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1301. Sponsor-1960-04-3-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . Media analyst groups guide ad buys oo or four .. or five! <• Page 29 {each favored in its market) o <> If you think you cr <5 [ o o Where have it tough — o a Texas saga -2= c there's a Q Page 36 c CP-> Storz CP Station Who's who in \ cigarette there's radio/tv audience! Page 38 How to use the new syndicated today's research service Radio for Page 42 today's selling D Ge& ON PAO& Todd Storz Pres de'* Home Office- Omaha WDGY WHB 0M* . WQAM peoffse^teB tv B'ar' i ...
09 Jul 2016  -  69k
1302. Sponsor-1960-04-3-OCR-Page-0068.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... WRAP-UP station, WTIX, to Robert E. East- Pete Watkins, to the New York (Continued from page 6.5) man. This mote eliminates Adam sales staff of PG^ . . Peter Prir Young from the Storz lineup com- to the New York sales staff of Bro i ner of the "Public Interest Award" pletely. cast Time Sales . . . Joseph Paynl of the Safety Council . . 2) But Young did pick up, to the tv department in the New Yo] fo WINS, New York, a certificate in WXIX-TV, Milwaukee, w hich was office of the George P. ...
09 Jul 2016  -  70k
1303. Sponsor-1960-06-2-OCR-Page-0037.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... A national manufacturer with a web of distributors or district store would qualify for local. All others — national. managers and a desire to "beat the system" simply instructs his local rep- PRODUCT CLASSIFICATION; In tins plan (begun resentatives to ask their local radio stations for local rates. If the station by Storz stations) certain products or account cate- chooses to be ethical about it and gories go at national, others always local. Local bot- tells the representative that his is a national company, it is promptly told, tlers, for example, might advertise at local rates, "Whattya mean, national? ...
09 Jul 2016  -  63k
1304. Sponsor-1960-07-1-OCR-Page-0007.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... "LOUISIANA PURCHASE" .. Now YOU can make sales history with the modern "LOUISIANA PURCHASE' NEW ORLEANS, LA. POWER: 5000 WATTS ON 690 KC PULSE: #1 IN 39 OF 48-/* HOURS'""a PROVEN SALES RESULTS See your EAST/man for details f } WTIX — THE STORZ STATION robert e. eastman & co. inc. representing major radio stations NEW YORK: CHICAGO: SAN FRANCISCO: DALLAS: ST. LOUIS: LOS ANGELES: DETROIT: 527 Madison Avet ue 333 N. Michigan Ave. Russ Bldg. 211 North Ervay Bldg. Syndicate Trust Bldg. Taft Building Book Building New ...
09 Jul 2016  -  49k
1305. Sponsor-1960-07-1-OCR-Page-0006.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... as a claimant to the KCKN as script writer, music picker and JWT throne in recent years, was copy chief The outfield's loss was radio's not identified with anv New \ ork gain for m 1954. Ruth Meyer was ap- pointed continuity and promotional di- dynasty. To the contrary, he rose rector for Storz Station WHB in Kansas in the agency in the Pacific and in City, Missouri And in 1958. not quite as Detroit. After joining the agency \orman H. Strouse w ide-eyed as fiction would have it, Ruth in the later 1920's in San Fran- arrived in New Vork and set up shop at ...
09 Jul 2016  -  60k
1306. Sponsor-1960-07-2-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... marketing in client presentations Page 33 WH B i NSAS CITY / 10 seconds r\\ that shook WTIX EW LEA Madison Ave. Page 36 ftfl r Tv Commercials 1 Festival: facts <OMA ^ on the winners vHOMA CiTY o Page 38 r ** * ' ' The More specials \ / i v WQAM storz m store MIAMI Stations for radio? today's Radio di m' Page 44 for today's selling Todd Storz. President Home Of'ice; Omaha 4 WDGY, WHB. KOMA ffQAM i A, rpnre 'ntprt hv lonn Blair Co. ...
09 Jul 2016  -  68k
... Gary Comer Logan Sellers Jack Reynolds "or Beth McKf an John Hill Jack Zander Earl Murphy Albert Rezek 1 Phyllis Robinson Bob Gage Mike Elliot Mike Elliot Music Makers lion Albert C. Book Marshall Stone Don tirrell 1, Jane Taylor C. Gillingwater Craig Ml n . son Phyllis Houston Dirk Content John F. O'Reilly William Storz Levin Joyce Noble Thos. Naegele Stone, Eisenberg Don Tirrell kman Wm. Backer S. Rollins Guild Robert Jenness Ray Esposito Chester Gierlach im Scott Forbes Geo. Pouridas Mike Elliot Manny Gerard Mike Elliot Morris Mamorsky th Ed Caff rev Marvin Kunze Chris Ishii Chris Ishii Vic Lukens (live) m Robt. Johnson Bill ...
09 Jul 2016  -  59k
1308. Sponsor-1960-08-5-OCR-Page-0053.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... points before the sale is made we can keep them on the air long enough (through the first botched-up com- mercial and the first store sale that ^ falls flat) to have them learn for , ? themselves the value and power of television advertising. -7 I p Jack L. Sandier, v.p. of Storz Stations LEX & gen. mgr. of WQAM, Miami The question of how to get adver- tising dollars away from newspaper 8 and into radio has been a sore spot LI T • V* ' 4!/i /Vi ith this broadcaster for many years, and I have been in radio for ...
09 Jul 2016  -  75k
1309. Sponsor-1960-09-1-OCR-Page-0070.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... David an will include: what Europe thinks ties. Loser, incidentally, must wear Betty Snow by Joe Carroll, for S103 about American attitudes and politi- a turn-of-the-century bathing suit for 000 . . . KXOK, St. Louis, bouaj < al candidates: the failure of Ger- an entire week. bv Storz for $1.5 million from KXO many to teach its vouth about Hitler, • Peter Piper picked: KBIG, Broadcasting. etc. Catalina, personality Joe Niagara, in- • Viewers in the \cw York area augurated a "Niagara Falls" contest Correction: WW VA Wheeling, eel will he introduced to ...
09 Jul 2016  -  73k
1310. Sponsor-1960-10-2-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... lO OCTOBER I960 40< a copy *$ 8 a year THE WEEKLY MAGAZINE RADIO/TV ADVERTISERS USE To find the audience DO THE BIG c-ok it up under Storz Stations" BOYS CONTROL (each a best-seller in its own market) SPOT TV? Complaints that top agencies squeeze out smaller competitors are checked, answered MINNEAPOLIS Tt( KANSAS Page 27 AMERT* OKLAHOMA ST. PAUL CTL'ffot CITY CITY aaioew. ^ asaujifi i The WAuHMnMa Pra.tVfewr Why the agency tv exec is not expendable A STORZ A STORZ Page 30 STAl - ON STATION A STORZ STATION C, Agency webs' rising role NEW MIAMI ORLEANS mwM in air media Page ...
09 Jul 2016  -  65k
1311. Sponsor-1960-11-4-OCR-Page-0034.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... , because he is in N. \ . puts us in a good position to paigns for Texise Chemical, Mars competing with commercials of multi- save your client considerable money Candy, Vic Tanny Gyms, Hollywood million dollar companies, using spot." - — from securing lower bids to mak- Bread, and Storz Beer. It is also B&K's contention that ing various savings during produc- Baxter believes his work at Crea- many agencies, large and small, don't tion." It also adds that "service by tive House is more personally satisfy- have the budget to maintain sufficient professionals on a per-job basis ...
09 Jul 2016  -  73k
1312. Sponsor-1961-03-1-OCR-Page-0064.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... in any way involved Mureaii the kiwanis Clnh, the Twin Cit\ Clnh, and the Sales Iaccu- in the purchase of radio liies Cdnli. The \\ TOM vacaney lias heen filled h\ L G. Jones. time. They're so reason- ably priced you just can't afford to be without them. Storz Broadcasting, aerording to com- pam president Todd Storz. will move its home ollice out of it present Omaha, Xeh. ipiarlers and will set n)! a national head- * (| iiaiters and reeording Indios in Miami ORDER Meach, Fla. earl) this slimmer. The new Storz arrangeinenl will he housed in ...
