ...
03 May 2014  -  49k
271. 1967-08-14-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... what is an IpflUenCible 2 One of the lively ones. Intense, interested, keenly attuned. This vital market of young adults has tremendous buying power, and Storz radio reaches them. The influencibles are mostly Young Marrieds with children, so chances are they're in the market for your product or service. Concentrate on this lively, responsible audience and get sales action fast. Influence the influencibles.© 8 STORZ WDGY Minneapolis -St. Paul (Blair) KXOK St. Louis (RAR, Inc.) WHB Kansas City KOMA Oklahoma City (Blair) WTIX New Orleans (Eastman) (Bla ir) WQAM Miami (Blair) ...
30 Apr 2014  -  108k
272. BC-1952-05-05-OCR-Page-0098 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . at NBA meeting in Omaha. urday TV tour of White House were of college will be present. Mr. McConnell will Others elected were Gene Ackerley, KCOW bought on two CBS Television stations serve as toastmaster. Alliance, vice president; Bob Thomas WJAG by Kefauver National Campaign Com- Norfolk, secretary; Todd Storz, NARTB rep- WILLIAM B. ROHN, salesman with WINS mittee. Stations were WTOP -TV Wash- New York since 1949 and earlier with Burn - resentative, and Jack Yeager, KGFW Kearney, ington and WBNS-TV Columbus, Ohio. and Hap Anderson, KOIL Omaha, board Account handled by Robert J. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  53k
273. 1966-01-31-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... What is an A radio lover. An influencible loves all kinds of radios. Car radios. Home radios. Away- from -home transistor radios. Most of all an influencible loves Storz radio. This young adult audience, many of them young marrieds with children, is influenced by your message on Storz radio. Figure it out yourself. When you've got the buying audience, you've got the sale Influence the in- fluencib/es. 1965 Sron Cu. Inc iNDGY Minneapolis -Sr. )ul WHB Kinsas Ca. KOMA Okla?uurmi e Bl r KXOK St. loirs WTIX New Orleac, WQAM Mlam IAM Sale, B BROADCASTING ...
30 Apr 2014  -  125k
274. 1967-03-27-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... what is an influencible 2 One of the lively ones. Intense, interested, keenly attuned. This vital market of young adults has tremendous buying power, and Storz radio reaches them. The influencibles are mostly Young Marrieds with children, so chances are they're in the market for your product or service. Concentrate on this lively, responsible audience and get sales action fast. Influence the influencibles.© 8 STORZ WDGY Minneapolis -St. Paul WHB Kansas City KOMA Oklahoma City (Blair) KXOK St. Louis (R.A.R. Inc.) (Blair) WTIX New Orleans (Eastman) (Blair) WQAM Miami (Blair) BROADCASTING, ...
30 Apr 2014  -  104k
275. 1955-12-19-BC-OCR-Page-0080 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... And an application for FCC approval of the holders will retain their present interests in the STATIONS IN THE SAME AREA sale of WDGY Minneapolis -St. Paul by Herman company. Lange and C. T. Hagman and associates to Additionally Mr. Stern said: "Our increased COMBINED. Mid -Continent Broadcasting Co. (Todd Storz) interest in Modern Broadcasting Co. [licensee WERH is the most powerful for $334,200 was filed. of the WAFB stations] substantiates our con- selling influence in Northwest Ala- KGW is now owned 40% by KING- AM -FM- fidence and faith in television in general, and TV Seattle ( ...
30 Apr 2014  -  63k
... (RIGHT) New format (RIGHT) jorviat was needed when tv began to assert itself. A blend of music and news was mixed by Storz father father-and-son - and - son team which re-pro- re -pro- grami gramedd an Omaha sta- tion in 1949. Mixture was introduced to Kan- sas City in 1954; achieved one of the /V early, enduring suc- * cesses of 'modern m: sound. R. Todd Storz and gm George Arm- strong had plenty to celebrate when KC sta- 35 candles tion lit 35 candles, in 1957. (whb) (wHB) - L. (right ...
