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1301. 1954-11-29-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... checked the New Orleans no place to go but up. radio picture? That long? Talk to Adam J. Young, Jr. national representative, or call WTIX But how fast is up? General Manager, Fred Berthelson. -.. / --/ NEW ORLEANS 16, LA. -CONTINENT BROADCASTING COMPANY President: Todd Storz KOWH, Omaha WHB, Kansas City WTIX, New Orleans Represented by Represented by Represented by H -R Reps. Inc. John Blair & Co. Adam J. Young, Jr. Page 6 November 29, 1954 BROADCASTING TELECASTING ...
30 Apr 2014  -  102k
US Radio Magazine
... accept him as one of the family. They write him: they laau! , on his words. He has great responsibility. lle lives up to it. the stoat stations salute the Òtsc jockeys of arnE121Ca on the eveof the First Annual Pop Music Disc Jockey Convention and Programming &minar, to be held under Storz talion Sponsorship, March 7 -8 -9. 1958, in Kansas ( 'itg. Missouri 6 U. S. RADIO February 1958 ...
03 May 2014  -  45k
1303. 1954-12-20-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... - NENT FORMULA brought WTIX from 11th to 1st in 10 months. First all-day (21. 3 %) , second ste- mtion, 17.9 % , (Nov. 1954 Hooper) . HOOPER RADIO INDEX -7 AM -6 PM, MONDAY -FRIDAY, OCr. -Nov. 1954 -CONTINENT BROADCASTING COMPANY KOWH, Omaha President: Toed Storz WTIX, New Orleans WHB, Kansas City WHB 1,000 watts on 710 kc. Represented by Represented by Represented by H -R, Reps, Inc. Adam J. Young, Jr. John Blair & Co. Kansas City, Missouri Page 6 December 20, 1954 BROADCASTING TELECASTING ...
30 Apr 2014  -  92k
1304. 1971-09-06-BC-OCR-Page-0037 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... the station with the FCC and the Equal sure" vote. Employment Opportunity Commission The survey put television 8% ahead (BROADCASTING, Aug. 16) . The 27- of the Supreme Court and 17% above item FCC complaint, challenging the the Congress among a list of 12 institu- right of WQAM licensee Storz Broadcast- tions in the "really care" column. News- ing to hold the license, is for "the papers and the Nixon administration stated purpose of trying to pressure the were judged to be relatively indifferent company into signing a collective bar- or hostile to black aspirations, placing gaining agreement," ...
30 Apr 2014  -  43k
US Radio Magazine
... . DISC JOCKEY CONVENTION ANI) 1PIROGRAMMING SEMINAR. INVITATION to send ns comments, suggestions, criticisms which will help shape the 1959 Convention. ADVANCE NOTICE to all air personalities, broadcast, record, music and advertising executives: l'lan to attend the 2nd Annual Disc . locke Convention in 1959, sponsored by. . THE STORZ STATIONS; . I Omaha, Nebraska WDGY, Minneapolis-St. Paul WHB, Kansas City WTIX, New Orleans WQAM, Miami U. S. RADIO May 1958 ...
03 May 2014  -  85k
1306. 1971-10-18-BC-OCR-Page-0030 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... " Miss Judis paused. "I saw every- attend a 1959 convention of disk jockeys. Fitz was sent to find out about radio. one," she said with an indulgent sigh. The convention, sponsored by the Todd in Detroit he studied wwj, the radio "He said: You're having trouble with Storz stations, was among the biggest operation of the Detroit News. In New your music, I have some ideas'" bashes in broadcast history. It featured York he delved into the technical back- The ideas included a program format an all -night show with the biggest names ground of radio, assisted by the people ...
30 Apr 2014  -  52k
US Radio Magazine
... He was \VIBG program man- executive, named manager of the San Francisco office. ager. JOHN A. HICKS promoted from the Atlanta sales staff of Clarke Brown Co. to manager of the New Orleans JACK SANi)LER, general manager of WQAM Miami, office. Fla. named a vice president of the Storz Stations. CHARLES R. CHRISTIANSON, former general man - KENNETH I. deVRiES, formerly account executive ager of KRUX Phoenix, named general manager of appointed to the sales staff of H -R Represen- tivith MRS, KRIS Bakersfield. Calif. tatives Inc. New York. \VILLiA\l E. MILLER, ...