11 Jul 2016  -  63k
1313. Sponsor-1961-03-1-OCR-Page-0062.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... Miller High Life Beer, Clark Super Richards, at Storz Broadcasting . . . Film 100 Gasoline, and Dual Filler Tarey- Ted Steeb at National Telefilm. ton Cigarettes. King Features Syndicate is far from happy in not being identi- New quarters: Vi'SPl) , Storer's fied as the distributor of certain Toledo outlel. at 12o S. Superior St. Net tv ealee: NBC-TV's TV Guide Popeye cartoons said lo he earn- \ward show 13 June lo he sponsored ing high ratings. by Thomas J. Liplon (Sullivan, Slauf- Source of the confusion: there are Station aequisition: KHES. St. fer ...
11 Jul 2016  -  74k
1314. Sponsor-1961-05-2-OCR-Page-0122.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... I v oiid sd" WRGB puts your NEWSMAKER (MESSAGE Charles E. Jones, a veteran in advertis- ing of some 18 years, has been appointed WHERE general sales manager of the Storz Kansas City radio station WHO. Jones conies to W11B from the Potts-Woodhurv agency, L THE SALE where he was administrative v.p. for sales and client services, a member of the board of directors, and, for eight years, account r executive. Prior to this, he was editor, BEGINS Booneville, Mo. Daily News and Advertiser; radio timebuy er, Montgomery-Ward. Chicago; gen. mgr. KRIB, Mason City ...
11 Jul 2016  -  67k
1315. Sponsor-1961-05-4-OCR-Page-0066.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... Lord Elgin, Ottawa Broadcasting. He will work with clients The Lord Simcoe, Toronto and agencies in the Detroit area for CHICAGO: The Sherman The Hotel* Ambawador Wi\EW. New York City. His career be- gan in 1952 while attending Tulsa Uni- versity. In 1956 he was an announcer for Storz Broadcasting, WHB, Kansas City. His experiences continued as program di- DINING rector of WIND, Chicago, and on to manager of WTAC, Flint, at New York s elegant Mich. in 1959. He lives with his wife and daughter in Flint. ViUMAISON Edward J. DeCray has been engaged by- ...
11 Jul 2016  -  77k
1316. Sponsor-1961-07-3-OCR-Page-0063.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... local residents, W chh to station manager. WJOB, delphia. have been elected v.p. s by he station will endeavor to turn Hammond. Indiana, from sales man- Stover Broadcasting . . . Jack S. • ack the clock so that Marylanders ager of WAIT and WJJD, Chicago Sampson to v.p. of Storz Broadcast- OVERWHELMING DOMINANCE proves merit of balanced programing a ARB — March. 1961 ^ ( . PERCENTAGE LEAD KNOE-TV OVER COMPETITION V Monroe 'Nielsen Station Index, March-April, 1961 Metro PERCENTAGE LEAD KNOE-TV OVER COMPETITION Ouachita Total Parish Total Homes Homes (Counly) 10 PM-Midnight 248.30/o Monday-Friday 504.206 Mondav^Friday 6 PM-Midnight ...
11 Jul 2016  -  76k
1317. Sponsor-1961-10-3-OCR-Page-0061.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... m ^4 SHELTERED LIFE — Entering shelter as pan V V OR of WHB, Kansas City, Mo. Civil Defense promotion are Chuck Boyles (c ) WHB BREAKING UP — With obvious pleasure. 'Night Beat' moderator; Herbert Dolgoff, Ted Mack axed up the old Video Tape Cen- gen. counsel, Storz Brdcstg.; George Arm- ter In New York City prior to moving to new strong, v.p. gen. mgr. WHB and Storz Bdcstg.; quarters. Looking on with approval is John Don Loughnane, operation mgr. WHB Lanigan. v.p. gen. mgr. Video Tape Prdns. |r —-r a PRACTICE ...
11 Jul 2016  -  81k
1318. Sponsor-1961-10-4-OCR-Page-0062.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . . Mike Hanptnian to di- Tampa; KPFM. Portland. Ore.; rector of adrerli-dng and promotion KLSN-FM, Seattle, and WDTM-FM. Detroit. Networks at W\RC. New York from program deparlinenl at the same station . . . John K. Crolimi to v.p. and general Prrrgram notes: Storz Broadeast- Jack Paar has signed a new con- m — r rt WCOP-AM-FM. Boston iii"; Hpnipany has bought a series of tract with NBC and will hegin a weekly scries of prime-tiine pro- grams next fall. Paar will terminate his participa- . - tion in the present jack Paar Show on ...
11 Jul 2016  -  82k
1319. Sponsor-1961-11-2-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... ' news coverage . . . concepts of community service. in commercials To make WHB's position Page 42 in the market your 10,000 watts position, call Blair, or A food broker George W. Armstrong, 710 kc. Executive V. P. sounds off on Kansas City, Missouri ad agencies one of the news-making STORZ stations Page 44 WDGY WHB WTIX KOMA KXOK WQAM Minneapolis Kansas New Oklahoma St. Louis Miami St. Paul City Orleans City WDGY, WHB, KOMA, KXOK, WQAM represented by Blair. J ...
11 Jul 2016  -  61k
1320. Sponsor-1961-12-1-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... - LISTENER COMMERC\IK\ . . SALE.S . casting and advertis- IMPACT (s ^NTEGRW^y \ ^ j ina industry growth Page 37 Bad weather is • ow to automate good business your sales in these U markets for radio spot Page 42 Creative tips on 'good' copy from Hoiiywood pros Page 44 Storz Storz Station Rating points Storz Station Kansas City Station are human after New Orleans ail, says Nielsen : Page 48 worn, whb, I h; HOM* . K*0 * , WOAH {spresmtre Ay Has. WTtX reparatn by Eajtmn. ...
11 Jul 2016  -  59k
1321. Sponsor-1961-12-1-OCR-Page-0062.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . M. Bennett in sales and promotion and Robert C. Bennett in the creative section. WASHINGTON WEEK [Continued from page 67) It was accused of operating with daytime antenna array before the permitted 4 a.m. hour and for exceeding maximum permitted field strength. This happened with KOMA, Okla- homa City. Storz can appeal to the FCC, and, if unsuccessful, can appeal to the Courts, and in this type of case for a trial "de nova." In the earlier case of KDWB, Minneapolis, Crowell-Collier prevailed on the FCC to re- duce the $10,000 fine to $2,500. This will ...
11 Jul 2016  -  42k
1322. Sponsor-1961-12-1-OCR-Page-0060.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... Staffers are looking into various suggestions for ways to stop the rapid expansion of station numbers without running the risk of getting the Commission deeper into regulation. It must be stated, as of the present moment, that nobody at the FCC has any great op- timism about a solution which will be of genuine value. Storz is the second broadcaster to be slapped with a $10,000 fine by the FCC for "willful and repeated" violation of technical rules. {Please turn to page 69) SPONSOR • i DECEMBER 1961 67 ...
11 Jul 2016  -  55k
1323. Sponsor-1962-01-1-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... THE RADIO/TV ., for creative, people-reaching, Push OUTLOOK: UP product-selling radio in these six great radio markets. 9% IN BILLINGS any Where there*s a Storz Station.. Economist Richard P. Doherty predicts air button. thereys audience. media share of total ads will rise 20.2% Page 23 Northwest kicks off its biggest radio campaign Page 26 Why 1961 was n yya'ii. • VA'JUJUf LeRoy Collins' ST. LOUIS NEW ORLEANSy KANSAS CITY MPLS. ST. PAUL OKLAHOMA niTY 'jungle year' Page 28 ' They're the tops (on the West Coast) he Storz Stations 1962 Radio for 1962 Selling Page 30 Todd Storz ...