09 Jul 2016  -  119k
277. Television-1965-Oct-OCR-Page-0052 [Television Magazine]
Television Magazine
... , but things are going the new station in town without going things just for the sake of doing some- to be different. Fifteen years ago, who broke paying for that reason. thing. was aware and sharp enough to think Where the pressure from the com- that Gordon McLendon and T o d d Storz mission to activate a CP is particularly would come along and knock the tar out intense yet the current chances for ac- of the network O&O radio stations with ceptance in that market particularly 5 kw and 15-man organizations? W h o bleak, a U — not willing to lose what ONE MAN'S MONEY ...
03 May 2014  -  151k
278. Sponsor-1959-05-3-OCR-Page-0022.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... ibis week started to put out feelers for sponsorship prospects of the I'rcsidential con- vention and election returns in 1960. CBS's paekape for the events in 1956 coveriiif; both tv and radio ran somewhat over $5 million. Here's a radio development that maybe worth watchiiif:: Two leading indepen- deni <jronps — Storz and MeLendon — are making; some changes in music policy. Storz' KOMA, Oklahoma City, has taken the accent off current pop releases and put it on long-playing albums, while MeLendon's KBAL (formerly KROW) , San Fran- sisco, deserted the ranks of roek- n' roll for what the station termed ...
30 Jun 2016  -  54k
... Transcontinent's transfer of radio WHAM to attorney News (Cox) to owners of new WCKT (Ch. 7) for $404, John S. Riggs and adman F. Robert Greene for $500,000 128-contingent on $850,000 sale of WQAM by Miami (Vol. 12:25) . Herald (Knight) to Todd Storz, held up while FCC deter- WTVT, Tampa (Ch. 13) to WKY Radiophone Co. mines whether Storz policy of "cash giveaways" is in public (Oklahoma Daily Oklahoman) from group headed by ex- interest (Vol. 12:28) . KSFO, San Francisco, by Wesley ...
29 Jan 2016  -  73k
280. Sponsor-1959-02-3-OCR-Page-0068.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... remain flexible enough to serve vertisers, the best immediate solution him effecLhel) . to the problem for two-rate stations is There is ample justification for a the establishment of stringent qualifi- station rate differential. But there is cation policies for local or retail ad- n6' valid and ethical reason for an vertisers. The Storz Broadcasting Co. elastic yardstick to be used in deter- put such a plan into effect last April. mining who qualifies for which rate. Many other stations throughout the So we have two rate cards and one countrj" have followed suit. rate policy which outlaws bargaining. In essence, such a plan embodies ...
30 Jun 2016  -  86k
... , the mass color annually, has been sold for $400,000 cash, plus accounts TV market will open up, he added-bringing a rush of receivable at time transfer is approved (expected to be business even greater than the early days of black-& -white. about $40,000) , to Robert H. Storz and son Todd, who own He estimated that probably fewer than 150,000 color sets KOWH, Omaha, and WTIX, New Orleans. The elder will be built this year, selling from $800 to $1200. Storz heads an Omaha brewing company, is director of Defense buying of electronic equipment this year, ...
29 Jan 2016  -  72k
282. 1958-03-17-BC-OCR-Page-0037 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... In addition, he pointed out, national radio He cited the example of the top 40 record RCA Victor Records. advertising has reached an alltime high with format that had been eminently successful Saturday banquet host was Dot Records. even network reversing its downward trend. but which since has been "copied and re- The Storz Stations and Roulette Records Mr. Meagher urged a unified radio effort copied by the followers" to a point of less held cocktail parties Friday and Saturday for a larger share of advertising, instead of impact. evenings, respectively. "sniping" within the medium. Aim for R. C. Embry, vice ...