03 May 2014  -  119k
US Radio Magazine
... also states that he "When Mutual initiated this pol- that has caused much comment in believes the network's affiliate line- icy on June 2, 1957, it had 350 affili- the industry: "The affiliation with up will grow in 1959 and that its ated stations. At the end of 1958, the Storz Broadcasting Co. s KOMA staple news programming will Mutual had 453 stations -an expan- Oklahoma City is symbolic of a com- achieve even greater importance in sion of 103 affiliates in 18 months. plete upheaval in the network -affil- the year ahead. More and more stations," Mr. iate relationship area. ...
03 May 2014  -  119k
US Radio Magazine
... Mu- phones across the country to hear Platter -spinning is only one aspect sic Disc Jockey Convention held re- themselves praised, chided and chal- of the disc jod-kes's job, representa- cently in Miami, Fla. The conven- lenged from the podium. tive spokesuten who addressed the tion, sponsored by the Storz Stations, "1-he Culligan-McLendon debate convention gathering agree. Flow drew top naines in the advertising, on the merits of network versus in- much of what else he supplies to 66 U. C. 11. 1///0 July 191 ...
03 May 2014  -  83k
1310. 1955-01-17-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... 9Ì, gkeafru..0,4(Aelidtg 141t/ Nit m p; W 01 N4 o M Lend an ear to the man from Blair, or let WHB General Manager George W. Armstrong bend your aural extremity. *HOOPER RADIO INDEX -7 a.m. -6 p.m. Monday-Friday, Nov. -Dec. 1954 -CONTINENT BROADCASTING COMPANY President: Todd Storz KOWH, Omaha WTIX, New Orleans WHB, Kansas City 10,000 watts on Represented by Represented by Represented by 710 kc. H -R Reps, Inc. Adam J. Young, Jr. John Blair 8. Co. Kansas City, Missouri L Page 6 January 17, 1955 BROADCASTING TELECASTING ...
30 Apr 2014  -  82k
US Radio Magazine
... - ent sales development director, assumes Mr. Harrison's position on the New York sales staff. Programming Ideas Abound The backbone of radio -programming-received most of the attention At Second D. J. Convention on the agenda of the "Second Annual International Radio Programming Seminar and Pop Music Disc Jockey Convention," sponsored by the Storz Stations. Held in Miami Beach over the Memorial Day weekend, the meeting covered a wide range of topics, such as music, records, per- sonalities, news and ratings. Two Stations Cut Spots Is this a trend? More evidence is needed to answer the question, but And Raise Their Rates WQXR ...
03 May 2014  -  85k
US Radio Magazine
... bureau were tied -up. WAVE broadcast eyewitness ac- Programming: the very roots." Alan Newcomb of WBT and counts as well as the radar and The second annual Pop Music weather bureau reports. Disc Jockey Convention and Semi- Rupert Gillett, former associate editor of the Charlotte Observer, nar, sponsored by the Storz Stations Public Service: stith the cooperation of the various conduct the program. They inter- rupt the tape -recorded Radio Moscow On the theory that radio's public record companies, will he held at "newscast" at necessary intervals to service contributions arc more easily the Americana Hotel, Miami Beach, explain, refute and ...
03 May 2014  -  118k
1313. 1955-01-31-BC-OCR-Page-0011 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... %p ) , and all day (19.3% -next station, 17.8% )." Motion for Adam J. Young Jr. or talk time to WTIX General Manager Fred Berthelson. *Hooper Radio Index, 7 a.m. 6 p.m. Mon. Fri. December 1954 New Orleans 16, La. -CONTINENT BROADCASTING COMPANY President: Todd Storz KOWH, Omaha WHB, Kansas City WTIX, New Orleans,"1 " ,. .-p Represented by H -R Reps, Inc. Represented by John Blair & Co. Represented by Adam J. Young, Jr. BROADCASTING TELECASTING January 31, 1955 Pase 11 ...
30 Apr 2014  -  131k
1314. 1972-11-27-BC-OCR-Page-0039 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... department of Michael's College, Toronto. squelched by the WHBF-TV "Rumor Burden denied that a $1,000 contribution A panel on "A Business Response to Control Center," a service recognized was made or received. Star also said that Consumerism," also at the Tuesday meet- by Mayor Haymaker as contributing Mrs. Storz cannot be believed "because ing, will include Roland P. Campbell, of the overt hostility and bias she held director of creative services for General significantly to the successful with respect to Don Burden." Foods, and three executives of the Coun- cooling of threatened racial violence. The Broadcast Bureau, in ...