13 Jul 2016  -  81k
1324. Sponsor-1962-01-5-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... of listeners in Missouri and Illinois office to receive the National Recreation As- .. is KXOK, Harvard man sociation's award .. is KXOK. The station that's brought technical broad- The station whose audience has jumped cast efficiency to a new high .. is KXOK. becomes tv 50% since the start of Storz Station creativ- The station with the sound and spirit of ity. . is KXOK. St. Louis.. energetic, enthusiastic, public- tough guy The station which a number of advertisers spirited, and motivating .. is KXOK. Page 32 The representative who can dispel all confusion about St. Louis ...
13 Jul 2016  -  57k
1325. Sponsor-1962-01-5-OCR-Page-0061.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... manager Paul J. Miller. Buyers are principals in the Herbert-Mogul Group — Emil Mogul of the New York agency (I ) and Ira Herbert (r ) of the former management team of WNEW, New York PUBLIC SERVICE award for television activities, an annual event at KMTV, Omaha, goes to Arthur C. Storz, Sr. chmn. of Ston Brewing (c ) . Speaker Chet Huntley (I ) and gen. mgr. Owen Saddler do honors A *8 a sf K s 9 tT i KMTV BOXED IN with canned goods Is Bob Calvert, WGH, Norfolk, per- sonality. He made an appeal for ...
13 Jul 2016  -  109k
1326. Sponsor-1962-02-4-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... IX FIRST Hooper with 21.4% all-day average! hake hands with Eastman .. or talk to WTIX J, Walter .eral Manager, Fred BertheLson. General Manager: Fred Berthelson V, New Orleans Metro Area, Nov. Dec. 1961, Mon. Sun. Page 36 i. M id night. Represented by: Robert Eastman EOF THE STORZ STATIONS • WDGY, M u-.. l' HS. Kansas City KOIV1A, Oklatiorna C ty KXOK,St I <m ; WTIX, Ne 1^1 WQAM, M ...
13 Jul 2016  -  66k
1327. Sponsor-1962-03-4-OCR-Page-0001.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... " 52% of KXOK's morning audience are age 18-39. In the afternoon it's 47.4% . Most of the other leading stations are heavy with 40-plusses. AND MORE LISTENERS EVERY DAY, drawn by KXOK energy, Cosmetic, drug enthusiasm, news, public spirit and sound. Audience up 50% since the start of Storz programming on a clear trend up! Isn't Doom spring that right, John Blair? "Right, Chet Thomas!" BLAIR new radio $s One GROUP of the PLAN STORZ KXOK (o MEMBER Page 77 STAT0NS 630 kc, the Storz Station in St. Louis DIQE AFFILIATED WITH WriB WDGY KPMfl WTiX WqA-M ...
13 Jul 2016  -  76k
1328. Sponsor-1962-05-4-OCR-Page-0035.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... EARLYBIRDS OF MODERN RADIO ^ A decade ago, three groups made headlines with their musie-and-news ideas Where do McLendon, Bartell and Storz stand today? Has their 'formula' changed? ^™ ess than 10 years ago, when the Lendon, Storz and Bartell operations ent station of the group) hurst into future of radio was gravely in doubt, today may no longer be news — as national prominence with its formula there appeared on the horizon a one rep puts it — but looking in on of music and news plus razzle-dazzle handful of innovators — broadcasters them from time to time is incumbent promotion. It was the first radio who ...
13 Jul 2016  -  61k
1329. Sponsor-1962-05-4-OCR-Page-0054.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... ! linues lo be the foundation stone of the highest rated radio program in the Slorz operation. Kansas City (with audience shares in FOUR Looking back, George "Bud" Arm- the 50 and 60% brackets) , and strong, executive vice president of WQAM's Alan Courtney Show, top- MARKETS! the Storz stations, says, "Whether rated in Miami and "SRO on the • ALBANY you call it eonleinporan radio, mod- business side." The formal of both walb-tv • DOTHAN ern radio or whatever, the Storz shows, says Armstrong, permits a • TALLAHASSEE topic range from baseball lo com- ICH.10-AIBANY,GA ...
13 Jul 2016  -  71k
1330. Sponsor-1962-05-4-OCR-Page-0004.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... nothinp; yet, say experts as new products avalanche huilds momentum new items to get big boost via radio/television campaigns Th ree tv clients praised 31 si'o.vson's editor shows tv commercials, reports agency comments on advertisers "creative clients" in creativity talk at Commodore Hotel Earlybirds of modern radio Just wind it up 35 McLendon, Storz and Bartcll once made headlines with their ideas about 'formula' operation, sponsor asks; Have 10 years changed their ideas? and let it go Color tv makes local hit 37 Putting complete faitli in color tv advertising for the last 5 years, a furniture and appliance retailer increased sales to 70-90 million a year The ...
13 Jul 2016  -  73k
1331. Sponsor-1962-05-4-OCR-Page-0036.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... basis, the Bar- tclls maintain. They feel that suc- cesses of the past, which may have been based on these "platitudinous 'FORMULA' operation for Independent radio stations was national news when these men broke concepts," no longer provide guide- from network tradition. Top row (l-r) , Todd Storz; Gordon McLendon; Below {l-r} , Lee Bartell, posts for future accomplishments. Jerry Bartell and Mel Bartell, the three brothers heading the Bartell Family Radio group {Please turn to page 53) 36 SPONSOR • 28 MAY 1962 ...
13 Jul 2016  -  70k
1332. Sponsor-1962-06-1-OCR-Page-0063.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... - come totaled $3 427,418 compared ing 11 June in daytime shows. NL&B with $3,229,841 or $1.64 per share vs. Asencces is the agency .. A new beer made $1.59 per share the previous year. with toasted malt is being intro- Leo Burnett clients will be investing duced by Storz Brewing in the com- PEOPLE ON THE MOVE: G. J. Wach- more money in tv advertising in pany's seven-state trade area. Cam- holz to the new post of division vice 1962 than in any previous year in paign, via Bozell & Jacobs, includes president of the photographic prod agency history ...
13 Jul 2016  -  79k
1333. Sponsor-1962-09-3-OCR-Page-0026.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... column. Reprints of it are being made and will be RADIO mailed to a list of about IfiOO atlveriising agency people." Beckley, Next, of course, comes an equally nice letter from another friend, West Virginia [ack L. Sandier, sice piesident and general manager of the Todd Tony Gonznles, Manager Storz station W'OAM in Miami. 1 think Jack's letter is extremely in let eating, llete's his comineni I lead your cohmm 'A Successor to Top • 10? ' in the 20 August is- sue of sponsor maga/ine and 1 am afraid that I am going to have to corieci you on a couple of ...
13 Jul 2016  -  63k
1334. Sponsor-1962-11-3-OCR-Page-0074.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . Samuels or paperback books or do-it-your- president self projects or sex. Thank God we WKAZ, Charleston, W. Va. know it isn't newspapers! I don't think we're going to get VIEWPOINT the audience back to radio unless we offer something positive. By positive I mean a specific program I'm the new Todd Storz! at a specific time and of a nature that will compel people to listen. I'm not sure yet just what kind A dozen years or so ago a new dollar volume, radio has been of programs will have positive ap- name hurst like Gang-Busters steadily losing audience. We're all peal to potential radio listeners ...
13 Jul 2016  -  70k
1335. Sponsor-1963-01-3-OCR-Page-0039.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... radio /tv profile 1962 Farm radio/lv . 26 Nov. 26 P- p. 31 31 Hartley L. Samuels (WKAZ) :: I'm the new Tod Tod it ain't so, Culligan. Joe: "Please say it so, Joe!" 3 Dec. P- p. 32 32 Storz!- - 19 71 p. 71 19 Nov. p. "Benchmark research" research" method of goal setting 10 Dec. 10 P- p. 38 Philip D'Antoni (Mutual Bdestg,) radio -current Bdestg. I:: radio — current what buyers think of it Promotion, what it . _ ...
