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  Studies, reports, internal memos and market data from Arbitron, Birch and related organizations.
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<center><h2>Duncan's American Radio</h2><hr><h3> 28 years of Arbitron Ratings </h3><hr>70 editions 1975 - 2004<hr>Market by Market Arbitron rankers<br>Station formats and facilities<br>A complete profile of every rated market.<BR>Several special editions</center> <center><h2>Duncan's American Radio</h2><hr><h1> 1975 - 2004 </h1><hr>28 Year Trending by Market<hr>Several pages for each Market<br>Shares, cume, billing leaders, transactions<br>Annual average ratings for each station<BR>Over 100 markets profiled</center>
American Radio
60 editions.
Duncan's American Radio Trilogy Vol I Ratings trends by market 1975-2004
<center><h2>R&R Ratings Editions</h2><hr><h1>1980 -2009</h1> <hR> Ratings summaries from Fall and Spring.<BR>Share trending and demo rankers<br>Formats and ownership data</center> <center><h3>Puerto Rico radio ratings</h3><hr>Birch, Pulse, Asesores<br>1970's annd 1980's<br></center>
Puerto Rico
<center><h2>Hooperatings<br>Crossley Ratings</h2><hR><h3>National Network Ratings</h3><hR>1946-1948<hR>Also:<br>Early Arbitron Pulse Hooper<br>Local market ratings<br>And a 1950 Hooper Radio-TV Comparison<br></center> <center><h3>* Arbitron *<br><br>Documents and Reports</h3><hr>Description of Methodolgy<br>Market Ranks & Population<br>PPM Methodology<br>Hispanic Radio Annual Reports<br>Other Arbitron Papers and Publications
Hooper Crossley Pulse ARB Ratings 1935 to 1970's More recent Arbitron documents and reports. Description of PPM
The much appreciated help of media pro Bruce Hoban has made the presentation of this rare data possible.
Publications about ratings methodology and the usage of ratings.
1940 Radio and the Printed Page Paul Lazersfeld's book on evaluation of the radio medium compared to print media
1941 Radio Research 1941 Frank Stanton and Paul Lazarsfeld on the state of radio research
1943 Radio Research 1942-1943 Second volume of the Stanton / Lazarsfeld colaboration on the state of radio research.
1946 The People Look at Radio Paul Lazarsfeld´s analysis of a National Association of Broadcasters study of radio listening in America
1949 Communications Research 1948-1949 A further examination of the state of communications research and part of the 1941-1943 publications by Paul Lazarsfeld and CBS's Frank Stanton
1948 Radio Listening in America: The People Look at Radio... Again Paul Lazarsfeld analyzes another study of radio listeing two years after the first one.
1953 Hoop of Hooperatings Biography of ratings pioneer C E Hooper
1973 ARB Ratings Report San Francisco ratings as sample of early 70's ratings report
  Nielsen Seattle TV Example of 1970's TV ratings.
1974 ARB Replication Study Verification of sample size and reliability
1975 Market Metro Survey Area Guide Radio Market Definiton and Geography with maps,survey schedule
70's Where to Go for Ratings Help National Ratings Council steps for resolving station issues with ratings.
1976 Nielsen TV Questions Brochure with answers to common questions about TV ratings.
1977 Arbitron Black Telephone Retrival Statistical memo detailing survey procedures and performance
  Arbitron Programmers Guide Understanding ratings and methodology
  Audits & Surveys Telephone Measurment Feasability
1979 Television Information Center Financial data 1979 for TV station
  Radio Financial Data Report Analysis of the billing of radio
  Measuring the Black Audience Report from 1979
  Arbitron Radio Non Response Study of non-responders to survery recruiting
  Arbitron Total Radio Audience Arbitron identifies and presents pertinent data which are descriptive of 1979's radio audience.
1980 Market Survey Guide Radio Market Definiton and Geography with maps, population, radio usage
1982 Arbitron Replication Study II Update to 1974 Replication and Reliability study
  Television Description of Methodology DoM for 1982 for TV
1982 Nielsen Television An explanation of TV ratings for the layman.
  Arbitron Television Description of Meghodology TV ratings methodology
  Arbitron Programmers' Guide Understanding ratings and methodology
1983 Cable Audience Methodology A study by Nielsen of methods of measuring cable TV audiences.
1985 Arbitron Programmer Guide How to use ratings
  Arbitron Hispanic Measurement Efforts 1985 report
  Arbitron Memo on Ethnic Composition Explanation of the upcoming "Rthnic Composition Report"
  Arbitron Spring Ethnic Composition Report Memo of explanation and full market by market report inclusing station by station.
1986 Birch Radio Return Statistics Anlasys of response rates.
  Birch Sample Placement & Return Statistics on sample performance
  Birch Methodological Improvements Description of changes in methodolgy
  Population Estimates and Diary Tabulations Explanation of error in tabulation in several markets of new procedures.
1987 Description of Methodolgy Ratings terms and procedures
  Birch Methodological Improvements  
  Arbitron Male 18-34 Project Improving response and returns
  Arbitron Weighting Presentation Presented to the Advisory Council
  Arbitron Radio Response Rates Improving response with new echniques and a participant study.
  Arbitron Reinterview Proposal Qualitative data on stations prepared based on reinterviewing respondents.
  Arbitron Radio Weighting Another discussion of weighting procedures and practices.
1987 Arbitron Presentation to Black Broadcasters Presentation to Black Broadcasters at NAB Anaheim
  Arbitron Race Weighted Markets Details on ethnic weighting
Arbitron Hispanic Methodology Memo and Report to major Hispanic Broadcasters.
1988 Birch Fusion Description of Fusion project
  Arbitron Programmers Guide Understanding ratings, teminology and methodology
1996 Purple Book Arbitron Description of Methodology '96 edition
1987 Description of Methodolgy Ratings terms and procedures
2002 Purple Book Ratings methodology
2007 PPM Methodology Description of PPM Methodology for PPM Testing in Houston
2009 Purple Book Ratings Methodolgy