30 Apr 2014  -  44k
283. 1967-01-30-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... What is an infiuencjbje A radio lover. An influencible loves all kinds of radios. Car radios. Home radios. Away- from -home transistor radios. Most of all an influencible loves Storz radio. This young adult audience, many of them young marrieds with children, is influenced by your message on Storz radio. Figure it out yourself. When you've got the buying audience, you've got the sale. Influence the in- fluencibles. !96, Store Broadcasting Co. Inc WDGY Minneapolis -St. Pai.i WHB Kansas City KOMA Oiclanunta î' Blair; N.a. KXOK St. Louie WTIX Ne, Orleans WQAM Mla + t (RA R Inc ...
30 Apr 2014  -  126k
284. 1968-12-23-BC-OCR-Page-0065 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... with experience in television layout and design. One-Kilowatt Western Electric 443A -I Transmitter Experienced newsman; gather, write, edit, air. Experience in set design and staging a plus. in excellent condition. Available immediately. Con- Good clean voice: third endorsed; draft exempt; tact P. W. Tribou, Storz Broadcasting Company, some play -by -play. Interested in relocation. Age Excellent working conditions and fringe benefits. Send resume to Box M -233, BROADCASTING. Kiewit Plaza, Omaha. Nebraska 68131. Phone (402) 25: married. 3 -years experience including board 342-4700. shift. Box M -211, BROADCASTING ...
30 Apr 2014  -  79k
285. Sponsor-1958-03-5-OCR-Page-0086.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... the lack of programing clinics, both television and radio. & WKRC-TV, Cincinnati, reports that So sponsor welcomed, with more than normal enthusiasm, when Bishop Fulton J. Sheen made a the programing conclaves held by Westinghouse Broadcast- personal appearance at city's Taft Auditorium, seven paid stagehands ing Company in Baltimore and the Storz Stations in Kansas stood in the wings although the stage City early in March. Both were exceptionally well organ- was bare of scenery. An easy night for ized, instructive, and useful examples of industry service. workers in the vineyard. \\ estinghouse pegged its conference to public service pro- To and ...
29 Jun 2016  -  81k
286. 1957-08-05-BC-OCR-Page-0118 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... to mons, Ont. Canadian Labor Relations Board has cer- try that candy!" tified National Association of Broadcast Em- Commercials on WGNTV have employes and Technicians as bargaining a way of getting results- because agent for 80 employes of CFCM -TV and WGN -TV programming keeps CKMI -TV Quebec City. Que. TODD STORZ (I ) .Ind George W. Arm- folks wide -awake, interested and watching. For proof, let our - Canadian Assn. of Radio -Tv Broadcasters' strong, general manager of Kansas City, survey the scene WHB at the specialists fill you in on some sur- new rate cards for all member ...
30 Apr 2014  -  66k
287. 1975-09-22-BC-OCR-Page-0031 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... license proposition that such a broadcast did, in renewal applications of 21 New Orleans fact, occur." radio stations appears, finally, to have had no basis in fact. At least, an FCC adminis- trative law judge could find no basis after a hearing held to help the commission decide whether to designate Storz Broad- Star transfer casting Co. s renewal application for wT)x (AM) for hearing. moves into The allegation was made after a sniper had terrorized New Orleans from the roof FCC arena of a Howard Johnson's motel, on Jan, 7, Commission to hold prehearing 1973. A New Orleans resident, ...
30 Apr 2014  -  54k
288. Sponsor-1958-02-4-OCR-Page-0015.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... piano, saxaphone, clarinet, drums, flute A and bassoon. Known as the "Dapper Don Juan Disc Deployer," Ken is one of the big WTIX voices in the big, booming New Orleans area. r ESPLANADE AVENUE WHARF .. and JOHNNY BARRETT WTIX's Program Director has been a key figure in the Storz organization for over four years. Johnny is an advocate of heavy on-the-air promotions and a % tight music policy. Proof of how well the system works are WTIX's continu- ing top ratings in the nation's #2 port city. FABLED PIRATE'S ALLEY .. and LARRY WILSON "Mr. New Orleans Radio" is ...