14 Jul 2016  -  57k
1336. Sponsor-1963-02-1-OCR-Page-0053.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... & & Associates Associates Advertising and Public Relations Hl'J 1419 H St. N. W. • Washington, D. NAY. ICI 7-7400 1) . C. • DI 7 -7400 Our radiojty radio/tv and media clients include: • Corinthian Broadcasting Corporation • Greensboro News- Record News-Record Media /scope • Pulse • Storz • WRTW • Media/scope WSIT \\ TMAL • WMT WVBTW • WMAL • Your station? Give us a ring. SPONSOR I February SPONSOR/4 FEßkUAKY 1963 53 ...
14 Jul 2016  -  30k
1337. Sponsor-1963-04-3-OCR-Page-0008.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... extent! Wothl-renowed I also suggested to Morris Diamond I Graham Richards. of Mercury .Mertury Records that he solicit (onnributed their tal- artists have (ontributed Graham Richards, President, Director Vice President, Vice of Programing, Director of Programing, pledges from other broadcasters. ents; recording companies, distrib- Co. Miami Storz Broadcasting Co. Storz Miami While the program has met with utors and retailers have volunteered some success, it is indeed modest, their services: NAB and FCC services; the X'AH F'CC have endorsed the album and ami its SPONSOR'S VITALITY SPONSOR'S VITALITY GROWS GROWS and a great deal of additional broadcaster cooperation is neces- purpose ...
14 Jul 2016  -  72k
1338. Sponsor-1963-06-4-OCR-Page-0017.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . Kaufman & Associates Associates AdveU'sing and Public Relations Advertising NAY. • Washington, D. ( , . St. N.W. 1419 H St. C. • DI 7-7400 Our radio/iv radio tv and media clients include: • Corinthian Broadcasting Ihoadcastiiig Corporation News- Record Cotporation • Greensboro News Media/scope • Pulse • Storz • WBTW • WMAL • WMT Media/scope • Your station? Give us a ring. rmg. /24 JUNE SPONSOR/24 SPONSOR jUNt 1903 1963 17 ...
14 Jul 2016  -  65k
1339. Sponsor-1963-12-4-OCR-Page-0051.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... Island, and Island, and ' ~ucst and records, stars, and tjnest stars, records. is spon- is spun- W'JAG =" nrfolk (Loth \\ 'j1\G Norfolk :\ 1 • hraska) , (hoth Ncdiraska) , NEWSMAKERS NEWSMAKERS ~t,>Jvdby [scrred Storz Hrcwinu hy Storz Hrcwuu; of Omaha and "KF: '\ F Shenandoah; and KFNT Slu-u.mdoah: "KHCD KHCD .rüd Blnl' land Bine Cross-Bine Cross-Blue Shield of Ne- Shield : '\ c - Counr-il Bluffs; and Council KTIT Cohnn- and KTTT Cnlmn- Tm.oixnu: Tin onniiK M. \ ...
14 Jul 2016  -  172k
1340. Sponsor-1964-04-3-OCR-Page-0010.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... PUBLISHER. S PUBLISHER'S REPORT REPORT TO.DD TODD STORZ SET P A.CE THE PACE SET THE Todd Sronz WAS onn SroR/: WAs a paradox. He had had a quiet modest manner. quiet modest n1ann¢r , But But he h:Q ' bqr tmr T A PARAD.OX. CZARS ZAR : across across the radio He ventured quaking quaking in their I 1 never ventured into He stayed never heard radío firmament boots with their boots stayed with radio. heard of it. firmament with the radio into radio in ín 1949 with the advent radio. If he it He started the dazzling advent of ever gave. be ever started with ...
18 Jul 2016  -  209k
1341. Sponsor-1964-04-3-OCR-Page-0004.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... ' - FRIDAY AT Food, grocery products put $350.1 million in tv Tadd 39, d Storz, s;g , Todd Storz, dies to lead all advertising classifications for '63 $ ,UC$1denly suddenly in F l~tl" | in Florida Ne\v . _Yorlo- Twenty-two New York — Twenty-two product product were relatively low. Pet ré'hiti'velylow. Pet products products spent Orn.aha, Ne.b. — Omaha, Neb. Be1rvts:~s tooftl - Services classes .increased increased tv expenditures expenditures last $2.5 million $2-5 million mere than clothing more on tv than clpthi:n'g here oa place :Mre pla~ ...
18 Jul 2016  -  247k
1342. Sponsor-1964-04-4-OCR-Page-0036.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . This generally generally of Omaha, United Omaha, Omaha. United Omaha,~í Faiii freshly freshly and and thoroughly thoroughly cleansed. cleansed. follows populaüon line, accord- follows the population accord- mont Fonds ntcm:t Co; . . Foods Co.,S:t0:r ~ B1tewitríJ~~ Storz Brewing Col During During the few kw minutes minutes the ing to Dab Decker, associate Bob Decker, asseciatc me.di1a media Nori.hwest.érn Northwestern Bell lecle¢ltrm~ ,Col Bé:fl Telephone ~ product product needs needs to lake take effect, cftcct, the the director director at WW&B , WW&B ...
18 Jul 2016  -  235k
1343. Sponsor-1964-04-4-OCR-Page-0060.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . C. L.L. Thomas Thomas resigned resigned as gen-gen- Vragel appoi motion, publicity and motion, publicity and research de- research de- eral manager eral manager of KXOK KXOK St. Louis.Louis. ed special assis partment Detroit. WJBK Detroit. partment of WJBK 1960 KXOK In I960 KXOK was sold sold to Storz Storz lant to the pres Broadcasting Broadcasting Co. Jack Jack S. Samp;son Sampson dent of Neoda Jack Magan Jack Magan named account ex- named account over as vice takes over takes president. and vice president and Services, lit ecutive ecutive at WNEW New WNEW New York. York. He general manager ...
18 Jul 2016  -  232k
1344. Sponsor-1964-05-3-OCR-Page-0010.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... the written lo to us foifow.1.tig our LJ.s following <Jur tribute tltí'bl.:l.t~ The rcs. uí:t of The result it. all is the of it mark- the: mark- "Yoo-Hoo," Sponsor, SroNsOR, May one on "Yoo-Hoo," to Todd Storz. • we. Todd Storz, wamt to we want t.o express e1~pt~ 4) 4) isis what makes it it so valuable to our thanks. our thanks. ing of ing (ff a slrOllg rand a. strong and swift swift current. ¢ .UHCJJ' f. broadcaster. the broadcaster. Color cht1t Color cll.rrcttt ...
18 Jul 2016  -  245k
1345. Sponsor-1964-06-2-OCR-Page-0062.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . appointed sta- eral manager manager of KXOK eral KXOK St. Louis. Louis. and "All-Star and Golf.' He; "All-Star Golf." also sen1:ed He also served tion t ion manager m.magc r ofof W \CiA-TV At- \\ '\ GA-TV He is vice president president of Storz Storz Broad- Broad- as general us couusel for the general counsel the. No. tk~n'"Nation- l.111 lanta. LL casting, formerly was general casting, and formerly general Assn. of al Assn. of Theatre Rcs.ta11ra:rf;t !tl Tbcattl: ' Rcstaurants manager of m ...
18 Jul 2016  -  215k
1346. Sponsor-1964-06-3-OCR-Page-0053.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... who reccntlv recently rcvigncd. resigned. lic service lie <crvicc divisiondivrvion of that com- of that cum- George George Armvtrong. executive H. Armstrong, executive pany and pany continued and eontinued th.u capa- in that capa- Planned Format Planned New Format vice president \ ice president of of Stor/ Hroadca-t- Storz Broadcast- citv until eitv until 1946,I 946. Conferences RAB Conferences For RAB ing, Kansas Citv, ing. Kansas Cit) . has ha' been been appoint- appoint- Returning to academic Returning academic life. lile. Sum- ~u111- Stations In Stations in similar market situa- similar market situa ...
