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1. RA-1937-Aug-OCR-Page-0036 [Radio Daily]
Radio Daily
... Stoop - CLAIRE TREVOR, SALLY nagle and Budd and H. T. Webster.. Umpire will be Katharine Cornell BLANE, DOUGLAS FOWLEY and KVOR, Colorado Springs JUDGE BEN LINDSEY, in scenes , This is the second of a series of diamond encounters by celeb aggrega- from "One Mile From Heaven," Aug. Storz Beer, spot announcements, through Buchanan- Thomas, Omaha; fions.. P.S. A soft ball will be used. 13 (CBS, 9 p.m.) . Derby Oil Co. Wichita, Kas. daily PHIL NAPOLEON, ork leader, on sports review, through Potts -Turn- Jane Pickens will be guest of honor ...
02 May 2014  -  61k
2. RA-1937-May-OCR-Page-0080 [Radio Daily]
Radio Daily
... 250 watts, operate synchronously with WOL. review, 10 mins. daily exc. Sun. 1 EXAMINER'S year; The Brown Derby, 12 spots, RECOMMENDATION the oldest broadcasting station in the Northwest was founded May 22, 1922. , WHOM, Jersey City, N. J. CP for change Max Goldberg agency; Storz Brewing WDAYWDAY, C. Reineke was its founder and is today the president of WDAY, Inc. He in power to 250 watts, Kw. day, 1450 kc. Co. Omaha, 26 spots, Buchanan - has 1 been active manager of the station from its beginning. unlimited, be denied. Thomas agency ...
02 May 2014  -  97k
Radio Daily
... Info. Please" e l u d i n g W. J. Coad, W. D. Hosfor forecast. been t h o r o u g h l y discussed b y the F r e d Allen will b e t h e first guest R o b e r t H. Storz a n d P a u l Gallagher-jc^ E m p l o y e r s should h a v e n o t r o u b l e e q u i p m e n t i n d u s t r y , a n d t h a t the con ...
02 May 2014  -  149k
4. Radio-Daily-1946-Jul-0004 [Radio Daily]
Radio Daily
... Ayer & Son office, and whose husband is a member of the B r i g . G e n . W a l t e r R . P e c k of t h e Republic publicity department, and Mrs. Emily Howard are expecting visits Second Air Force; R o b e r t Storz, from the Stork in the fall. Edwin W. Buckalew, Columbia Pacific station C h a m b e r of C o m m e r c e p r e s i d e n t , a n d relations manager, has returned from Palm Springs, where he conferred M r ...
02 May 2014  -  120k
5. Radio-Daily-1949-July-0035 [Radio Daily]
Radio Daily
... study of KOWH and t h e construction probably will contain some inter- permit f o r KOAD-FM, both in esting market figures bearing on the Omaha, by the World Publishing vast increase in stations since t h e Company to Mr. and Mrs. Robert first study. And he predicted "some H. Storz and their son, Todd, for howls" f r o m station operators in $75,000. addition to satisfied purrs f r o m Largest amount involved in the others. He indicated that Study transfers okayed yesterday was the No. 2 might show that while hours $170,000 which changed hands f o r ...
02 May 2014  -  125k
Radio Daily
... director and Duncan Elliot, announcer, oí WGCH-FM srve the seriously unsatisfied "the good cause." rr.eds. . . . of significant foreign aid for "Fire Prevention Week," in Greenwich. Conn.: Gaylord J. Avery, pro- Polio Emergency (not to be con- gram manager and Todd Storz. general laguage minority groups." Requests M a n y A n d Varied manager of KOWH. Omaha: E. P. Shad- rhe importance of foreign lan- NBC, CBS, ABC and Mutual, as fused with the March of Dimes) , burne, program director of WSIP, Paints ...
02 May 2014  -  192k
Radio Daily
... agencies. AB-PT MARVIN KIRSCH : Assoc. P u b l - G e n M g r . 32 303,4 31 — % holm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki, Berlin, • A. T. & T 1 1 2 % 111V4 1 1 1 % Amsterdam a n d London. JACK SANDLER, VP Storz Stations, left ARTHUR PERLES Editor AVCO 23 223/4 23%+ 1/8 • via Pan Am for tour of Africa. CBS 37% 37% 37% ARTHUR SIMON : : : 'Advertising Mgr. C O N N I E MITCHELL, W B B M vocalist, leav- • Columbia ...
02 May 2014  -  197k
Radio Daily
... 5-minute p r o g r a m man of the H u m a n Genetics De- .Murray. Music composed and Buffalo- Wayne Stitt, one of the today called "Men of Destiny." p a r t m e n t at Michigan U. and Dr. conducted by Georgie Stoll. original Storz air personalities of The series highlights the impor- D. E. Boblitt, professor in the Ra- Produced and directed by WHB, Kansas City, recently re- tant events in the lives of the most diology D e p a r t m e n t . William Martin. Narration signed from that ...
02 May 2014  -  177k
Radio Daily
... w Y o r k concert, to- Ch. 12 color programs in the U. S. con- tinue to rise. d a y f o l l o w i n g a t o u r of Japan get SHOPPER-TOPP KMTV Pubserv Prize MERCHANDISING N A B Revamping Board Radio Reveals Presented to Storz (Continued from Page 11 Select any p r o g r a m or spots f r o m avails on a 1 3 - w e e k b u d g e t , a n d SH T P WRDtf- Omaha — A r t h u r C. Storz, Sr. ...
02 May 2014  -  189k
Radio Daily
... e 1961 J o n e s h a s less a n organization has w o r k e d b e e n g e n e r a l s a l e s m a n a g e r of o v e r a long term t o create public radio WHB, the Storz Broadcast- trust in a n y c o m m u n i c a t i o n e m a n - ing S t a t i o n in K a n s a s City. ating f r o m it . . . there is a trend THE ASSOCIATED PRE! ...
02 May 2014  -  177k
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