30 Apr 2014  -  59k
1315. 1973-01-01-BC-OCR-Page-0034 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... is so uniquely capable of affording." deductible for the first time. Dannett and Bernard Buchholz, New There was also a relaxation of re- York attorneys, as counsel. Members quirements for accounting for the sale with Mr. Sanger arc George W. Arm- of time to barter companies, payments strong, Storz stations: J. Allen Jensen, Screen Gems' call and receipts for sports and other pro- KID -AM -FM Idaho Falls, Idaho: Abiah A. grams furnished by networks not licensed Church, Storer Broadcasting: Roger B. for help turned down by ASCAP, in -store promotion trade Read, Taft Broadcasting ...
30 Apr 2014  -  40k
1316. 1973-01-29-BC-OCR-Page-0042 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... in- be young, but are still no different from dustry as a whole and to the press. album cuts was a means, most program- ers thought, of keeping the 18 -to -24 male the public that bought singles years ago. Rick Sklar became a radio programer Bill Stewart, a veteran of the Storz through sheer audacity, he says. He was audience that was beginning to tune to working at wINs(AM) New York as progressive-rock FM stations in the late station group and now operations man- sixties. "At the time," Mel Phillips, pro- ager of wroo(AM) Minneapolis: ...
30 Apr 2014  -  35k
1317. 1955-02-21-BC-OCR-Page-0006 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Highest: 65 % RPT 65 %* . A.M. average: 45.3%; Hooper Continuing Measurements, a.m. 8 P.M. average: 47.6 %; All-day: 46.7 % . 6 p.m. Monday -Saturday, Oct. '54 -Jan. '55. (Next station 21.3 % .) -CONTINENT BROADCASTING COMPANY President: Todd Storz WHB, Kansas City WTIX, New Orleans KOWH, Omaha Represented by Represented by Represented by John Blair & Co. Adam J. Young, Jr. H -R Reps, Inc. Page 6 February 21, 1955 BROADCASTING TELECASTING ...
30 Apr 2014  -  137k
US Radio Magazine
... plus jewelry, bread. dend Bonded gas, First Federal Savings car, dairy, stationery, banking firms. Omaha headquarters of the agency of $1,000 for a florist and a clothing services 24 radio accounts, most of store to highs of $124,000 for Safeway. them local. Budgets range front lows 5103,000 for Storz Brewing each year. ...
04 May 2014  -  67k
US Radio Magazine
... accommodate rainbow. Other important stations to adapt to the new sound were Radio away from the honte has de- hrt t miniinns, foi that was where veloped more muscle in the past five In lord and worked. those of Storer Broadcasting Co. years. The greatest strength has been ? 'lough Inc. \facLendon Co. Storz Felt in production and sales of tran- Days of daring Broadcasting Co. and others. They Ihrew the weight Of their group hold - sistors and portables, according to I II I I l wge, ct e expel iincnlal NN iugs behind new ventures in radio the EII \ . I 960 was the biggest ...
04 May 2014  -  110k
... Branscombe Co. Selchow & Righter Jenney Mfg. Co. Nehi Corp./Bottlers Burger Brewing Co. Serta Assoc. Inc./Dealers Jewel Tea Co. Inc. Ohio Bell Telephone Co. Burma -Vita Co. R. E. Spriggs Co. Kay Jewelry Co. Ohio 011 Co. Burrus Mills Inc. Storz Brewing Co. Knomark Mfg. Co. Pan -Am Southern Corp. Cargill Inc. Sun Ray Drug Co. Lanvin Parfums Inc. Mrs. Paul's Kitchen Chattanooga Medicine Co. Sweets Co. of America Inc. H. W. Lay & Co. Pearl Brewing Corp. Colonial Baking Co. Tetley Tea Co ...
29 Jan 2016  -  92k
1321. 1975-05-26-BC-OCR-Page-0054 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Radio Billings is owned by The Peoria Journal Star (BP- 18878) . Action May 16. Storz Broadcasting Co. (Doc. 20200) -Chief ALJ Inc.; Henry P. Slane, pres. et al. (BAL- 8359) . Action Arthur A. Gladstone scheduled further hearing ses- May 9. FM applications sion for May 21 in New Orleans. Action May 7. KGRT- AM- KGRD -FM Las Cruces, N.M. (AM: WNAS New Albany, Ind. -Seeks CP to install Southport, N.C. FM proceeding: Thorns Broad- 570 khz, 6 kw -D; FM: 103.9 mhz ...