18 Jul 2016  -  213k
1347. Sponsor-1964-10-3-OCR-Page-0063.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... KXOK St. Louis Storz Mti'ondcastiufi Co. announces the annoiiitment of RADIO SALES COMPANY as its national representative effective november 1.1964 ...
18 Jul 2016  -  71k
... KXOK St. Louis Storz Mti'ondcastiufi Co. announces the annoiiitment of RADIO SALES COMPANY as its national representative effective november 1.1964 ...
18 Jul 2016  -  71k
1349. Sponsor-1964-11-3-OCR-Page-0019.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... , John & was largely generated from within. Ballantine and Union Carbide. Adams, Campbell-Mithun, Gardner, Added to the BBDO roster of tv Foote, Cone & Belding added Carson/Roberts, Ketchum, Mac- users this year was Lever Bros. NuSoft, Booth Fisheries and the Leod & Grove. Lifebuoy soap and Storz Brewing. Hammond Organ Div. among oth- In terms of account switches, Agency resigned three accounts: A. er clients during the year. These headache remedies and airlines had C. Gilbert, Kinney System and In- sponsors helped to offset the loss the greatest effect on agency bill- vestors Diversified Service. ...
18 Jul 2016  -  88k
1350. CB-1965-08-14-OCR-Page-0242.pdf [Channels Magazine]
... Schack Berlin 30 Tel: 450777 SOLAMI MUSIKVERLAG PoMstrasse 58 Munich 9 13 46 58 Ravenna Str. 48 produced by EDITION INSELTON Munich 2 Karlsplatz 19/20 Tel: 497297 SONG EDITION Herr Heino Gaze Gustav Freytag Str. 9 MICHAEL JARY MUSIKVERLAG Berlin-W. Hamburg 13 Tel: 893971 Kurt Feltz Harvestehuderweg OTTO KUHL MUSIKVERLAGE 6 ERICH STORZ MUSIKVERLAGE Osterrode /Reiheit Mr. Jack Joseph Haupt Str. 61 Cologne Am Hof 34/36 TELSTAR MUSIKVERLAG GMBH Musikproduktion Tel: 212276 (Westton Music) Frau Ann Busse Munich 23 Martins Strasse 6 WILL MEISEL MUSIKVERLAGE 34 55 49 Herr Rudolph Schroeder KOLN, Drususgasse TRANSATLANTIK MUSIKVERLAG 7-11/ Phone: 215723 Berlin-W. Wittelsbacher ...
21 Feb 2017  -  142k
1351. CB-1965-08-14-OCR-Page-0298.pdf [Channels Magazine]
... Erato) , Jazz Philips, Riverside, Swingville, Vee Jay, World Collector, Jazz Selection, Kangourou (Vogue) , Pacific, Melodicon, Olympia land and in Austria by their own in Switzerland of two German labels King Hazz, Majestic, Mode, Nixa, Orfeon, Pas- mpany, Austrian Columbia. Storz (who release Pick in Germany) torale et Musique, Piccadilly, Pingouin Jecklin & Co. of Zurich continues and Regina. Pick is also released in (Vogue) , Pop, Pye, Reprise, Roulette, Royal, RCA INTERNATIONAL LTD. Somerset, Sonet, Sprint, Storyville, Studio Rue de Mont-Blanc ...
21 Feb 2017  -  167k
1352. TVRA-1963-08-06-OCR-Page-0044.pdf [TV Radio Age]
... direct; constant stuffy Hamm's (beer) , C -M; Heileman's (beer) , feeling from What? Haven't you heard about M -E; Bank of America (BankAmericard) , ,Ferro, Mohammed and Schwartz? Johnson & Lewis; Northwestern Mutual (in- inasal congestion. surance) , MMH &H ; Storz Brewing (beer) , Bozell & Jacobs; So. California & So. Coun- ties Gas Co. (gas) , M -E; Max Factor (lip- stick) , direct. In production: Foremost (dairy products) , GBB; Ralst n (breakfast food) , GBB; Zenith ( ...
19 Apr 2017  -  59k
1353. 1987-03-30-RTVA-OCR-Page-0016.pdf [TV Radio Age]
... o j e c t s " system, such as cassettes. "I wouldn't Gordon McLendon and R o b e r t T o d d and F M X , the n o i s e - r e d u c t i o n syslom buy a $2-3,000 set and then get my Storz, both of whom were instrumental developed lor stereo FM. T h e noise-re- programming at a video store. I'd want in developing t h e t o p 40 format. d u c t i o n system, invented by E m i l T o r - it over t h e ...
19 Apr 2017  -  149k
... The Homelite Chainsaw Division of Textran bought half -sponsorship in Madness, Mod-ness Behind the Camera ,14 markets: in multiple -market buy- lip- she produces commercials. By nights she dashes around Ne ,I,1 are American Motors, Thom McAn. York shooting documentaries and news footage for BBC -TV and ITV,i Burger Beer, Storz Beer and Pearl Weekends she shoots documentary film day and night. She's Midge Beer. McKenzie, a Londoner born who not only looks like a Mod, she looks The entire season's package of 105 like a model. Miss McKenzie recently hooked up with Colodzin Produc- half-hours will be available for rerun tions as a producer ...
12 Dec 2017  -  82k
1355. Sponsor-59-Sep-OCR-Page-0346 [Sponsor Magazine]
... , administration Chicago and Layton Miller, in Dallas and management .. To the Katz radio sales staff: # Lewis Greist. in New York, Fred Dela- Th isa 'n' data: One result of a • Eleven years with a major net- hay in Los Angeles and William Fal- meeting of the Storz Stations' man- " ork in a demanding executive lon. Chicago. agers in Chicago last week was the capacity decision to establish a scholarship fund in each of their cities . . . • Seasoned in sales management, KIVA-TV, Yuma-El Centro has com- TV STATIONS pleted its new studio production fa. station ...
13 Feb 2018  -  142k
1356. Sponsor-59-Sep-OCR-Page-0261 [Sponsor Magazine]
... 2e aEPTEM • Ell 1ea • 40f • copy • sa • y-r PART ONE MAGAZINE TV/RAD ' .- 'HE STORZ STATIONS. AUTO MAKERS GET SET FOR A BRAWL Small cars vs. big cars brawl is on. Ad dol- lar spending may open way for new air era Page 31 Burnett's new contract for tv tape buying Page 35 " ' In and out / / "li ii II- on Madison Avenue Page 40 WOAM The STORZ Half-hour show costs holding -- MIAMI Stations today's Radio firm-Tv Basics for today's selling Page 43 . Todd Storz. President orz Station WDGY, WHB, KOMA, WQAM Home Office ...
13 Feb 2018  -  94k
1357. Sponsor-59-Oct-OCR-Page-0261 [Sponsor Magazine]
... • year LY MAGAZINE USE I= I NEW TRENDS IN TV SPOT BUYS NBC Spot Sales survey sheds new light on why and how agency time- "OP.JA~ 1~w ~ T buyers select their spots 1'1' H STR(• f ~ • u< .> <1. ry;i . • STORZ~WHB Page 27 l,~ -~ • t. Pop music poll heading for a controversy oe-e • o:rs Page 32 \ z 3 4 • .111t1')9 '0..£ .1 .,.,~ 't~~ < ,g ~ - • lU5t • l.l~ • C3~ ...
13 Feb 2018  -  89k
1358. Sponsor-59-Oct-OCR-Page-0166 [Sponsor Magazine]
... as con- sultant in the formation of an export association. Preparedness: Against the release of Elvis Presley from the Armed Forces. Trade barriers, particularly in Ja pan, England, the Philip- Grahame Richards, programing di- pines and Canada, restrict the number of U.S. shows that can rector for The Storz Stations, has put be purchased for domestic use, or set up limitations on dollar in a bid for Elvis to rotate as a sort exchanges which make the expansion of U.S. producers into of roving disk jockey between all the Storz chain. Well, Elvis always could foreign markets very difficult. rotate. Tv ...