29 Jun 2016  -  127k
289. Sponsor-1957-09-4-OCR-Page-0026.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . And from Pulse — 2 happy birthday cards: FIRST Metro Pulse gfves WQAM decisive first place So does a brand new Southern Florida area Pulse, that accounts ANNIVERSARY for the listening preferences of 31.5% of the people of Florida. Many happy returns from Trendex, too, with a strong first for ASA WQAM. STORZ STATION And many thanks to you who buy time — for your quick recognition of the change in Miami radio listening . . . and for your eonfideuce in the personalities and programmings of the new .. FINDS WQAM'S RUNAWAY WQAM Serving all of southern Florida with 5,000 watts on 560 Itc COMPLETE1 and Radio #1 in . ...
28 Jun 2016  -  94k
290. 1957-06-10-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... is further proof that 1956 figures are worthless for 1957 time -buying. WDGY is now an even stronger first every afternoon.* PULSE UPI Look at the chart at the left .. and see how far WDGY has come (7 a.m. -7 p.m. Mon. Fri.) on Pulse in the last 12 months. Storz Station programming excite- ment has overturned radio listening habits of a generation -and Pulse isn't alone in reflecting it. March WDGY is first NSI area 9 a.m. 6 p.m. Monday- Saturday. WDGY is first all day per latest Trendex. In every recent report, April 2.8 WDGY has a big first place audience ...
30 Apr 2014  -  86k
291. 1971-08-16-BC-OCR-Page-0030 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Miami AM strike such conservative groups as "Texas oil under common law principle it is settled The American Federation of Television interests" be among the beneficiaries that there is an inherent value in the and Radio Artists has asked sponsors to of the court's opinion. license and that it is alienable. That pull their commercials off Storz Broad- It was in the area of the broadcaster's whole concept seems to be up for grabs casting's WQAM(AM) Miami as a strike role that the chairman indicated being at the moment." by nine newsmen and disk jockeys en- most troubled, particularly regarding Commenting upon the commission's tered its second month ...
30 Apr 2014  -  41k
292. Sponsor-1959-10-4-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... 24 OCTOBER 1959 ^ 40( a copy • $8 a year t THE WEEKLY MAGAZINE TV/RADIO ADVERTISERS USE or choice accommodations . . . NEW TRENDS IN TV - stay with the SPOT BUYS Storz Stations (each preferred in its market) NBC Spot Sales survey sheds new light on why and how agency time- OKJAti KM ,14 KANSAS C IT V STAV ~ IT M ^ buyers select their spots Ul H STRt-F ^ STORZ-VVHB ^ Page 27 )i.ii >) <i < K m It oA/ - Pop music poll heading for a isTO^ -WQAM 12 1/Vk Bui l"" ' I controversy ...
30 Jun 2016  -  62k
293. 1957-08-05-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... A Time -Buyer can That's what the newest Hooper says, continuing a dramatic runaway for WQAM since the start of Storz Station program- relax in Miami ming less than a year ago. Now WQAM has 4 times the One station (WQAM) has audience of the next station. The latest Pulse and Trendex 42.6%* of the audience. also show WQAM in first place by convincing margins. Makes time -buying in Miami rather simple, doesn't it? Don't complicate your life by leaning on 1956 data for WQAM support. Get the new figures from John Blair .. or talk to .. serving all of Southern Florida with ...
30 Apr 2014  -  79k
294. Sponsor-1958-10-4-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... 2S OCTOBER 1.9S8 1 20( a copy • $3 a year THE WEEKLY MAGAZINE TV/RADIO ADVERTISERS USE WHY YOU CAN'T Where there's BUY 1-MINUTE n a Storz Station . . . r TV SPOTS 1 there's In many of the top 40 markets, one-minute tv CREATIVITY! spots — daytime ornight — are just about sold out. Here's what caused the big rush to minute segments, and why it may mean a 20% hike in spot television costs Page 31 How Bosco sells by combining tv with premiums Page 34 • nlivity of self-disciplined WDGY, Minneapalis-St. Paul . is first on Hooper with 32.8% average. The chemical ...