30 Apr 2014  -  43k
1322. RD-1962-August-OCR-Page-0148 [Radio Daily]
Radio Daily
... agencies. AB-PT MARVIN KIRSCH : Assoc. P u b l - G e n M g r . 32 303,4 31 — % holm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Berlin, • A. T. & T 1 1 2 % 111V4 1 1 1 % Amsterdam a n d London. JACK SANDLER, VP Storz Stations, left ARTHUR PERLES Editor AVCO 23 223/4 23%+ 1/8 • via Pan Am for tour of Africa. CBS 37% 37% 37% ARTHUR SIMON : : : 'Advertising Mgr. C O N N I E MITCHELL, W B B M vocalist, leav- • Columbia ...
02 May 2014  -  197k
1323. 1959-05-11-BC-OCR-Page-0110 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Box 626K, BROADCASTING. Turner, Monroe, Louisiana, FA 5 -5656 El full information and photo. Box 725K, Dorado, Arkansas, UN 2 -3488. BROADCASTING. Want top sapient savvy running your sta- tion? With authenticated management his- Hawaii: Number one station in the Must 50th Attention all top Storz and McLendon type tory, here is a man available for solid op- State offers opportunity for announcer. Pro- program directors. Have immediate open- portunity regional -small markets south of ing at executive salary for right man to D.C. Box 767K, BROADCASTING. have crisp, clever top 40 style delivery.Pacific program ...
30 Apr 2014  -  76k
1324. 1961-01-16-BC-OCR-Page-0096 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... adlibs, gim- mix, letters, patter, etc. $5.00-Show -Biz Field intensity meter RCA type 308 -B. Com- Comedy Service (Dept. DJ -4) , 65 Parkway plete with loop and vibrator supply. Best Court. Brooklyn 35, N. Y. offer. Reply to Technical Director, Storz Broadcasting Company, Omaha, Nebraska. NEWS DIRECTOR Complete remote television unit consisting RADIO of: Three DuMont I.O. field chains #258, Multi-award- winner. More than 20 #260, #231 with all accessory equipment. years' journalism experience, in- RCA microwave system, TTR -1B transmitter Help Wanted ...
30 Apr 2014  -  69k
1325. 1959-10-26-BC-OCR-Page-0128 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... employ- wet nurse for the pre -shave crowd . . . The successful station is the station that shows it really cares about its image in Then maybe this will suggest a thing or I have had genuine success in program- ming an outstanding station image in one of the nation's most competitive part -owner or equity arrangement Storz or McClendon or Bartell or Star. And if, as you read this, you think I've eliminated everyone worth considering . . . pro, Situations Wanted- (Cont'd) Production -Programming, Others AVAILABLE NOVEMBER 1st: Mature newsman, ending association with dominant station in major midwestern market after six years. 15 years ...
30 Apr 2014  -  60k
1326. 1942-11-02-BC-OCR-Page-0036 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... weeks, thru Buchanan - 6 sa weekly, thru BBDO. N. Y. 8p-studio programs (farm machinery) , 5 ep weekly, thru Thomas Adv. Co. Omaha. Bert S. Gittins Adv. Milwaukee. Cooper Safety Razor Corp. Brooklyn, N. ne -new8 programa Solvay Sales Corp. New York, 5 ap Storz Brewing Co. Omaha, daily sa, 7 Y. 5 sa weekly, thru Heffelfinger Agen- weeks, thru Buchanan -Thomas Adv. Co. cy, N. Y. t-transcriptions weekly thru Atherton & Currier, N. Y. Portland Cement Assn. Chicago, 5 sp Omaha. Procter & Gamble Co. Cincinnati (Duz Lever ...
30 Apr 2014  -  99k
1327. Sponsor-1964-04-4-OCR-Page-0036.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . This generally generally of Omaha, United Omaha, Omaha. United Omaha,~í Faiii freshly freshly and and thoroughly thoroughly cleansed. cleansed. follows populaüon line, accord- follows the population accord- mont Fonds ntcm:t Co; . . Foods Co.,S:t0:r ~ B1tewitríJ~~ Storz Brewing Col During During the few kw minutes minutes the ing to Dab Decker, associate Bob Decker, asseciatc me.di1a media Nori.hwest.érn Northwestern Bell lecle¢ltrm~ ,Col Bé:fl Telephone ~ product product needs needs to lake take effect, cftcct, the the director director at WW&B , WW&B ...