13 Feb 2018  -  133k
1359. Sponsor-59-Nov-OCR-Page-0181 [Sponsor Magazine]
... e 40 • • cop, • sa •,• • r ANA SPEAKS OUT ON TV OBLIGATIONS Advertisers face the tv issues squarely; reject suggestion they "get out of show business" Page 31 What a buyer wants to learn from a station Page 34 How big is radio's audience duplication? Page 36 The Daytime viewing STORZ up 200/o-Nielsen: Stations Tv Basics today's Radio Page 43 for today's selling Todd Storz, President Home Office. Omaha 2 ...
13 Feb 2018  -  93k
1360. Sponsor-59-May-OCR-Page-0186 [Sponsor Magazine]
... for aponaorxhip prospects of the Prcsidcutinl con- vention and election returns in 1960. CBS's package for the events in 1956 covering both tv and radio ran somewhat over $5 million. Here's a radio development that maybe worth watching: Two leading iudcpen- dc111 groupR-Storz and l\fcLendon-are making some ehanges in musjc policy. Storz' KOMA, Oklahoma City, has taken the accent off current pop releases and put it on long-playing alhums, while McLendon's KBAL (formerly KROW) , San Fran- sif'co, deserted the ranks of rock- n' roll for what the station termed "good music." Network Iv finiRlwd tlw first cp1artcr of 1hi11 ...
13 Feb 2018  -  108k
1361. Sponsor-59-May-OCR-Page-0178 [Sponsor Magazine]
... an~ hoth 111a11aµe111e11t and the performer-personal itv - disk j orke y may best ul il izr- it to build and hold audiences. 'lhis ) ear's com ent ion was planned hy a Yen a hie group of prac- ti • .al. -ucressful wurk ing jockeys, spear headed b) Bill Stewart, Storz\ luilliant national program head, and coordinator for the convent ion. On the planning committee are: Paul Berlin, l\ .: \LZ, l lou-ton ; Ira Cook, l\ ..\Il'C. lfolly1rnod; Paul Cowley, \\ KLO, Louisville ; Tom Ed1rnnls, \\ El ...
13 Feb 2018  -  118k
1362. Sponsor-59-May-OCR-Page-0174 [Sponsor Magazine]
... I by foe Csida D. j. clambake-1959 l n_\[arch nf 19. ig 011e of the hrightest and 111n"t harrl-wo rk ing' of the independent radio r-hain operators. Todd Storz and his 1 er) ca pa- id< ' crew. put together the first annual Hadio l'rogrami11g Seminar and l'•))l Vlusic Di-k Jock- ey Co111ent iou. It wa- an unquulifu-d ~UC<T ;; :: ; . Close to 2.00() jockt,y: - . as I rcr-all. went lo Kan- ~ª " Cill to attend. \nd al1110, 1e1 er ...
13 Feb 2018  -  111k
1363. Sponsor-59-May-OCR-Page-0067 [Sponsor Magazine]
... . Allr-n Smith. lo "JWl'ial pr" 'J. da~~ "< 'ar< '< ' tulent pool and lo re- Co111 & B1 ldinl,! . Tlu- a :< 'IH'\ now 0.J. CC~VEtHION FLANNERS: (I tor} Bill Stewart, Storz Stations; 'Bob Larsen, WRIT, Milwaukee; Paul Berlin, KNUZ, Houston; Joe Smith, ILD, Boston; Paul Cowley, WKLO, Louisville; Ira Cook, KMPC, Holly- ood; Robin Seymour, WKMH, Detroit; Tom Edwards, WERE, Cleveland FOR BETTER HUMAN RELATIONS, Lloyd Yoder ...
13 Feb 2018  -  113k
1364. Sponsor-59-Mar-OCR-Page-0298 [Sponsor Magazine]
... its proceeding pulls looking into possible wider use of Fm Subsidiary Communications Au- Lambert and Griffith Fulton, to the New York office; Noyes Scott and Robert Loeber, to the tv staff in Los (( First All Day" thorizations to include specific data on stereo broadcasting by fm stations Angeles. . . . The Storz Stations group is Rep appointments: Young Tv rating!* planning its "Second Annual Pop Music d.j. Convention and Seminar" Corp. for the tv properties of the Martin Theatres of Georgia .. H-R 29.31 May at the Americana Hotel in Tv, Inc. for WKTV, Utica-Rome *" Most listened to" . ...
13 Feb 2018  -  137k
1365. Sponsor-59-Mar-OCR-Page-0212 [Sponsor Magazine]
... N.Y. v.p. becomes ~ says Charles Keys, General Manager dir. of the dept. for all N.Y. based accounts; Charles Campbell be- comes media dir. consumer products and supvr. of broadcast media. KOCO-TV OKLAHOMA CITY Jack Sandler, general manager of WQAM, iVIiami. has been appointed a vice president of the Storz Stations group. His associ- ation with Storz dates hack to 19 + 9, when he was salesman-sports announcer on Socko -Popeye wins again! One Popeye hour couldn't satisfy all KOWH, Omaha. After its takeover by the the sponsors for KOCO-TV so they group, Sandler worked his way up to the had toscheduleasecondone ...
13 Feb 2018  -  128k
1366. Sponsor-59-Mar-OCR-Page-0204 [Sponsor Magazine]
... !11111111111111 lllHl!llll!l !lllll!l lllllllll!llll!llllll!!l l!llll llllllllllllll!l.11111111111' 'lllllllll'llllllll!lllllllllllllllllllllll!lllll!!llll!!lllllll Ill lllllllllllllllllllllllllll!llillll!lllllllllllllllllll!llM Continued from page 43 A SAMPLE OF MAJOR RADIO/TV STATION GROUPS ROLLINS BROADCASTING STORZ STATIONS KFi\fB-TV-A.\f , San Diego; \VNEP- (I tv, 7 am) -WBEE, Chicago: (5 am) -\ \ 'HB, Kansas City, i\lo.; TV, Scranton-Wilkes Barre WJWL, Ceorgctowu, Del.; \\ 'GEE ...
13 Feb 2018  -  135k
1367. Sponsor-59-Mar-OCR-Page-0132 [Sponsor Magazine]
... tight formulas than other groups, one w h ilc the share of local was 3.6% . which brought new programing con- reason being with tv stations carry- The smaller role played by net- cepts into radio. Groups like the ing heavy network schedules there is work o&o's in radio is primarily due Storz, Mcl.endon and Bartell stations less room in which to play around. to the greater number of radio sta- have had tremendous impact on lis- Once you get past the above basic tions and the decline of network ra- tening patterns with popular music facts about station groups, the var ie- :i ...
13 Feb 2018  -  136k
1368. Sponsor-59-Mar-OCR-Page-0091 [Sponsor Magazine]
... small cars. new design may affect air media or four .. or five! Page 33 (each favored in its marhet How Conover buys beauty for tv commercials Page 36 What you should know about station groups audience! Page 40 SPECIAL SECTION: N A B Convention today's supplement Radio for Page 61 today's selling load Storz P es1ae Ham e 0~ice 0.,3~; : ,[ 'IG, w • • s "I.O'': . . .,~V • ' 'f! . fSt"11'C ~1 >1 ~ .I • , . ~ C ...
13 Feb 2018  -  94k
1369. Sponsor-59-Jun-OCR-Page-0180 [Sponsor Magazine]
... Oll reported the explosion in the home of a would-he "" \ct1rnrk v- lndepcndcnt Hadio"" was the ontroversiu l suicide, Ceorge Pratt. \Vould ) ou title of tit( ' program that opened tlu- Second Annual Di-k kindh let me know whether you re Jo( 'key Couvcntiou conducted by the Storz -t aí ions in l\liami ported the cause of the explosion was Bea( 'h {Sec a lso Sponsor Back: -tage. page 10) Joe Culligan. due lo the ga:" in the home being ig. nited liy a pilot li~ht. or hy \Ir. ...