29 Jun 2016  -  76k
295. 1958-04-14-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... they tile . . the Twins dial WDGY personalities BILL BENNETT That's why WDGY is first* in the cian, and amateur clown. Above all, he's a salesman Twin Cities .. and why WDGY billings are at an . . . likeable, and a perpetual smiler, Bill is often all-time high . . It's Storz Station locally -centered . described as the Northwest's outstanding radio per- programming that does it, as personifies by warm, sonality. friendly men like Bill Bennett. Bill brings to bear on his four daily entertainment and selling hours the Talk to the man from Blair, or WDGY G. M. Jack distillation of ...
30 Apr 2014  -  98k
296. Sponsor-1959-08-1-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... 1 AUGUST X9S9 * >i I /U,NA( 40 a copy *$ 8 a yaar Ail i> GCMERAL L'LrtA.< SOCKEFELL£R PLAZA. HtW V? ,. ^ THE WEEKLY MAGAZINE TV/RADIO ADVERTISERS USE )ur customers have Storz Stations THIS IS BLUE RIBBON RADIO! in their fall First of a six-part eries. on top-d r a w e r E.torz Stations radio ad -trategy. plans.. Tlri- week; Chevrolet WDGY Minneapolis - St. Paul Page 29 WHB Kansas City shouldn't The man WTIX New Orleans behind those you? WQAM Miami agency mergers Page 34 rKOMA Oklahoma City [ Each preferred in its ...
30 Jun 2016  -  68k
US Radio Magazine
... (Dominance for the station ..dominance for your message) In each of these major markets. . more radios are tuned to the Storz Station than to any other. MINNEAPOLIS -ST. PAUL .. WDGY is first .. all day average. Proof: Pulse. See Blair, or General Manager jack Thayer. KANSAS CITY .. WHB is first .. all -day. Proof: Metro Pulse, Nielsen, Trendex, Hooper; Area Nielsen, Pulse. All -clay averages as high as 48.5% (Nielsen) . See Blair or General Manager George W. Armstrong. NEW ORLEANS . WTIX is first .. all-day. ...
03 May 2014  -  80k
298. Sponsor-1956-12-4-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... 22 DECEMBER 1956 40' a copy • $10 a year 1 I THE WEEKLY MAGAZINE TV/RADIO ADVERTISERS USE The Storz Style .. in public service BEST RADIO From the files of the five Sfations . . . here are two rceent COMMERCIALS . . . and typical . . . examples of sjrvice in the public interest: OF THE YEAR l Agcncv copy chiefs se- in Miami, in New Orleans, lected top 10 as radio' most inemorahle. cred- WQAM helped WTIX comforted ible and persua. ive selling efforts in "56 get out the vote a mourning family Page 23 ^4.1 Feature film-"Vis ratings ...
30 Jun 2016  -  79k
299. 1956-11-26-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Coming to Miami? (via plane, train, and /or time -buy ?) don't miss the new WQAM .. newest of the Storz Stations The state's oldest station, serving all of Southern Florida with 5,000 watts on 560 kcs. r ! For a guided tour, talk to the man from Blair or WQAM General Manager, Jack Sandler. . <: l o I,A . Tti President: TODD STORZ Today's Radia for Today's Selling WDGY WHB WQAM KOWH WTIX Minneapolis -St. Paul Kansas City Miami Omaha New Orleans Represented by John Blair & Co. Represented by Adam Young Inc. Page 6 November 26, ...
30 Apr 2014  -  103k
300. 1957-11-04-BC-OCR-Page-0008 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... A time buyer The coming of fall suggests the time may not be far off when you'll be in Miami. In person? Fine. Then you can hear for yourself is fortified without distraction why WQAM has made a dramatic runaway since the start of Storz Station programming a year ago. Com- against ing via a time -buy? Hooper says it clearly: WQAM has more than 3Y2 times the daytime audience of the next station. Latest distraction in Pulse, 9- county area Pulse and Trendex show WQAM on top. Don't let old, outdated figures Miami. divert you. Talk to Blair . . . or WQAM General ...
30 Apr 2014  -  83k
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