18 Jul 2016  -  235k
1328. 1957-04-08-BC-OCR-Page-0182 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Humpty Dumpty First Prize Meat Prod 28,360 Trading Meat Products 324,550 Ranges 55,520 Food Mkts. 146,610 Stop 8 Save . Stamp ;75,500 Pard Dog Food 11,150 Top Value Enterprises.. ;1,041,480 Occidental Range 13,890 Standard Grocery ry Co. $46,440 Tradin Stamps 75,500 Poultry 45,430 Top Value Foods 46,440 Table Ready Meats 36,800 Trading Stamps 1,041,480 V Storz Brewing Co. $135,020 Standard Knitting Mills ; ,30310 Beer 135,020 Vigoro Fertilizer 2,710 Townley Dairy $73,040 Valley Bell Dairy Co. $31,030 Healthknit Underwear .. 30,310 Sylvan Seal Milk Cs. $101,640 Dairy Products 73,040 Dairy Products 31,030 Streator Read Foods,Inc...22,760 Sylvan Seal Standard Mattress Co. $20,780 22,760 Milk 101,640 Toy Guidance ...
30 Apr 2014  -  44k
1329. 1955-07-25-BC-OCR-Page-0094 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... in top DJ personalities. Combination news editor-program mar f PLACEMENT SERVICE, INC. KOWH Omaha. WHB Kansas City. WTIX New gather and report local news and assum Orleans. Tapes promptly returned. Send all of program director. Must be settled, ec 708 Bond Bldg. Washington 5, D. tapes to: Todd Storz, President. Mid- Continent liable. Good position for right man. Conti Broadcasting Company, Omaha 2, Nebraska. ager, WGBR. Goldsboro, N. C. L. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  103k
1330. 1955-07-04-BC-OCR-Page-0084 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Omaha. WHB Kansas City. WTIK New Orleans. Tapes promptly returned. Send all College grad. experience-- draft exempt combo -man strong music and news. Box 973A, B.T. - metropolitan any location disc jockey with solid announcing background. Send tape and letter to Program Director, Box tapes to: Todd Storz, President, Mid- Continent Broadcasting Company, Omaha 2, Nebraska. Top disc- comedian .. 34, radio 12 years -tv 3 895A, B.T. Wanted: Hard working, level -headed staff an- Daytime 500 watter has immediate opening for lib- - humor - years-doing both in major market. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  69k
1331. Sponsor-1957-07-4a-OCR-Page-0056 [Sponsor Magazine]
... o . New York C e n t r a l Railroad Greyhound £ o r p , S t e r l i n g D r u g , Inc, Braun Baking C o . Norwich Pharmacal C o . G r i e s e d i e c k B'O. Brew C D , Storz B r e w i n g C o . firístol-Myers Co, G u n f h c r Brewing C o . Strietmann Biscuit C o , Brown Shoe C o . Oertel Brewing Co. Studebaker-Packard C o r p . Brown 4 W i l l i a m s o n T o b ...
03 May 2014  -  136k
1332. 1969-02-10-BC-OCR-Page-0086 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Immediately avail- For saleone kilowatt Western Electric 443A -I transmitter in excellent condition available imme- Attention Houston and Gulf coast area residents. able /will relocate. Excellent references. Married. Elkins Institute offers First Class FCC licensing in Presently employed but anxious for change. For diately. Contact P. W. Tribou, Storz Broadcasting Company, Kiewit Plaza, Omaha, Nebraska 68131, only six weeks. Quality instruction. Elkins Institute resume, Box 0 -146, BROADCASTING. in Houston. 2120 Travis, Houston Texas 77002. phone 402- 342 -4700. News and public affairs man available. Excellent background. Box B -147. BROADCASTING ...
30 Apr 2014  -  87k
1333. Sponsor-1963-01-3-OCR-Page-0039.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... radio /tv profile 1962 Farm radio/lv . 26 Nov. 26 P- p. 31 31 Hartley L. Samuels (WKAZ) :: I'm the new Tod Tod it ain't so, Culligan. Joe: "Please say it so, Joe!" 3 Dec. P- p. 32 32 Storz!- - 19 71 p. 71 19 Nov. p. "Benchmark research" research" method of goal setting 10 Dec. 10 P- p. 38 Philip D'Antoni (Mutual Bdestg,) radio -current Bdestg. I:: radio — current what buyers think of it Promotion, what it . _ ...