13 Feb 2018  -  121k
1370. Sponsor-59-Jun-OCR-Page-0178 [Sponsor Magazine]
... his ca rccr in radio sales in Terre Haute 19.) -J. at \\ ;\ O > .. 1'110" ' ille. and joined \\ BBQ. \ugu"ta later that )l'ar. In 19.) .) , is not covered lu- wus an a.e. at Storz" \\ Tl\ . \ew Urlcuu- and was transferred to \\ Q-\\1 . Vliami where ht 11a • a.e. and -ak- m :r . [rum 19.)ü to JCJ,)8 . effectively Russell Ziegler ha" her-n promoted to di- by outside n c ...
13 Feb 2018  -  107k
1371. Sponsor-59-Jun-OCR-Page-0100 [Sponsor Magazine]
... situation be- tween the radio st at ions and thr- IH'\\ -spapers in \liami is like. l f3\J1 2- ---:::= --=: -- k now that gu)S like Sam Elher of \\ 'CB5. Jack Sandler of the Storz stat ion. \\ '( J-\\1 . and others arc hard-working. hard-swinging gu)S . , • • • -- • • • • • 1 / 'DIG THISt' I hope that in the months to orne they find opportunities to hit /CRAZY! I NIELSEN SHOWS\ • ...
13 Feb 2018  -  126k
1372. Sponsor-59-Jun-OCR-Page-0087 [Sponsor Magazine]
... Leal" all ~f ' it's one national competition with he-t :3 months in hi-tory brand .. Page 31 mixed to five local tastes (each favored Fm radio: in its market) status report ne on a new boom Page 34 ,rt I~ Case history of a $15,775 tv special Page 38 The STORZ What tv tape Stations has proved in Where there's today's Radio tor today's selling its first year Storz Station .. Page 44 ere's audience for~ J: ./ , , T" '1 1d s • l'I •~ p~ ., t1 re WDGY, WHB, KOMA, WQAM, ~ 0 .e ...
13 Feb 2018  -  90k
1373. Sponsor-59-Jul-OCR-Page-0073 [Sponsor Magazine]
... Cl-\ , \lccker, \e11 York. 1\ DAK. Columbus. Ga .. Graham Cincinnati: \\ 'LOl" , Louisville : :Ridiards, national program direc- \\ ': VIB'\1 ..\1lia111i: \\ '\ OL, \asln ille; or. Storz Broadcasting Co.. Lor- \\ 'YLD, :\ el\ Orleans and \\ 'T\IP, TV STATIONS i(• Harof'skv, assistant to the man- Tampa-St. I'etersburg I to the John ,1ger of advertising. publicity ami E. Pem-sun Co .. \\ '! {IP, ...
13 Feb 2018  -  118k
1374. Sponsor-59-Jul-OCR-Page-0001 [Sponsor Magazine]
... s e a rc h five different gives e<lge to CH:O : o&o's. Other net- a rid flavors independent- oo u n t e r Page 27 Where there's smoke, there is sure to be radio Page 30 Why tv's 'quiz-panel' shows go on and on Page 36 The STORZ Will fall shows Where there's a Stations reflect public Storz Station .. today's Radio taste? -Tv Basics there's for today's selling Page 39 Todd Storz. President audience Home Office Omaha WDGY, WHB, KOMA, WQAM 2 represented by John Blair & Co. WTIX represented by Adam Young Inc. ...
13 Feb 2018  -  81k
1375. Sponsor-59-Jul-Basics-OCR-Page-0264 [Sponsor Magazine]
... --------- ------ RCA Thesaurus _ WCBM _ ------------I WROV -------- -------- 61 Storer -- ____ J 8, 19 WCCO-TV ------------------- 151 WSCN --- -------- Storz -- FC WCMI ---- ---- 45 \VSJS-TV ---------- ---- Taft - ---- 129 \VCTV -------- 184 WTAR----------- 08, U. S. Steel ----- --- 161 WDCY ---- ----- ...
13 Feb 2018  -  102k
1376. Sponsor-59-Jul-Basics-OCR-Page-0119 [Sponsor Magazine]
... MORE THAN HALF THE FIRST PLACE PULSE QUARTER HOURS (266 of 504 quarter-hours, Monday-Sunday, 6 a.m. midnight) MINNEAPOLIS-ST. PAUL "The 50,000 Watt Station .. with the 50,000 Watt Personalities" General Manager: C. B. Clarice, Jr. Represented by: John Blair& . Co. one of the STORZ Stations Todd Storz, President Horne Office: Omaha WDGYMinneapolis- St. Paul WHB Kansas City KOMA Oklahoma City WTIX New Orleans WQAM Miami JULY 1959.)•) ...
13 Feb 2018  -  61k
1377. Sponsor-59-Jul-Basics-OCR-Page-0127 [Sponsor Magazine]
... .. lrHB has dominated radio listening in Kansas City and environs. Naturally adrertisers have followed audience .. they' ve gotten results .. they' ve renewed. Do you icant to dominate Kansas City, too? Let Blair or G.iVI. George W. Armstrong fill you in. one of the • . STORZ Stations Todd Storz, President Home Office: Omaha WOGY Minneapolis- St. Paul WHB Kansas City KOMA Oklahoma City WTIX New Orleans WQAM Miami JULY 1959 67 ...
13 Feb 2018  -  67k
1378. Sponsor-59-Jul-Basics-OCR-Page-0097 [Sponsor Magazine]
... 264 daytime ~ hours. Metro Pulse - 280 first place daytime l(i hours out of 280. one I - First a.m. afternoon, all day. 1Trendex of the First Miami Radio Station to be awarded a plaque by the Miami Opera Guild. Four consecutive annual National Safety Council Awards. 41,000 public service announcements STORZ over a 12-month period. Stations Chat with Blair .. or WQAM G. M. Jack Sandler Todd Storz, President wQAM-Serving all of Southern Florida with 5,000 watts on 560 kc. Miami Home Office: Omaha WDGY Minneapolis- St. Paul WHB Kansas City KOMA Oklahoma City WTIX New Orleans WOAM Miami JUL\ ...
13 Feb 2018  -  92k
1379. Sponsor-59-Jul-Basics-OCR-Page-0002 [Sponsor Magazine]
... gives edge to CH~ o&o \ . Other net. and flavors independent- c o u nt e r Page 27 (each pref erred in its market) I it_ft rz Where there's smoke, there is sure to be radio Page 30 Why tv's 'quiz-panel' shows go on and on Page 36 The STORZ Will fall shows Where there's a Stations reflect public Storz Station .. today's Radio taste? -Tv Basics there's for today's selling Page 39 Todd Storz. President audience Home Office Omaha WDGY, WHB, KOMA, WQAM 2 represented by John Blair & Co. WTIX represented by Adam Young Inc. ...
13 Feb 2018  -  104k
1380. Sponsor-59-Jul-Basics-OCR-Page-0001 [Sponsor Magazine]
... Thi STORi Station: today's Radi tor today's seltln; Todd Storz Preside; Horne O'hce 011dh ...
13 Feb 2018  -  84k
1381. Sponsor-59-Jan-OCR-Page-0286 [Sponsor Magazine]
... /Iv can improve community relations How to cut red tape, by staying home (Gerald A. (Han que Ringgold) ---- 26 July p. 38 flartell) ---- ---- 29 Nov. p. 42 Blair report on local radio programing---- 26 July p. 51 Newsmaker of week: Todd Storz, pres. Storz Local rate muddle at boiling point --- 16 Aug. p. 27 Broadcasting _---- Co. ------ 6 Dec. p. 6 The Leo Burnett air media strategy ---- 16 Aug. p. 29 Newsmaker of week: Lloyd E. Yoder, v.p. & gen. ...
