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Television / Radio Age
... direct; constant stuffy Hamm's (beer) , C -M; Heileman's (beer) , feeling from What? Haven't you heard about M -E; Bank of America (BankAmericard) , ,Ferro, Mohammed and Schwartz? Johnson & Lewis; Northwestern Mutual (in- inasal congestion. surance) , MMH &H ; Storz Brewing (beer) , Bozell & Jacobs; So. California & So. Coun- ties Gas Co. (gas) , M -E; Max Factor (lip- stick) , direct. In production: Foremost (dairy products) , GBB; Ralst n (breakfast food) , GBB; Zenith ( ...
04 May 2014  -  58k
Television / Radio Age
... sepa- rately." Besides Bonneville's KMBZ and KMBR(FM) , other participating Kansas City radio stations are KBEQ(FM) , Meredith's KCMO and KCEZ(FM) , KCKN- AM-FM, owned by Kaye- Smith, Starr's KCNW and KUDL(FM) , Taft's WDAF and KYYS(FM) and Storz' WHB. CBS' NetAlert system CBS Radio's NetAlert system, set up in 1961 as a round -the -clock network - to expand capacity affiliate contact for urgent news and other program purposes, is now being converted to all solid state and is increasing its signal capacity from nine to 15 alerts. Target date for ...
04 May 2014  -  30k
Television / Radio Age
... o j e c t s " system, such as cassettes. "I wouldn't Gordon McLendon and R o b e r t T o d d and F M X , the n o i s e - r e d u c t i o n syslom buy a $2-3,000 set and then get my Storz, both of whom were instrumental developed lor stereo FM. T h e noise-re- programming at a video store. I'd want in developing t h e t o p 40 format. d u c t i o n system, invented by E m i l T o r - it over t h e ...
04 May 2014  -  149k
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