14 Jul 2016  -  57k
1334. 1964-10-26-BC-OCR-Page-0098 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... along with two com- and others to Pacific Broadcasting Co. Wilkerson (15.88%) , Gerald E. Weist (3.08 %) , mon carrier stations. Action Oct. 14. owned by Lawrence S. Berger (51 %) , Mrs. John F. Davis (2.13 %) , Dorothy F. Storz Fred Goodstein (29%) , Marcus Loew II Steven D. Brown, Shepard Curelop, Ronald WRSC State College, Pa. Granted transfer (6 %) , William H. Brown (5 %) , William E. M. Mercer and Richard E. Shireman (each of control of licensee corporation, ...
30 Apr 2014  -  58k
1335. 1955-02-21-BC-OCR-Page-0108 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... you may be the man for one of our stations KOWH, Omaha, WHB, Kansas City. or WTIX, - They are not "specialists" but have Iowa . . . Established radio -tv network station New Orleans. Send audition with letter enclosed will ad one radio and one tv salesman to present to Todd Storz, President, Mid -Continent Broad- been thoroughly trained by profes- happy, prosperous sales staffs. Send complete casting Co. Omaha 2, Nebraska. Auditions sionals for a combination of jobs, information in first letter. Box 351G, BT. promptly returned. using standard commercial equipment Wanted: Manager for telephone crew ...
30 Apr 2014  -  58k
1336. CB-1965-08-14-OCR-Page-0298.pdf [Channels Magazine]
... Erato) , Jazz Philips, Riverside, Swingville, Vee Jay, World Collector, Jazz Selection, Kangourou (Vogue) , Pacific, Melodicon, Olympia land and in Austria by their own in Switzerland of two German labels King Hazz, Majestic, Mode, Nixa, Orfeon, Pas- mpany, Austrian Columbia. Storz (who release Pick in Germany) torale et Musique, Piccadilly, Pingouin Jecklin & Co. of Zurich continues and Regina. Pick is also released in (Vogue) , Pop, Pye, Reprise, Roulette, Royal, RCA INTERNATIONAL LTD. Somerset, Sonet, Sprint, Storyville, Studio Rue de Mont-Blanc ...
21 Feb 2017  -  167k
1337. BC-1952-11-03-OCR-Page-0104 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... mation on request. Harold Andrews, TV-Anywhere. Bright gal with best so wire me if you want sets held for West Paris, Maine. radio experience, some in theater and you while we acquaint you with further name, address and one page sum- TV. College graduate. Currently script - details. Todd Storz, KOWH, Omaha, First phone license seeking permanent Nebraska. mary to Box 935R, BROADCASTING position. No Paul TV program aideSeek ox 767R, ROADS TELECASTING. Street, Apt. 88, Brook- CASTING TELECASTING. Will sell at small discount a new RCA lyn, New York. TG -1A sync generator ...
30 Apr 2014  -  80k
1338. 1959-04-13-BC-OCR-Page-0022 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... , Fla. Speakers 209,801,000 161,949,000 May 14-U. of Michigan Advertising Conference. will include Matthew J. Culligan, NBC Radio exec- TOTAL 1,454,400 408,100 $2,594,904,000 $1,974,439,000 Agency and advertising executives will appear as utive vice president, and Gordon McLendon, head panel leaders. Michigan advertising groups are of McLendon station group. Storz stations are cooperating. sponsoring seminar with Bill Stewart, Kilpatrick Bldg. Omaha, Neb. as convention coordinator; May 14 -15- Nebraska Broadcasters Assn. an- NAB President Harold E. Fellows; three station nual convention, Cornhusker Hotel, Lincoln. representative executives -John Blair, Robert May 16- 17- Illinois News Broadcasters ...
30 Apr 2014  -  96k
1339. Radio-Daily-1945-Aug-Page-0160 [Radio Daily]
Radio Daily
... Info. Please" e l u d i n g W. J. Coad, W. D. Hosfor forecast. been t h o r o u g h l y discussed b y the F r e d Allen will b e t h e first guest R o b e r t H. Storz a n d P a u l Gallagher-jc^ E m p l o y e r s should h a v e n o t r o u b l e e q u i p m e n t i n d u s t r y , a n d t h a t the con ...