13 Feb 2018  -  157k
1382. Sponsor-59-Jan-OCR-Page-0153 [Sponsor Magazine]
... 1 7-JANUARY 18Se 20¢ • copy • $3 • year en hearing a lot WILL MEDIA ut the Storz Stations. we AND MARKETING ng?" BLEND? SPONSOR studies the changing media mar- keting set-up in today's agencies and what may happen in the future Page 29 Merchandise your tv star to sell your products Page 32 Tv Basics: Fall I net shows at the wl-with KOMA, Oklahoma City- WTIX, New Orleans . New 52-count1' Arca ne 1 rcsre S markets where all you have l'ulse shows \\ 'TIX first 360 out of 360 L{hours; first morning, afternoon, evening. 2,500,000 halfway ...
13 Feb 2018  -  98k
1383. Sponsor-59-Jan-OCR-Page-0063 [Sponsor Magazine]
... "s to senior v.p.; and Dale Mehrhoff, Appleton, Wis .. Charles Ander- latest activities: to v.p. son, Jr. named writer-producer in • John Hardesty, Y.p. ami gen- At a kick-off luncheon celebrating the affiliation of the new Ano1hcr luncheon, another place: At the second annual joint Storz station KOMA, Oklahoma City with NBC are speaker Todd pre-Christmas party sponsored by the Broadcast Advertising Cluh of Storz, president of the Storz stations; Matthew J. Culligan, execu- Chicago and Chicago Unlimited: (I to r) Paul.\lcCleur, Geoffrey tive v.p. of NBC and l\lrs ...
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1384. Sponsor-59-Feb-OCR-Page-0240 [Sponsor Magazine]
... serve vertisers, the best immediate solution him effectively . to the problem for two-rate stations is There is ample justification for a the establishment of stringent qualifi. station rate differential. But there is cation policies for local or retail ad- Jl(r ~~ aJ!p and ethical reason for an vertisers. The Storz Broadcasting Co. elastiézyardstick to be used in deter- put such a plan into effect last April. mining who qualifies for which rate. Many other stations throughout the So we have two rate cards and one country have followed suit. • . rate policy which outlaws b.;:á'rgaining In essence. such a ...
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1385. Sponsor-59-Feb-OCR-Page-0190 [Sponsor Magazine]
... publicity. There are three radio stations in this community: a 5,000- icatt 1\ 'BC affiliate that has been there for 25 years; a 250-u:att CBS affiliate; and a 250-watt independent that operates on a news and m uslc [ormula. (A WNEW format of pop music rather than the Storz formula of repeating the top 50) . The independent rates No. 1 in the market, with CBS No. 2, and the NBC affiliate No. 3. There JACKSON, are 2 tv stations: an NBC ult] that is affiliated with the NBC radio station and a CBS vhf. MISS. now ...
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1386. Sponsor-59-Feb-OCR-Page-0186 [Sponsor Magazine]
... editorial on page 82. fl" Public service programing It has always been my feeling that a radio station must assume responsi- bility in furthering local, regional, JL national. and international concepts, which help make for a better commu- nity, nation and world. I In the past, some of the Storz Sta I tions have been indirectly accused of being "Top 40," and with no public WBNS RADIO service in its concept of programing. I am enclosing, for your examination, WQAM's record of public service for the year, 1958. It is a staggering COLUMBUS, ÜHIO figure, and one which few ...
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1387. Sponsor-59-Feb-OCR-Page-0077 [Sponsor Magazine]
... film in- ~TIONS d~~tr) may well hit $120 million in 1959. A svo xso n r e p o r t ' Page 29 How to give radio,~1 spot a brand new prestige image Page 34 Eggheads and ostriches on Madison Ave. Page 40 the Radio licks the STORZ 2c stamp, beats Stations Todd Storz. President Home Office Omaha direct mail costs WOGY Mpls. St. Pau WH B Kansas City Page 42 KOMA Oklahoma City WTIX New Orleans WQAM Miam 2 WOGY, WHB. KOMA, WQAM ronroie:ont11ti hv .lnhn Rl::iir R. r.n ...
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1388. Sponsor-59-Dec-OCR-Page-0001 [Sponsor Magazine]
... • copir • sa • ir • • r LOCAL RADIO: SHADOW OVER NEWSPAPERS Dominance of local scene has shifted tora dio in news coverage, influence in community Page 27 Musical sell heads for high 'C' Page 30 Must tv be spanked and KOMA LAHOMA CITY spanked and .. ? Page 32 The How to get STORZ 'big ideas' Stations today's Radio in radio/tv for today's selling Page 38 Todd Storz. Presider! Home 0'11ce Omaha 2 WDGY, WHB, KOMA, WQAM represented by John Blair & Co. ...
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1389. Sponsor-59-Aug-OCR-Page-0331 [Sponsor Magazine]
... :a • AU8UST sea 401 • 0 • 1111'• • • a year ~JI MEET MR. ZIV: r, KING OF TV FILMS Profile of the man who built an em pi re in tv THE STORZ STATIONS film syndication -.II another SPONSOR first FLlaH.r D.Cl:>TlNA"l'lON • Page 31 P. Gillette deep in radio with opera- tion earlybird Page 35 Who's who in tv nets-special list -_ \for agencymen Page 38 The Fall lineup shows (" - STORZ rise in costs and __ I/ .... Stations today's Radio for today's selling Todd Storz. President Home Office Omaha hours- ...
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1390. Sponsor-59-Aug-OCR-Page-0001 [Sponsor Magazine]
... l-Ku-G-U5T_l_e_&•, .. A11 40c • copy • SS • y • • r 1. ERAL l'Lrii< H IOCKEFELLER PLAZA, f~£~ 'I': .: " , rv. WEEKLY MAGAZINE TV/RADIO ADVERTISERS USE customers have Storz Stations • A..f'lt. • • THIS IS BLUE RIBBON in their fall RADIO! First of a s i x-p a r t Storz Stations series on top-d rawer radio ad s t r a t e g y. plans .. Thi- week: Chevrolet WDG Y Minneapolis - St. Paul Page 29 WHB Kansas City shouldn't The man WTIX New Orleans behind ...
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1391. Sponsor-59-Apr-OCR-Page-0077 [Sponsor Magazine]
... - keting "P in au off- can the-rer-ord interview on the state of radio today tell Page 31 AMST: what the allocations fight means to sponsors Page 36 How airtight planning can cut cost of tv tape Page 42 TV basics: more one-hour shows on today's nighttime tv lists where there's Radio for Page 45 a Storz Station today's selling Todd Storz. President 2 there's audience Home Office Omaha WDGY t\ 'HB. " 'O'Jl 't' C:i ~ 8 11r ! C.:'!~t !St'':~t'd tly Jof'ln ...
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1392. Sponsor-59-Apr-OCR-Page-0057 [Sponsor Magazine]
... with thl' fol'! that t lu-,pot nidio Advance reservations are running heavy figu re ti\ t ra~l'd ;S :t-1.).:1 ~n iu-t IH'\\ ~pap1 r,; :312.17. Thi,. d1 dart'd_\ ,.. for the Storz Stations' Second Annual Cili,;011. conu out as a co,;l 1 • lli1 ic1wy :i1 :! t inu-s !rt ater than that of radio. Th, K.S.1: nu-din rompn ri-un r;n1 • INTERNATIONAL RADIO PROGRAMMING,;pot rudi the 111111 • ,.1 co>t-pn-1.000 ...
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1393. Sponsor-59-Apr-OCR-Page-0056 [Sponsor Magazine]
... , ork. s,\ '1 1 m, sav s,\Iu • .h of 11e\1 undertakr-u withiu HAn:The local rate pruhk-m. while not tlw pa11( 'r 11hid1 i, ex( 'ha11.?:ed in huv - On the,ide of ddi11itio11. the Storz .lirectlv responsihl for the spot paperwork jungle. i,; certainly a con tril.uting factor. The question of an 3!!l'l11'\ pal'in :r full price i,; invar iahly. •\\ 'lrn"s retti11µ: it wliolesale ?. and a lot of cllt'l'kin.?: frequently ...
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