02 May 2014  -  149k
1340. 1975-01-27-BC-OCR-Page-0076 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... . 10. Action Jan. 13. cation by Pacific Western Broadcasters, licensee of KYNG, for mitigation or remission of $1,000 for- Following stations were authorized program oper- WTIX(AM) New Orleans, renewal proceeding: feiture. Pacific Western alleged station's repeated ating authority for changed facilities on date shown: Storz Broadcasting Co. (Doc. 20200) -Chief AU excessive daytime power resulted in no interfer- WGER -FM Bay City Mich. (BPH- 9168) , Jan. 2; Arthur A. Gladstone advanced hearing from March ence. FCC responded that it is also concerned with WPAP -FM Panama City, Fla ...
30 Apr 2014  -  53k
1341. 1941-02-10-BC-OCR-Page-0040 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... thru Sherman K. Ellis Mangan) , 12 sa weekly, thru Morse Inter- II. An aggressive counter-of- Standard Oil Co. of Indiana, Chicago, 6 ta & Co. N. Y. national. N. Y. fensive against the opponents of ad- weekly, thru McCann -Erickson, Chicago. Storz Brewing Co. Omaha, 33 ea, thru vertising through: (1 ) School sur- Buchanan-Thomas Adv. Co. Omaha. veys to expose subversive teachings Vick Chemical Co. Greensboro (proprie- and those textbooks which present tary) , 28 sa weekly, thru Morse Inter- national, N. Y. NOW THEY ...
30 Apr 2014  -  85k
1342. 1969-08-11-BC-OCR-Page-0075 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... specialist. Also experienced in variety and drama control operation of computerized statewide televi- university or college. Available fall, 1969. Box production. Box H -122, BROADCASTING. sion network in Indiana. FCC 1st phone. $8000 plus H -119, BROADCASTING. university benefits. Call Jim Potter, 317-639 -7945. Storz, McLendon, Drake. Imagine your name there. Beat boss radio. Box H -135, BROADCASTING. Video operator-switcher with first phone. New sta- Sales tion southwest Florida. Future good in either produc- Due to expiration of television consulting contract, All phase man for your team! I'll program your sta ...
30 Apr 2014  -  61k
1343. Radio-Daily-1950-January-0123 [Radio Daily]
Radio Daily
... director and Duncan Elliot, announcer, oí WGCH-FM srve the seriously unsatisfied "the good cause." rr.eds. . . . of significant foreign aid for "Fire Prevention Week," in Greenwich. Conn.: Gaylord J. Avery, pro- Polio Emergency (not to be con- gram manager and Todd Storz. general laguage minority groups." Requests M a n y A n d Varied manager of KOWH. Omaha: E. P. Shad- rhe importance of foreign lan- NBC, CBS, ABC and Mutual, as fused with the March of Dimes) , burne, program director of WSIP, Paints ...
02 May 2014  -  192k
1344. Sponsor-1964-06-3-OCR-Page-0053.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... who reccntlv recently rcvigncd. resigned. lic service lie <crvicc divisiondivrvion of that com- of that cum- George George Armvtrong. executive H. Armstrong, executive pany and pany continued and eontinued th.u capa- in that capa- Planned Format Planned New Format vice president \ ice president of of Stor/ Hroadca-t- Storz Broadcast- citv until eitv until 1946,I 946. Conferences RAB Conferences For RAB ing, Kansas Citv, ing. Kansas Cit) . has ha' been been appoint- appoint- Returning to academic Returning academic life. lile. Sum- ~u111- Stations In Stations in similar market situa- similar market situa ...
18 Jul 2016  -  213k
1345. 1965-02-22-BC-OCR-Page-0127 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... Mail tape of your work, resume and picture to: apply. This is your opportunity for an unlimited future. All replies . : be New York headquartered, with con - siderable travel involved. Send resume Deane Johnson Director of Programing strictly confidential. : and salary requirements to: Box 1520 - KOMA (A Storz Station) Oklahoma City Box B -253, BROADCASTING ' Box B -342, BROADCASTING ; 136 BROADCASTING, February 22, 1965 ...
30 Apr 2014  -  62k
1346. 1959-01-19-BC-OCR-Page-0059 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... more framework in which gramming in a in west coast, are map strategy and future assembled phones) cal in- CBS, 23.9;score reads: ABC, 20.1; ABC operates. major pro- NBC, 21.7 -a ture bid to I rO, 0' , s, a$ Fon"eYy the Storz and well no at yv Vt : . iami, stride toward Y9. still an iffy closing While in the daytime the m aj o r gap. Even in the area where ABC until of specials, CBS the lost ground. "alert" this season had an off -the- recordhas gone out, with ...
30 Apr 2014  -  230k
1347. 1958-09-29-BC-OCR-Page-0104 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... , metropolitan market preferred. Excel- Hollywood 21, California BROADCASTING. lent references. Available now. Charles Read, 1768 East McMillan, Cincinnati, Ohio. Grantham School of Electronics SEATTLE Ambitious, capable announcer, experienced 488 Marion Street major Announcer -chief engineer. Four years experi- WASH. ence all phases, prefer Storz type operation. Seattle, Washington position Re- Want to move up. Family man 29. Call: Jack quire eekly BROADCASTING. Teiken, Garden 3 -3687, Mason City, Iowa. Page 104 September 29, 1958 BROADCASTING ...
30 Apr 2014  -  64k
1348. 1959-04-27-BC-OCR-Page-0018 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... , Miami, Fla. Speakers will include Matthew J. Culligan, NBC Radio exec- Represented By utive vice president; Gordon McLendon, head of H -R TELEVISION, INC. McLendon station group; NAB President Harold E. Fellows (keynoter) three station representative executives -John Blair, Robert Eastman and Adam Young. Storz stations are sponsoring semi- nar with Bill Stewart as convention coordinator. 18 (DATEBOOK) BROADCASTING, April 27, 1959 ...
30 Apr 2014  -  151k
1349. Sponsor-1947-07-1-OCR-Page-0012.pdf [Sponsor Magazine]
... . campaign) Finance. Albert Wood New York ley. New- \Voodiey, Sprekels sprekrls sugar Sugar (( .o. o. San San Kruiuisco. Francisco. ... Honey-Dew honey -Dew Sugar, Sugar. Whitney & Harrington, w'hitney llarrington, . ilurst. San & Hurst, . San Francisco . Francisco Stttfi Brewing Co, storz Co. Onmha Omaha Triumph. Gold Crest Beer Triumph, Jacoba. Omaha Bozell & Jacobs. 7àcaie Importers. Imfo,rters. Inc. Los Lus Angeles. .. , Tecate beer. beer . Tecate. Jere Bayard. Los Los Angeles Angeles \ olee of Nuke o1 Prophecy, Prophecy. Inc. Washington, D. ...
07 Jul 2016  -  136k
1350. 1968-04-22-BC-OCR-Page-0074 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... who accepted General Manager post with another station. Great training ground WHB Radio Box D -258, Broadcasting. for man on way up. Send your qualifications, 10th & McGee salary requirements and when available to Jack Gelder, WTWO-TV, P.O. Box 299, Kansas City, Missouri Terre Haute, Ind. 47808 A Storz Station I, J PROGRAM DIRECTOR WANTED TELEVISION-Help Wanted Sales oriented owner- manager looking for top -notch programer to take charge of pro- Production -Programing, Others gram responsibility. Full time MOR. format needs overhaul. Want sound to match new LEADING CONTEMPORARY luxurious studios. Midwestern metro of 1IL11111111111110111111111111t11I1 11111111f111111II1111cI11111111111 l1111111111TE MUSIC STATION 100,000 ...
30 Apr 2014  -  71k
1351. 1968-05-13-BC-OCR-Page-0093 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... , BROAD- tunity for advancement. Top salary and . CASTING. fringe benefits. Apply Chief Engineer, day or night. Write, Norm Davis, 111 WMVS /WMVT, 1015 North 6th Street, Mil- Gerald Street Leland, Mississippi . waukee, Wisconsin 53203. 38756 . presently employed. . . Almunus Storz and McLendon, current PD Experienced announcer, 28, third phone. in major market. Prefer west coast. You Immediate opening for 3 first class engi- Want permanent di position in good, small want ratings, check my references. Box E- neers. TV experience desirable but not 164, BROADCASTING. ...
30 Apr 2014  -  60k
1352. BC-1960-12-26-OCR-Page-0064 [Broadcasting Magazine]
Broadcasting Magazine
... and regu- $50,000 down. Principle. JACK L. STOLL lated plate and filament power supply. Write for Bulletin #203. Box 141D, BROADCASTING & ASSOCS. MOSELEY ASSOCIATES P. O. Box 3192 MISCELLANEOUS Santa Barbara, California ATTENTION DJ'S -PD'S Dollar Now you can have the same material that makes the Storz, McLendon, and Plough jocks sound "clever" and "sharp." Money back if not happy. All material written for rr/ V O0 by professional format men for professional format men. Package = $1.00 #1 fillers) (100 one -line i sa Dollar- IN CARTRIDGE TAPE EQUIPMENT r ...
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